Definition of sin

"sin" in the noun sense

1. sin, sinfulness, wickedness

estrangement from god

2. sin, sinning

an act that is regarded by theologians as a transgression of God's will

3. sine, sin

ratio of the length of the side opposite the given angle to the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

4. Sin

Akkadian) god of the Moon counterpart of Sumerian Nanna

5. sin

the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet

"sin" in the verb sense

1. sin, transgress, trespass

commit a sin violate a law of God or a moral law

2. drop the ball, sin, blunder, boob, goof

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

"I blundered during the job interview"

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Quotations for sin

Poverty is no sin. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Fear nothing but sin. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

The devil rebukes sin. [ Proverb ]

Sin will pluck on sin. [ William Shakespeare ]

Sin is ashamed of sin. [ Chapman ]

To step aside is human! [ Burns ]

No one has leave to sin. [ Cicero ]

By that sin angels fell. [ William Shakespeare ]

Pain is an outcry of sin. [ South ]

Sin and her shadow, death. [ Milton ]

Love is the sin of all men. [ Du Bosc ]

Pain is the outcome of sin. [ Buddha ]

It is a sin to be a mocker. [ William Shakespeare ]

Remorse is the pain of sin. [ Theodore Parker ]

Age whitens hairs, but not sin. [ J. Petit-Senn ]

No friendship can excuse a sin. [ Jeremy Taylor ]

So many laws argue so many sins! [ Milton ]

A sin confessed is half forgiven. [ French Proverb ]

Every sin provokes its punishment. [ A. Bronson Alcott ]

Soon for me the light of day
Shall forever pass away;
Then from sin and sorrow free,
Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee. [ Doane ]

Sin is not so sinful as hypocrisy. [ Mme. de Maintenon ]

It is sin not to be angry with sin. [ Proverb ]

Be sure your sin will find you out. [ Bible ]

Every man has his devilish minutes. [ Lavater ]

Sorrow is good for nothing but sin. [ Proverb ]

Dissembled sin is double wickedness. [ Proverb ]

Sin is sin whether it be seen or no. [ Proverb ]

Death from sin no power can separate. [ Milton ]

Sluggish idleness - the nurse of sin. [ Spenser ]

True repentance is to cease from sin. [ St. Ambrose ]

Nothing is irredeemably ugly but sin. [ Balzac ]

Laws can discover sin, but not remove. [ Milton ]

Sin is too dull to see beyond himself. [ Alfred Tennyson ]

It is a great sin to swear unto a sin.
But greater sin to keep a sinful oath. [ William Shakespeare ]

Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin. [ William Shakespeare ]

Nothing emboldens sin so much as mercy. [ William Shakespeare ]

Sorrow is held the eldest child of sin. [ John Webster ]

Poverty and wealth are comparative sins. [ Victor Hugo ]

Sin is disease, deformity, and weakness. [ Plato ]

Hate sin as you would a poisonous snake.

Sin is essentially a departure from God. [ Luther ]

Fears of sinning let in thoughts of sin. [ Crabbe ]

Certainly this is a duty, not a sin,
Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. [ John Wesley ]

Every sin brings its punishment with it. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Sin let loose speaks punishment at hand. [ Cowper ]

Sin writes histories; goodness Is silent. [ Goethe ]

The good hate sin because they love virtue. [ Horace ]

Hell is the wrath of God - His hate of sin. [ Bailey ]

Sin is a state of mind, not an outward act. [ Sewell ]

Some sins do bear their privilege on earth. [ William Shakespeare ]

Secret sins commonly lie nearest the heart. [ Thomas Brooks ]

Few love to hear the sins they love to act. [ William Shakespeare ]

So dear to heaven is saintly chastity,
That, when a soul is found sincerely so,
A thousand liveried angels lackey her,
Driving far off each thing of sin and guilt. [ Milton ]

It is a sin to belie even the devil himself. [ Proverb ]

And love the sin for the dear sinner's sake. [ Juvenal ]

Proneness to sin cleaves fast to mortal men. [ Theognis ]

O comfort-killing Night, image of hell!
Dim register and notary of shame!
Black stage for tragedies and murders fell!
Vast, sin-concealing chaos! nurse of blame!
Blind, muffled bawd! dark harbor for defame!
Grim cave of death! whispering conspirator,
With close-tongued treason and the ravisher! [ William Shakespeare ]

And steal immortal kisses from her lips;
Which even in pure and vestal modesty.
Still blush as thinking their own kisses sin. [ William Shakespeare ]

Yes - the same sin that overthrew the angels,
And of all sins most easily besets
Mortals the nearest to the angelic nature:
The vile are only vain; the great are proud. [ Byron ]

True, conscious honor is to feel no sin;
He's armed without that's innocent within,
Be this thy screen and this thy wall of brass. [ Horace ]

Sin is free, or you cannot make sin out of it. [ Joseph Cook ]

But the trail of the serpent is over them all. [ Moore ]

O sin, what hast thou done to this fair earth! [ Dana ]

Pride and conceit were the original sin of man. [ Le Sage ]

The lesser the temptation, the greater the sin. [ Proverb ]

Safe from temptation, safe from sin's pollution.
She lives, whom we call dead. [ Longfellow ]

Take away the motive, and you take away the sin. [ Cervantes ]

Deceiving those that trust us is more than a sin. [ Proverb ]

Most women caress sin before embracing penitence. [ Fontanelle ]

It is the will that makes the action good or ill. [ Robert Herrick ]

Gravity is the best cloak for sin in all countries. [ Fielding ]

Where a chest lies open a reputed honest man may sin. [ Proverb ]

Tears are the deluge of sin and the world's sacrifice. [ Gregory Nazianzen ]

The ground of true sorrow for sin, is the love of God. [ Proverb ]

To grieve over sin is one thing, to repent is another. [ F. W. Robertson ]

But every one has a besetting sin to which he returns. [ La Fontaine ]

Nothing is more ordinary than for vice to correct sin. [ Proverb ]

It is not I who die, when I die, but my sin and misery. [ Gotthold ]

Sin every day takes out a patent for some new invention. [ Whipple ]

Idleness is both a great sin, and the cause of many more. [ South ]

Many weep for the sin, while they laugh over the pleasure. [ Marguerite de Valois ]

It is not the back, but the heart, that must bleed for sin. [ South ]

It takes much from the account to which his sin doth amount. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

It is not a sin to sell dear, but it is to make ill measure. [ Proverb ]

We are ever young enough to sin, never old enough to repent. [ Proverb ]

There must be some mixture of happiness in everything but sin. [ Mrs. Sigourney ]

The day that a man knows he commits a sin, he condemns himself. [ Proverb ]

Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

The sin lessens in human estimation only as the guilt increases. [ Schiller ]

I charge thee, fling away ambition: By that sin fell the angels. [ William Shakespeare ]

Night is the cloak to cover sin, and the armor of the unjust man. [ Theophrastus ]

It is no sin to be tempted; the wickedness lies in being overcome. [ Balzac ]

And am I to suffer for it because I was born a man? Is pity a sin? [ Friedrich Schiller ]

It is possible to sin against charity, when we do not against truth. [ Proverb ]

Nature has no promise for society, least of all, any remedy for sin. [ Horace Bushnell ]

Sin is like the bee, with honey in its mouth but a sting in its tail. [ H. Ballou ]

Righteousness exalteth a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people. [ Bible ]

Having mourned your sin, for outward Eden lost, find paradise within. [ Dryden ]

It is no more sin to see a woman weep, than to see a goose go barefoot. [ Proverb ]

Sin is not a monster to be mused on, but an impotence to be got rid of. [ Matthew Arnold ]

It is the wit, the policy, of sin to hate those men whom we have abused. [ Sir W. Davenant ]

He that commits a sin shall find the pressing guilt lie heavy on his mind. [ Creech ]

The substance of a man is full good when sin is not in a man's conscience. [ Chaucer ]

He that would be angry and sin not must not be angry with anything but sin. [ Seeker ]

The only sin which we never forgive in each other is difference of opinion. [ Emerson ]

So long as you do not quarrel with sin, you will never be a truly happy man. [ J. C. Ryle ]

Great abundance of riches cannot be gathered and kept by any man without sin. [ Erasmus ]

