Definition of rest

"rest" in the noun sense

1. remainder, balance, residual, residue, residuum, rest

something left after other parts have been taken away

"there was no remainder"

"he threw away the rest"

"he took what he wanted and I got the balance"

2. rest, ease, repose, relaxation

freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility

"took his repose by the swimming pool"

3. respite, rest, relief, rest period

a pause for relaxation

"people actually accomplish more when they take time for short rests"

4. rest

a state of inaction

"a body will continue in a state of rest until acted upon"

5. rest, eternal rest, sleep, eternal sleep, quietus

euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb

"she was laid to rest beside her husband"

"they had to put their family pet to sleep"

6. rest

a support on which things can be put

"the gun was steadied on a special rest"

7. rest

a musical notation indicating a silence of a specified duration

"rest" in the verb sense

1. rest

not move be in a resting position

2. rest, breathe, catch one's breath, take a breather

take a short break from one's activities in order to relax

3. rest

give a rest to

"He rested his bad leg"

"Rest the dogs for a moment"

4. lie, rest

have a place in relation to something else

"The fate of Bosnia lies in the hands of the West"

"The responsibility rests with the Allies"

5. rest

be at rest

6. stay, remain, rest

stay the same remain in a certain state

"The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it"

"rest assured"

"stay alone"

"He remained unmoved by her tears"

"The bad weather continued for another week"

7. rest, reside, repose

be inherent or innate in

8. rest

put something in a resting position, as for support or steadying

"Rest your head on my shoulder"

9. perch, roost, rest

sit, as on a branch

"The birds perched high in the tree"

10. pillow, rest

rest on or as if on a pillow

"pillow your head"

11. rest

be inactive, refrain from acting

"The committee is resting over the summer"

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Quotations for rest

Rest in port. [ Motto ]

Haste not, rest not. [ Motto on Goethe's ring ]

Rest is for the dead. [ Carlyle ]

Ambition has no rest! [ Bulwer-Lytton ]

Too much rest is rust. [ Sir Walter Scott ]

Life's race well run,
Life's work well done,
Life's crown well won,
Now comes rest. [ President Garfield's Epitaph ]

On every mountain height
Is rest. [ Goethe ]

Rest is won only by work. [ Proverb ]

Over all heights is rest. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Work first, and then rest. [ Ruskin ]

Rest is sweet after strife. [ Lord Lytton ]

Commit the rest to the gods. [ Horace ]

The head and feet keep warm,
The rest will take no harm. [ Proverb ]

God giveth quietness at last. [ Whittier ]

Rest and success are fellows. [ Proverb ]

Two hands upon the breast.
And labor's done;
Two pale feet cross'd in rest.
The race is won. [ D. M. Mulock ]

Golden roofs break men's rest. [ Seneca ]

Night is the Sabbath of mankind.
To rest the body and the mind. [ Butler ]

Rest is the sweet sauce of labor. [ Plutarch ]

Let exercise alternate with rest. [ Pythagoras ]

Step by step lift bad to good,
Without halting, without rest.
Lifting Better up to Best;
Planting seeds of knowledge pure.

So nigh is grandeur to our dust,
So nigh is God to man.
When Duty whispers low, Thou must,
The youth replies, I can. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

So many hours must I take my rest;
So many hours must I contemplate. [ William Shakespeare ]

Come, lay thy head upon my breast,
And I will kiss thee unto rest. [ Byron ]

Absence of occupation is not rest; [ William Cowper ]

There is a calm for those who weep,
A rest for weary pilgrims found,
They softly lie and sweetly sleep
Low in the ground. [ Montgomery ]

And he who serves his brother best,
Gets nearer God than all the rest.

Too much rest itself becomes a pain. [ Homer ]

The soul shares not the body's rest. [ Maturin ]

Rest is good after the work is done. [ Danish Proverb ]

He that would live in peace and rest
Must hear, and see, and say the best. [ Proverb ]

I'll dream no more - by manly mind
Not even in sleep is will resigned.
My midnight orisons said o'er,
I'll turn to rest, and dream no more. [ Scott ]

And on the balmy zephyrs tranquil rest
The silver clouds. [ Keats ]

The word rest is not in my vocabulary. [ Horace Greeley ]

O death! the poor man's dearest friend,
The kindest and the best!
Welcome the hour, my aged limbs
Are laid with thee at rest! [ Burns ]

She sits tormenting every guest,
Nor gives her tongue one moment's rest,
In phrases battered, stale, and trite,
Which modern ladies call polite. [ Swift ]

Ambition has but one reward tor all:
A little power, a little transient fame,
A grave to rest in, and a fading name! [ William Winter ]

Oh, if there is one thing above the rest
Written in Wisdom - if there is a word
That I would trace as with a pen of fire
Upon the unsullied temper of a child —
If there is anything that keeps the mind
Open to angel visits, and repels
The ministry of ill - It is Love. [ N. P. Willis ]

Soldier, rest! thy warfare over.
Dream of fighting fields no more;
Sleep the sleep that knows not breakings,
Morn of toil, nor night of waking. [ Scott ]

Night is the time for rest;
How sweet, when labours close,
To gather round an aching breast
The curtain of repose.
Stretch the tired limbs, and lay the head
Down on our own delightful bed. [ James Montgomery ]

Absence of occupation is not rest,
A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed. [ William Cowper ]

The grave where even the great find rest. [ Pope ]

Rest thy unrest in England's lawful earth. [ William Shakespeare, Richard III ]

