Last Lines of Ron Tranmer

A new candle will burn even brighter.and forever, His name I will praise.and helps our lives to mend.and how great our joy will be!and in joy we'll embrace, as our love we renew.and joy will replace tears.And know there's a brighter tomorrow.and long to be with you.and my wishes will come true.and protected by God from above.and together we'll forever be.and wait for you and me.and want the world to they return back home.As you move on to a new tomorrow.back home, in a future tomorrow.'cause I still love you so!each and everyone.Either way I'll be cancer free.for good friendships never die.for sending you to me.FREEDOM!friend, our rock.from Satan and his lures.He gave her great love like that of His own.He waits. Let us open our door.He will hold you in his loving arms and say to you, Well done!Heart belongs to you!I love you so much... do you know?I'll bet you come to mind.I'll give 'em right back!I'm here now with Him, where I'm waiting for you.I'm so in love with you.In the glorious world opens for us's because of His great love.Just knock, and He'll be there.just look to God above,Keep My CommandmentsMy boy will come visit today.My Mother.of Heaven's new dawn.pass through our thankful lips.Remember... he's His child too.safely come back home again.Ten commandments from God.the chain will link again.The greatest gift of all.There he stands... My family, and God above.we will serve the Lord.while we're telling you hello.who mean so much to me.will be complete, dear child, with you.With joy, and happiness, and love.with outstretched arms I'll come to you.yelling, come on... hit him again!