True repentance consists in the heart being broken for sin, and broken from sin. [ Thornton ]

It is a sin against hospitality to open your doors, and shut up your countenance. [ Proverb ]

Anger is not only the prevailing sin of argument, but its greatest stumbling-block. [ Gladstone ]

God may, by almighty grace, hinder the absolute completion of sin in final obduracy. [ South ]

The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one's self. All sin is easy after that. [ Bailey ]

There is the seed of all sins - of the vilest and worst of sins - in the best of men. [ Thomas Brooks ]

Slight sorrow for sin is sufficient, provided it at the same time produces amendment. [ Colton ]

The scandal of the world is what makes the offense: it is not sinful to sin in silence. [ Moliere, Tartufe ]

The blush is nature's alarm at the approach of sin, and her testimony to the dignity of virtue. [ Fuller ]

Our hearts must not only be broken with sorrow, but be broken from sin, to constitute repentance. [ Dewey ]

The greatest of all sins is the sin of love: it is so great that it takes two persons to commit it. [ Cardinal Le Camus ]

You cannot save men from death but by facing it for them, nor from sin but by resisting it for them. [ John Ruskin ]

To make love when one is young and fair is a venial sin: it is a mortal sin when one is old and ugly. [ De Bernis ]

Sin and hedgehogs are born without spikes; but how they prick and wound after their birth, we all know. [ Richter ]

Hate belongs with sin. If we do a wrong, we hate either the thing or God, or ourselves, or somebody else. [ Duffield ]

Sin seen from the thought is a diminution or loss; seen from the conscience or will, it is a pravity or bad. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

The costume of the nineteenth century is detestable. Sin is the only real color-element left in modern life. [ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey ]

Nature tempts us continually, but we are not responsible for the sin, unless our reasoning gives its consent. [ Pascal ]

There is no heart without remorse, no life without some misfortune, no one but what is something stained with sin. [ James Ellis ]

There is really nothing left to a genuine idle man, who possesses any considerable degree of vital power, but sin. [ J. G. Holland ]

The slightest sorrow for sin is sufficient, if it produces amendment; and the greatest is insufficient, if it does not. [ Colton ]

Most people who commit a sin count on some personal benefit to be derived therefrom, but profanity has not even this excuse. [ Hosea Ballou ]

It is better to be affected with a true penitent sorrow for sin than to be able to resolve the most difficult cases about it. [ Thomas à Kempis ]

But Christian faith knows that wealth means responsibility, and that responsibility may come to mean only heavy arrears of sin. [ H. P. Liddon ]

It is the very nature of grace to make a man strive to be most eminent in that particular grace which is most opposed to his bosom sin. [ Thomas Brooks ]

The sin of pride is the sin of sins, in which all subsequent sins are included, as in their germ; they are but the unfolding of this one. [ Trench ]

Life is as a slate where all our sins are written: from time to time we rub the sponge of repentance over it, in order to begin to sin anew.

Such penalties does the mere intention to sin suffer; for he who meditates any secret wickedness within himself incurs the guilt of the deed. [ Juv ]

I have unlearned contempt; it is a sin that is engendered earliest in the soul, and doth beset it like a poison worm feeding on all its beauty. [ Willis ]

O unfortunates who sin without pleasure! in your errors be more reasonable; be, at least, fortunate sinners. Since you must be damned, be damned for amiable faults. [ Voltaire ]

A tendency to slang, to colloquial inelegancies, and even vulgarities, is the besetting sin against which we, as Americans, have especially to guard and to struggle. [ W. D. Whitney ]

Life is a sea; the soul the threatened ship; sin, Satan, and hell the dangers to be met; and Christ the great pilot, who will bring the soul into the heavenly harbor. [ J. Foster ]

Certainly the contemplation of death, as the wages of sin, and passage to another world, is holy and religious; but the fear of it, as a tribute due unto Nature, is weak. [ Bacon ]

This century boasts of progress! Have they invented a new mortal sin? Unfortunately there are but seven, as before - the number of the daily falls of a saint, which is very little. [ T. Gautier ]

He that falls into sin, is a man; that grieves at it, is a saint; that boasteth of it, is a devil; yet some glory in that shame, counting the stains of sin the best complexion of their souls. [ Fuller ]

Through tattered clothes small vices do appear: robes and furred gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold, and the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks; arm it in rags, a pygmy's straw doth pierce it. [ William Shakespeare ]

As the cautious pilot steers the ship clear of the breakers, and brings the vessel safe to port, so should we steer our life-ship clear of the rocks and shoals of sin to the port of everlasting life. [ James Ellis ]

Gold is called the bait of sin, the snare of souls, and the hook of death; which being aptly applied may be compared to a fire, whereof a little is good to warm one, but too much will burn him altogether. [ Sir R. Filmer ]

A companion that feasts the company with wit and mirth, and leaves out the sin which is usually mixed with them, he is the man; and let me tell you, good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue. [ Izaak Walton ]

Ostentation is the signal flag of hypocrisy. The charlatan is verbose and assumptive; the Pharisee is ostentatious, because he is a hypocrite. Pride is the master sin of the Devil; and the Devil is the father of lies. [ Chapin ]

It is right that man should love those who have offended him. He will do so when he remembers that all men are his relations, and that it is through ignorance and involuntarily that they sin, - and then we all die so soon. [ Marcus Aurelius ]

Pride is the common forerunner of a fall. It was the devil's sin. and the devil's ruin; and has been, ever since, the devil's stratagem, who, like an expert wrestler, usually gives a man a lift before he gives him a throw. [ South ]

No peace was ever won from fate by subterfuge or agreement; no peace is ever in store for any of us but that which we shall win by victory over shame or sin--victory over the sin that oppresses, as well as over that which corrupts. [ John Ruskin ]

Novels do not force their fair readers to sin, they only instruct them how to sin; the consequences of which are fully detailed, and not in a way calculated to seduce any but weak minds; few of their heroines are happily disposed of. [ Zimmermann ]

Morals are of inestimable value, for every man is born crammed with sin microbes, and the only thing that can extirpate these sin microbes is morals. Now you take a sterilized Christian - I mean, you take the sterilized Christian, for there's only one. Dear sir, I wish you wouldn't look at me like that. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

So near are the boundaries of panegyric and invective, that a worn-out sinner is sometimes found to make the best declaimer against sin. The same high-seasoned descriptions which in his unregenerate state served to inflame his appetites, in his new province of a moralist will serve him (a little turned) to expose the enormity of those appetites in other men. [ Lamb ]

There is a hand that has no heart in it, there is a claw or paw, a flipper or fin, a bit of wet cloth to take hold of, a piece of unbaked dough on the cook's trencher, a cold clammy thing we recoil from, or greedy clutch with the heat of sin, which we drop as a burning coal. What a scale from the talon to the horn of plenty, is this human palmleaf! Sometimes it is what a knifeshaped, thin-bladed tool we dare not grasp, or like a poisonous thing we shake off, or unclean member, which, white as it may look, we feel polluted by! [ C. A. Bartol ]