Rest is the fitting of self to its sphere. [ John Dwight ]

Care that is once enter'd into the breast
Will have the whole possession ere it rest. [ Johnson ]

Let the weary at length possess quiet rest. [ Seneca ]

One master-passion in the breast,
Like Aaron's serpent, swallows up the rest. [ Pope ]

Death is the port where all may refuge find,
The end of labor, entry into rest;
Death hath the bounds of misery confin'd
Whose sanctuary shrouds affliction best. [ Earl of Stirling ]

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest! [ William Shakespeare ]

The first sure symptom of a mind in health
Is rest of heart, and pleasure felt at home. [ Edward Young ]

There remaineth a rest to the people of God. [ Bible ]

And rest at last where souls unbodied dwell.
In ever-flowing meads of Asphodel. [ Homer ]

A sea before
The Throne is spread; - its pure still glass
Pictures all earth-scenes as they pass.
We, on its shore,
Share, in the bosom of our rest,
God's knowledge, and are blest. [ Cardinal Newman ]

Thou hadst, for weary feet, the gift of rest. [ William Watson ]

Love yet lives, and patience shall find rest. [ Keble ]

Burn and not smoulder, win by worth,
Not rest content with a wealth that's dearth! [ Robert Browning ]

Youth dreams a bliss on this side death.
It dreams a rest, if not more deep.
More grateful than this marble sleep;
It hears a voice within it tell:
Calm's not life's crown, though calm is well.
'Tis all perhaps which man acquires,
But 'tis not what our youth desires. [ Matthew Arnold ]

When the belly is full, the bones are at rest. [ Proverb ]

Wisdom picks friends; civility plays the rest.
A toy shunn'd cleanly passeth with the best. [ George Herbert ]

No wild enthusiast ever yet could rest,
Till half mankind were like himself possessed. [ Cowper ]

Remorse, the fatal egg by pleasure laid,
In every bosom where her nest is made.
Hatched by the beams of truth, denies him rest,
And proves a raging scorpion in his breast. [ Cowper ]

Lo, here the gentle lark, weary of rest.
From his moist cabinet mounts up on high.
And wakes the morning, from whose silver breast
The sun ariseth in his majesty;
Who doth the world so gloriously behold,
That cedar-tops and hills seem burnish'd gold. [ William Shakespeare ]

There is an evening twilight of the heart.
When its wild passion-waves are lulled to rest. [ Fitz-Greene Halleck ]

What avails it that indulgent Heaven
From mortal eyes has wrapt the woes to come,
If we, ingenious to torment ourselves.
Grow pale at hideous fictions of our own?
Enjoy the present; nor with needless cares
Of what may spring from blind misfortune's womb,
Appal the surest hour that life bestows.
Serene, and master of yourself, prepare
For what may come; and leave the rest to Heaven. [ Armstrong ]

The grave unites; where even the great find rest,
And blended lie the oppressor and the opprest. [ Pope ]

Ever onward! ever onward! without rest and quiet. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Oh! Why should the spirit of mortal be proud?
Like a swift-fleeting meteor, a fast flying cloud,
A flash of the lightning, a break of the wave,
Man passes from life to his rest in the grave. [ Wm. Knox ]

Let us believe what we can, and hope for the rest. [ De Finod ]

Through danger safety comes, through trouble rest. [ John Marston ]

Cutoff the head and tail, and throw the rest away. [ Proverb ]

Our rural ancestors, with little blest,
Patient of labor when the end was rest,
Indulged the day that housed their annual grain,
With feasts, and offerings, and a thankful strain. [ Pope ]

Rest comes from unrest, and unrest again from rest. [ German Proverb ]

After dinner rest awhile; after supper walk a mile. [ Proverb ]

Love should have some rest and pleasure in himself,
Not ever be too curious for a boon,
Too prurient for a proof against the grain
Of him ye say ye love. [ Alfred Tennyson ]

Kind messages, that pass from land to land;
Kind letters, that betray the heart's deep history.
In which we feel the pressure of a hand,
One touch of fire - and all the rest is mystery! [ Longfellow ]

To will what God doth will, that is the only science
That gives us any rest. [ Malherbe ]

Rest! rest! Shall I not have all eternity to rest in? [ Arnauld ]

Man is the weeping animal born to govern all the rest. [ Pliny ]

Set not thyself to attain much rest, but much patience. [ Thomas a Kempis ]

Minds which never rest are subject to many digressions. [ Joubert ]

Lawsuits consume time, and money, and rest, and friends. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Night is the benefit of nature, and made for man's rest. [ Livy ]

It is better to take half in hand and the rest presently. [ Proverb ]

No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned. [ Jean Paul ]

I cannot rest from travel; I will drink life to the lees. [ Tennyson ]

If you pull one pig by the tail, all the rest will squeak. [ Dutch Proverb ]

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. [ Ovid ]

Rest not in an ovation, but in a triumph over thy passions. [ Sir Thomas Browne ]

Straining breaks the bow, and relaxation relieves the mind. [ Syrus ]

Weep not for him that dieth; for he sleeps, and is at rest. [ Mrs. Norton ]

God is the only sure foundation on which the mind can rest. [ S. Irenaeus Prime ]

Night or darkness is the time of rest and peace after labors. [ W. Molyneux ]

Death is an equal doom to good and bad, the common inn of rest. [ Spenser ]

Deep rest, and sweet, most like indeed to death's own quietness. [ Virgil ]

Diogenes found more rest in his tub than Alexander on his throne. [ Quarles ]

Without labor there were no ease, no rest, so much as conceivable. [ Carlyle ]

Be purity of life the test, leave to the heart, to heaven the rest. [ Sprague ]

There I'll rest, as after much turmoil a blessed soul doth in Elysium. [ William Shakespeare ]

The crickets sing, and man's overlabored sense repairs itself by rest. [ William Shakespeare ]

The ear is the road to the heart; and the heart is the road to the rest.

