First Lines of Ron Tranmer

A darling little cupidA light came softly into my roomA new dawn welcomesAlthough hearts are breakingAn angel in a robe of whiteAs rivers merge together,At the end of a day, I kneel, and I pray,At the loss of a dear sweet childAt the loss of a dear sweet childBecause of the loveDear God, You knew how lonelyDo you know how much I miss you?Everyday is a gift from GodFaith in knowing our loved oneGimme your friendshipGod gave me a mother, and I'll never know,God has taken a loved oneGod knew that in my earth life,Greater love hath no man,He died serving our country,He loved you...He stands at the door and knocks.He stands for all that's good,Hearts are breaking as we mournHow lovely is a sunsetI decided to go to a rest homeI grieve this day. he passed away.I hope you know how very much II placed a ring upon your hand,I sat at his bed as he whispered goodbye.I weep and hold you in my armsI wish that I could be with youIf I could visit your heavenly place,I'm in the battle of my life.It's difficult to understandLife can bring great challenges,My father put my hand in yours,My sweet new little baby,One little two little three little commandments.Our little baby angel diedOur Pastor is a man of GodSatan loves the sport of fishing.Teardrops are falling. We embrace this sad day.The candle of love shared by twoThe day God called your nameThe flag of our nation, a flag under God.There's a break in our family circle.There's a time for us to live,To learn the strength within us,We don't live in a mansion,We little knew the day thatWhen a man and a woman marryWhen a marriage is on the rocksWhen Christmas shopping is finally done,When your child struggles in lifeYou are a special mother.You have no friends among us.