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sine sines mousiness

sine sines noisiness

sine sines nosiness

sine sines phenarsines

sine sines polylysines

sine sines prissiness

sine sines rosiness

sine sines sassiness

sine sines sissiness

sine sines tipsiness

sine sines tricksiness

sine sines tyrosines iodotyrosines

sine sines versines

sine sines whimsiness

sine sines woodsiness backwoodsiness

sine sines wussiness

sine sinew sinewed

sine sinew sinewier

sine sinew sinewiest

sine sinew sinewiness

sine sinew sinewing

sine sinew sinewless

sine sinew sinewous

sine sinew sinews

sine sinew sinewy

sine tyrosine iodotyrosine iodotyrosines

sine tyrosine tyrosinemia

sine tyrosine tyrosinemic

sine tyrosine tyrosines iodotyrosines

sine ursine

sine versine versines

sinful basinful

sinful sinfully

sinful sinfulness

sing abrasing

sing abscessing

sing abscising

sing absolutising

sing accessing randomaccessing

sing acclimatising reacclimatising

sing achromatising

sing acronymising

sing actualising

sing adonising

sing adrenalising

sing adverbialising

sing advertising advertisings

sing advertising overadvertising

sing advertising readvertising

sing advertising unadvertising

sing advertising underadvertising

sing aerobicising

sing aerosolising

sing aestheticising

sing agatising

sing agglutinising

sing aggrandising

sing aggressing

sing agonising agonisingly

sing agonising antagonising unantagonising

sing albitising

sing albumenising

sing albuminising

sing alchemising

sing alcoholising dealcoholising

sing aliasing antialiasing

sing alkalinising

sing alkalising dealkalising

sing alphabetising

sing aluminising

sing amalgamising

sing americanising

sing amortising

sing anabolising

sing anaesthetising

sing anagrammatising

sing analysing overanalysing

sing analysing psychoanalysing

sing analysing reanalysing

sing analysing selfanalysing

sing analysing underanalysing

sing anarchising

sing anastomosing

sing anathemising

sing androgenising

sing anesthetising

sing angelicising

sing angelising evangelising

sing anglicising

sing anhydridising

sing animalising

sing annalising

sing anodising

sing anonymising

sing anthologising

sing anthracitising

sing anthropomorphising

sing antiquarianising

sing antisepticising

sing apologising reapologising

sing apologising unapologising

sing apophthegmatising

sing apotheosising

sing appetising appetisingly unappetisingly

sing appetising unappetising unappetisingly

sing appetising unappetising unappetisingness

sing arabicising

sing arabising

sing archaising

sing arithmetising

sing aromatising

sing arterialising

sing artificialising

sing aspersing

sing assessing overassessing

sing assessing reassessing

sing assessing selfassessing

sing assessing underassessing

sing atheising

sing atomising

sing atticising

sing attitudinising attitudinisings

sing autolysing

sing automatising

sing autotomising

sing avianising

sing axiomatising

sing azotising diazotising

sing azotising tetrazotising

sing bacteriolysing

sing balkanising

sing banalising

sing baptising anabaptising

sing baptising rebaptising

sing baptising unbaptising

sing basing abasing databasing

sing basing debasing debasingly

sing basing embasing

sing basing freebasing

sing basing rebasing

sing battologising

sing bedlamising

sing benzolising debenzolising

sing bestialising

sing biasing

sing biassing

sing biographising

sing bituminising

sing blessing blessingly

sing blessing blessings

sing blessing outblessing

sing blessing reblessing

sing bossing embossing

sing botanising

sing brassing

sing breathalysing

sing brominising

sing bromising

sing browsing overbrowsing

sing bruising bruisingly

sing bruising bruisings

sing brutalising rebrutalising

sing brutalising unbrutalising

sing bureaucratising

sing bussing debussing

sing bussing enbussing

sing buttressing

sing canalising recanalising

sing cannibalising

sing canonicalising

sing canonising decanonising

sing canonising uncanonising

sing cantonising

sing canulising

sing canvassing

sing capitalising decapitalising

sing capitalising overcapitalising

sing capitalising recapitalising

sing capitalising undercapitalising

sing caponising

sing capsulising

sing caramelising

sing carbolising

sing carbonising decarbonising

sing carbonising recarbonising

sing caressing caressingly uncaressingly

sing caressing caressings

sing caressing uncaressing uncaressingly

sing cartelising

sing casing casings

sing casing discasing

sing casing encasing

sing casing lowercasing

sing casing showcasing

sing casing uppercasing

sing casualising decasualising

sing catabolising

sing catalogising

sing cataloguising

sing catalysing anticatalysing

sing catalysing autocatalysing

sing catalysing biocatalysing

sing catalysing cocatalysing

sing catalysing electrocatalysing

sing catalysing photocatalysing

sing catechising catechisings

sing cathodising

sing catholicising

sing causticising

sing celestialising

sing centralising decentralising

sing centralising overcentralising

sing centralising recentralising

sing centrifugalising

sing cerebralising

sing ceremonialising

sing channelising channelisings

sing chaptalising

sing chasing outchasing

sing chasing purchasing copurchasing

sing chasing purchasing overpurchasing

sing chasing purchasing repurchasing prepurchasing

sing chasing steeplechasing

sing chastising

sing chattelising

sing cheesing

sing chemicalising dechemicalising

sing chloridising dechloridising

sing chlorinising

sing choosing mischoosing

sing choosing rechoosing prechoosing

sing christianising dechristianising

sing chromising

sing cinchonising

sing circumcising

sing citizenising decitizenising

sing civilianising

sing civilising decivilising

sing civilising overcivilising

sing civilising recivilising

sing classicising

sing classing declassing

sing classing misclassing

sing classing outclassing

sing classing reclassing

sing classing subclassing

sing cleansing cleansings

sing cleansing recleansing

sing cliticising

sing coalising

sing cocainising

sing cognising recognising derecognising

sing cognising recognising selfrecognising

sing colloquialising

sing colonising decolonising

sing colonising intercolonising

sing colonising recolonising

sing columnising

sing commercialising

sing communalising

sing communising

sing compensing recompensing

sing conceptualising reconceptualising

sing concertising

sing concretising

sing condensing decondensing

sing condensing noncondensing

sing condensing overcondensing

sing condensing recondensing

sing confessing nonconfessing

sing confessing reconfessing preconfessing

sing conscientising

sing constitutionalising

sing contextualising recontextualising

sing conventionalising

sing convulsing

sing copsing

sing cosmopolitanising

sing cottonising

sing coursing discoursing

sing creolising decreolising

sing cretinising

sing crevassing

sing criminalising decriminalising

sing criminalising recriminalising

sing criticising hypercriticising

sing criticising recriticising

sing criticising uncriticising uncriticisingly

sing crossing backcrossing

sing crossing crisscrossing

sing crossing crossings

sing crossing doublecrossing

sing crossing intercrossing

sing crossing noncrossing

sing crossing outcrossing

sing crossing recrossing

sing crossing uncrossing

sing cruising

sing crystalising decrystalising

sing crystallising cocrystallising

sing crystallising decrystallising

sing crystallising intercrystallising

sing crystallising noncrystallising

sing crystallising recrystallising

sing crystallising uncrystallising

sing cuckoldising

sing cursing accursing

sing cursing outcursing

sing cursing recursing precursing

sing cursing uncursing

sing cussing discussing overdiscussing

sing cussing discussing rediscussing

sing cussing focussing defocussing

sing cussing focussing electrofocussing

sing cussing focussing misfocussing

sing cussing focussing overfocussing

sing cussing focussing refocussing prefocussing

sing cussing focussing unfocussing

sing cussing percussing repercussing

sing customising accustomising

sing cutinising

sing cyanising

sing cyclising

sing deaconising

sing deamidising

sing deaminising

sing decimalising

sing defibrinising

sing definitising

sing defunctionalising

sing degaussing

sing demising academising

sing democratising undemocratising

sing demonising

sing denoising

sing deputising

sing derivatising

sing despising despisingly

sing despising undespising

sing despotising

sing destalinising

sing detribalising

sing diabolising

sing diagonalising

sing dialecticising

sing dialysing electrodialysing

sing dichotomising

sing dieselising

sing differentialising

sing digitalising

sing digitising

sing digressing digressingly

sing diphthongising

sing diploidising

sing disbursing redisbursing

sing disguising disguisings

sing disguising predisguising

sing disguising undisguising

sing dispensing dispensingly

sing dispersing monodispersing

sing dispersing nanodispersing

sing dispersing polydispersing

sing dispersing predispersing

sing dissing

sing divertising

sing divinising

sing divisionalising

sing divulsing

sing dockising

sing dogmatising

sing dolomitising

