The End Of A Day

by Ron Tranmer

At the end of a day, I kneel, and I pray,
to give thanks my Father above,
I know that He lives by all that He gives,
For He blesses me so with His love.

Then when I rise, I look to the skies,
and give thanks for the new day ahead.
For my wonderful wife, and wonderful life,
and my family, and our daily bread.

Though I'm but a man, I'll do all that I can
to honor Him all of my days.
I'll follow Him, thru thick and thru thin,
and forever, His name I will praise.

Author's Note: This is probably the fastest poem I've written. I sat down just before bedtime, and wrote it in less than 5 minutes. It just seemed to flow. I believe it is so important to give daily thanks for our blessings. I often think of the bible story of the three lepers Jesus healed. Only one of the three thanked Him for being free from that horrible disease. I have so much to be thankful for.

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