Old age is the repose of life; the rest that precedes the rest that remains. [ Robert Collyer ]

Thou fool, what is sleep but the image of death? Fate will give an eternal rest. [ Ovid ]

The rich know not how hard it is to be of needful rest and needful food debarred. [ L. E. Landon ]

He who gives up the smallest part of a secret has the rest no longer in his power. [ Richter ]

Repose demands for its expression the implied capability of its opposite, - energy. [ Ruskin ]

The atmosphere breathes rest and comfort, and the many chambers seem full of welcome. [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

Alone each heart must cover up its dead; alone, through bitter toil, achieve its rest. [ Bayard Taylor ]

One year of joy, another of comfort, the rest of content, make the married life happy. [ Proverb ]

His home, the spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest. [ Montgomery ]

The miracles of genius always rest on profound convictions which refuse to be analyzed. [ Emerson ]

Thou hast made us for Thyself, and the heart never resteth till it findeth rest in Thee. [ St. Augustine ]

It is the privilege of genius that to it life never grows common-place, as to the rest of us. [ Lowell ]

Of great riches there is no real use, except it be in the distribution; the rest is but conceit. [ Bacon ]

The death of your first wife made such an impression in your heart, that all the rest fly through. [ Proverb ]

Rest not upon scattered counsels, for they will rather distract and mislead than settle and direct. [ Bacon ]

The truly great rest in the knowledge of their own deserts, nor seek the conformation of the world. [ Alexander Smith ]

The last act of life is sometimes like the last number in a sum, ten times greater than all the rest. [ Collier ]

In the silent night, weary mortals lull to rest their cares, and their hearts become forgetful of toil. [ Virgil ]

Labour endears rest, and both together are absolutely necessary for the proper enjoyment of human existence. [ Burns ]

Night bringeth sleep, and spreadeth itself over the crowds of weary men, and giveth rest to the whole earth. [ Apollonius Rhodius ]

Contempt is a kind of gangrene which, if it seizes one part of a character, corrupts all the rest by degrees. [ Johnson ]

Night is the astronomer's accepted time; he goes to his delightful labors when the busy world goes to its rest. [ E. Everett ]

Blessed is he that continueth where he is; here let us rest and lay out seed-fields; here let us learn to dwell. [ Carlyle ]

It is with books as with men: a very small number play a great part; the rest are confounded with the multitude. [ Voltaire ]

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. [ Jesus ]

I change my place, but not my company. While here I have sometimes walked with God, and now I go to rest with Him. [ Dr. Preston ]

Fortitude has its extremes as well as the rest of the virtues, and ought, like them, to be always attended by prudence. [ Voet ]

If you are about to strive for your life, take with you a stout heart and a clean conscience and trust the rest to God. [ J. Fenimore Cooper ]

The rest which does us all good, and enables us to do our work well, is the rest of the heart - the Sabbath of the soul. [ James Freeman Clarke ]

A happy home is the single spot of rest which a man has upon this earth for the cultivation of his noblest sensibilities. [ F. W. Robertson ]

Talk not to me of the wisdom of women, - I know my own sex well; the wisest of us all are but little less foolish than the rest. [ Mary, Queen of Scots ]

We call some books immortal! Do they live? If so, believe me, Time hath made them pure. In Books, the veriest wicked rest in peace. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

Perfect purity, fullness of joy, everlasting freedom, perfect rest, health and fruition, complete security, substantial and eternal good. [ Hannah More ]

You will find rest unto your souls when first you take on you the yoke of Christ, but joy only when you have borne it as long as He wills. [ John Ruskin ]

When we read that the lost sheep is preferred to the rest of the flock, we are tempted to think that penitence is preferable to innocence.

Let men of all ranks, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, whether they triumph or not - let them do their duty, and rest satisfied. [ Plato ]

A friendship formed in childhood, in youth, - by happy accident at any stage of rising manhood becomes the genius that rules the rest of life. [ A. Bronson Alcott ]

We must strive to make ourselves really worthy of some employment. We need pay no attention to anything else; the rest is the business of others. [ Bruyere ]

Imagination is always the ruling and divine power, and the rest of the man is only the instrument which it sounds, or the tablet on which it writes. [ John Ruskin ]

The opinions of the misanthropical rest upon this very partial basis, that they adopt the bad faith of a few as evidence of the worthlessness of all. [ Bovee ]

How beautiful it is for a man to die on the walls of Zion! to be called like a watch-worn and weary sentinel, to put his armor off, and rest in heaven. [ N. P. Willis ]

No passions are without their use, none without their nobleness, when seen in balanced unity with the rest of the spirit which they are charged to defend. [ John Ruskin ]

My notions about life are much the same as they are about travelling; there is a good deal of amusement on the road, but, after all, one wants to be at rest. [ Southey ]

Jealousy is said to be the offspring of love. Yet, unless the parent makes haste to strangle the child, the child will not rest till it has poisoned the parent. [ J. C. and A. W. Hare ]

