Suggestions For Finding Scrabble Words

The best Scrabble word finder is in your head. The online scrabble tools are a great way to research words when you aren't playing. When you are playing face to face, unless you are playing All Cheat Scrabble (which is a bit like the All-Steroid Olympics), there are a few tricks to simplify the job of making words. Within your letters, take advantage of letters that are commonly grouped together to make words or to extend words. Look for prefixes and suffixes and other common letter combinations. Try your vowels both spread out and grouped together.

Tips and Suggestions For Finding Scrabble Words

Look For Common Letters Groupings At the start of words:

Common Digraphs and Trigraphs

bl- br- ch- chl- chr- cl- cr- dr- fl- fr- gh- gl- gn- gr- kl- kn- kr- ph- phr- pl- pr- ps- pt- rh- sc- sch- scl- scr- sh- shr- sk- sl- sm- sn- sp- sph- spl- spr- squ- st- str- sw- th- thr- tr- tw- wh- wr-

Common Vowel Groupings

ou- au- eu- ae- ai- ea- io- ei- oo- oa- oi- oe- eo- ee- ia- aa- ao- ai, au, aw, ay, ea, ee, ei, eu, ew, ey, ie, oi, oo, ou, ow, oy.

Common prefixes

a- ab- abs- ac- acro- ad- af- ag- al- ambi- amphi- an- ant- ante- anti- ap- aqua- arch- as- astro- at- auto- be- bi- bio- centi- circum- co- col- com- con- contra- cor- counter- de- dec- deci- demi- di- dia- dis- dodeca- dorm- e- ec- eco- ef- em- en- epi- equi- ex- exo- extra- fin- fore- geo- giga- hemi- hemo- hept- hetero- hex- hexa- homo- hydro- hyper- hypo- il- im- in- in- infra- inter- intra- ir- ir- iso- macro- magn- mal- mega- micro- mid- milli- mini- mis- mono- multi- nano- neo- non- nona- nov- ob- oc- oct- of- omni- omni- op- out- over- para- ped- penta- per- peri- philo- photo- pod- poly- post- pre- pro- proto- pseudo- pyro- quadr- quasi- quint- re- retro- semi- sept- sub- sub- suc- suf- sug- sup- super- sur- sus- sym- syn- tele- tetra- therm- trans- tri- ultra- un- under- uni- up- with-

In the middle of words:

tch ck ght th ee ll ss oo tt ff rr nn pp cc gh

At the ends of words:

Common Digraphs and Trigraphs

-gh -ght -ch -th -tch

Common Suffixes

-ability -able -ably -ac -acity -ack -acy -ade -age -aholic -ain -ake -akes -al -al -ale -algia -all -ame -an -ance -ank -ant -ap -ar -ard -are -arian -arium -ary -ash -at -ate -ation -ative -ator -aw -ay -cial -cide -cracy -crat -ction -cule -cy -cycle -d -dom -dox -eat -ectomy -ed -ee -eer -ell -emia -en -ence -ency -ene -ent -eous -er -ere -ern -ers -ery -es -escence -ese -esque -ess -est -etic -ette -eum -ff -ful -fy -gam -gamy -gon -gonic -hood -hood -ial -ian -iasis -iatric -ibility -ible -ibly -ic -ical -ice -ick -ide -ies -iest -ify -ight -ile -ill -ily -in -ine -ing -ink -ion -ious -ip -ire -ise -ish -ism -ist -it -ite -ition -itis -itive -ity -ium -ius -ive -ization -ize -less -lessness -let -like -ling -ll -log -loger -logist -ly -man -men -ment -ness -nesses -ocity -ock -oholic -oid -oke -ology -oma -one -onym -op -opia -opsy -or -ore -ory -osis -ostomy -ot -otomy -our -ous -path -pathy -phile -phobia -phone -phyte -plegia -plegic -pnea -re -rst -s -scope -scopy -scribe -script -sect -ship -sion -some -sophic -sophy -ss -st -th -tial -tion -tome -tomy -trophy -tude -ty -uck -ug -ular -um -ump -unk -uous -ur -ure -ward -ware -wise -y -sh, -th, -ph, -ch, -ng

The Value Of Single Letter Extensions

Pay careful attention to single letters that you can add to either end of words already played, as this may give you places to play and points for the newly extended words. Depending on what you play, you could open up the possibility of future plays, or you could block future plays. This skill is critical if you are building words parallel and adjacent to each other. At word ends, the letters e, y, and s are common, but don't forget the other letters. An e would probably keep open the possibility of future play more than and s. Maybe you want to block play for your opponent in a position. This could be really handy. Pan could become pant, pans, pang, pane, span. Pane could become panel. Panes or paned would be a pain to extend past the end but you could play repanes. Typical could become atypical.