sing dosing overdosing

sing dosing underdosing

sing dowsing

sing dramatising dedramatising

sing dramatising melodramatising

sing dramatising overdramatising

sing dressing addressing counteraddressing

sing dressing addressing misaddressing

sing dressing addressing readdressing preaddressing

sing dressing addressing unaddressing

sing dressing bedressing

sing dressing crossdressing

sing dressing dressings topdressings

sing dressing dressings undressings

sing dressing hairdressing

sing dressing outdressing

sing dressing overdressing

sing dressing redressing

sing dressing sidedressing

sing dressing topdressing topdressings

sing dressing underdressing

sing dressing undressing undressings

sing dressing windowdressing

sing drowsing

sing dualising individualising deindividualising

sing dualising individualising disindividualising

sing dualising individualising overindividualising

sing dualising individualising unindividualising

sing duchessing

sing ductilising

sing dynamising

sing easing appeasing appeasingly unappeasingly

sing easing appeasing nonappeasing

sing easing appeasing unappeasing unappeasingly

sing easing ceasing deceasing predeceasing

sing easing ceasing neverceasing

sing easing ceasing unceasing unceasingly

sing easing ceasing unceasing unceasingness

sing easing creasing decreasing decreasingly

sing easing creasing decreasing nondecreasing

sing easing creasing increasing everincreasing

sing easing creasing increasing increasingly

sing easing creasing increasing increasings

sing easing creasing increasing nonincreasing

sing easing creasing increasing reincreasing

sing easing creasing recreasing

sing easing creasing uncreasing

sing easing greasing begreasing

sing easing greasing degreasing

sing easing greasing regreasing

sing easing leasing leasings

sing easing leasing pleasing displeasing displeasingly

sing easing leasing pleasing displeasing displeasingness

sing easing leasing pleasing mispleasing

sing easing leasing pleasing outpleasing

sing easing leasing pleasing overpleasing

sing easing leasing pleasing pleasingly displeasingly

sing easing leasing pleasing pleasingness displeasingness

sing easing leasing pleasing unpleasing

sing easing leasing releasing preleasing

sing easing leasing releasing rereleasing prereleasing

sing easing leasing subleasing

sing easing leasing underleasing

sing easing teasing brainteasing

sing easing teasing outteasing

sing easing teasing stripteasing

sing easing teasing teasingly

sing eclipsing uneclipsing

sing economising

sing eczematising

sing editorialising

sing egressing regressing

sing elasticising

sing electricising

sing electrolysing

sing electropermeabilising

sing elegising

sing embarrassing embarrassingly

sing embarrassing unembarrassing

sing embolising microembolising

sing emersing

sing emotionalising overemotionalising

sing empathising

sing emphasising deemphasising

sing emphasising misemphasising

sing emphasising overemphasising

sing emphasising reemphasising

sing emphasising underemphasising

sing emphasising unemphasising

sing empyreumatising

sing encarnalising

sing endocytosing

sing endorsing endorsingly

sing endorsing nonendorsing

sing endorsing reendorsing preendorsing

sing endorsing subendorsing

sing endorsing superendorsing

sing endothelialising reendothelialising

sing energising reenergising

sing enhypostatising

sing enigmatising

sing enthronising

sing epidotising

sing epithelialising deepithelialising

sing epithelialising reepithelialising

sing epithelising

sing epitomising

sing equalising coequalising

sing equalising unequalising

sing erasing

sing ergotising

sing eroticising

sing erotising sclerotising

sing essentialising quintessentialising

sing eternalising

sing eternising

sing etherialising

sing etymologising

sing eulogising

sing euphonising

sing euthanatising

sing euthanising

sing eventualising

sing evulsing revulsing

sing excising

sing exercising overexercising

sing exercising reexercising

sing exercising underexercising

sing exorcising

sing expensing

sing externalising

sing fabulising

sing fantasising

sing fascistising defascistising

sing feesing

sing feldspathising

sing feminising defeminising

sing feminising effeminising

sing feminising overfeminising

sing feminising refeminising

sing feminising underfeminising

sing ferritising

sing fertilising crossfertilising

sing fertilising overfertilising

sing fertilising refertilising

sing fetishising

sing feudalising defeudalising

sing fibrosing

sing fictionalising

sing filmising

sing finalising

sing finessing finessings

sing fiscalising

sing flossing

sing fluidising

sing fluoridising

sing focalising parfocalising

sing foreignising

sing formalising deformalising

sing formalising overformalising

sing formulising

sing fossilising

sing fractionalising

sing fragmentising

sing franchising enfranchising disenfranchising

sing fraternising

sing fussing

sing fustianising

sing gaelicising

sing gallicising

sing galvanising electrogalvanising

sing galvanising regalvanising

sing gassing degassing

sing gassing gassings

sing gassing outgassing

sing gassing regassing

sing gassing teargassing

sing genealogising

sing generalising degeneralising

sing generalising overgeneralising

sing generalising undergeneralising

sing generalising ungeneralising

sing geologising

sing germanising

sing ghettoising

sing glassing fiberglassing

sing glassing fibreglassing

sing glauconitising

sing glimpsing

sing globalising

sing glossing reglossing

sing glottalising

sing gluttonising

sing glycerinising

sing glycerolising deglycerolising

sing glycogenising

sing gnosticising

sing goosing

sing gormandising

sing gospelising

sing gothicising

sing gourmandising

sing grammaticising

sing granitising

sing graphitising

sing grassing

sing greisenising

sing grossing engrossing selfengrossing

sing grossing outgrossing

sing guessing guessings

sing guessing misguessing

sing guessing outguessing

sing gutturalising

sing hansardising

sing haploidising

sing harassing harassingly

sing harmonising disharmonising

sing harmonising reharmonising

sing harnessing reharnessing

sing harnessing unharnessing

sing haussmannising

sing heathenising

sing hellenising

sing heparinising

sing hepatectomising

sing hepatising

sing heroicising deheroicising

sing heroinising

sing heroising

sing hibernicising

sing hibernising

sing hierarchising

sing hissing hissingly

sing hissing hissings

sing hominising

sing homogenising

sing horsing dishorsing

sing horsing unhorsing

sing hosing firehosing

sing hosing metamorphosing

sing hosing retromorphosing

sing hospitalising rehospitalising

sing hostessing

sing humanising dehumanising

sing humanising dishumanising

sing humanising rehumanising

sing hyalinising

sing hybridising rehybridising

sing hydrogenising dehydrogenising

sing hydrolysing

sing hydroxylising

sing hyperbolising

sing hyphenising

sing hypnoidising

sing hypnotising autohypnotising

sing hypnotising dehypnotising

sing hypnotising rehypnotising

sing hypothesising

sing idealising overidealising

sing idolising

sing immersing reimmersing

sing immunising autoimmunising

sing immunising isoimmunising

sing immunising reimmunising

sing imperialising

sing incensing

sing incising

sing indigenising

sing indorsing

sing industrialising deindustrialising

sing industrialising disindustrialising

sing industrialising overindustrialising

sing industrialising reindustrialising

sing infamising

sing infamonising

sing infantilising

sing ingressing

sing initialising reinitialising preinitialising

sing institutionalising deinstitutionalising

sing intellectualising

sing internalising

sing interspersing

sing iodising

sing ionising abolitionising

sing ionising deionising

sing ionising deregulationising

sing ionising disillusionising

sing ionising emulsionising

sing ionising fictionising

sing ionising fractionising

sing ionising insurrectionising

sing ionising lionising

sing ionising missionising

sing ionising nonionising

sing ionising perfectionising

sing ionising photoionising

sing ionising processionising

sing ionising reionising

sing ionising resurrectionising

sing ionising revolutionising

sing ionising sectionising

sing ionising suggestionising

sing ionising unionising overunionising

sing ionising versionising

sing iridectomising

sing iridising

sing isinglass isinglasses

sing isochronising

sing italicising unitalicising

sing itemising

sing jargonising

sing jeopardising

sing journalising

sing jovialising

sing juvenilising

sing kaolinising

sing keratinising

sing ketonising

sing kissing outkissing

sing kyanising

sing labialising

sing lactonising

sing laicising

sing lapsing collapsing recollapsing

sing lapsing elapsing relapsing

sing lapsing prolapsing

sing lateralising collateralising crosscollateralising

sing lateralising collateralising overcollateralising

sing lateralising collateralising undercollateralising

sing latinising gelatinising nongelatinising

sing latinising platinising

sing legalising delegalising

sing legalising illegalising

sing legalising relegalising

sing legendising

sing legitimising delegitimising

sing legitimising relegitimising

sing lemmatising

sing lensing flensing