No wonder we are all more or less pleased with mediocrity, since it leaves us at rest, and gives the same comfortable feeling as when one associates with his equals. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Equality is the life of conversation; and he is as much out who assumes to himself any part above another, as he who considers himself below the rest of the society. [ Steele ]

The heart must be at rest before the mind, like a quiet lake under an unclouded summer evening, can reflect the solemn starlight and the splendid mysteries of heaven. [ Macdonald Clarke ]

My mind can take no hold on the present world, nor rest in it a moment, but my whole nature rushes onward with irresistible force towards a future and better state of being. [ Fichte ]

As what we call genius arises out of the disproportionate power and size of a certain faculty, so the great difficulty lies in harmonizing with it the rest of the character. [ Mrs. Jameson ]

Rest and undisturbed content have now no place on earth, nor can the greatest affluence of worldly good procure them, ... they are peculiar to the love and fruition of God alone. [ Thomas à Kempis ]

The life of a woman is a long dissimulation. Candor, beauty, freshness, virginity, modesty - a woman has each of these but once. When lost, she must simulate them the rest of her life. [ Ritif de la Bretonne ]

It is the care of a very great part of mankind to conceal their indigence from the rest. They support themselves by temporary expedients, and every day is lost in contriving for tomorrow. [ Johnson ]

Child of earth and earthly sorrows - child of God and immortal hopes - arise from thy sadness, gird up the loins of thy mind, and with unfaltering energy press toward thy rest and reward on high. [ E. L. Magoon ]

Duty is a power which rises with us in the morning, and goes to rest with us at night. It is the shadow that cleaves to us, go where we will, and which leaves us only when we leave the light of life. [ William Ewart Gladstone ]

The day of life spent in honest and benevolent labor comes in hope to an evening calm and lovely; and though the sun declines, the shadows that he leaves behind are only to curtain the spirit unto rest. [ Henry Giles ]

The joys of heaven are not the joys of passive contemplation, of dreamy remembrance, of perfect repose; but they are described thus: They rest not day nor night. His servants serve Him, and see His face. [ Alexander Maclaren ]

Man is of the earth, but his thoughts are with the stars. A pigmy standing on the outward crest of this small planet, his far-reaching spirit stretches outward to the infinite, and there alone finds rest. [ Carlyle ]

The richest endowments of the mind are temperance, prudence, and fortitude. Prudence is a universal virtue, which enters into the composition of all the rest; and where she is not, fortitude loses its name and nature. [ Voltaire ]

He that will have no books but those that are scarce evinces about as correct a taste in literature as he would do in friendship who would have no friends but those whom all the rest of the world have sent to Coventry. [ Colton ]

There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest. There the prisoners rest together; they hear not the voice of the oppressor. The small and great are there; and the servant is free from his master. [ Bible ]

Despair is like forward children, who, when you take away one of their playthings, throw the rest into the fire for madness. It grows angry with itself, turns its own executioner, and revenges its misfortunes on its own head. [ Charron ]

When all moves equally (says Pascal), nothing seems to move, as in a vessel under sail; and when all run by common consent into vice, none appear to do so. He that stops first, views as from a fixed point the horrible extravagance that transports the rest. [ Colton ]

Wit throws a single ray, separated from the rest, - red, yellow, blue, or any intermediate shade, - upon an object; never white light; that is the province of wisdom. We get beautiful effects from wit, - all the prismatic colors, - but never the object as it is in fair daylight. [ Holmes ]

The stifled hum of midnight, when traffic has lain down to rest, and the chariot wheels of Vanity, still rolling here and there through distant streets are bearing her to halls roofed in and lighted to the due pitch for her; and only vice and misery, to prowl or to moan like night birds, are abroad. [ Carlyle ]

There is still a real magic in the action and reaction of minds on one another. The casual deliration of a few becomes, by this mysterious reverberation, the frenzy of many; men lose the use, not only of their understandings, but of their bodily senses; while the most obdurate unbelieving hearts melt like the rest in the furnace where all are cast as victims and as fuel. [ Carlyle ]

The repose necessary to all beauty is repose, not of inanition, nor of luxury, nor of irresolution, but the repose of magnificent energy and being; in action, the calmness of trust and determination; in rest, the consciousness of duty accomplished and of victory won; and this repose and this felicity can take place as well in the midst of trial and tempest, as beside the waters of comfort. [ Ruskin ]

Society is infected with rude, cynical, restless, and frivolous persons who prey upon the rest, and whom no public opinion concentrated into good manners, forms accepted by the sense of all, can reach; the contradictors and railers at public and private tables, who are like terriers, who conceive it the duty of a dog of honor to growl at any passer-by, and do the honors of the house by barking him out of sight. [ Emerson ]

After all there is a weariness that cannot be prevented. It will come on. The work brings it on. The cross brings it on. Sometimes the very walk with God brings it on, for the flesh is weak; and at such moments we hear softer and sweeter than it ever floated in the wondrous air of Mendelssohn, O rest in the Lord, for it has the sound of an immortal requiem: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors. [ James Hamilton ]

Your invitation honors me, and pleases me because you still keep me in your remembrance, but I am seventy; seventy, and would nestle in the chimney-corner, and smoke my pipe, and read my book, and take my rest, wishing you well in all affection; and that when you in your return shall arrive at pier No. 70 you may step aboard your waiting ship with a reconciled spirit, and lay your course toward the sinking sun with a contented heart. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

