Definition of use

"use" in the noun sense

1. use, usage, utilization, utilisation, employment, exercise

the act of using

"he warned against the use of narcotic drugs"

"skilled in the utilization of computers"

2. function, purpose, role, use

what something is used for

"the function of an auger is to bore holes"

"ballet is beautiful but what use is it?"

3. use

a particular service

"he put his knowledge to good use"

"patrons have their uses"

4. consumption, economic consumption, usance, use, use of goods and services

economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing

"the consumption of energy has increased steadily"

5. habit, use

psychology) an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation may be inherited or acquired through frequent repetition

"owls have nocturnal habits"

"she had a habit twirling the ends of her hair"

"long use had hardened him to it"

6. manipulation, use

exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage

"his manipulation of his friends was scandalous"

7. use, enjoyment

law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property

"we were given the use of his boat"

"use" in the verb sense

1. use, utilize, utilise, apply, employ

put into service make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose

"use your head!"

"we only use Spanish at home"

"I can't use this tool"

"Apply a magnetic field here"

"This thinking was applied to many projects"

"How do you utilize this tool?"

"I apply this rule to get good results"

"use the plastic bags to store the food"

"He doesn't know how to use a computer"

2. use, habituate

take or consume (regularly or habitually

"She uses drugs rarely"

3. use, expend

use up, consume fully

"The legislature expended its time on school questions"

4. use

seek or achieve an end by using to one's advantage

"She uses her influential friends to get jobs"

"The president's wife used her good connections"

5. practice, apply, use

avail oneself to

"apply a principle"

"practice a religion"

"use care when going down the stairs"

"use your common sense"

"practice non-violent resistance"

6. use

habitually do something or be in a certan state or place (use only in the past tense

"She used to call her mother every week but now she calls only occasionally"

"I used to get sick when I ate in that dining hall"

"They used to vacation in the Bahamas"

"she used to be his best friend and now they are enemies"

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WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for use

Use makes perfection. [ Proverb ]

Use makes perfectness. [ Proverb ]

The use of time is fate. [ Chapman ]

Use legs, and have legs. [ Proverb ]

According to usage or use.

Rust wastes more than use. [ French Proverb ]

Try to be of some use to others. [ Bishop Hall ]

Integrity gains strength by use. [ Tillotson ]

Abuse is no argument against use. [ Proverb ]

Once in use and ever after a custom. [ Proverb ]

How use doth breed a habit in a man! [ William Shakespeare ]

Lay things by, they may come to use. [ Proverb ]

Use pastime, so as not to lose time. [ Proverb ]

A good wit will make use of anything. [ William Shakespeare, King Henry IV, Part II Act I Sc. 2 ]

Everything is of use to a housekeeper. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

The best use of money is to pay debts. [ Proverb ]

No intellectual images are without use. [ Johnson ]

Injuries do not use to be written on ice. [ Proverb ]

Gold that is put to use more gold begets. [ Shakespeare ]

Fairies use flowers for their charactery. [ William Shakespeare ]

Not possession but use is the only riches. [ Proverb ]

I have wrought great use out of evil tools. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

He hath no power who hath not power to use. [ Bailey ]

In war the olive branch of peace is of use. [ Ovid ]

The rust rots the steel which use preserves. [ Edward Bulwer Lytton ]

They are not all saints that use holy water. [ Proverb ]

Beauty too rich for use; for earth too dear. [ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet ]

Genius, like humanity, rusts for want of use. [ William Hazlitt ]

For use almost can change the stamp of nature. [ William Shakespeare ]

Men who have much to say use the fewest words. [ H. W. Shaw ]

Riches abuse them who know not how to use them. [ Proverb ]

Great riches are of no real and substantial use. [ Proverb ]

As good have no time, as make no good use of it. [ Proverb ]

Long pains, with use of bearing, are half eased. [ Dryden ]

Use the means, and trust to God for the blessing. [ Proverb ]

Never to use a long word when a short word will do. [ Ada Ellen Bayly, a.k.a. Edna Lyall, English novelist and early feminist, The Art Of Authorship, 1891 ]

He is not fit for riches who is afraid to use them. [ Proverb ]

He is not poor who has the use of necessary things. [ Horace ]

It is in vain to use words when deeds are expected. [ Proverb ]

The abuse of a thing is no argument against its use. [ Law Max ]

Play may be good, but folly can never be of any use. [ Proverb ]

It is the best use of fate to teach a fatal courage. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

Pretexts are not wanting when one wishes to use them. [ Goldoni ]

The less power a man has, the more he likes to use it. [ J. Petit-Senn ]

Why buy good luggage, you only use it when you travel. [ Yogi Berra ]

To know the virtues of herbs and their use in healing. [ Virgil ]

Guiltiness will speak, though tongues were out of use. [ William Shakespeare ]

The design of dictionaries is to show the use of words. [ Leibnitz ]

A fig for Time! Use him well, and he's a hearty fellow. [ Dickens ]

The more sparingly we make use of nonsense, the better. [ Coleridge ]

What is my life if I am no longer to be of use to others? [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence. [ Lavater ]

If you be a jester, keep your wit till you have use for it. [ Proverb ]

Use a spare diet; and thus cut off the enemies' provisions. [ Dr. Tronchin ]

The best metals lose their lustre, unless brightened by use. [ Proverb ]

