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Using The Scrabbleable Censored Word List (209,203 words)

The scrabbleable word list is the subset of words in the default word list that are "scrabbleable". Scrabbleable means that you can make the words using the letters in Scrabble®, staying within the bounds of the letter frequency distribution (including blanks) and the words will fit on the Scrabble  board (maximum 15 letters). This is the censored version of the list. Nasty words have been removed (best effort, no guarantee). Note that we have no official Scrabble® wordlists so use your own judgement.

Scrabble Best Plays

Have you ever wondered what the highest scoring words in Scrabble® are? We wanted to answer this question, so we calculated the scores of all 209,203 Scrabbleable words in the Litscape Default word list at all possible board positions. We define Scrabbleable to mean that the word will fit on the board and you can make it with the set of letters in Scrabble®, blanks included. Whether or not a word is legal to play in the game is entirely your call, as we have no official wordlists. It was a massive amount of data, and now you have the answers.

Highest Scoring Scrabbleable Words For Board Positions

(Click on a position tile to find the highest scoring words at that position.)

2 Letter Positions