sing lexicalising

sing lexiconising

sing liaising

sing liberalising

sing libidinising

sing licensing relicensing

sing licensing unlicensing

sing lichenising

sing lignitising

sing liquidising

sing literalising

sing lithotomising

sing lithotritising

sing lobotomising

sing localising colocalising

sing localising delocalising

sing localising relocalising

sing logicalising

sing logicising

sing loosing unloosing

sing losing anchylosing

sing losing ankylosing

sing losing closing closings

sing losing closing disclosing undisclosing

sing losing closing disinclosing

sing losing closing enclosing reenclosing

sing losing closing enclosing semienclosing

sing losing closing nonclosing

sing losing closing reclosing foreclosing

sing losing closing reclosing preclosing

sing losing closing unclosing

sing losing losings closings

sing losing nonlosing

sing loyalising

sing luteinising

sing lyophilising

sing lyricising

sing lysogenising

sing macadamising

sing machinising

sing magnetising demagnetising

sing magnetising electromagnetising

sing magnetising remagnetising

sing marbleising

sing marginalising demarginalising

sing marginalising remarginalising

sing marsupialising

sing martialising

sing masculinising overmasculinising

sing masculinising undermasculinising

sing massing amassing

sing materialising dematerialising

sing materialising rematerialising

sing maternalising

sing mathematicising

sing mathematising

sing maximising unmaximising

sing mechanicalising

sing mechanising

sing medialising

sing mediatising

sing medicalising demedicalising

sing melanising

sing melodising

sing memorialising

sing mentalising compartmentalising

sing mentalising departmentalising

sing mentalising elementalising

sing mentalising governmentalising

sing mentalising instrumentalising

sing mentalising ornamentalising

sing mentalising sentimentalising desentimentalising

sing mentalising sentimentalising oversentimentalising

sing mentalising sentimentalising unsentimentalising

sing merchandising merchandisings

sing mercurialising

sing messing

sing metabolising cometabolising

sing metagrabolising

sing metagrobolising

sing metalising

sing metallicising

sing metallising

sing metamorphising

sing metaphysicising

sing metastasising unmetastasising

sing metathesising

sing methodising

sing metricising geometricising

sing metropolitanising

sing micronising

sing mineralising biomineralising

sing mineralising demineralising

sing mineralising remineralising

sing mineralogising

sing minimalising

sing minimising unminimising

sing miraculising

sing mirandising

sing missing dismissing dismissingly

sing missing dismissing dismissingness

sing mobilising countermobilising

sing mobilising demobilising

sing mobilising immobilising

sing mobilising remobilising

sing modalising

sing modernising

sing molochising

sing monarchising

sing monasticising

sing monetising demonetising

sing monetising remonetising

sing mongolising

sing mongrelising

sing monologising

sing monologuising

sing monophthongising

sing monopolising

sing monosyllabising

sing monotonising

sing moralising demoralising demoralisingly

sing moralising moralisingly demoralisingly

sing moralising remoralising

sing morbidising

sing mortalising immortalising

sing mossing

sing municipalising

sing musicalising

sing mutagenising

sing mutualising demutualising

sing myelinising

sing mythicising

sing mythologising demythologising

sing mythologising remythologising

sing naphthalising

sing narcotising denarcotising

sing narcotising renarcotising

sing nasalising

sing nationalising denationalising

sing nationalising denominationalising

sing nationalising internationalising

sing nationalising overnationalising

sing nationalising renationalising

sing nationalising undernationalising

sing naturalising denaturalising

sing nebulising

sing necrotising

sing neologising

sing neuroticising

sing neurotomising

sing neutralising

sing nickelising

sing nitridising

sing nitrogenising

sing nixtamalising

sing nodulising

sing nomadising

sing nominalising pronominalising

sing nonmasing

sing noosing

sing normalising abnormalising

sing normalising renormalising

sing normalising unnormalising

sing nosing brownnosing

sing nosing bullnosing

sing nosing diagnosing misdiagnosing

sing nosing diagnosing selfdiagnosing

sing nosing prognosing

sing nosing stenosing

sing novelising

sing nursing nonnursing

sing obsessing

sing occidentalising

sing officialising

sing oophorectomising

sing operatising

sing opsonising

sing optimalising

sing optimising reoptimising

sing optimising suboptimising

sing optimising unoptimising

sing organising disorganising

sing organising misorganising

sing organising outorganising

sing organising overorganising

sing organising reorganising

sing organising superorganising

sing orientalising

sing orthogonalising reorthogonalising

sing orthographising

sing osmosing

sing ostracising

sing oxalising

sing oxidising antioxidising

sing oxidising autooxidising

sing oxidising deoxidising

sing oxidising epoxidising

sing oxidising oxidisings

sing oxidising peroxidising

sing oxidising photooxidising

sing oxidising reoxidising

sing oxidising suboxidising

sing oxygenising deoxygenising

sing oxygenising reoxygenising

sing ozonising disozonising

sing packetising repacketising

sing paganising repaganising

sing palatalising

sing palatising

sing palletising repalletising

sing pamphletising

sing pancreatectomising

sing pantheonising

sing papalising

sing parabolising

sing paraffinising deparaffinising

sing paragraphising

sing parallelising

sing paralogising

sing paralysing paralysingly

sing parasitising

sing parathyroidectomising

sing parchmentising

sing parochialising

sing parsing misparsing

sing parsing parsings

sing parsing reparsing

sing parsing unparsing

sing passing bypassing

sing passing compassing encompassing

sing passing repassing

sing passing surpassing surpassingly

sing passing trespassing

sing paternalising

sing pathologising depathologising

sing patinising

sing patrialising

sing patronising patronisingly unpatronisingly

sing patronising unpatronising unpatronisingly

sing pedantising

sing pedestrianising

sing penalising repenalising

sing peptising

sing perennialising

sing personalising depersonalising

sing personalising impersonalising

sing personalising repersonalising

sing personising

sing petrarchising

sing petrolising

sing phagocytising

sing phagocytosing

sing phantomising

sing phasing

sing pheesing

sing phenolising

sing phenomenalising

sing phenomenising

sing philanthropising

sing philosophising overphilosophising

sing phlebotomising

sing phonemicising

sing phoneticising

sing phonetising

sing phosphatising

sing phrasing metaphrasing

sing phrasing misphrasing

sing phrasing paraphrasing misparaphrasing

sing phrasing phrasings

sing phrasing rephrasing

sing phrenologising

sing physiognomising

sing pictorialising

sing pidginising

sing pinocytosing

sing plasmolysing

sing plasticising

sing platitudinising

sing plebeianising

sing pluralising

sing plussing nonplussing

sing pneumatising

sing podsolising

sing podzolising

sing poeticising

sing poetising

sing poising counterpoising

sing poising equipoising

sing poising porpoising

sing polemicising

sing polemising

sing policising

sing politicalising

sing politicising depoliticising

sing pollenising

sing pollinising

sing polonising

sing porcelainising

sing porcellanising

sing posing apposing

sing posing circumposing

sing posing composing decomposing photodecomposing

sing posing composing discomposing discomposingly

sing posing composing photocomposing

sing posing composing recomposing precomposing

sing posing counterposing

sing posing deposing

sing posing disposing predisposing

sing posing exposing overexposing

sing posing exposing reexposing preexposing

sing posing exposing underexposing

sing posing imposing imposingly

sing posing imposing overimposing

sing posing imposing reimposing

sing posing imposing selfimposing

sing posing imposing superimposing

sing posing imposing unimposing

sing posing interposing

sing posing juxtaposing

sing posing opposing reopposing

sing posing proposing reproposing

sing posing purposing repurposing

sing posing reposing

sing posing superposing

sing posing supposing presupposing

sing posing transposing nontransposing

sing posing transposing retrotransposing

sing possessing dispossessing

sing possessing repossessing prepossessing unprepossessing

sing powellising

sing practising

sing pragmatising

sing preconising

sing prelatising

sing premising

sing pressing benchpressing

sing pressing compressing compressingly

sing pressing compressing decompressing

sing pressing compressing overcompressing

sing pressing compressing recompressing

sing pressing compressing undercompressing

sing pressing depressing depressingly

sing pressing depressing overdepressing

sing pressing depressing underdepressing

sing pressing expressing nonexpressing

sing pressing expressing overexpressing

sing pressing expressing reexpressing

sing pressing impressing overimpressing

sing pressing oppressing reoppressing

sing pressing outpressing

sing pressing overpressing

