Words Extracted From The
Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

5 Word Anagram Sets

Anagrams are sets of words where the all of the letters of a word can be rearranged to form a different word. The frequency of occurrence of the letters is the same in all. This list shows anagram word sets where the letters can be rearranged to form 5 different words. These 5 word anagram sets were extracted from the Litscape default word list. If you want to do an anagram search on your letters, use our anagram search tool operating on the default word list.

abiders airbeds braised seabird sidebar

adepter predate redtape retaped tapered

alerted altered redealt related treadle

aligners realigns resignal signaler slangier

ambled bedlam beldam blamed lambed

angrier earring grainer rangier rearing

antlers rentals reslant saltern sternal

aper pare pear rape reap

apter pater prate retap taper

arced cadre cared cedar raced

arches casher chaser eschar search

ares ears eras sear sera

arrest rarest raster raters starer

artiest attires iratest striate tastier

arts rats star tars tsar

ascot coast coats costa tacos

asher hares hears share shear

assert asters reasts stares tasers

assertor assorter reassort reroasts roasters

bares baser bears saber sabre

bluest bluets bustle sublet subtle

boaster boaters borates reboast sorbate

camelid claimed decimal declaim medical

canters nectars recants scanter trances

carted crated decart redact traced

cheater hectare recheat reteach teacher

coalers escolar oracles recoals solacer

cruet cuter eruct recut truce

dearest reasted redates sedater tasered

dearths hardest hatreds threads trashed

deist diets edits sited tides

demerit dimeter merited mitered retimed

destain detains instead sainted stained

dotier editor rioted tierod triode

drape padre pared raped repad

drawer redraw reward warder warred

earless leasers resales reseals sealers

earns nares nears saner snare

easter eaters reseat seater teaser

emits items mites smite times

enlist inlets listen silent tinsel

entrap panter parent pretan trepan

entraps panters parents pretans trepans

eroding groined ignored negroid redoing

eros ores roes rose sore

esprit priest ripest sprite stripe

esters reests resets serest steers

estrous oestrus ousters sourest toruses

eviler levier relive revile veiler

fetors forest fortes foster softer

heros horse hoser shoer shore

latrine ratline reliant retinal trenail

laves salve slave vales veals

leapers pleaser presale relapse repeals

leapt petal plate pleat tepal

litters retilts slitter stilter tilters

luster lustre result rustle sutler

mates meats steam tames teams

merit miter mitre remit timer

notes onset steno stone tones

owers resow sower swore worse

parers parser rapers rasper sparer

parts sprat strap tarps traps

paste peats septa spate tapes

persist priests spriest sprites stripes

piers pries ripes spier spire

pores poser prose ropes spore

poster repost repots respot tropes

rackets restack retacks stacker tackers

recused reduces rescued secured seducer

reigns resign sering signer singer

reins resin rinse risen siren

resaw sawer swear wares wears

resit rites tiers tires tries

respect scepter sceptre specter spectre

respects scepters sceptres specters spectres

restrain retrains strainer terrains trainers

retask skater streak takers tasker

retests setters streets tersest testers

retills rillets stiller tillers trellis

rues ruse suer sure user

skate stake steak takes teaks

slates stales steals tassel teslas

stoner tenors tensor toners trones

uncarted uncrated underact unredact untraced