Mammoth Censored Word List:
2676 words that are 9 letters long beginning with A. in the mammoth censored word list.

Astronomy aardvarks aasvogels abactinal abamperes abandoned abandonee abandoner abasement abashedly abashless abashment abatement abattises abattoirs abbotcies abbotship abcoulomb abdicable abdicated abdicates abdicator abdominal abductees abducting abduction abductive abductors abelmosks abernethy aberrance aberrancy aberrants aberrated aberrates aberrator abessives abetments abeyances abhenries abhorrent abhorrers abhorring abidances abidingly abilities abiogenic abjecting abjection abjective abjointed abjudging ablactate ablastous ablations ablatival ablatives ablegates ablutions abnegated abnegates abnegator abnormals abnormity abnormous abodement aboideaus aboideaux aboiteaus aboiteaux abolished abolisher abolishes abolition abominate abondance aborigens aborigine aborigins abortions abortuary abortuses abounding aboutface aboutturn abrachias abradable abradants abraiding abrasaxes abrasions abrasives abraxases abreacted abricocks abridgers abridging abrogable abrogated abrogates abrogator abrooking abruptest abruption abscessed abscesses abscinded abscising abscisins abscissae abscissas abscisses abscissin absconded absconder abseilers abseiling absentees absenters absenting absiemens absinthes absoluter absolutes absolvent absolvers absolving absorbant absorbate absorbent absorbers absorbing abstained abstainer absterged absterges abstinent abstracts abstricts abstruser absurdest absurdism absurdist absurdity abuilding abundance abundancy abusively abutilons abutments abysmally academial academian academias academics academies academise academism academist academize acalculia acalephae acalephan acalephes acanthine acanthins acanthoid acanthoma acanthous acarboses acariases acariasis acaricide acaridans acaridean acaridian acarology accedence accending accension accenting accentors accentual acceptant acceptees accepters accepting acceptive acceptors accessary accessing accession accessors accessory accidence accidents accinging accipiter acclaimed acclaimer acclimate acclivity acclivous accloying accoasted accoladed accolades accompany accompted accoraged accorages accordant accorders accordian according accordion accosting accounted accourage accourted accouters accoutred accoutres accredits accreting accretion accretive accrewing accroides accruable accumbent accursing accusable accusably accusants accustoms aceldamas acellular acephalic acerbated acerbates acervulus acescence acescency acescents acetabula acetamide acetamids acetified acetifier acetifies acetoxyls acetylate acetylene acetylide achaenium achalasia acheniums acheweeds achievers achieving achilleas achimenes achromats achromous aciculate aciculums acidaemia acidemias acidfreak acidheads acidified acidifier acidifies acidities acidizing acidophil acidproof acidulant acidulate acidulent acidulous acidurias acierages acierated acierates aciniform acknowing acockbill acoluthic aconitine aconitums acosmisms acosmists acouchies acoustics acquaints acquiesce acquights acquirals acquirees acquirers acquiring acquiting acquittal acquitted acquitter acridines acridness acritarch acritical acrobatic acroblast acrocysts acrodonts acrodrome acrodynia acrogenic acrolects acroleins acroliths acromions acronical acronycal acronymic acropetal acrophobe acrophony acropolis acrosomal acrosomes acrospire acrostics acroteria acrotisms acrylates actinally actinians actinides actinisms actiniums actinoids actinopod actioners actioning actionist actionize activases activated activates activator activised activiser activises activisms activists activized activizer activizes actresses actualise actualist actualite actuality actualize actuarial actuarian actuaries actuarily actuating actuation actuators aculeated acuminate acuminous acupoints acutances acuteness acyclical acyclovir acylamino acylating acylation adamances adamantly adamsites adaptable adaptions adaptogen addeeming addendums adderwort addicting addiction addictive additions additives addlement addooming addressed addressee addresser addresses addressor adducible adducting adduction adductive adductors ademption adenocyst adenoidal adenomata adenosine adenotome adeptness adessives adherable adherence adherends adherents adhesions adhesives adhibited adhocracy adiabatic adiaphora adipocere adipocyte adipomata adiposity adjacence adjacency adjacents adjection adjective