Even God is said to be unable to use force against necessity. [ Plato ]

Nothing is rarer than the use of a word in its exact meaning. [ Whipple ]

Those who make the best use of their time have none to spare. [ Proverb ]

He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason. [ Cicero ]

In the interchange of thought use no coin but gold and silver. [ Joubert ]

It is of no use running, to set out betimes is the main point. [ La Fontaine ]

More than we use is more than we want, and a burden to the bearer. [ Proverb ]

What is the use of patience, if we cannot find it when we want it? [ Proverb ]

Abuse does not hinder the use of a thing that is in itself lawful. [ Proverb ]

No argument can be drawn from the abuse of a thing against its use. [ Latin ]

We use up in the passions the stuff that was given us for happiness. [ Joubert ]

Great writers and orators are commonly economists in the use of words. [ Whipple ]

Commonly they use their feet for defence whose tongue is their weapon. [ Sir P. Sidney ]

Never use a hammer to break an egg, when you can do it with a pen-knife. [ Proverb ]

Use, do not abuse: neither abstinence nor excess ever renders man happy. [ Voltaire ]

It is the nature of experience to come to us only when too late for use. [ Mme. de Rieux ]

That man is great who can use the brains of others to carry on his work. [ Donn Piatt ]

Use your ears and eyes, but hold your tongue, if you would live in peace.

I madly take to arms; but have not wit enough to use them to any purpose. [ Virgil ]

A sharp tongue is the only edge-tool that grows keener with constant use. [ Washington Irving ]

An army abroad is of little use unless there are prudent counsels at home. [ Cicero ]

The world is a beautiful book, but of little use to him who cannot read it. [ Goldoni ]

Originality is the one thing which unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of. [ John Stuart Mill ]

The great source of a loose style is the injudicious use of synonymous terms. [ Blair ]

Power is the queen of the world, not opinion; but opinion makes use of power. [ Pascal ]

The true use of speech is not so much to express our wants as to conceal them. [ Oliver Goldsmith ]

Though love use reason for its precision, he admits him not for his councillor. [ William Shakespeare ]

What use of oaths, of promise, or of test, where men regard no God but interest? [ Waller ]

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Words containing the sequence use

Words with use in them (828 words)


Words that end with use (253 words)


