Find Words offers a comprehensive suite of wordfinder tools that let you find words with your letters. If you are writing, scrapbooking, naming a baby, doing crossword puzzles, or playing Scrabble® or Words With Friends™, you will find these tools to be a valuable reference. Find words that maximize your score. In fact, our visitors have mentioned dozens of other uses for the word finder. We offer multiple word lists of various sizes (censored and uncensored), with several aimed specifically at game playing. Each list offers an extensive assortment of word finder tools to do just about anything you want.

(106 = 56 + 50)
(90 = 40 + 50)

The winner of these games has the highest score.

Calculate the scores for all words at all possible board positions.

Find your best words to win these games.

Just adding up the letters gives you the lowest scores.
You do not get the highest scores by looking at the lowest scores.
You can do better.

Be a winner.

List of the highest scoring Scrabble® words, by length

List of the highest scoring Words With Friends™ words, by length

The Ultimate Scrabble® Cheat?

Some would call this the ultimate Scrabble® cheat. Others could call this the ultimate Words With Friends™ cheat. We prefer not to think of our users as cheaters, but as game strategists and word researchers. There are many plays you can make, so many that you can't look at it all, so just look at the highest scoring plays. Use Word Finder Tools to find the best words.

How To Find Words With The Highest Scores In Scrabble® And Words With Friends™

The score of a word in these games is much more than the sum of the letters; it varies dramatically depending on where it is played on the board. A word play is a combination of word and board position. The double word, triple word, double letter and triple letter squares alter the scores significantly. Although the board layouts, letter frequencies and letter scores differ between the two games, the strategies are the same. Develop your play strategy. By studying the highest scoring words, a few strategies of awesome game play are obvious:

  1. Place your high value letters on double letter or triple letter squares. The letter "Q" placed on a triple-letter square will contribute 30 points towards your score, whereas an "A" in the same location will only give you 3 points.
  2. Play your word on a word multiplier square. Triple word squares are great and we all strive to hit them, but if you can span two double word squares, this has a four-fold word multiplying effect. In Scrabble®, it could get you the seven letter bonus as well.
  3. Maximize the letter multiplier squares at the same time as you hit a word multiplier square. The resulting scores are exceptional.
  4. Get the bonus. Playing all seven of your letters entitles you to a bonus which adds 50 points to your score in Scrabble® or 35 points in Words With Friends™.
  5. Use the best play word tools at Study extensive lists of the highest scoring words and their placements, because the score is much more than the sum of the letters. Develop your own strategies.

Using the letters you have drawn, play the best word you can in a position on the board that will get you the most points possible. If you can maximize each turn, you will have a great final score.

Bear in mind that we do not have official lists for either game. We use the terms Scrabbleable or Friendable to indicate that you can make the word in the game using the letter set of the game and it will fit on the board. Whether or not a word is legal to play in the game is entirely your call.

Find words for Scrabble
Word finder for Words With Friends™

Find these charts in the Word Analysis section on the top menu bar. Then enter your word.

The Best Plays Word Finder Tools

The Best Plays Word Finder Tools at find all words that match what you are looking for, and calculates the scores of these words at all board positions in the games. This is an enormous amount of data, and because of this, the tools do not return all scores, only the highest scores.

Use the Best Plays Word Finder Tools to answer the following questions:

  • What words can you make with your letters?
  • How does a word score at all possible board positions?
  • Where do you play your words to maximize your score?
  • What are the highest scoring words for any board position?
  • What are the highest scoring words for any word length?
  • What are the highest scoring 7 letter words?

How do you find words?

The word lists and their corresponding tools are accessible from the Word Finder Tools menu at the top of each page. Choose the list that is most appropriate to your needs. The procedure for using the word finder tools is simple:

  1. Select the word list that best suits your needs.
  2. Select a word finder tool. This will take you to the web page for that particular tool.
  3. Enter your letters into the imput box provided.
  4. Click on the Get Words button.
  5. Enjoy.

The litscape default wordlist is the best one, as all words have been carefully checked. We have lists targeted towards Scrabble® and Words With Friends™, meaning you can make these words with all of the letters in the game and they fit on the boards. Keep in mind we have no official lists, so whether or not you play a word is entirely your call. The mammoth lists have a lot of words but they are amalgamation of other lists from here and there, so it contains many garbage words. The enable lists are just that, but I have found questionable entries here too. The word lists have both censored and uncensored forms, so pick the one you are most comfortable with. There is also a list for baby names. It consists of 144,359 names obtained from government sources worldwide.

Baby Naming Tips and Name Finder Search Tools

About the Word Lists

Word Finder Tools

You have a wide variety of word finder tools at your fingertips that do different things. These tools operate on the Litscape default word list (221,719 words). Each word list has its own set of tools, but all similar to this. You can access them using the Word Finder menu item located at the top of all pages on the site.

Sorting and Displaying The Results:

To make it easier to peruse the results, there are several sort and display options. Use the controls immediately above the results. If you have sorting and/or display preferences and would like to retain these settings in future searches, simply click the Remember Display Options button.

  • Sort Alphabetically, from the start of the word, ascending and descending.
  • Sort Alphabetically, from the end of the word, ascending and descending. These are easier to look at if you set the alignment to right.
  • Sort (and display) Word Length, ascending and descending.
  • Sort (and display) using the Scrabble® highest and lowest possible letter scores, ascending and descending. Go to word analysis to see where you would actually play them to get these scores. See below.
  • Sort (and display) using the Words With Friends™ highest and lowest possible letter scores, ascending and descending. Go to word analysis to see where you would actually play them to get these scores. See below.

Find Your Best Plays In Word Analysis

The term Word Analysis sounds rather understated, but don't be fooled. It is a powerful place for game players and researchers. This is located on the menu at the top of each page so you can always find it, or simply click here to go to Word Analysis. It is simple to use. Type your word into the input box and click the Analyze Word button. Even if your letters are not a word, it will still tell you what words you can make with those letters and your best places to play on the board.

  • Maximize your score. See the scores for a word at all possible board positions and find your best word placements.
  • Find the highest scoring word plays for any word and all words within the letters of that word. Get seven letter word alerts quickly.
  • Find All Words With Words. View lists of all words you can make within the letters of your word, organized by length.
  • Patterns of Word Growth for a word. How do you get there and how do you extend the word? How many times have you tried to lengthen a word to make a play? Try the usual, add an s or es, or you may find some surprising extensions, the road less travelled. That could make a difference.
    Word Growth Patterns
  • Word Definitions And Sample Usages. These are sourced from the WordNet Project at Princeton University. We don't have these for all words, but we have a lot.
  • Find Quotations from literature and famous people that use or is relevant to a word. This is a very handy resource for writers and speakers who need a quotation for the topic at hand.
    Quotations for winning