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Contains Sequence Word Finder Tool

Find words that contain a sequence of letters (or word fragment). The letter sequence can be any length and the letters must occur in the same order within the matched words.The number of letters in the word must be greater or equal to the number of letters in the sequence for a match to occur. In computer programming terminology, this is known as a substring. It can be used to identify words that have a common word base (or word root). It can also be used to identify semi-rhymes (word pairs that have an extra syllable on the end of one of the words (e.g. mind blinding). Enter a sequence of letters and click the find words button.


Find words containing this sequence of letters:

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Semi-rhymes are word pairs that have an extra syllable on the end of one of the words.

For example: mind blinding.


I have an ing on my rack. What 7 letter words can I make? This particular search returns over 800 words, with the fragment ing anywhere in the word.

Sample Output: ingrate, gingham, beading

Scrabble® Tips

Make small words into bigger words. The word see might become addressee, foreseeable, or seeking.