Bread Crumb Navigation

Litscape has implemented breadcrumb navigation for its word tools and word lists. The term comes from the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretal. In a time of great famine, their parents plotted to lead the children deep into the woods and abandon them. Hansel drops a trail of white pebbles and is able to find the way home. The next day the parents do the same thing, but this time Hansel drops a trail of breadcrumbs. They are once again abandoned and the birds ate the breadcrumbs, so the children were lost.

Our breadcrumbs are the colored buttons located immediately below the main menu bar at the top of each page. These crumbs greatly ease navigation around the word tools, and make the pages much quicker to load and easier to navigate. You will only end up in the clutches of a cannibalistic witch if you enter the right letters, but you can easily find your way back.

How To Navigate The Word Tools and Word Lists

Access to the Word Finder Tools section is on the main menu bar at the top of all pages on the site. This will take you to the page with a comprehensive listing of all the tools and word lists available for the Litscape default word list. You land on this page because we consider the default word list to be the finest word list ever, anywhere. You can choose to use another word list if you wish by pressing the Select A Word List breadcrumb. Be sure to scroll down the pages, you won't be disappointed.

We have recently implemented Best Plays algorithms for Scrabble® and Words With Friends™. We can tell you:

  • The highest scoring words you have in your game racks -- Board Positions And Scores -- and not just letter sums. Letter sums tell you very little about the true value of a word.
  • The best places on a board to play a particular word.
  • The highest scoring words of any length.
  • The highest scoring words for any game position.
  • A comprehensive set of Best Play Word Finder Tools will give you the highest scoring words for any search you want.
  • Study best plays to develop your game strategies.

Also, be sure to check out the Word Analysis section (from the top menu bar). You will find information here that you will not get on any other site.

How To Use The Word Finding Tools.

This proprietary set of dictionary word finder tools was developed exclusively for They are intended for the use of todays poets, students, writers, scrapbookers, typographers, crossword puzzle enthusiasts, Scrabble® and Words With Friends™ players, and other people who enjoy word games.

These word tools will find all words in the selected word list that match the criteria that you specify. Format and sort the results to make them more usable to you. In general, the procedure for doing a word search is as follows:

  1. Select a word list. Each list is assigned a color. The tool buttons for each list will change to that color.
  2. Pick a search tool that will give you what you want. Click on the tool button and it will take you to corresponding tool page for that word list. Find out more about each type of search tool in the word search description chart below.
  3. Enter your letters in the entry box provided.
  4. Click the Find Words button. Results will display below the entry box. You will see the matching words, word count, and the percentage of the main word list that these results represent. Would it stun you to know that over 33% of words end with s?
  5. Use the formatting and sorting buttons above the results to adjust how you view them, and to show the letter scores of the words in various games. Search results are ascendingly and descendingly sortable (using the buttons above the search results) alphabetically from the start of the words and from the end of the words, by length, by the Scrabble® high and low board scores, and by the Words With Friends™ high and low board scores.

There are numerous types of word search tools, and although they seem similar, they have subtle differences and yield vastly different results. The word search that is right for you depends on what your purpose is. In the word search comparison chart below, you will find a brief description of each search type and some sample output to demonstrate the differences.

The tools associated with each word list are assigned a color, mapped to the word list buttons at the top of the screen. Make sure you are using the list best suited to you. The number of words in the results depends on which word list you use.

The bigger word lists will give more words in the search results. The default word list is a censored word list with over 221,719 words and is our our most pristine list. The enable censored word list has 170,695 words. The mammoth word list has over 343,463 words and contains all of the words in the default word list, the enable word list, and the sowpods word list and much more. About the word lists. The larger word lists will give you more words but you will question whether or not some of them are really words or valid usages. Google them. The Scrabbleable word list consists of all words in the Litscape default list that you can make using the letters in Scrabble® and will fit on the board (2 - 15 letters). Likewise, the Friendable word list consists of all words in the Litscape default list that you can make using the letters in Words With Friends™ and will fit on the board (2 - 15 letters).