Word Growth involving use

Shorter words in use


Longer words containing use

abuse abused abusedly

abuse abused disabused

abuse abused nonabused

abuse abused unabused

abuse abuseful abusefully

abuse abuseful abusefulness

abuse abuser abusers nonabusers

abuse abuser nonabuser nonabusers

abuse abuses databuses

abuse abuses disabuses

abuse abuses syllabuses

abuse disabuse disabused

abuse disabuse disabuses

accuse accused counteraccused

accuse accused reaccused

accuse accused unaccused

accuse accusement accusements

accuse accuser accusers counteraccusers

accuse accuser counteraccuser counteraccusers

accuse accuses counteraccuses

accuse accuses reaccuses

accuse counteraccuse counteraccused

accuse counteraccuse counteraccuser counteraccusers

accuse counteraccuse counteraccuses

accuse reaccuse reaccused

accuse reaccuse reaccuses

applause applauses

applause reapplause

bouse boused

bouse bouser

bouse bouses

cacqueteuse cacqueteuses

cause because

cause caused uncaused

cause causeless

cause causer causers

cause causes subcauses

cause causeway causeways

cause subcause subcauses


clause clauses subclauses

clause subclause subclauses

cluse occluse

cluse recluse recluses

disuse disused

douse doused

douse douser dousers

douse douses

enthuse enthused

enthuse enthuses

excuse excused unexcused

excuse excuseless

excuse excuser excusers

excuse excuses

excuse inexcuseable inexcuseableness

excuse inexcuseably

fuse circumfuse circumfused

fuse circumfuse circumfuses

fuse confuse confused confusedly

fuse confuse confused confusedness

fuse confuse confused nonconfused

fuse confuse confused unconfused

fuse confuse confuser confusers

fuse confuse confuses

fuse defuse defused undefused

fuse defuse defuser defusers

fuse defuse defuses

fuse diffuse diffused diffusedly

fuse diffuse diffused diffusedness

fuse diffuse diffused interdiffused

fuse diffuse diffused nondiffused

fuse diffuse diffused overdiffused

fuse diffuse diffused rediffused

fuse diffuse diffused thermodiffused

fuse diffuse diffused undiffused

fuse diffuse diffusely

fuse diffuse diffuseness overdiffuseness

fuse diffuse diffuser diffusers thermodiffusers

fuse diffuse diffuser thermodiffuser thermodiffusers

fuse diffuse diffuses interdiffuses

fuse diffuse diffuses overdiffuses

fuse diffuse diffuses thermodiffuses

fuse diffuse interdiffuse interdiffused

fuse diffuse interdiffuse interdiffuses

fuse diffuse nondiffuse nondiffused

fuse diffuse overdiffuse overdiffused

fuse diffuse overdiffuse overdiffuseness

fuse diffuse overdiffuse overdiffuses

fuse diffuse rediffuse rediffused

fuse diffuse thermodiffuse thermodiffused

fuse diffuse thermodiffuse thermodiffuser thermodiffusers

fuse diffuse thermodiffuse thermodiffuses

fuse effuse effused

fuse effuse effuses

fuse electrofuse electrofused

fuse electrofuse electrofuses

fuse fuseboard fuseboards

fuse fusebox fuseboxes

fuse fused circumfused

fuse fused confused confusedly

fuse fused confused confusedness

fuse fused confused nonconfused

fuse fused confused unconfused

fuse fused defused undefused

fuse fused diffused diffusedly

fuse fused diffused diffusedness

fuse fused diffused interdiffused

fuse fused diffused nondiffused

fuse fused diffused overdiffused

fuse fused diffused rediffused

fuse fused diffused thermodiffused

fuse fused diffused undiffused

fuse fused effused

fuse fused electrofused

fuse fused infused reinfused

fuse fused infused uninfused

fuse fused interfused

fuse fused nonfused

fuse fused perfused reperfused

fuse fused perfused unperfused

fuse fused refused

fuse fused suffused

fuse fused transfused

fuse fused unfused

fuse fusee fusees

fuse fuseholder fuseholders

fuse fusel diffusely

fuse fusel fuselage fuselages

fuse fusel fuseless

fuse fusel fuselike

fuse fusel fusels

fuse fusel profusely

fuse fuseplug fuseplugs

fuse fuser confuser confusers

fuse fuser defuser defusers

fuse fuser diffuser diffusers thermodiffusers

fuse fuser diffuser thermodiffuser thermodiffusers

fuse fuser fusers confusers

fuse fuser fusers defusers

fuse fuser fusers diffusers thermodiffusers

fuse fuser fusers infusers

fuse fuser fusers refusers

fuse fuser fusers transfusers

fuse fuser infuser infusers

fuse fuser refuser refusers

fuse fuser transfuser transfusers

fuse fuses circumfuses

fuse fuses confuses

fuse fuses defuses

fuse fuses diffuses interdiffuses

fuse fuses diffuses overdiffuses

fuse fuses diffuses thermodiffuses

fuse fuses doofuses

fuse fuses effuses

fuse fuses electrofuses

fuse fuses infuses reinfuses

fuse fuses interfuses

fuse fuses perfuses reperfuses

fuse fuses refuses

fuse fuses suffuses

fuse fuses transfuses

fuse infuse infused reinfused

fuse infuse infused uninfused

fuse infuse infuser infusers

fuse infuse infuses reinfuses

fuse infuse reinfuse reinfused

fuse infuse reinfuse reinfuses

fuse interfuse interfused

fuse interfuse interfuses

fuse perfuse perfused reperfused

fuse perfuse perfused unperfused

fuse perfuse perfuses reperfuses

fuse perfuse reperfuse reperfused

fuse perfuse reperfuse reperfuses

fuse profuse profusely

fuse profuse profuseness

fuse refuse refused

fuse refuse refuser refusers

fuse refuse refuses

fuse suffuse suffused

fuse suffuse suffuses

fuse transfuse transfused

fuse transfuse transfuser transfusers

fuse transfuse transfuses

house alehouse alehouses

house almshouse almshouses

house backhouse backhouses

house bakehouse bakehouses

house barrelhouse barrelhouses

house bathhouse bathhouses

house bawdyhouse bawdyhouses

house beerhouse beerhouses

house bellhouse bellhouses

house birdhouse birdhouses

house bleachhouse bleachhouses

house boardinghouse boardinghouses

house boathouse boathouses

house brewhouse brewhouses

house brighouse brighouses

house bughouse bughouses

house bunkhouse bunkhouses

house cakehouse cakehouses

house cardhouse cardhouses

house cathouse cathouses

house chapterhouse chapterhouses

house chargehouse chargehouses

house charterhouse charterhouses

house charthouse charthouses

house chophouse chophouses

house chouse choused

house chouse chouser chousers

house chouse chouses

house clearinghouse clearinghouses

house clubhouse clubhouses

house coalhouse coalhouses

house coffeehouse coffeehouses

house coldhouse coldhouses

house cookhouse cookhouses

house coolhouse coolhouses

house corfhouse corfhouses

house cothouse cothouses

house countinghouse countinghouses

house courthouse courthouses

house cowhouse cowhouses

house crucethouse crucethouses

house cubbyhouse cubbyhouses

house culverhouse culverhouses

house customhouse customhouses

house customshouse customshouses

house deadhouse deadhouses

house deckhouse deckhouses

house dockhouse dockhouses

house doghouse doghouses

house dollhouse dollhouses

house draughthouse draughthouses

house dryhouse dryhouses

house dyehouse dyehouses

house enginehouse enginehouses

house farmhouse farmhouses

