Tears Of Joy

by Ron Tranmer

A light came softly into my room
and I saw such a beautiful sight.
My dear companion who had passed on,
stood there in a robe of white.

He beckoned me to come to him,
In a voice so soft and kind,
and as I stood and went to him,
my body stayed behind.

I could see that we were young again
and encircled with a glow.
Such happiness filled my heart
because I love him so.

He took me in his loving arms
and whispered, I love you.
I have waited for this special day,
and know that you have too.

We've passed the test of earthly life.
Our Heavenly home awaits.
Where we'll be together evermore
beyond Heaven's golden gates.

So if you're shedding any tears,
shed tears of joy for me.
I'm together again with my sweet love
and together we'll forever be.

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