Superstition is the fear of a spirit whose passions and acts are those of a man, who is present in some places, and not in others; who makes some places holy, and not others; who is kind to one person, and unkind to another; who is pleased or angry according to the degree of attention you pay him, or praise you refuse him; who is hostile generally to human pleasure, but may be bribed by sacrificing a part of that pleasure into permitting the rest. [ John Ruskin ]

Young people are dazzled by the brilliancy of antithesis, and employ it. Matter-of-fact men, and those who like precision, naturally fall into comparisons and metaphor. Sprightly natures, full of fire, and whom a boundless imagination carries beyond all rules, and even what is reasonable, cannot rest satisfied even with hyperbole. As for the sublime, it is only great geniuses and those of the very highest order that are able to rise to its height. [ Bruyere ]

When the desire of wealth is taking hold of the heart, let us look round and see how it operates upon those whose industry or fortune has obtained it. When we find them oppressed with their own abundance, luxurious with out pleasure, idle without ease, impatient and querulous in themselves, and despised or hated by the rest of mankind, we shall soon be convinced that if the real wants of our condition are satisfied, there remains little to be sought with solicitude or desired with eagerness. [ Dr. Johnson ]

The drama is not a mere copy of nature, not a facsimile. It is the free running hand of genius, under the impression of its liveliest wit or most passionate impulses, a thousand times adorning or feeling all as it goes; and you must read it, as the healthy instinct of audiences almost always does, if the critics will let them alone, with a grain of allowance, and a tendency to go away with as much of it for use as is necessary, and the rest for the luxury of laughter, pity, or poetical admiration. [ Leigh Hunt ]

Pride looks back upon its past deeds, and calculating with nicety what it has done, it commits itself to rest; whereas humility looks to that which is before, and discovering how much ground remains to be trodden, it is active and vigilant. Having gained one height, pride looks down with complacency on that which is beneath it; humility looks up to a higher and yet higher elevation. The one keeps us on this earth, which is congenial to its nature; the other directs our eye, and tends to lift us up to heaven. [ James McCosh ]

Let us now suppose that in the mind of each man there is an aviary of all sorts of birds some flocking together apart from the rest, others in small groups, others solitary, flying anywhere and everywhere. . . . We may suppose that the birds are kinds of knowledge, and that when we were children, this receptacle was empty; whenever a man has gotten and detained in the enclosure a kind of knowledge, he may be said to have learned or discovered the thing which is the subject of the knowledge: and this is to know. [ Dialogues, Theaetetus ]

The importance of the romantic element does not rest upon conjecture. Pleasing testimonies abound. Hannah More traced her earliest impressions of virtue to works of fiction; and Adam Clarke gives a list of tales that won his boyish admiration. Books of entertainment led him to believe in a spiritual world; and he felt sure of having been a coward, but for romances. He declared that he had learned more of his duty to God, his neighbor and himself from Robinson Crusoe than from all the books, except the Bible, that were known to his youth. [ Willmott ]

Since I was seven years old I have seldom take, a dose of medicine, and have still seldomer needed one. But up to seven I lived exclusively on allopathic medicines. Not that I needed them, for I don't think I did; it was for economy; my father took a drug-store for a debt, and it made cod-liver oil cheaper than the other breakfast foods. We had nine barrels of it, and it lasted me seven years. Then I was weaned. The rest of the family had to get along with rhubarb and ipecac and such things, because I was the pet. I was the first Standard Oil Trust. I had it all. By the time the drugstore was exhausted my health was established, and there has never been much the matter with me since. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

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The word rest is playable in Words With Friends™, no blanks required.

Words With Friends™ Letter Score: 4

Highest Scoring Words With Friends™ Plays In The Letters rest:


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The 50 Highest Scoring Words With Friends™ Plays Using The Letters In rest


Words within the letters of rest

2 letter words in rest (1 word)

3 letter words in rest (1 word)

4 letter words in rest (1 word)

rest + 2 blanks (282 words)


Words containing the sequence rest

Words that start with rest (331 words)


Words with rest in them (347 words)