adjoinant adjoining adjourned adjudging adjunctly adjusters adjusting adjustive adjustors adjutages adjutancy adjutants adjuvancy adjuvants admeasure adminicle admirable admirably admiralty admirance admission admissive admittees admitters admitting admixtion admixture admonitor adnascent adnations adnominal adobelike adonising adonizing adoptable adoptions adoptious adoration adoringly adornment adpressed adpresses adreading adrenalin adrenally adrenitis adroitest adscripts adsorbate adsorbent adsorbers adsorbing adularias adulating adulation adulators adulatory adulterer adulthood adultlike adultness adultress adumbrate aduncated advancers advancing advantage advecting advection advective adventist adventive adventure adverbial adversary adversely adversest adversity advertent adverting advertise advertize adviceful advisable advisably advisedly advisings advocaats advocated advocates advocator advoutrer advowsons adwarding adynamias aedicules aegirines aegirites aeglogues aegrotats aeneators aeolipile aeolipyle aepyornis aequorins aerations aerialist aeriality aerifying aerobatic aerobiont aerobombs aerobrake aerobuses aerocysts aerodarts aerodrome aeroducts aerodynes aerofoils aerograms aerograph aerolites aeroliths aerolitic aerologic aeromancy aerometer aerometry aeromotor aeronauts aeronomer aeronomic aeropause aerophage aerophagy aerophobe aerophone aerophore aerophoto aerophyte aeroplane aeropulse aeroscope aeroshell aerospace aerostats aerotaxes aerotaxis aerotitis aerotones aerotrain aesculins aestheses aesthesia aesthesis aesthetes aesthetic aestivate aestuated aestuates aethereal aetiology affearing affecters affecting affection affective affectual affeering afferents affianced affiances affidavit affiliate affirmant affirmers affirming affixable affixment affixture afflation afflicted afflicter affluence affluency affluents affluenza affluxion affoorded afforcing affording afforests affrapped affrayers affraying affrended affricate affrights affronted affrontee affronter affusions aflatoxin aforehand aforesaid aforetime afterbeat afterbody aftercare afterclap afterdamp afterdeck aftereyed aftereyes aftergame afterglow afterheat afterings afterlife aftermath aftermost afternoon afterpain afterpeak aftershow aftersuns aftertime afterward afterword agaceries agalactia agallochs agalwoods agamogony agatelike agateware agatising agatizing agelastic agelessly agenesias agenising agenizing agentings agentival agentives agentries ageratums aggracing aggrading aggrating aggravate aggregate aggressed aggresses aggressor aggrieved aggrieves agileness agilities agiotages agistment agitating agitation agitative agitators agitprops agitpunkt aglossate aglossias aglycones agnathans agnathous agnatical agnations agnominal agnostics agonising agonistes agonistic agonizers agonizing agraphias agraphobe agrarians agreeable agreeably agreement agrements agrestial agriology agrodolce agrologic agronomic agrypnias agterskot aguacates agueweeds ahistoric ahungered ahuruhuru aigrettes aiguilles ailanthic ailanthus aimlessly airbrakes airbricks airbubble airbursts airbusses airchecks aircooled airdromes airdrying airfields airforces airframes airgraphs airheaded airletter airlifted airliners airlocked airmailed airmailer airmarker airmobile airplanes airpowers airproofs airscapes airscrews airshafts airspaces airspeeds airstream airstrike airstrips airworthy aisleless aisleways aitchbone aitchless akaryotes akaryotic akathisia akinesias akoluthos alabamine alabaster alachlors alackaday alacrious alaiments alalagmoi alalagmos alarmable alarmedly alarmisms alarmists alaruming alastrims albacores albarelli albarello albatross albertite albescent albespine albespyne albicores albinisms albinoism albinotic albitical albitised albitises albitites albitized albitizes albizzias albricias albumoses alburnous alburnums albuterol alcahests alcarraza alchemics alchemies alchemise alchemist alchemize alchymies alcogenes alcoholic alcolocks aldehydes aldehydic aldicarbs aldolases aldoximes aleatoric alecithal alectryon alehouses alembroth alertness aletocyte aleurones aleuronic alewashed alexander alfaquins alfereces alfilaria alfileria algaecide algarobas algarroba algarrobo algebraic algebroid algerines algicidal algicides algidness alginated alginates algivores algometer algometry algophage algophobe algorisms algorithm alguacils alguazils aliasings alicyclic alienable alienages alienated alienates alienator alienisms