About Litscape.com

Litscape.com was built on old books. The books in question are very old and tattered. Many have detached covers and pages, and extensive foxing (brown spots on the paper that greatly diminish the book price). Any book collector would look at these and declare them worthless. I look at these books and declare them valuable. I see true value as being the content, the words, and not the paper they are printed on. Having the ability to take these words, from a book on my bookshelf, and freely share them with the world, where they might not have access to these books, or any books for that matter, you wonder what is the real value of that. These works give us some insight into life as it was hundreds of years ago. Reading these pieces, you realize that although the times and places are different, our basic needs, wants, and desires are very similar.

Litscape.com was born in January of 2006. It was created using works of literature contained in books where the copyright dates place them into the public domain. All works are painstakingly checked to ensure accuracy with these sources.

Litscape.com was designed and implemented by The Bitmill Inc.