Words Extracted From The
Scrabbleable Censored Word List (209,203 Words)

Scrabbleable Censored Word List (209,203 Words)

Anagram Sets With 8 Words In The Censored Scrabble Word List

Anagrams are sets of words where the all of the letters of a word can be rearranged to form a different word. The frequency of occurrence of the letters is the same in all. This list shows anagram word sets where the letters can be rearranged to form 8 different words. These 8 word anagram sets were extracted from the scrabble censored word list. Use this anagram search tool to see if your letters have any anagrams. This list applies equally to Scrabble and Words With Friends because these lists are nearly the same (only 1 word different: stresslessness).

asper pares parse pears rapes reaps spare spear

aster rates reast resat stare tares taser tears

least setal slate stale steal tales teals tesla

palest pastel petals plates pleats septal staple tepals