The Awaited Visit

by Ron Tranmer

I decided to go to a rest home
to see an old friend one day.
I stopped to speak to a lady
who I noticed was looking my way.

She was happy that I came over.
There was something she wanted to say.
She smiled and said from her wheelchair,
My boy will come visit today.

It's been quite a while since I've seen him,.
He's always quite busy you know...
He doesn't live too far from here,
And he knows that I love him so.

Each morning as I rise from my bed
My prayer is the same as I say,
Father In Heaven, I ask but one thing;
That my boy will come visit today.

He was always such a good boy.
And the only child we had.
He was only 10 years old
When I lost my husband... his dad.

He married soon after college.
And got a great job with good pay
He calls me at times on the telephone,
But I know he'll come visit today.

I'm lonely here in the rest home.
How I long for my son to come by.
They tell me my health is now failing,
But he'll visit before I must die.

I leaned over and gave her a hug
And the tears on my cheeks wiped away.
She smiled and said, there's no need to cry,
My boy will come visit today.

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