The uncensored forms of the word lists are just that -- the words are good, bad, and ugly. These lists are not for everyone. The censored forms of the word lists, although not perfect, are more suitable for a general audience. Our word censorship process is on a best effort basis. Most truly nasty words have been removed but we make no guarantee of suitability. If you find a nasty word in a censored word list, please help with the effort and let us know. Find out more about word censorship at

The enable word list used for these searches can be found here.

Description of Word Searches

Find Words Starting With Word Finder

The Starts With word search finds words beginning with certain letters, in the selected word list. Any number of letters can be specified. Find all words that begin with a given prefix, or any other letters.

Words starting with aasymptomatic, animal etc.

at Words → attention, atmosphere etc.

Words that start with ininfer, interest etc.

Words beginning with preprefix, predetermine etc.

Words starting with the letters sufsuffix, sufficient, suffrage etc.


Ends With Word Finder

The Ends With search finds words ending with a specified set of letters in the selected word list.. The words could end with any suffix or any number of other letters. This may be one way to identify rhyming words.

Find words ending with a
barracuda, chimera, zinnia

Find words that end with the letters as
aromas, pajamas, was

Get words ending with the letter i
alibi, graffiti, tsunami

Words ending with the suffix ment
achievement acknowledgement vehement etc.

Words ending in ight
affright right sight night etc.


Words Containing Sequence Word Finder

The Contains Sequence search finds words containing a specified string of letters in the chosen word list. The sequence can occur anywhere in the word, but the letters must all stay together and remain in order. For instance, if you want words containing or but you want the letters to stay together in the word, then this is the search for you. This may be used to identify words that have a common word root.

Find words containing the sequence of letters or
oregano recorded phosphor

Words containing pha
alpha emphasis pharynx


Words Containing Minimally Word Finder

The Contains Minimally search, also known as the contains at least search, finds words containing all of a specified set of letters, in any order. Use this search if you want to find words that have certain letters anywhere in the word. The words have all of these letters, and more.

This search is handy in Scrabble. For example, you have seven letters in your rack and you want to find scrabble words that contain your letters and one or two more. Use this search, enter all of your letters, and sort the results by length. The words closest to your letters will appear at the top.

Words containing the letters wx
oxbow, wax, betwixt, boxwood

Words with these letters: ametsrs
masters streams armrests mattress seamster smartest smarties stammers stampers steamers mistreats etc.


Words Containing Only Word Finder

The Contains Only live dictionary search finds all words that can be made using a given set of letters, and no more. Use this search to find all words contained in a word or any set of letters. Not all letters need appear in any given word. They can occur anywhere in the word, but the frequency of the letters in the words cannot exceed that in the set of letters that you specify.

This search is handy in Scrabble. It lets you find all words in a set of letters.

Words that can be made using the letters in icier
I ice icier ire re rice

Find all words in the word masters
streams masters stream stears steams stares smears smarts master asters assert tress trams terms tears teams tames tamer stems stear steam stars etc.


Words Containing Only + 1 Blank Tile Word Finder

The Contains Only + 1 Blank Tile live dictionary search finds all words that can be made from any set of letters plus any other arbitrary single letter, and no more. Not all letters need appear in any given word. Letters can occur anywhere in a word, but the frequency of the letters in the words cannot exceed that in the set of letters that you specify, except by one. The extra letter can be a duplicate of one already in your set, or it can be a different letter altogether.

