Satan's Lures

by Ron Tranmer

Satan loves the sport of fishing.
His tackle box filled with bait,
he goes out to the lake of life
to cast his line... and wait.

The devil knows us, every one
and knows which lures to use.
In accordance with our weaknesses
he determines which to choose.

Dishonesty, pornography,
pride, selfishness and hate.
False witness, greed, the list goes on.
The sin becomes the bait.

Many bite and are deceived.
And in a snap they're hooked.
They learn too late that Satan's bait
is not as it had looked.

Our Savior hopes we choose the right
for this life is our test;
and when we choose to follow Him
we truly will be blessed.

So feed on Heavenly Fathers words.
Great blessings will be yours,
as you watch and pray, and stay away
from Satan and his lures.

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