house ferryhouse ferryhouses

house fishhouse fishhouses

house flophouse flophouses

house fullhouse fullhouses

house funhouse funhouses

house gashouse gashouses

house gatehouse gatehouses

house glasshouse glasshouses

house greenhouse greenhouses

house grindhouse grindhouses

house guardhouse guardhouses

house guesthouse guesthouses

house gunhouse gunhouses

house henhouse henhouses

house hothouse hothouses

house houseboat houseboater houseboaters

house houseboat houseboating

house houseboat houseboats

house housebound

house houseboy houseboys

house housebreak housebreaker housebreakers

house housebreak housebreaking housebreakings

house housebreak housebreaks

house housebroke housebroken

house housebuilder housebuilders

house housebuilding

house housebuyers

house housecat housecats

house houseclean housecleaned

house houseclean housecleaner housecleaners

house houseclean housecleaning housecleanings

house houseclean housecleans

house housecoat housecoats

house housed choused

house housed housedog housedogs

house housed housedress housedresses

house housed penthoused

house housed rehoused warehoused

house housed roughhoused

house houseflies

house housefly

house housefront housefronts

house houseful housefuls

house houseful warehouseful

house houseguest houseguests

house household householder householders nonhouseholders

house household householder nonhouseholder nonhouseholders

house household households

house househunting

house househusband househusbands

house housekeep housekeeper housekeeperlike

house housekeep housekeeper housekeeperly

house housekeep housekeeper housekeepers lighthousekeepers

house housekeep housekeeper lighthousekeeper lighthousekeepers

house housekeep housekeeping housekeepings

house housekeep housekeeping nonhousekeeping

house housekeep housekeeps

house housekept

house houseless houselessness

house houselight houselights

house houseline houselines

house houseload houseloads

house housemaid housemaidenly

house housemaid housemaiding

house housemaid housemaids underhousemaids

house housemaid underhousemaid underhousemaids

house houseman lighthouseman

house houseman warehouseman

house housemaster housemasters

house housemate housemates

house housemistress housemistresses

house housepaint housepainter housepainters

house houseplant houseplants

house houseroom houserooms

house houses alehouses

house houses almshouses

house houses backhouses

house houses bakehouses

house houses barrelhouses

house houses bathhouses

house houses bawdyhouses

house houses beerhouses

house houses bellhouses

house houses birdhouses

house houses bleachhouses

house houses boardinghouses

house houses boathouses

house houses brewhouses

house houses brighouses

house houses bughouses

house houses bunkhouses

house houses cakehouses

house houses cardhouses

house houses cathouses

house houses chapterhouses

house houses chargehouses

house houses charterhouses

house houses charthouses

house houses chophouses

house houses chouses

house houses clearinghouses

house houses clubhouses

house houses coalhouses

house houses coffeehouses

house houses coldhouses

house houses cookhouses

house houses coolhouses

house houses corfhouses

house houses cothouses

house houses countinghouses

house houses courthouses

house houses cowhouses

house houses crucethouses

house houses cubbyhouses

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house houses customhouses

house houses customshouses

house houses deadhouses

house houses deckhouses

house houses dockhouses

house houses doghouses

house houses dollhouses

house houses draughthouses

house houses dryhouses

house houses dyehouses

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house houses grindhouses

house houses guardhouses

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house houses housesit housesits

house houses housesit housesitting

house houses icehouses spicehouses

house houses jailhouses

house houses lighthouses

house houses lockhouses blockhouses

house houses lockhouses clockhouses

house houses longhouses

house houses madhouses

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house houses meetinghouses

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house houses moothouses

house houses nuthouses

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house houses operahouses

house houses outhouses

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house houses packinghouses

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house houses poorhouses

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house houses woodhouses

house houses workhouses

house housetop housetops

house housetrain housetrained

house housetrain housetraining

house housetrain housetrains

house houseware housewares

house housewarmer housewarmers

house housewarming housewarmings

house housewear

house housewife housewifely

house housewife housewifery

house housewives

house housework houseworker houseworkers

house housewrecker housewreckers

house icehouse icehouses spicehouses

house icehouse spicehouse spicehouses

house inhouse ginhouse ginhouses

house jailhouse jailhouses

house lighthouse lighthousekeeper lighthousekeepers

house lighthouse lighthouseman

house lighthouse lighthousemen

house lighthouse lighthouses

house lockhouse blockhouse blockhouses

house lockhouse clockhouse clockhouses

house lockhouse lockhouses blockhouses

house lockhouse lockhouses clockhouses

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house madhouse madhouses

house malthouse malthouses

house manorhouse manorhouses

house masthouse masthouses

house meetinghouse meetinghouses

house milkhouse milkhouses

house millhouse millhouses

house moothouse moothouses

house nuthouse nuthouses

house openhouse openhouses

house operahouse operahouses

house outhouse outhouses

house oysterhouse oysterhouses

house packhouse packhouses

house packinghouse packinghouses

house palmhouse palmhouses

house peathouse peathouses

house peelhouse peelhouses

house penthouse penthoused

house penthouse penthouses

house pesthouse pesthouses

house pilothouse pilothouses

house playhouse playhouses

house poorhouse poorhouses

house porterhouse porterhouses

house porthouse porthouses

house posthouse posthouses

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house rehouse firehouse firehouses

house rehouse rehoused warehoused

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house rehouse shirehouse shirehouses

house rehouse storehouse storehouses

house rehouse warehouse warehouseage

house rehouse warehouse warehoused

house rehouse warehouse warehouseful

house rehouse warehouse warehouseman

house rehouse warehouse warehousemen

house rehouse warehouse warehouser warehousers

house rehouse warehouse warehouses

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house roughhouse roughhouser roughhousers

