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* substitutes for a 0 or more letters.
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Pattern Matching Examples

Example 1

Pattern: d?g

Matches: All words starting with 'd', ending with 'g', a single letter in between.

Words: dig, dog, dug

Example 2

Pattern: d*ling

Matches: All words starting with 'd', ending with 'ling', any letters in between.

Words: dabbling, dangling, darling, dazzling, dealing, decoupling, defiling, derailing, detailing, dialing, disabling, disassembling, disentangling, dismantling, dispelling, distilling, doubling, drawling, drilling, duckling, dueling, dulling, dwelling, dwindling

Example 3

Pattern: ?r*ma

Matches: Any letter to start, followed by 'r', followed by any other sequence of letters, ending in 'ma'.

Words: aroma, drama, grandma, prima, trauma