alienists alienness aligartas alighting alignment alikeness alimental alimented alimonied alimonies aliphatic aliteracy aliterate aliveness alizarine alizarins alkadiene alkadiyne alkahests alkalemia alkalised alkaliser alkalises alkalized alkalizer alkalizes alkaloids alkaloses alkalosis alkalotic alkaluria alkannins alkenynes alkoxides alkylated alkylates allanites allantoic allantoid allantoin allantois allatives allayings allayment allcomers alledging allegedly allegging allegiant allegoric allelisms alleluiah alleluias allemande allemands allenarly allergens allergics allergies allergins allergist allerions allethrin alleviant alleviate alleycats alleyways allianced alliancer alliances allicholy alligarta alligated alligates alligator allnesses allocable allocarpy allocated allocates allocator allodiums allogenic allograft allograph allomeric allometry allomones allomorph allopaths allopathy allopatry allophane allophone alloplasm allosaurs allostery allotment allotrope allotropy allottees allotters allottery allotting allotyped allotypes allotypic allowable allowably allowance allowedly allozooid allozymes allozymic allseeing allspices allusions alluvials alluvions alluviums allylated allylates almagests almanacks almandine almandite almonries almsgiver almshouse almswoman almswomen alocasias aloeswood aloneness alongside aloofness alopecias alopecoid alpargata alpenglow alpenhorn alphabets alphasort alpinisms alpinists altarages altarwise alterable alterably alterants altercate alternant alternate alternats altigraph altimeter altimetry altiplano altissimo altitudes altricial altruisms altruists aluminate aluminise aluminium aluminize aluminous aluminums alumroots alumstone alvearies alveolars alveolate amadavats amandines amanitins amaranths amarantin amarelles amarettos amaryllid amaryllis amassable amassment amatively amatorial amatorian amatoxins amauroses amaurosis amaurotic amazement amazingly amazonian amazonite ambagious ambassage ambassies ambatches amberfish ambergris amberinas amberites amberjack amberlike amberoids ambiances ambiences ambiguity ambiguous ambipolar ambitions ambitious ambiverts amblingly amblyopia amblyopic ambrosial ambrosian ambrosias ambrotype ambulacra ambulance ambulants ambulated ambulates ambulator ambulette ambuscade ambuscado ambushers ambushing amebiases amebiasis amebicide amebocyte ameerates amelanism amelcorns amenaging amenaunce amendable amendment amenities americium amethysts ametropia ametropic amianthus amidogens amidships aminities aminoacid amissible amitroles ammocetes ammocoete ammolites ammonates ammoniacs ammoniate ammonical ammonites ammonitic ammoniums ammonoids amnesiacs amnestied amnesties amniotomy amoebaean amoeboids amoralism amoralist amorality amorances amorettos amoristic amornings amorosity amorously amorphism amorphous amortised amortises amortized amortizes amounting amourette ampassies amperages ampersand amperzand amphibial amphibian amphibole amphiboly amphigory amphioxus amphipath amphipods ampholyte ampleness amplidyne amplified amplifier amplifies amplitude amplosome ampullary amputated amputates amputator amsinckia amuseable amusement amusettes amusingly amygdalae amygdalas amygdales amygdalin amygdules amylogens amyloidal amylopsin amyotonia anabaenas anabantid anabioses anabiosis anabiotic anabolism anabolite anabranch anacharis anaclinal anaclises anaclisis anaclitic anacondas anacruses anacrusis anaerobes anaerobia anaerobic anaglyphs anaglyphy anagogies analcimes analcimic analcites analectic analemmas analeptic analgesia analgesic analgetic analities analogies analogise analogism analogist analogize analogons analogous analogues analysand analysers analysing analytics analyzers analyzing anamneses anamnesis anamniote anamorphs anandrous ananthous anapaests anapestic anaphases anaphasic anaphoral anaphoras anaphoric anaphytes anaphytic anaplasia anaplasty anaptyxes anaptyxis anarchial anarchies anarchise anarchism anarchist anarchize anarthria anarthric anasarcas anastases anastasis anastatic anathemas anatomies anatomise anatomist anatomize anatoxins ancestors ancestral anchorage anchoress anchorets anchoring anchorite anchorman anchormen anchoveta anchovies anchusins anchylose ancienter anciently ancientry ancillary ancipital ancresses andantini andantino andesines andesites andesitic andesytes andouille andradite androcyte androecia androgens androgyne androgyny andrology andromeda androtomy anecdotal anecdotes