Word Growth involving rest

Shorter words in rest


Longer words containing rest

armrest armrests

arrest arrestable unarrestable

arrest arrested rearrested

arrest arrested unarrested

arrest arrestee arrestees

arrest arrester arresters

arrest arresting rearresting

arrest arrestor arrestors

arrest arrests rearrests

arrest rearrest rearrested

arrest rearrest rearresting

arrest rearrest rearrests

arrest unarrestive

backrest backrests


bedrest bedrested

bedrest bedrester bedresters

bedrest bedresting

bedrest bedrests


bookrest bookrests

clearest unclearest



crest crested uncrested

crest crestfallen crestfallenly

crest crestfallen crestfallenness

crest crestfallen crestfallens

crest cresting crestings

crest crestless

crest crests firecrests

crest firecrest firecrests





eagerest meagerest

fairest unfairest

firestone firestones

firestorm firestorms

footrest footrests

forest afforest afforestation afforestations disafforestations

forest afforest afforestation afforestations reafforestations

forest afforest afforestation disafforestation disafforestations

forest afforest afforestation reafforestation reafforestations

forest afforest afforested disafforested

forest afforest afforested reafforested

forest afforest afforesting disafforesting

forest afforest afforesting reafforesting

forest afforest afforests disafforests

forest afforest afforests reafforests

forest afforest disafforest disafforestation disafforestations

forest afforest disafforest disafforested

forest afforest disafforest disafforesting

forest afforest disafforest disafforestment disafforestments

forest afforest disafforest disafforests

forest afforest reafforest reafforestation reafforestations

forest afforest reafforest reafforested

forest afforest reafforest reafforesting

forest afforest reafforest reafforests

forest deforest deforestation deforestations

forest deforest deforested

forest deforest deforester deforesters

forest deforest deforesting

forest deforest deforests

forest disforest disforestation disforestations

forest disforest disforested

forest disforest disforesting

forest disforest disforests

forest forestage forestages

forest forestal forestall forestalled

forest forestal forestall forestaller forestallers

forest forestal forestall forestalling forestallings

forest forestal forestall forestallment forestallments

forest forestal forestall forestalls

forest forestation afforestation afforestations disafforestations

forest forestation afforestation afforestations reafforestations

forest forestation afforestation disafforestation disafforestations

forest forestation afforestation reafforestation reafforestations

forest forestation deforestation deforestations

forest forestation disforestation disforestations

forest forestation reforestation reforestational

forest forestation reforestation reforestations

forest forestay forestays

forest forested afforested disafforested

forest forested afforested reafforested

forest forested deforested

forest forested disforested

forest forested nonforested

forest forested reforested

forest forested unforested

forest forester agroforester agroforesters

forest forester deforester deforesters

forest forester foresters agroforesters

forest forester foresters deforesters

forest forestial

forest foresting afforesting disafforesting

forest foresting afforesting reafforesting

forest foresting deforesting

forest foresting disforesting

forest foresting reforesting

forest forestland forestlands

forest forestless

forest forestlike

forest forestral

forest forestress forestressed

forest forestress forestresses

forest forestress forestressing

forest forestries agroforestries

forest forestry agroforestry

forest forestry nonforestry

forest forests afforests disafforests

forest forests afforests reafforests

forest forests deforests

forest forests disforests

forest forests rainforests

forest forests reforests

forest nonforest nonforested

forest nonforest nonforestry

forest rainforest rainforests

forest reforest reforestation reforestational

forest reforest reforestation reforestations

forest reforest reforested

forest reforest reforesting

forest reforest reforests


handrest handrests

headrest headrests

heresthetic heresthetical heresthetically

heresthetic heresthetician herestheticians

heresthetic heresthetics

hyperesthesia hyperesthesias

hyperesthesia thermohyperesthesia


interest disinterest disinterested disinterestedly

interest disinterest disinterested disinterestedness

interest disinterest disinteresting

interest disinterest disinterests

interest interested disinterested disinterestedly

interest interested disinterested disinterestedness

interest interested interestedly disinterestedly

interest interested interestedly overinterestedly

interest interested interestedly uninterestedly

interest interested noninterested

interest interested overinterested overinterestedly

interest interested overinterested overinterestedness

interest interested selfinterested

interest interested uninterested uninterestedly

interest interesting disinteresting

interest interesting interestingly uninterestingly

interest interesting interestingness uninterestingness

interest interesting noninteresting

interest interesting uninteresting uninterestingly

interest interesting uninteresting uninterestingness

interest interests disinterests

interest noninterest noninterested

interest noninterest noninteresting

interest overinterest overinterested overinterestedly

interest overinterest overinterested overinterestedness

interest selfinterest selfinterested

maturest immaturest





overestimate overestimated

overestimate overestimates


overestimation overestimations

overestimator overestimators


polychrest polychrests


presteam presteamed

presteam presteaming

presteam presteams


prestidigitator prestidigitators


prestigious prestigiously

prestigious prestigiousness


purest impurest



restabilisation restabilisations

restabilise restabilised

restabilise restabiliser restabilisers

restabilise restabilises


restabilization restabilizations

restabilize restabilized

restabilize restabilizer restabilizers

restabilize restabilizes


restable arrestable unarrestable

restable restabled

restable restables


restack restacked

restack restacking

restack restacks

restaff restaffed

restaff restaffing

restaff restaffs

restage forestage forestages

restage restaged

restage restages forestages


restain restained

restain restaining

restain restains

restake restaked

restake restakes


restalinisation restalinisations

restalinise restalinised

restalinise restalinises


restalinization restalinizations

restalinize restalinized

restalinize restalinizes


restamp prestamp prestamped

restamp prestamp prestamping

restamp prestamp prestamps

restamp restamped prestamped

restamp restamping prestamping

restamp restamps prestamps

restandardisation prestandardisation

restandardisation restandardisations