Words that can be made using the letters in ate and one blank tile:
zeta teas tear team teal tape tame tale take seta seat sate rate peat pate neat meta meat mate late heat hate gate feat fate eats east date beta beat ante abet yet yea wet vet vat toe tie the ten tea tax tau tar tap tan tam tag tab set sea sat rat pet pea pat oat net met mat let jet hat get fat era eat ear cat bet bat aye axe awe ate art are apt ape ant ale age aft act ace ye ya we tv to ta re pa na me ma la ja it he ha fe fa ex et en em el eh ef ee da be ay ax aw at as an am ah ag ae ad ab aa I a


Words Containing Only + 2 Blank Tiles Word Finder

The Contains Only + 2 Blank Tiles live dictionary search finds all words that can be made from any set of letters plus any two other letters, and no more. Not all letters need appear in any given word. Letters can occur anywhere in a word, but the frequency of the letters in the words cannot exceed that in the set of letters that you specify, except by up to two.

Words that can be made using the letters in at and two blank tiles:
zeta what wart want wait waft vita vats vast twas tuna tufa tray trap tram toga toad thaw that than teas tear team teal taxi taut task tart taps tape taos tank tamp tame tall talk tale talc take tail tags tact taco tack tabs swat stay stat star stag stab spat slat seta seat scat sate salt rats rate rapt rant raft phat peat pats path pate past part pant pact oats oath neat moat meta meat mats math mate mast mart malt late last iota heat hats hate halt goat gnat gate gait flat fiat feat fats fate fast fart fact eats east date data dart daft coat chat cats cast cart cant brat boat beta beat bats bath bait auto aunt atop atom arty arts ants anti ante acts abut abet zoa zit zap yet yea yap yam yak wit wet way wax was war wan wag wad via vet vat van two tug tub try toy tow tot top too ton toe tip tin tie thy the ten tea tax tau tar tap tan tam tag tab sty spa sit set sea say sax saw sat sap sag sad sac rut rot ray raw rat rap ran ram rag rad put pot pit pet pea pay paw pat par pan pal pad ova out opt oft oat oar oak oaf nut not nit net nay nap nag nab met may mat map man mad lot lit let lay lax law lap lag lad lab kit jut jot jet jay jaw jar jab its hut hot hit hay hat has hap ham hag had gut got get gay gas gap gal gag gad gab fit fax fat far fan fad era eat ear dot day dam dad dab cut cot caw cat car cap can cam cab but bra boa bit bet bay bat bar ban bam bah bag bad baa aye axe awl awe ate ass asp ask ash art arm ark are arc apt ape any ant and all ale air aim ail aid ago age aft ads ado add act ace ye ya xi we us up un uh tv to ta so re pi pa oy ox ow os or on om oh of nu no na my mu mo mi me ma la jo ja it is in if id hi he ha go fe fa ex et en em el eh ef ee do da by bi be ay ax aw at as an am ah ag ae ad ab aa i a


Words Made From Word Finder

The Words Made From search finds words made from only a specified set of letters. Not all letters need to be present, and they can occur in any frequency.

Search Term: rices
Sample Output: recesses series risers recess irises crisis crises criers sires seers scree rises riser icier esses eerie cries crier sirs sire sees seer rise rice iris ires ices errs sir see ire ice err is I


Pattern Match Word Finder

The Pattern Match word finder tool lets you find words that match a specified pattern, using wild card characters to substitute as placeholders for unknown letters in a given word. The rules are simple. The ? character substitutes for a single letter and * character substitutes for 0 or more letters.

This search is very handy for crossword puzzles, where some of the letters and the length of the word are known, and others are unknown.

d?gdig, dog, dug etc.

d*gdig, dog, dug, dumpling etc.

?d*gadding, idling etc.

??d*gaiding,coding,fiddling etc.

??d*g?badge, ladybugs, hedgehogs etc.


Anagram Word Finder

The Anagram tool lets you find anagrams for a given set of letters (i.e. other words using the same letters, in the same amounts).

Search Term: parse
Sample Output: pares parse pears rapes reaps spare spear


Soundex Word Finder

The Soundex word search tool finds words that have the same soundex signature.


Metaphone Word Finder

The Metaphone word search tool finds words that have the same metaphone signature.


Word Lists

The word lists are intended for those who would much rather browse through lists of words rather than actively search.