sing pressing pressingly compressingly

sing pressing pressingly depressingly

sing pressing pressings

sing pressing repressing corepressing

sing pressing repressing derepressing

sing pressing repressing nonrepressing

sing pressing suppressing immunosuppressing

sing pressing suppressing resuppressing

sing pressing suppressing unsuppressing

sing pressing winepressing

sing prioritising prioritisings

sing prioritising reprioritising

sing privatising reprivatising

sing processing bioprocessing

sing processing coprocessing coprocessings

sing processing counterprocessing

sing processing dataprocessing

sing processing interprocessing

sing processing intraprocessing

sing processing macroprocessing macroprocessings

sing processing microprocessing microprocessings

sing processing multiprocessing multiprocessings

sing processing overprocessing

sing processing photoprocessing

sing processing postprocessing

sing processing processings coprocessings

sing processing processings macroprocessings

sing processing processings microprocessings

sing processing processings multiprocessings

sing processing processings teleprocessings

sing processing reprocessing preprocessing

sing processing subprocessing

sing processing teleprocessing teleprocessings

sing processing wordprocessing

sing prodigalising

sing productising

sing professing

sing professionalising

sing progressing

sing proletarianising

sing prologising

sing prologuising

sing promising compromising noncompromising

sing promising compromising uncompromising uncompromisingly

sing promising outpromising

sing promising overpromising

sing promising promisingly uncompromisingly

sing promising promisingly unpromisingly

sing promising repromising prepromising

sing promising unpromising unpromisingly

sing propagandising

sing propylitising

sing proselytising

sing protocolising

sing proverbialising

sing provincialising

sing prussianising

sing psalmodising

sing pseudonymising

sing psychologising

sing ptyalising

sing publicising

sing pulsing backpulsing

sing pulsing expulsing

sing pulsing impulsing

sing pulsing repulsing

sing puritanising

sing pursing

sing pyritising

sing pyrolising

sing pyrolysing

sing quantising

sing quininising

sing racemising

sing racialising deracialising

sing racialising reracialising

sing radialising

sing radicalising deradicalising

sing radicalising reradicalising

sing raising braising algebraising

sing raising braising hebraising

sing raising fundraising fundraisings

sing raising fundraising nonfundraising

sing raising hairraising

sing raising hellraising

sing raising outraising

sing raising praising appraising appraisingly

sing raising praising appraising misappraising

sing raising praising appraising overappraising

sing raising praising appraising reappraising

sing raising praising appraising underappraising

sing raising praising mispraising

sing raising praising outpraising

sing raising praising overpraising

sing raising praising praisingly appraisingly

sing raising praising repraising

sing raising praising underpraising

sing raising praising upraising

sing randomising derandomising

sing randomising rerandomising

sing rationalising irrationalising

sing rationalising operationalising

sing realising corporealising

sing realising disrealising

sing realising etherealising

sing recessing

sing reciprocalising

sing regionalising

sing regulising

sing rehearsing misrehearsing

sing rehearsing rehearsings

sing reimbursing

sing rejuvenising

sing respectabilising

sing restalinising

sing restrategising

sing retrogressing

sing revivalising

sing rhapsodising

sing rhodanising

sing rhotacising

sing rhythmicising

sing rhythmising

sing rigidising

sing rinsing rerinsing prerinsing

sing rinsing rinsings

sing rising accessorising

sing rising adulterising

sing rising allegorising

sing rising aphorising

sing rising apprising

sing rising arborising

sing rising arising barbarising

sing rising arising burglarising

sing rising arising calendarising

sing rising arising catharising

sing rising arising circularising

sing rising arising curarising

sing rising arising dollarising

sing rising arising familiarising

sing rising arising formularising

sing rising arising linearising

sing rising arising macarising

sing rising arising militarising demilitarising

sing rising arising militarising remilitarising

sing rising arising missionarising

sing rising arising modularising

sing rising arising monetarising demonetarising

sing rising arising nebularising

sing rising arising nectarising

sing rising arising notarising

sing rising arising nuclearising denuclearising

sing rising arising particularising

sing rising arising plagiarising

sing rising arising polarising bipolarising

sing rising arising polarising depolarising

sing rising arising polarising hyperpolarising

sing rising arising polarising nonpolarising

sing rising arising polarising repolarising

sing rising arising popularising depopularising

sing rising arising popularising repopularising

sing rising arising proletarising

sing rising arising rearising

sing rising arising regularising

sing rising arising remuscularising

sing rising arising saccharising

sing rising arising sanctuarising

sing rising arising scenarising

sing rising arising secularising

sing rising arising sedentarising

sing rising arising singularising

sing rising arising solarising

sing rising arising summarising

sing rising arising tabularising

sing rising arising tartarising

sing rising arising vascularising revascularising

sing rising arising velarising labiovelarising

sing rising arising vernacularising

sing rising arising vulgarising

sing rising aspheterising

sing rising authorising deauthorising

sing rising authorising disauthorising

sing rising authorising misauthorising

sing rising authorising reauthorising

sing rising authorising unauthorising

sing rising bacterising

sing rising bessemerising

sing rising bowdlerising

sing rising calorising

sing rising canisterising

sing rising carburising decarburising

sing rising categorising recategorising

sing rising categorising subcategorising

sing rising catheterising

sing rising cauterising electrocauterising

sing rising cauterising galvanocauterising

sing rising cauterising thermocauterising

sing rising characterising mischaracterising

sing rising characterising recharacterising

sing rising cicatrising

sing rising colorising decolorising

sing rising colourising decolourising

sing rising comprising

sing rising computerising

sing rising containerising

sing rising conveyorising

sing rising copperising

sing rising culturising

sing rising decerebrising

sing rising degenderising

sing rising denaturising

sing rising deodorising

sing rising dimerising heterodimerising

sing rising dimerising homodimerising

sing rising dispauperising

sing rising electrising

sing rising enterprising enterprisingly

sing rising enterprising unenterprising

sing rising epimerising

sing rising esterising

sing rising etherising

sing rising exteriorising

sing rising factorising refactorising

sing rising fiberising

sing rising fibrising

sing rising glamorising deglamorising

sing rising glamorising overglamorising

sing rising glamourising deglamourising

sing rising grangerising

sing rising herborising

sing rising idolatrising

sing rising immiserising

sing rising interiorising

sing rising ionomerising

sing rising isomerising photoisomerising

sing rising lairising

sing rising laterising

sing rising maderising

sing rising martyrising

sing rising memorising

sing rising mercerising

sing rising mercurising

sing rising mesmerising

sing rising metamerising

sing rising metrising geometrising

sing rising metrising hexametrising

sing rising metrising parametrising

sing rising metrising symmetrising

sing rising miniaturising microminiaturising

sing rising misprising

sing rising moisturising demoisturising

sing rising moisturising remoisturising

sing rising moisturising unmoisturising

sing rising motorising

sing rising panegyrising

sing rising parameterising reparameterising

sing rising pasteurising

sing rising phosphorising rephosphorising

sing rising picturising

sing rising polymerising copolymerising

sing rising polymerising depolymerising

sing rising polymerising electropolymerising

sing rising polymerising photopolymerising

sing rising polymerising repolymerising

sing rising polymerising terpolymerising

sing rising polymerising tetrapolymerising

sing rising porphyrising

sing rising posterising

sing rising posturising

sing rising pressurising depressurising

sing rising pressurising repressurising

sing rising proctorising

sing rising pulverising

sing rising rapturising

sing rising rasterising

sing rising reflectorising

sing rising regenderising

sing rising reprising

sing rising rhetorising

sing rising risings uprisings

sing rising rubberising

sing rising satirising

sing rising schillerising

sing rising sectorising

sing rising silverising desilverising

sing rising slenderising

sing rising soberising

sing rising suberising

sing rising sulfurising desulfurising

sing rising sulphurising desulphurising

sing rising sunrising

sing rising surprising surprisingly unsurprisingly

