by Ron Tranmer

I sat at his bed as he whispered goodbye.
Holding his hand, I started to cry.
He wiped my tears and said, I love you.
I said, If you go, I want to go too.

My sweetheart, he said, try not to be sad.
Just think of the wonderful life that we've had.
All the years we've enjoyed as husband and wife.
And children who brought so much joy in our life.

My life will not end when I die lying here.
I'll always love you, and ever be near.
Stay close to our Father, He'll comfort you, then.
in His due time, unite us again.

He then closed his eyes and I knew he had gone.
I cried, Dear Lord, how can I go on?
Then a soft heavenly voice pierced my heart through,
I'm here now with Him, where I'm waiting for you.

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