Walking With Our Savior

by Ron Tranmer

To learn the strength within us,
we were placed upon the earth.
Our book of life when we return
will show just what we're worth.
God knew in life we may get lost,
and so He sent His son.

Just follow in His footsteps, and walk with Him as one.

Our Savior's life should be our guide
to help along our way.
Stay close to Him through scriptures,
and read them every day.
Pray as soon as you arize,
and again when day is done.

Just follow in His footsteps, and walk with Him as one.

Satan wants to claim you,
and bring you down to Hell.
He will tempt, and try persuading you
by saying all is well.
So when he's on your shoulder,
just knock him off and run.

And follow in Christ's footsteps, and walk with Him as one.

He will never leave you,
if never you leave Him.
He'll walk with you in all you do,
and when life seems dark and grim.
For when this life is over
and you have walked with Him as one,

He will hold you in his loving arms and say to you, Well done!

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