sing rising surprising unsurprising unsurprisingly

sing rising tautomerising

sing rising temporising contemporising

sing rising temporising extemporising

sing rising tenderising

sing rising terrorising

sing rising texturising retexturising

sing rising theorising retheorising

sing rising transistorising

sing rising trimerising

sing rising tutorising

sing rising underprising

sing rising uprising uprisings

sing rising valorising devalorising

sing rising valorising revalorising

sing rising vaporising revaporising

sing rising vapourising revapourising

sing rising vectorising

sing rising weatherising

sing rising winterising

sing ritualising despiritualising

sing ritualising respiritualising

sing rivalising

sing robotising

sing roentgenising

sing romanising

sing romanticising

sing routinising

sing royalising

sing ruffianising

sing ruggedising

sing ruralising

sing rusticising

sing sabbatising

sing sacerdotalising

sing sacralising desacralising

sing sacramentising

sing salinising desalinising

sing sanitising

sing sassing

sing scandalising

sing scenarioising

sing schematising

sing schismatising

sing schmoosing

sing sclerosing

sing scripturalising

sing scrutinising rescrutinising

sing scrutinising scrutinisingly

sing sectarianising

sing sectionalising

sing securitising

sing semanticising

sing sensationalising

sing sensibilising

sing sensing biosensing

sing sensing mechanosensing

sing sensing photosensing

sing sensing positionsensing

sing sensitising desensitising

sing sensitising hypersensitising

sing sensitising photosensitising

sing sensitising radiosensitising

sing sensitising resensitising

sing sensitising supersensitising

sing sensualising

sing sequelising

sing sequentialising

sing serialising deserialising

sing serialising reserialising

sing serialising unserialising

sing sermonising

sing serpentinising

sing serpentising

sing sexualising asexualising

sing sexualising desexualising

sing sexualising heterosexualising

sing sexualising homosexualising dehomosexualising

sing sexualising nonsexualising

sing sexualising oversexualising

sing sexualising unsexualising

sing shamanising

sing sherardising

sing signalising

sing silanising

sing siliconising desiliconising

sing simonising

sing singable

sing singalong singalongs

sing singe disingenuous disingenuously

sing singe disingenuous disingenuousness

sing singe singed unsinged

sing singe singer folksinger folksingers

sing singe singer singers folksingers

sing singe singes

sing singing folksinging

sing singing singingly

sing single nonsingle nonsingleness

sing single singlebarreled

sing single singlebarrelled

sing single singlebed singlebedded

sing single singlebed singlebedding

sing single singlebed singlebeds

sing single singlebladed

sing single singlebreasted

sing single singlecell singlecelled

sing single singlechannel

sing single singled

sing single singleentry

sing single singlefile

sing single singleflowered

sing single singlefoot singlefooted

sing single singlehanded singlehandedly

sing single singlehanded singlehandedness

sing single singleheartedly

sing single singleheartedness

sing single singleinstance

sing single singlelayered

sing single singleleaf

sing single singleminded singlemindedly

sing single singleminded singlemindedness

sing single singleness nonsingleness

sing single singleplant

sing single singlepropeller singlepropellers

sing single singlerotor singlerotors

sing single singles singleseeded

sing single singles singleshelled

sing single singles singlespaced

sing single singles singlespacing

sing single singles singlestick

sing single singles singlestrand singlestranded

sing single singlet singleton singletons

sing single singlet singlets

sing single singlevalued

sing single singlewalled

sing singling

sing singly accusingly

sing singly agonisingly

sing singly appeasingly unappeasingly

sing singly appetisingly unappetisingly

sing singly blessingly

sing singly bruisingly

sing singly caressingly uncaressingly

sing singly confusingly

sing singly debasingly

sing singly decreasingly

sing singly despisingly

sing singly digressingly

sing singly discomposingly

sing singly dismissingly

sing singly dispensingly

sing singly distressingly

sing singly embarrassingly

sing singly endorsingly

sing singly enterprisingly

sing singly harassingly

sing singly hissingly

sing singly imposingly

sing singly increasingly

sing singly moralisingly demoralisingly

sing singly musingly amusingly unamusingly

sing singly paralysingly

sing singly patronisingly unpatronisingly

sing singly pleasingly displeasingly

sing singly praisingly appraisingly

sing singly pressingly compressingly

sing singly pressingly depressingly

sing singly promisingly uncompromisingly

sing singly promisingly unpromisingly

sing singly rousingly carousingly

sing singly scrutinisingly

sing singly soliloquisingly

sing singly surpassingly

sing singly surprisingly unsurprisingly

sing singly tantalisingly

sing singly teasingly

sing singly unceasingly

sing singly uncriticisingly

sing sings advertisings

sing sings attitudinisings

sing sings blessings

sing sings bruisings

sing sings caressings

sing sings casings

sing sings catechisings

sing sings channelisings

sing sings cleansings

sing sings crossings

sing sings disguisings

sing sings distressings

sing sings dressings topdressings

sing sings dressings undressings

sing sings finessings

sing sings fundraisings

sing sings gassings

sing sings guessings

sing sings hissings

sing sings housings rehousings warehousings

sing sings increasings

sing sings leasings

sing sings losings closings

sing sings merchandisings

sing sings musings

sing sings oxidisings

sing sings parsings

sing sings phrasings

sing sings pressings

sing sings prioritisings

sing sings processings coprocessings

sing sings processings macroprocessings

sing sings processings microprocessings

sing sings processings multiprocessings

sing sings processings teleprocessings

sing sings rehearsings

sing sings rinsings

sing sings risings uprisings

sing sings singsong singsongs

sing sings sloganisings

sing sings soliloquisings

sing singular nonsingular

sing singular singularisation singularisations

sing singular singularise singularised

sing singular singularise singularises

sing singular singularising

sing singular singularism singularisms

sing singular singularist singularists

sing singular singularities

sing singular singularity

sing singular singularization singularizations

sing singular singularize singularized

sing singular singularize singularizes

sing singular singularizing

sing singular singularly

sing singular singularness

sing singular singulars

sing sinicising

sing sirenising

sing sironising

sing skeletonising

sing skepticising

sing sloganising sloganisings

sing sluggardising

sing socialising desocialising

sing socialising oversocialising

sing socialising resocialising

sing sodomising

sing solecising

sing solemnising

sing soliloquising soliloquisingly

sing soliloquising soliloquisings

sing solodising

sing solubilising insolubilising

sing solubilising resolubilising

sing somatising

sing somnambulising

sing somniloquising

sing sonnetising

sing sorbitising

sing sovietising

sing spatialising

sing specialising overspecialising

sing specialising subspecialising

sing specialising superspecialising

sing spheroidising

sing spiralising

sing splenectomising

sing stabilising destabilising

sing stabilising gyrostabilising

sing stabilising restabilising

sing standardising restandardising

sing sterilising desterilising

sing sterilising resterilising presterilising

sing stigmatising

sing stressing destressing

sing stressing distressing distressingly

sing stressing distressing distressings

sing stressing distressing predistressing

sing stressing distressing undistressing

sing stressing instressing

sing stressing microstressing

sing stressing mistressing

sing stressing nonstressing

sing stressing overstressing

sing stressing restressing forestressing

sing stressing restressing prestressing

sing stressing seamstressing

sing stressing sempstressing

sing stressing technostressing

sing stressing unstressing

sing structuralising

sing stylising

sing stylopising

sing submersing

sing subsidising

sing substantialising unsubstantialising

sing subtilising

sing sudsing nonsudsing

sing sudsing oversudsing

sing sulcalising

sing sulfatising

sing sulphatising

sing summonsing

sing surmising

sing sycophantising

sing symbolising resymbolising

sing sympathising unsympathising

sing symphonising

sing synapsing

sing synchronising desynchronising

sing synchronising resynchronising

sing syncretising

sing synergising

sing synoecising

sing synonymising

sing synopsising

sing synthesising biosynthesising

sing synthesising photosynthesising

sing synthesising resynthesising

sing synthetising

sing syntonising

sing syphilising

sing systematising resystematising

sing systemising

sing tantalising tantalisingly

sing tautologising

sing technicalising

sing technologising

sing tensing

sing territorialising deterritorialising

sing territorialising reterritorialising

sing testimonialising

sing tetanising

sing theatricalising

sing theatricising