house roughhouse roughhouses

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house salthouse salthouses

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house stadhouse

house stadthouse

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house washhouse washhouses

house wayhouse wayhouses

house wellhouse wellhouses

house wheelhouse wheelhouses

house woodhouse woodhouses

house workhouse workhouses

hypotenuse hypotenuses



louse barklouse

louse blouse bloused

louse blouse blouses

louse delouse deloused

louse delouse delouser delousers

louse delouse delouses

louse louseberries

louse louseberry

louse loused bloused

louse loused calloused

louse loused deloused

louse louses blouses

louse louses callouses

louse louses delouses

louse louses woodlouses

louse lousewort louseworts

louse woodlouse woodlouses

masseuse masseuses

misuse misused

misuse misuser misusers

misuse misuses

mouse coalmouse

mouse dormouse dormouses

mouse fieldmouse fieldmouses

mouse mousebane

mouse mousebird mousebirds

mouse moused

mouse mousefish mousefishes

mouse mousehawk mousehawks

mouse mousehole mouseholes

mouse mouselike

mouse mouseover mouseovers

mouse mousepad mousepads

mouse mousepox

mouse mouseproof

mouse mouser mousers

mouse mouses dormouses

mouse mouses fieldmouses

mouse mouses pompelmouses

mouse mouses titmouses

mouse mousetrap mousetrapped

mouse mousetrap mousetrapping

mouse mousetrap mousetraps

mouse mousey

mouse nonmouse

mouse staymouse

mouse titmouse titmouses

multiuse multiuser multiusers

muse amuse amused amusedly

muse amuse amused unamused

muse amuse amusement amusements

muse amuse amusement unamusement

muse amuse amuses calamuses

muse amuse amuses hippopotamuses

muse amuse amuses ignoramuses

muse bemuse bemused bemusedly

muse bemuse bemusement bemusements

muse bemuse bemuses

muse mused amused amusedly

muse mused amused unamused

muse mused bemused bemusedly

muse museless

muse muselike

muse museographer museographers

muse museographic museographical museographically

muse museographist museographists

muse museography

muse museological museologically

muse museologies

muse museologist museologists

muse museology

muse museophile museophiles

muse museophilic

muse muser musers

muse muses amuses calamuses

muse muses amuses hippopotamuses

muse muses amuses ignoramuses

muse muses bemuses

muse muses exophthalmuses

muse muses isthmuses

muse muses litmuses

muse muses thymuses

muse museum museums

nausea nauseate nauseated unnauseated

nausea nauseate nauseates

nausea nauseating nauseatingly

nausea nauseating nauseatingness

nausea nauseating unnauseating

nausea nauseation nauseations

nausea nauseative

nauseous nauseously

nauseous nauseousness

nonuse nonuser nonusers

obtuse nonobtuse

obtuse obtusely

obtuse obtuseness

obtuse obtuser

obtuse obtusest

obtuse subobtuse

pause diapause diapauses

pause heliopause heliopauses

pause ionopause ionopauses

pause magnetopause

pause menopause menopauses perimenopauses

pause menopause perimenopause perimenopauses

pause menopause postmenopause

pause menopause premenopause

pause neutropause neutropauses

pause paused

pause pauses diapauses

pause pauses heliopauses

pause pauses ionopauses

pause pauses menopauses perimenopauses

pause pauses neutropauses

pause pauses tropopauses

pause tropopause tropopauses

recuse recused

recuse recuses


reuse chartreuse chartreuses

reuse reuseable reuseableness

reuse reused

reuse reuses chartreuses

reuse streusel streusels

rouse arouse aroused caroused

rouse arouse aroused nonaroused

rouse arouse aroused overaroused

rouse arouse aroused rearoused

rouse arouse aroused unaroused

rouse arouse arouser arousers carousers

rouse arouse arouser carouser carousers

rouse arouse arouses carouses

rouse arouse arouses overarouses

rouse arouse arouses rearouses

rouse arouse carouse caroused

rouse arouse carouse carousel carousels

rouse arouse carouse carouser carousers

rouse arouse carouse carouses

rouse arouse overarouse overaroused

rouse arouse overarouse overarouses

rouse arouse rearouse rearoused

rouse arouse rearouse rearouses

rouse grouse groused

rouse grouse grouselike

rouse grouse grouser grousers

rouse grouse grouses sandgrouses

rouse grouse sandgrouse sandgrouses

rouse roused aroused caroused

rouse roused aroused nonaroused

rouse roused aroused overaroused

rouse roused aroused rearoused

rouse roused aroused unaroused

rouse roused groused

rouse roused uproused

rouse rouses arouses carouses

rouse rouses arouses overarouses

rouse rouses arouses rearouses

rouse rouses grouses sandgrouses

rouse rouses uprouses

rouse trouser trousered

rouse trouser trousering

rouse trouser trouserless

rouse trouser trousers

rouse uprouse uproused

rouse uprouse uprouses

ruse abstruse abstrusely

ruse abstruse abstruseness

ruse abstruse abstruser

ruse abstruse abstrusest

ruse chorused

ruse druse drusen

ruse overuse overused

ruse overuse overuser overusers

ruse overuse overuses

ruse peruse perused reperused

ruse peruse peruses reperuses

ruse peruse reperuse reperused

ruse peruse reperuse reperuses

ruse peruse superuser superusers

ruse ruses abstrusest

ruse ruses allosauruses

ruse ruses ankylosauruses

ruse ruses apatosauruses

ruse ruses brachiosauruses