anecdotic anecdyses anecdysis anelastic anematize anemogram anemology anestrous anetholes aneuploid aneurisms aneuritic aneurysms angashore angekkoks angelfish angelfood angelhood angelical angelicas angelicly angelised angelises angelized angelizes angellike angeluses angerless angiocyst angiodema angiogram angiology angiomata angionoma angklungs angledugs anglepods anglesite anglewise angleworm anglicise anglicism anglicist anglicize anglified anglifies anglophil angophora angostura angriness angstiest angstroms anguiform anguipede anguished anguishes angularly angulated angulates anhedonia anhedonic anhungred anhydrase anhydrate anhydride anhydrite anhydrous aniconism aniconist anidroses anidrosis anilities animacies animalian animalier animalise animalish animalism animalist animality animalize animately animaters animatics animating animation animatism animatist animators animatron animistic animosity anisamide anisettes anisogamy ankerites anklebone ankylosed ankyloses ankylosis ankylotic annalised annalises annalists annalized annalizes annealers annealing annectent annelidan annexable annexions annexment annexures annotated annotates annotator announced announcer announces annoyance annualise annualize annuitant annuities annularly annulated annulates annulenes annulling annulment annuluses annulynes anodisers anodising anodizers anodizing anodontia anodynous anoestrum anoestrus anointers anointing anomalies anomalous anonymise anonymity anonymize anonymous anoopsias anopheles anophytes anophytic anorectal anorectic anoretics anorexias anorexics anorexies anorgasmy anorthite anosmatic anovulant anoxaemia anoxaemic anoxemias anserines answerers answering antalgics antalkali antarctic anteaters anteceded antecedes antechoir antedated antedates antefixae antefixal antefixes antegrade antelopes antelucan antenatal antennary antennule antepasts anteriors anterooms antetypes anteverts anthelion antheming anthemion antherids anthocarp anthocyan anthodium anthology anthotaxy anthozoan anthozoic anthraces anthracic anthraxes anthropic anthurium antiabuse antiaging antialien antiarins antiarmor antiatoms antiauxin antiblack antiblast antibuser antically antichlor anticised anticises anticivic anticized anticizes anticking anticline anticling anticodon anticrack anticrime anticults antidotal antidoted antidotes antidraft antidunes antielite antifraud antigenes antigenic antiglare antigluon antigraft antihelix antihuman antikings antiknock antilabor antilifer antimacho antimasks antimeres antimeric antimonic antimonyl antimonys antimuons antimusic antimycin antinodal antinodes antinoise antinomes antinomic antinovel antinuker antinukes antipapal antiparty antipasti antipasto antipathy antiphons antiphony antipodal antipodes antipolar antipoles antipopes antipress antiprism antipyics antiquark antiquary antiquate antiquely antiquers antiquing antiquity antiradar antiroyal antirusts antiscian antisense antiserum antishark antishock antisleep antismoke antisnobs antisolar antispast antistate antistats antistick antistory antistyle antitheft antithets antitoxic antitoxin antitrade antitragi antitrust antitumor antitypal antitypes antitypic antiulcer antiunion antiurban antivenin antivenom antiviral antivirus antiwhite antiwoman antiworld antizymic antonymic antshrike antsiness antwackie anucleate anvilling anviltops anxieties anxiously anybodies anythings anywheres apartheid apartment apartness apathaton apathetic apatosaur aperients aperiodic aperitifs aperitive apertness apertural apertured apertures apetalies apetalous aphanites aphanitic aphasiacs aphelions aphephobe aphereses apheresis apheretic aphetised aphetises aphetized aphetizes aphicides aphidians aphidious apholates aphorised aphoriser aphorises aphorisms aphorists aphorized aphorizer aphorizes aphrodite aphyllies aphyllous apiaceous apiarians apiarists apiculate apimanias apiphobes apiphobia apiphobic apishness apivorous aplanatic aplanetic aplustres apneustic apoblasts apocopate apocrypha apodictic apoenzyme apogamies apogamous apographs apologiae apologias apologies apologise apologist apologize apologues apomictic apophases apophasis apophatic apophyges apophyses apophysis apoplasts apoplexed apoplexes apoptoses apoptosis apoptotic apositias aposporic apostates apostatic apostille apostolic apotheces apothecia apothegms apozymase appairing appalling appaloosa appanaged appanages apparatus appareled apparency apparents apparitor appeached