restandardise prestandardise prestandardised

restandardise restandardised prestandardised

restandardise restandardises


restandardization prestandardization

restandardization restandardizations

restandardize prestandardize prestandardized

restandardize restandardized prestandardized

restandardize restandardizes

restandardizing prestandardizing

restaple restapled

restaple restaples


restart restartable

restart restarted

restart restarter restarters

restart restarting

restart restarts

restate prestate prestated

restate prestate prestates

restate restated prestated

restate restatement restatements

restate restates prestates

restating prestating

restation forestation afforestation afforestations disafforestations

restation forestation afforestation afforestations reafforestations

restation forestation afforestation disafforestation disafforestations

restation forestation afforestation reafforestation reafforestations

restation forestation deforestation deforestations

restation forestation disforestation disforestations

restation forestation reforestation reforestational

restation forestation reforestation reforestations

restation restationed

restation restationing

restation restations afforestations disafforestations

restation restations afforestations reafforestations

restation restations deforestations

restation restations disforestations

restation restations reforestations

restaurant restauranteur restauranteurs

restaurant restaurants

restaurateur restaurateurs

rested arrested rearrested

rested arrested unarrested

rested bedrested

rested crested uncrested

rested forested afforested disafforested

rested forested afforested reafforested

rested forested deforested

rested forested disforested

rested forested nonforested

rested forested reforested

rested forested unforested

rested interested disinterested disinterestedly

rested interested disinterested disinterestedness

rested interested interestedly disinterestedly

rested interested interestedly overinterestedly

rested interested interestedly uninterestedly

rested interested noninterested

rested interested overinterested overinterestedly

rested interested overinterested overinterestedness

rested interested selfinterested

rested interested uninterested uninterestedly

rested unrested

rested wrested

restem restemmed

restem restemming

restem restems

restep restepped

restep restepping

restep resteps

rester arrester arresters

rester bedrester bedresters

rester forester agroforester agroforesters

rester forester deforester deforesters

rester forester foresters agroforesters

rester forester foresters deforesters

rester resterilisation resterilisations

rester resterilise presterilise presterilised

rester resterilise presterilise presterilises

rester resterilise resterilised presterilised

rester resterilise resterilises presterilises

rester resterilising presterilising

rester resterilization resterilizations

rester resterilize presterilize presterilized

rester resterilize presterilize presterilizes

rester resterilize resterilized presterilized

rester resterilize resterilizes presterilizes

rester resterilizing presterilizing

rester resters arresters

rester resters bedresters

rester resters foresters agroforesters

rester resters foresters deforesters

rester resters wresters

rester wrester wresters

restful restfuller

restful restfullest

restful restfully

restful restfulness

restharrow restharrows

resthouse resthouses

restick resticking

restick resticks

restiffen restiffens

restifle restifled

restifle restifles


restiform juxtarestiform

restimulate prestimulate prestimulated

restimulate prestimulate prestimulates

restimulate restimulated prestimulated

restimulate restimulates prestimulates

restimulating prestimulating

restimulation prestimulation

restimulation restimulations

resting arresting rearresting

resting bedresting

resting cresting crestings

resting foresting afforesting disafforesting

resting foresting afforesting reafforesting

resting foresting deforesting

resting foresting disforesting

resting foresting reforesting

resting interesting disinteresting

resting interesting interestingly uninterestingly

resting interesting interestingness uninterestingness

resting interesting noninteresting

resting interesting uninteresting uninterestingly

resting interesting uninteresting uninterestingness

resting unresting

resting wresting

restipulate restipulated

restipulate restipulates


restipulation restipulations


restir restirred

restir restirring

restir restirs

restitch restitched

restitch restitches

restitch restitching

restitute restituted

restitute restitutes


restitution restitutional restitutionally

restitution restitutionism

restitution restitutionist restitutionists

restitution restitutions


restitutor restitutors

restitutor restitutory

restive restively

restive restiveness

restive unarrestive

restless crestless

restless forestless

restless restlessly

restless restlessness

restock prestock prestocked

restock prestock prestocking

restock prestock prestocks

restock restocked prestocked

restock restocking prestocking

restock restocks prestocks

restoke restoked

restoke restokes



restorable restorableness

restorable unrestorable

restoral restorals

restoration nonrestoration nonrestorations

restoration overrestoration overrestorations

restoration restorationism restorationisms

restoration restorationist restorationists

restoration restorations nonrestorations

restoration restorations overrestorations

restorative nonrestorative

restorative restoratively

restorative restorativeness

restorative restoratives

restorator restorators

restorator restoratory

restore overrestore overrestored

restore overrestore overrestores

restore prestore prestored

restore prestore prestores

restore restored overrestored

restore restored prestored

restore restored unrestored

restore restorer restorers

restore restores overrestores

restore restores prestores

restoring overrestoring

restoring prestoring

restraighten restraightened

restraighten restraightening

restraighten restraightens

restrain irrestrainably

restrain overrestrain overrestrained

restrain overrestrain overrestraining

restrain overrestrain overrestrains

restrain overrestrain overrestraint overrestraints

restrain prerestrain prerestrained

restrain prerestrain prerestraining

restrain prerestrain prerestrains

restrain prerestrain prerestraint

restrain prestrain prestrained

restrain prestrain prestraining

restrain prestrain prestrains

restrain restrainability

restrain restrainable irrestrainable irrestrainableness

restrain restrainable unrestrainable

restrain restrained nonrestrained

restrain restrained overrestrained

restrain restrained prerestrained

restrain restrained prestrained

restrain restrained restrainedly unrestrainedly

restrain restrained restrainedness unrestrainedness

restrain restrained selfrestrained

restrain restrained underrestrained