ruse ruses brontosauruses

ruse ruses choruses

ruse ruses electrophoruses

ruse ruses estruses diestruses

ruse ruses hadrosauruses

ruse ruses overuses

ruse ruses pachycephalosauruses

ruse ruses papyruses

ruse ruses peruses reperuses

ruse ruses phosphoruses

ruse ruses stegosauruses

ruse ruses thesauruses

ruse ruses toruses

ruse ruses tyrannosauruses

ruse ruses underuses

ruse ruses uteruses

ruse ruses viruses adenoviruses

ruse ruses viruses arboviruses

ruse ruses viruses baculoviruses

ruse ruses viruses calciviruses

ruse ruses viruses caulimoviruses

ruse ruses viruses coronaviruses

ruse ruses viruses coxsackieviruses

ruse ruses viruses cytomegaloviruses

ruse ruses viruses echoviruses

ruse ruses viruses enteroviruses

ruse ruses viruses geminiviruses

ruse ruses viruses hantaviruses

ruse ruses viruses hepadnaviruses

ruse ruses viruses hepatoviruses

ruse ruses viruses herpesviruses

ruse ruses viruses lentiviruses

ruse ruses viruses morbilliviruses

ruse ruses viruses mycoviruses

ruse ruses viruses myxoviruses orthomyxoviruses

ruse ruses viruses myxoviruses paramyxoviruses

ruse ruses viruses noroviruses

ruse ruses viruses oncornaviruses

ruse ruses viruses oncoviruses

ruse ruses viruses papillomaviruses

ruse ruses viruses paramixoviruses

ruse ruses viruses parvoviruses

ruse ruses viruses picornaviruses

ruse ruses viruses polioviruses

ruse ruses viruses polyomaviruses

ruse ruses viruses poxiviruses

ruse ruses viruses poxviruses molluscipoxviruses

ruse ruses viruses poxviruses orthopoxviruses

ruse ruses viruses poxviruses parapoxviruses

ruse ruses viruses poxviruses yatapoxviruses

ruse ruses viruses proviruses

ruse ruses viruses rabdoviruses

ruse ruses viruses reoviruses

ruse ruses viruses retroviruses

ruse ruses viruses rhabdoviruses

ruse ruses viruses rhinoviruses

ruse ruses viruses rotaviruses

ruse ruses viruses togaviruses

ruse ruses walruses

ruse ruses xeruses

ruse underuse underused

ruse underuse underuser underusers

ruse underuse underuses

spouse espouse espoused

spouse espouse espousement espousements

spouse espouse espouser espousers

spouse espouse espouses

spouse spoused espoused

spouse spouseless

spouse spouses espouses



useable inexcuseable inexcuseableness

useable reuseable reuseableness

useable unuseable

useably inexcuseably

used accused counteraccused

used accused reaccused

used accused unaccused

used boused

used bused abused abusedly

used bused abused disabused

used bused abused nonabused

used bused abused unabused

used bused debused

used bused enbused

used callused

used caucused

used caused uncaused

used censused

used chorused

used disused

used doused

used enthused

used excused unexcused

used focused autofocused

used focused defocused

used focused electrofocused

used focused misfocused

used focused overfocused

used focused refocused prefocused

used focused underfocused

used focused unfocused

used fused circumfused

used fused confused confusedly

used fused confused confusedness

used fused confused nonconfused

used fused confused unconfused

used fused defused undefused

used fused diffused diffusedly

used fused diffused diffusedness

used fused diffused interdiffused

used fused diffused nondiffused

used fused diffused overdiffused

used fused diffused rediffused

used fused diffused thermodiffused

used fused diffused undiffused

used fused effused

used fused electrofused

used fused infused reinfused

used fused infused uninfused

used fused interfused

used fused nonfused

used fused perfused reperfused

used fused perfused unperfused

used fused refused

used fused suffused

used fused transfused

used fused unfused

used housed choused

used housed housedog housedogs

used housed housedress housedresses

used housed penthoused

used housed rehoused warehoused

used housed roughhoused

used loused bloused

used loused calloused

used loused deloused

used misused

used moused

used mused amused amusedly

used mused amused unamused

used mused bemused bemusedly

used nonplused

used overused

used paused

used perused reperused

used recused

used rendezvoused

used reused

used roused aroused caroused

used roused aroused nonaroused

used roused aroused overaroused

used roused aroused rearoused

used roused aroused unaroused

used roused groused

used roused uproused

used spoused espoused

used underused

used unused

used wellused

useful abuseful abusefully

useful abuseful abusefulness

useful houseful housefuls

useful houseful warehouseful

useful unuseful unusefulness

useful usefully abusefully

useful usefulness abusefulness

useful usefulness unusefulness

useless causeless

useless excuseless

useless fuseless

useless houseless houselessness

useless museless

useless spouseless

useless uselessly

useless uselessness houselessness

user abstruser

user abuser abusers nonabusers

user abuser nonabuser nonabusers

user accuser accusers counteraccusers

user accuser counteraccuser counteraccusers

user arouser arousers carousers

user arouser carouser carousers

user bouser

user causer causers

user chouser chousers

user curiouser

user delouser delousers

user docuseries

user douser dousers

user espouser espousers

user excuser excusers

user focuser autofocuser autofocusers

user focuser focusers autofocusers