appeaches appealers appealing appearers appearing appeasers appeasing appeasive appellant appellate appellees appellors appendage appendant appendent appending apperills appertain appestats appetence appetency appetible appetised appetiser appetises appetites appetized appetizer appetizes applauded applauder applauses applecart applejack applewood appliable appliance applicant applicate appliqued appliques appointed appointee appointer appointor apportion apposable appraisal appraised appraisee appraiser appraises apprehend appressed appresses apprisers apprising apprizers apprizing approbate approvals approvers approving appulsive apricated apricates apricocks apriorism apriorist apriority apronfuls apronless apronlike apsarases apsidiole apterisms apterylae apteryxes aptitudes aptnesses aptonymic aptronyms apyrexias aquabatic aquaboard aquacades aquadrome aquaducts aquafarms aqualungs aquanauts aquaphobe aquaplane aquaporin aquarelle aquarians aquariist aquarists aquariums aquarobic aquashows aquatinta aquatints aquatones aqueducts aqueously aquilegia arabesque arabicise arabicize arability arabinose arabising arabizing arachises arachnids arachnoid aragonite araneidan arapaimas arapongas arapungas araucaria arbalests arbalists arbelests arbitrage arbitrary arbitrate arbitress arbitrium arblaster arboreous arboretum arborised arborises arborists arborized arborizes arboviral arbovirus arbuscles arbuscule arbutuses arcadians arcadings arcanists arcatures arccosine archaeans archaical archaised archaiser archaises archaisms archaists archaized archaizer archaizes archangel archducal archduchy archdukes archenemy archeress archeries archetype archfiend archicarp archilowe archimage architect architype archivers archiving archivist archivolt archlutes archology archontic archosaur archrival arcograph arcsecant arcsecond arctophil arcuately arcuation ardencies arduously areaching arecoline arenation areolated areometer areostyle arethusas argemones argentine argentite argentous argentums argillite arginases arginines argonauts argufiers argufying argumenta arguments argusfish argyrites arhatship arhythmia arhythmic aridities arillated arillodes armadillo armagnacs armaments armatured armatures armchairs armguards armigeral armigeros armillary armistice armlessly armlocked armonicas armorials armorists armorless armourers armouries armouring armozeens armozines armyworms arointing aromatics aromatise aromatize arousable aroynting arpeggios arpillera arracacha arraigned arraigner arrangers arranging arrasenes arrayment arrearage arreeding arrestant arrestees arresters arresting arrestive arrestors arrivance arrivancy arrivisme arriviste arrogance arrogancy arrogated arrogates arrogator arrowhead arrowless arrowlike arrowroot arrowweed arrowwood arrowworm arsenates arseniate arsenical arsenides arsenious arsenites arsonists arsonites artefacts artemisia arterials arteriole arteritis arthritic arthritis arthrodia arthropod arthroses arthrosis artichoke articling articular artifacts artificer artifices artillery artisanal artlessly artsiness aruspices arvicoles aryballos arylating arylation arytenoid arythmias asafetida asbestine asbestous ascarides ascendant ascendent ascenders ascendeur ascending ascension ascensive ascertain ascetical aschistic ascidians ascidiate ascitical asclepiad asclepias ascocarps ascogonia ascorbate ascospore ascribing asepalous asexually ashamedly ashlaring ashlering ashplants ashramite asininely asininity askancing askanting askewness asmoulder asparagus aspartame aspartate aspecting aspectual asperated asperates aspergers aspergill asperging aspermias aspersers aspersing aspersion aspersive aspersoir aspersors aspersory asphalted asphalter asphaltic asphaltum asphodels asphyxial asphyxias asphyxies aspidioid aspirants aspiratae aspirated aspirates aspirator asplenium asporting assagaied assailant assailers assailing assarting assassins assaulted assaulter assayable assayings assegaais assegaied assembled assembler assembles assenters assenting assentive assentors asserters asserting assertion assertive assertors assertory assessing assessors assetless assevered assiduity assiduous assieging assientos assignats assignees assigners assigning assignors assistant assisters assisting assistive assistors associate assoiling assoilzie assonance assonants assonated assonates assorters assorting assortive assotting assuagers assuaging assuasive assuetude assumable assumably assumedly