sing theologising

sing theosophising

sing thermalising

sing thermolising

sing thrombosing

sing thymectomising

sing tokenising retokenising

sing tossing betossing

sing totalising

sing totalitarianising

sing traditionalising detraditionalising

sing traditionalising retraditionalising

sing traipsing

sing tranquilising retranquilising

sing tranquillising

sing transcendentalising

sing transcytosing

sing transgressing

sing traumatising retraumatising

sing trellising

sing trellissing

sing trichinising

sing trichotomising

sing trivialising

sing trussing

sing tyrannising

sing uniformising

sing universalising

sing uralitising

sing urbanising overurbanising

sing urbanising suburbanising

sing using accusing accusingly

sing using accusing counteraccusing

sing using accusing reaccusing

sing using accusing unaccusing

sing using bousing

sing using busing abusing disabusing

sing using busing debusing

sing using busing enbusing

sing using callusing

sing using causing

sing using chorusing

sing using disusing

sing using dousing

sing using enthusing

sing using espousing

sing using excusing

sing using focusing autofocusing

sing using focusing defocusing

sing using focusing electrofocusing

sing using focusing misfocusing

sing using focusing overfocusing

sing using focusing refocusing prefocusing

sing using focusing underfocusing

sing using focusing unfocusing

sing using fusing circumfusing

sing using fusing confusing confusingly

sing using fusing defusing

sing using fusing diffusing interdiffusing

sing using fusing diffusing nondiffusing

sing using fusing diffusing overdiffusing

sing using fusing diffusing rediffusing

sing using fusing diffusing thermodiffusing

sing using fusing effusing

sing using fusing electrofusing

sing using fusing infusing reinfusing

sing using fusing interfusing

sing using fusing perfusing reperfusing

sing using fusing refusing

sing using fusing suffusing

sing using fusing transfusing

sing using housing chousing

sing using housing hothousing

sing using housing housings rehousings warehousings

sing using housing nonhousing

sing using housing penthousing

sing using housing rehousing rehousings warehousings

sing using housing rehousing warehousing warehousings

sing using housing roughhousing

sing using housing rowhousing

sing using lousing delousing

sing using misusing

sing using mousing

sing using musing amusing amusingly unamusingly

sing using musing amusing unamusing unamusingly

sing using musing amusing unamusing unamusingness

sing using musing bemusing

sing using musing musingly amusingly unamusingly

sing using musing musings

sing using nonplusing

sing using overusing

sing using pausing

sing using perusing reperusing

sing using rendezvousing

sing using reusing

sing using rousing arousing carousing carousingly

sing using rousing arousing nonarousing

sing using rousing arousing overarousing

sing using rousing arousing rearousing

sing using rousing arousing unarousing

sing using rousing grousing

sing using rousing rousingly carousingly

sing using rousing uprousing

sing using underusing

sing utilising overutilising

sing utilising reutilising

sing utilising underutilising

sing utilitarianising

sing utopianising

sing vacuolising

sing vacuumising

sing vagabondising

sing vamoosing

sing vandalising

sing vasectomising

sing vassalising

sing venalising

sing ventriloquising

sing verbalising

sing vernalising

sing versing conversing unconversing

sing versing reversing nonreversing

sing versing subversing

sing versing transversing

sing versing traversing retraversing

sing victimising

sing villagising

sing virilising

sing virtualising

sing vising activising

sing vising advising disadvising

sing vising advising misadvising

sing vising advising readvising preadvising

sing vising collectivising decollectivising

sing vising comprehensivising

sing vising devising

sing vising diminutivising

sing vising hypervising

sing vising improvising

sing vising incentivising deincentivising

sing vising incentivising reincentivising

sing vising jarovising

sing vising objectivising reobjectivising

sing vising passivising

sing vising perfectivising

sing vising relativising

sing vising revising

sing vising substantivising

sing vising supervising semisupervising

sing vising televising retelevising

sing visualising revisualising

sing vitalising devitalising

sing vitalising revitalising

sing vitaminising devitaminising

sing vitriolising

sing vocalising devocalising

sing vocalising subvocalising

sing vocationalising

sing volatilising devolatilising

sing vowelising

sing voxelising

sing vulcanising

sing waitressing

sing wantonising

sing weaponising

sing westernising

sing windlassing

sing wirelessing

sing witnessing

sing womanising

sing yessing

sing zeolitising

sing zeroising

sinicisation sinicisations

sinicise sinicised

sinicise sinicises

sinicization sinicizations

sinicize sinicized

sinicize sinicizes



sinister sinisterlooking

sinister sinisterly

sinister sinisterness

sinistral dextrosinistral dextrosinistrally

sinistral sinistrality

sinistral sinistrally dextrosinistrally


sinistrophobe sinistrophobes


sinistrophobic sinistrophobics


sink countersink countersinking

sink countersink countersinks

sink diesink diesinker diesinkers

sink diesink diesinking

sink diesink diesinks

sink heatsink heatsinks

sink sinkable nonsinkable

sink sinkable unsinkable

sink sinkage sinkages

sink sinker diesinker diesinkers

sink sinker sinkers diesinkers

sink sinkhole sinkholes

sink sinking countersinking

sink sinking diesinking

sink sinking sinkings

sink sinkless

sink sinklike

sink sinks countersinks

sink sinks diesinks

sink sinks heatsinks

sinless sinlessly

sinless sinlessness

sinlike basinlike

sinlike eosinlike

sinlike resinlike


sinner sinners





sinoid resinoid resinoidal

sinoid resinoid resinoids

sinoid sinoidal resinoidal

sinoid sinoids resinoids

sinologist sinologists

sinomastodon sinomastodons

sinophobe sinophobes


sinophobic sinophobics


sins abscissins

sins assassins

sins autolysins

sins bacteriolysins

sins bacteriotrypsins

sins basins handbasins

sins basins washbasins

sins chymosins

sins chymotrypsins

sins cousins

sins cytochalasins

sins cytolysins

sins emulsins

sins fumonisins

sins haemolysins autohaemolysins

sins hemolysins autohemolysins

sins iodopsins

sins kinesins

sins misinspired

sins misinstruct misinstructed

sins misinstruct misinstructing

sins misinstruct misinstruction misinstructions

sins misinstruct misinstructive

sins misinstruct misinstructs

sins mocassins

sins moccasins

sins myosins actomyosins

sins myosins paramyosins

sins oleosins

sins pepsins

sins porphyropsins

sins raisins

sins resins gumresins

sins resins storesins

sins rhodopsins bacteriorhodopsins

sins rhodopsins xanthorhodopsins

sins rosins

sins subtilisins

sins syncytiolysins

sins tocsins

sins trypanolysins

sins xanthopsins

sinter disinter disinterest disinterested disinterestedly

sinter disinter disinterest disinterested disinterestedness

sinter disinter disinterest disinteresting

sinter disinter disinterest disinterests

sinter disinter disinterment disinterments

sinter disinter disinterred

sinter disinter disinterring

sinter disinter disinters

sinter misinter misinterment misinterments

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterpretable

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterpretation misinterpretations

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterpreted

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterpreter misinterpreters

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterpreting

sinter misinter misinterpret misinterprets

sinter misinter misinterred

sinter misinter misinterring

sinter misinter misinters

sinter sinterability

sinter sintered

sinter sintering

sinter sinters disinters

sinter sinters misinters

sinuate insinuate insinuated

sinuate insinuate insinuates

sinuate sinuated insinuated

sinuate sinuates insinuates

sinuating insinuating insinuatingly


sinuous sinuously

sinus sinuses

sinus sinusitis aerosinusitis

sinus sinusitis barosinusitis

sinus sinusitis rhinosinusitis

sinus sinusitis sinusitises

sinus sinuslike

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal nonsinusoidal

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal perisinusoidal

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidalization

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidalize sinusoidalized

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidalize sinusoidalizes

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidalizing

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidally

sinus sinusoid sinusoidal sinusoidals

sinus sinusoid sinusoids

sinus sinusotomies

sinus sinusotomy



stressinducer stressinducers


subtilisin subtilising

subtilisin subtilisins

syncytiolysin syncytiolysins

thiosinamine thiosinamines

tocsin tocsins

transindividual transindividuals

trypanolysin trypanolysins

trypsin antitrypsin

trypsin bacteriotrypsin bacteriotrypsins

trypsin chymotrypsin chymotrypsinogen

trypsin chymotrypsin chymotrypsins

trypsin trypsinogen chymotrypsinogen

trypsin trypsinogen trypsinogens


xanthopsin xanthopsins