user fuser confuser confusers

user fuser defuser defusers

user fuser diffuser diffusers thermodiffusers

user fuser diffuser thermodiffuser thermodiffusers

user fuser fusers confusers

user fuser fusers defusers

user fuser fusers diffusers thermodiffusers

user fuser fusers infusers

user fuser fusers refusers

user fuser fusers transfusers

user fuser infuser infusers

user fuser refuser refusers

user fuser transfuser transfusers

user grouser grousers

user houseroom houserooms

user misuser misusers

user mouser mousers

user multiuser multiusers

user muser musers

user nonuser nonusers

user obtuser

user overuser overusers

user preciouser

user roughhouser roughhousers

user superuser superusers

user trouser trousered

user trouser trousering

user trouser trouserless

user trouser trousers

user underuser underusers

user userdefined

user userfriendliness

user userfriendly

user username

user users abusers nonabusers

user users accusers counteraccusers

user users arousers carousers

user users causers

user users chousers

user users delousers

user users dousers

user users espousers

user users excusers

user users focusers autofocusers

user users fusers confusers

user users fusers defusers

user users fusers diffusers thermodiffusers

user users fusers infusers

user users fusers refusers

user users fusers transfusers

user users grousers

user users misusers

user users mousers

user users multiusers

user users musers

user users nonusers

user users overusers

user users roughhousers

user users superusers

user users trousers

user users underusers

user users usersupplied

user users warehousers

user userunfriendly

user warehouser warehousers

uses abacuses

uses abecedariuses

uses abortuses

uses accuses counteraccuses

uses accuses reaccuses

uses alumnuses

uses amianthuses

uses amphioxuses

uses annuluses

uses anuses tetanuses

uses apparatuses

uses applauses

uses asparaguses

uses boluses discoboluses

uses bonuses

uses bouses

uses buses abuses databuses

uses buses abuses disabuses

uses buses abuses syllabuses

uses buses airbuses

uses buses cumulonimbuses

uses buses debuses

uses buses enbuses

uses buses incubuses

uses buses microbuses

uses buses minibuses

uses buses motorbuses

uses buses omnibuses

uses buses rhombuses

uses buses schoolbuses

uses buses succubuses

uses buses trolleybuses

uses byssuses

uses cacqueteuses

uses cactuses zygocactuses

uses calculuses

uses calluses

uses campuses

uses catawampouses

uses catawampuses

uses caucuses

uses causes subcauses

uses ceanothuses

uses censuses

uses circuses

uses clauses subclauses

uses coleuses

uses crocuses

uses cunnilinguses

uses curiousest

uses discuses

uses douses

uses emphyteuses

uses enthuses

uses esophaguses oesophaguses

uses eucalyptuses

uses excursuses

uses excuses

uses exoduses

uses fetuses

uses focuses autofocuses

uses focuses defocuses

uses focuses electrofocuses

uses focuses misfocuses

uses focuses overfocuses

uses focuses refocuses prefocuses

uses focuses underfocuses

uses foetuses

uses funguses microfunguses

uses fuses circumfuses

uses fuses confuses

uses fuses defuses

uses fuses diffuses interdiffuses

uses fuses diffuses overdiffuses

uses fuses diffuses thermodiffuses

uses fuses doofuses

uses fuses effuses

uses fuses electrofuses

uses fuses infuses reinfuses

uses fuses interfuses

uses fuses perfuses reperfuses

uses fuses refuses

uses fuses suffuses

uses fuses transfuses

uses geniuses

uses genuses

uses helianthuses

uses hiatuses

uses hibiscuses

uses houses alehouses

uses houses almshouses

uses houses backhouses

uses houses bakehouses

uses houses barrelhouses

uses houses bathhouses

uses houses bawdyhouses

uses houses beerhouses

uses houses bellhouses

uses houses birdhouses

uses houses bleachhouses

uses houses boardinghouses

uses houses boathouses

uses houses brewhouses

uses houses brighouses

uses houses bughouses

uses houses bunkhouses

uses houses cakehouses

uses houses cardhouses

uses houses cathouses

uses houses chapterhouses

uses houses chargehouses

uses houses charterhouses

uses houses charthouses

uses houses chophouses

uses houses chouses

uses houses clearinghouses

uses houses clubhouses

uses houses coalhouses

uses houses coffeehouses

uses houses coldhouses

uses houses cookhouses

uses houses coolhouses

uses houses corfhouses

uses houses cothouses

uses houses countinghouses

uses houses courthouses

uses houses cowhouses

uses houses crucethouses

uses houses cubbyhouses

uses houses culverhouses

uses houses customhouses

uses houses customshouses

uses houses deadhouses

uses houses deckhouses

uses houses dockhouses

uses houses doghouses

uses houses dollhouses

uses houses draughthouses

uses houses dryhouses

uses houses dyehouses

uses houses enginehouses

uses houses farmhouses

uses houses ferryhouses

uses houses fishhouses

uses houses flophouses

uses houses fullhouses

uses houses funhouses

uses houses gashouses

uses houses gatehouses

uses houses ginhouses

uses houses glasshouses

uses houses greenhouses

uses houses grindhouses

uses houses guardhouses

uses houses guesthouses

uses houses gunhouses

uses houses henhouses

uses houses hothouses

uses houses housesit housesits

uses houses housesit housesitting

uses houses icehouses spicehouses