assumings assumpsit assurable assurance assuredly assurgent asswaging astarting astatides astatines asterisks asterisms asteroids asterting asterwort asthenias asthenics asthenies asthmatic astichous astigmias astomatal astonying astounded astrachan astraddle astragali astragals astrakhan astrantia astricted astringed astringer astringes astrocyte astrodome astrofell astroglia astrolabe astrology astronaut astronomy astrophel astucious astunning asyllabic asymmetry asymptote asynapses asynapsis asynaptic asyndetic asyndeton asynergia asystoles asystolic atabrines atacamite atamascos ataractic ataraxias ataraxics ataraxies atavistic atchieved atchieves atemporal atenolols atheisers atheising atheistic atheizers atheizing athelings athematic athenaeum atheneums atheology atherines atheromas atheteses athetesis athetised athetises athetized athetizes athetoses athetosic athetosis athetotic athletics athrocyte athwarted atloaxoid atmolysed atmolyses atmolysis atmolyzed atmolyzes atmometer atmometry atmophile atomicity atomisers atomising atomistic atomizers atomizing atonalism atonalist atonality atoneable atonement atonicity atoningly atrabilar atrabiles atraments atrazines atrocious atrophias atrophied atrophies atropines atropisms attachers attaching attackers attacking attackman attackmen attainder attainers attaining attainted attasking attempers attempted attempter attendant attendees attenders attending attentats attention attentive attenuant attenuate attercops attestant attesters attesting attestors atticised atticises atticisms atticists atticized atticizes attirings attitudes attograms attohertz attojoule attolaser attoliter attolitre attollens attollent attometer attometre attorneys attorning attotesla attovolts attowatts attracted attracter attractor attrahens attrahent attrapped attribute attristed attriting attrition attritive attritted attuiting attuition attuitive aubergine aubretias aubrietas aubrietia auctioned auctorial audacious audibling audiences audiencia audiobook audiogram audiology audiophil audiotape audiphone auditable auditions auditives auditoria auditress augmented augmenter augmentor augurated augurates augurship augustest aularians aulnagers aulophyte aumailing aunthoods auntliest aureately aureities aurelians aureoling auriculae auricular auriculas aurifying auriscope auriscopy aurochses aurorally ausculted ausformed auslander auspicate auspicial austenite austerely austerest austerity australes autacoids autarchic autarkies autarkist autecious autecisms auteurism auteurist authentic authoress authorial authoring authorise authorish authorism authority authorize autistics autobahns autoblast autobuses autocades autocarps autocidal autoclave autocoids autocracy autocrats autocrime autocrine autocross autocutie autocycle autodials autodynes autoecism autoecous autoflare autofocus autogamic autogenic autogiros autograft autograph autoguide autogyros autoharps autoicous autoindex autolatry autolysed autolyses autolysin autolysis autolytic autolyzed autolyzes automaker automated automates automatic automaton autometer autonomic autophagy autophobe autophoby autophony autophyte autopilot autopista autopoint autopsias autopsied autopsies autopsist autoroute autoscopy autosomal autosomes autospore autotelic autotimer autotomic autotoxic autotoxin autotroph autotunes autotyped autotypes autotypic autozooid autunites auxiliars auxiliary auxoblast auxocytes auxocytic auxoglucs auxometer auxospore auxotonic auxotroph avadavats available availably avalanche avantists avascular avaunting avengeful aventaile aventails aventring aventures aventurin averagely averaging averments averrable aversions aversives avertable avertedly avertible avianised avianises avianized avianizes aviarists aviations aviatress aviatrice avidities avifaunae avifaunal avifaunas avigators aviophobe avirulent avisandum avisement avivorous avizandum avizefull avocadoes avocation avoidable avoidably avoidance avoidless avoisions avouchers avouching avouterer avoutrers avoutries avulsions avuncular awakeners awakening awardable awareness awesomely awestrike awestruck awfullest awfulness awkwarder awkwardly axanthism axilemmas axiomatic axleboxes axleguard axletrees axolemmas axophytes axophytic axoplasms axotomies ayahuasca ayahuasco ayatollah ayenbites ayurvedas ayurvedic azedarach azeotrope azeotropy azimuthal azobenzil azobenzol azocasein azotaemia azotaemic azotemias azotising azotizing azoturias azoxonium