restrain restrained unrestrained unrestrainedly

restrain restrained unrestrained unrestrainedness

restrain restrainer restrainers selfrestrainers

restrain restrainer selfrestrainer selfrestrainers

restrain restraining nonrestraining

restrain restraining overrestraining

restrain restraining prerestraining

restrain restraining prestraining

restrain restraining restrainingly

restrain restraining restrainings

restrain restraining selfrestraining

restrain restraining underrestraining

restrain restraining unrestraining

restrain restrains overrestrains

restrain restrains prerestrains

restrain restrains prestrains

restrain restrains selfrestrains

restrain restrains underrestrains

restrain restrains unrestrains

restrain restraint nonrestraint nonrestraints

restrain restraint overrestraint overrestraints

restrain restraint prerestraint

restrain restraint restraintful

restrain restraint restraintless

restrain restraint restraints nonrestraints

restrain restraint restraints overrestraints

restrain restraint restraints unrestraints

restrain restraint selfrestraint

restrain restraint unrestraint unrestraints

restrain selfrestrain selfrestrained

restrain selfrestrain selfrestrainer selfrestrainers

restrain selfrestrain selfrestraining

restrain selfrestrain selfrestrains

restrain selfrestrain selfrestraint

restrain underrestrain underrestrained

restrain underrestrain underrestraining

restrain underrestrain underrestrains

restrain unrestrain unrestrainable

restrain unrestrain unrestrainably

restrain unrestrain unrestrained unrestrainedly

restrain unrestrain unrestrained unrestrainedness

restrain unrestrain unrestraining

restrain unrestrain unrestrains

restrain unrestrain unrestraint unrestraints

restrap restrapped

restrap restrapping

restrap restraps

restrategise restrategised

restrategise restrategises


restrategize restrategized

restrategize restrategizes


restreak prestreak prestreaked

restreak prestreak prestreaking

restreak restreaked prestreaked

restreak restreaking prestreaking

restreak restreaks

restream restreamed

restream restreaming

restream restreams

restrengthen restrengthened

restrengthen restrengthening

restrengthen restrengthens

restress forestress forestressed

restress forestress forestresses

restress forestress forestressing

restress prestress prestressed

restress prestress prestresses

restress prestress prestressing

restress prestress prestressor prestressors

restress restressed forestressed

restress restressed prestressed

restress restresses forestresses

restress restresses prestresses

restress restressing forestressing

restress restressing prestressing

restress restressor prestressor prestressors

restress restressor restressors prestressors

restretch prestretch prestretched

restretch prestretch prestretches

restretch prestretch prestretching

restretch restretched prestretched

restretch restretches prestretches

restretch restretching prestretching


restrict derestrict derestricted

restrict derestrict derestricting

restrict derestrict derestriction derestrictions

restrict derestrict derestricts

restrict overrestrict overrestricted

restrict overrestrict overrestricting

restrict overrestrict overrestriction overrestrictions

restrict overrestrict overrestricts

restrict restricted derestricted

restrict restricted nonrestricted nonrestrictedly

restrict restricted overrestricted

restrict restricted restrictedly nonrestrictedly

restrict restricted restrictedly unrestrictedly

restrict restricted restrictedness unrestrictedness

restrict restricted unrestricted unrestrictedly

restrict restricted unrestricted unrestrictedness

restrict restricting derestricting

restrict restricting nonrestricting

restrict restricting overrestricting

restrict restricting unrestricting

restrict restriction derestriction derestrictions

restrict restriction nonrestriction nonrestrictions

restrict restriction overrestriction overrestrictions

restrict restriction restrictions derestrictions

restrict restriction restrictions nonrestrictions

restrict restriction restrictions overrestrictions

restrict restrictive nonrestrictive nonrestrictively

restrict restrictive restrictively nonrestrictively

restrict restrictive restrictiveness

restrict restrictive restrictives

restrict restrictive unrestrictive

restrict restrictor restrictors

restrict restricts derestricts

restrict restricts overrestricts

restrict restricts unrestricts

restrict unrestrict unrestricted unrestrictedly

restrict unrestrict unrestricted unrestrictedness

restrict unrestrict unrestricting

restrict unrestrict unrestrictive

restrict unrestrict unrestricts

restrike restrikes


restring restringed

restring restringent restringents

restring restringing

restring restrings

restripe restriped

restripe restripes


restrive restriven

restrive restrives


restroke restroked

restroke restrokes


restroom restrooms



restructure restructured

restructure restructures

restructuring restructurings


rests armrests

rests arrests rearrests

rests backrests

rests bedrests

rests bookrests

rests crests firecrests

rests footrests

rests forests afforests disafforests

rests forests afforests reafforests

rests forests deforests

rests forests disforests

rests forests rainforests

rests forests reforests

rests handrests

rests headrests

rests interests disinterests

rests polychrests

rests unrests

rests wrests




restudy restudying

restuff restuffed

restuff restuffing

restuff restuffs

restump restumped

restump restumping

restump restumps

restyle restyled

restyle restyles
















terrestrial extraterrestrial extraterrestrially

terrestrial extraterrestrial extraterrestrials

terrestrial extraterrestrial nonextraterrestrial

terrestrial juxtaterrestrial

terrestrial nonterrestrial nonterrestrials

terrestrial subterrestrial subterrestrials

terrestrial terrestrially extraterrestrially

trestle trestles

trestrigintillion trestrigintillions

trestrigintillion trestrigintillionth trestrigintillionths

underestimate underestimated

underestimate underestimates


underestimation underestimations

underestimator underestimators


unrest unrested

unrest unresting

unrest unrestorable

unrest unrestorably

unrest unrestored

unrest unrestrain unrestrainable

unrest unrestrain unrestrainably

unrest unrestrain unrestrained unrestrainedly

unrest unrestrain unrestrained unrestrainedness

unrest unrestrain unrestraining

unrest unrestrain unrestrains

unrest unrestrain unrestraint unrestraints

unrest unrestrict unrestricted unrestrictedly

unrest unrestrict unrestricted unrestrictedness

unrest unrestrict unrestricting

unrest unrestrict unrestrictive

unrest unrestrict unrestricts

unrest unrests



wrest wrested

wrest wrester wresters

wrest wresting

wrest wrestle outwrestle outwrestled

wrest wrestle outwrestle outwrestles

wrest wrestle wrestled outwrestled

wrest wrestle wrestler wrestlers

wrest wrestle wrestles outwrestles

wrest wrestling outwrestling

wrest wrests