uses houses jailhouses

uses houses lighthouses

uses houses lockhouses blockhouses

uses houses lockhouses clockhouses

uses houses longhouses

uses houses madhouses

uses houses malthouses

uses houses manorhouses

uses houses masthouses

uses houses meetinghouses

uses houses milkhouses

uses houses millhouses

uses houses moothouses

uses houses nuthouses

uses houses openhouses

uses houses operahouses

uses houses outhouses

uses houses oysterhouses

uses houses packhouses

uses houses packinghouses

uses houses palmhouses

uses houses peathouses

uses houses peelhouses

uses houses penthouses

uses houses pesthouses

uses houses pilothouses

uses houses playhouses

uses houses poorhouses

uses houses porterhouses

uses houses porthouses

uses houses posthouses

uses houses pothouses

uses houses powerhouses

uses houses prisonhouses

uses houses rathouses

uses houses rehouses firehouses

uses houses rehouses shirehouses

uses houses rehouses storehouses

uses houses rehouses warehouses

uses houses resthouses

uses houses roadhouses

uses houses roughhouses

uses houses roundhouses

uses houses rowhouses

uses houses salthouses

uses houses schoolhouses

uses houses sheephouses

uses houses shithouses

uses houses slaughterhouses

uses houses smokehouses

uses houses snowhouses

uses houses springhouses

uses houses stagehouses

uses houses statehouses

uses houses steakhouses

uses houses stockhouses

uses houses stovehouses

uses houses sugarhouses

uses houses summerhouses

uses houses sweathouses

uses houses taphouses

uses houses teahouses

uses houses tollhouses

uses houses toolhouses

uses houses townhouses

uses houses toyhouses

uses houses treehouses

uses houses washhouses

uses houses wayhouses

uses houses wellhouses

uses houses wheelhouses

uses houses woodhouses

uses houses workhouses

uses hypotenuses

uses impetuses

uses lotuses

uses louses blouses

uses louses callouses

uses louses delouses

uses louses woodlouses

uses lupuses

uses macronucleuses

uses masseuses

uses minuses terminuses

uses misuses

uses mouses dormouses

uses mouses fieldmouses

uses mouses pompelmouses

uses mouses titmouses

uses muses amuses calamuses

uses muses amuses hippopotamuses

uses muses amuses ignoramuses

uses muses bemuses

uses muses exophthalmuses

uses muses isthmuses

uses muses litmuses

uses muses thymuses

uses nautiluses

uses obtusest

uses octopuses

uses pauses diapauses

uses pauses heliopauses

uses pauses ionopauses

uses pauses menopauses perimenopauses

uses pauses neutropauses

uses pauses tropopauses

uses phalluses

uses platipuses

uses platypuses

uses plexuses

uses pluses surpluses

uses preciousest

uses pronucleuses

uses prospectuses

uses prurituses

uses radiuses circumradiuses

uses recluses

uses recuses

uses rendezvouses

uses reuses chartreuses

uses rouses arouses carouses

uses rouses arouses overarouses

uses rouses arouses rearouses

uses rouses grouses sandgrouses

uses rouses uprouses

uses ruckuses

uses rumpuses

uses ruses abstrusest

uses ruses allosauruses

uses ruses ankylosauruses

uses ruses apatosauruses

uses ruses brachiosauruses

uses ruses brontosauruses

uses ruses choruses

uses ruses electrophoruses

uses ruses estruses diestruses

uses ruses hadrosauruses

uses ruses overuses

uses ruses pachycephalosauruses

uses ruses papyruses

uses ruses peruses reperuses

uses ruses phosphoruses

uses ruses stegosauruses

uses ruses thesauruses

uses ruses toruses

uses ruses tyrannosauruses

uses ruses underuses

uses ruses uteruses

uses ruses viruses adenoviruses

uses ruses viruses arboviruses

uses ruses viruses baculoviruses

uses ruses viruses calciviruses

uses ruses viruses caulimoviruses

uses ruses viruses coronaviruses

uses ruses viruses coxsackieviruses

uses ruses viruses cytomegaloviruses

uses ruses viruses echoviruses

uses ruses viruses enteroviruses

uses ruses viruses geminiviruses

uses ruses viruses hantaviruses

uses ruses viruses hepadnaviruses

uses ruses viruses hepatoviruses

uses ruses viruses herpesviruses

uses ruses viruses lentiviruses

uses ruses viruses morbilliviruses

uses ruses viruses mycoviruses

uses ruses viruses myxoviruses orthomyxoviruses

uses ruses viruses myxoviruses paramyxoviruses

uses ruses viruses noroviruses

uses ruses viruses oncornaviruses

uses ruses viruses oncoviruses

uses ruses viruses papillomaviruses

uses ruses viruses paramixoviruses

uses ruses viruses parvoviruses

uses ruses viruses picornaviruses

uses ruses viruses polioviruses

uses ruses viruses polyomaviruses

uses ruses viruses poxiviruses

uses ruses viruses poxviruses molluscipoxviruses

uses ruses viruses poxviruses orthopoxviruses

uses ruses viruses poxviruses parapoxviruses

uses ruses viruses poxviruses yatapoxviruses

uses ruses viruses proviruses

uses ruses viruses rabdoviruses

uses ruses viruses reoviruses

uses ruses viruses retroviruses

uses ruses viruses rhabdoviruses

uses ruses viruses rhinoviruses

uses ruses viruses rotaviruses

uses ruses viruses togaviruses

uses ruses walruses

uses ruses xeruses

uses sarcophaguses

uses sinuses

uses spouses espouses

uses statuses

uses styluses

uses subnucleuses

uses taluses

uses veilleuses

uses vitelluses

uses voyeuses

uses ziziphuses

uses zizyphuses

veilleuse veilleuses

voyeuse voyeuses