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Find Words With A Prefix.

The starts with word tool will find all words in the default word list that begin with the letter or letters that you specify. You can find all words that have a given word prefix. If you enter more starting lettters, fewer words will result. Fewer beginning letters will produce more words.

Word Prefixes

Words can be broken down into various parts, known as morphemes. A morpheme that forms the root of a word (or word base) is the main determinant of its meaning. The meaning and form of the word base can be altered by affixing or attaching other morphemes to the start and/or the end of a word base. Morphemes that are attached to the start of the word base are known as prefixes (or preformatives). Note that the prefix pre- means before, i.e. before the word base. Morphemes that are attached to the end of the word base are known as suffixes (or afformatives). The suffix af- means after, i.e. after the word base. This search can be used to find words with a specific prefix.

Alliteration (Head Rhymes)

Alliteration, also known as head rhyme, involves the repetition of consonant sounds or letters at the start of each word in a sequence of words. The Starts With Tool could be used to quickly and easily identify words with the same starting letters (sounds).


Tongue twisters are spoken word games in which a sequence of words is hard to say. Tongue twisters use a set of sounds, where the sounds in the words are repeated, but the order of the sounds is altered and the tongue must be repositioned to say them. They involve the use of alliteration and other rhyming schemes.

Word Games

This search may be helpful in Scrabble or Crosswords if you want to find words that have known starting letters (and maybe known length).

Find Words Starting With Sample Usage

Find words that begin with the letter a.

Search Term: a
Sample Output: art asymptomatic etc.

Find words that start with an.

Search Term: an
Sample Output: anger ant antecedent etc.

Find words beginning with the letters as.

Search Term: as
Sample Output: aster, aspect, ashtray etc.

Find words starting with at.

Search Term: at
Sample Output: attempt, attenuate, at etc.

Find words beginning with letters the.

Search Term: the
Sample Output: the, these, therapeutic etc.

Find words that start with these letters: be.

Search Term: be
Sample Output: be, bewitched, beets etc.

Find words with the prefix de.

Search Term: de
Sample Output: delight, deworm, design etc.