Definition of eve

"eve" in the noun sense

1. Eve

Old Testament) Adam's wife in Judeo-Christian mythology: the first woman and mother of the human race God created Eve from Adam's rib and placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

2. eve

the day before

"he always arrives on the eve of her departure"

3. eve

the period immediately before something

"on the eve of the French Revolution"

4. evening, eve, even, eventide

the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall

"he enjoyed the evening light across the lake"

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Quotations for eve

Promising is the eve of giving. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

How blue were Ariadne's eyes
When, from the sea's horizon line,
At eve, she raised them on the skies!
My Psyche, bluer far are thine. [ Aubrey De Vere ]

Well, when the eve has its last streak
The night has its first star. [ Robert Browning ]

All human history attests
That happiness for man - the hungry sinner —
Since Eve ate apples, much depends on dinner! [ Byron ]

The pale child, Eve, leading her mother, Night. [ Alexander Smith ]

O nightingale, that on yon blooming spray
Warblest at eve, when all the woods are still,
Thou with fresh hope the lovers heart doth fill! [ Milton ]

Adam must have an Eve, to blame for what he has done. [ German Proverb ]

Say to Pleasure, Gentle Eve, I will none of your apple. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Dewdrops are the gems of morning, but the tears of mournful eve. [ Coleridge ]

The silent snow possessed the earth, and calmly fell our Christmas-eve. [ Tennyson ]

Be work by day, guests at eve, weeks of toil, festive days of joy, the magic spell for thy future. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

America is a Paradise for women - that is why, like Eve, the American women are extremely anxious to get out of it. [ Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance ]

Most women spend their lives in robbing the old tree from which Eve plucked the first fruit. And such is the attraction of this fruit, that the most honest woman is not content to die without having tasted it. [ O. Feuillet ]

Human excellence, parted from God, is like a fable flower, which, according to Rabbis, Eve plucked when passing out of paradise - severed from its native root, it is only the touching memorial of a lost Eden; sad, while charming - beautiful, but dead. [ C. Stanford ]

Nature eschews regular lines; she does not shape her lines by a common model. Not one of Eve's numerous progeny in all respects resembles her who first culled the flowers of Eden. To the infinite variety and picturesque inequality of nature we owe the great charm of her uncloying beauty. [ Whittier ]

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Longer words containing eve

achieve achieved outachieved

achieve achieved overachieved

achieve achieved reachieved preachieved

achieve achieved unachieved

achieve achieved underachieved

achieve achievement achievements overachievements

achieve achievement achievements reachievements

achieve achievement achievements superachievements

achieve achievement achievements underachievements

achieve achievement overachievement overachievements

achieve achievement reachievement reachievements

achieve achievement superachievement superachievements

achieve achievement underachievement underachievements

achieve achiever achievers overachievers

achieve achiever achievers superachievers

achieve achiever achievers unachievers

achieve achiever achievers underachievers

achieve achiever overachiever overachievers

achieve achiever superachiever superachievers

achieve achiever unachiever unachievers

achieve achiever underachiever underachievers

achieve achieves outachieves

achieve achieves overachieves

achieve achieves reachieves preachieves

achieve achieves unachieves

achieve achieves underachieves

achieve outachieve outachieved

achieve outachieve outachieves

achieve overachieve overachieved

achieve overachieve overachievement overachievements

achieve overachieve overachiever overachievers

achieve overachieve overachieves

achieve reachieve preachieve preachieved

achieve reachieve preachieve preachieves

achieve reachieve reachieved preachieved

achieve reachieve reachievement reachievements

achieve reachieve reachieves preachieves

achieve underachieve underachieved

achieve underachieve underachievement underachievements

achieve underachieve underachiever underachievers

achieve underachieve underachieves


believe believed disbelieved

believe believed misbelieved

believe believed unbelieved

believe believer believers disbelievers

believe believer believers misbelievers

believe believer believers nonbelievers

believe believer believers unbelievers

believe believer disbeliever disbelievers

believe believer misbeliever misbelievers

believe believer nonbeliever nonbelievers

believe believer unbeliever unbelievers

believe believes disbelieves

believe believes misbelieves

believe disbelieve disbelieved

believe disbelieve disbeliever disbelievers

believe disbelieve disbelieves

believe misbelieve misbelieved

believe misbelieve misbeliever misbelievers

believe misbelieve misbelieves

bevel beveled

bevel beveling

bevel bevelled

bevel bevelling bevellings

bevel bevels

breve breves semibreves

breve brevet brevets

breve brevet brevetted

breve brevet brevetting

breve semibreve semibreves

devegetate devegetated

devegetate devegetates


devein deveined

devein deveining

devein deveins

devel develop codevelop codeveloped

devel develop codevelop codeveloper codevelopers

devel develop codevelop codeveloping

devel develop codevelop codevelops

devel develop developable nondevelopable

devel develop develope developed codeveloped

devel develop develope developed misdeveloped

devel develop develope developed overdeveloped

devel develop develope developed redeveloped predeveloped

devel develop develope developed underdeveloped

devel develop develope developed undeveloped

devel develop develope developed welldeveloped

devel develop develope developer codeveloper codevelopers

devel develop develope developer developers codevelopers

devel develop develope developer developers redevelopers

devel develop develope developer redeveloper redevelopers

devel develop develope developes

devel develop developing codeveloping

devel develop developing misdeveloping

devel develop developing nondeveloping

devel develop developing overdeveloping

devel develop developing redeveloping predeveloping

devel develop developing underdeveloping

devel develop developing undeveloping

devel develop development developmental developmentalism developmentalisms

devel develop development developmental developmentalist developmentalists

devel develop development developmental developmentally nondevelopmentally

devel develop development developmental developmentally postdevelopmentally

devel develop development developmental nondevelopmental nondevelopmentally

devel develop development developmental postdevelopmental postdevelopmentally

devel develop development developmentarian developmentarians

devel develop development developmentary

devel develop development developmentism developmentisms

devel develop development developmentist developmentists

devel develop development developments misdevelopments

devel develop development developments nondevelopments

devel develop development developments overdevelopments

devel develop development developments redevelopments predevelopments

devel develop development developments subdevelopments

devel develop development misdevelopment misdevelopments

devel develop development nondevelopment nondevelopmental nondevelopmentally

devel develop development nondevelopment nondevelopments

devel develop development overdevelopment overdevelopments

devel develop development redevelopment predevelopment predevelopments

devel develop development redevelopment redevelopments predevelopments

devel develop development subdevelopment subdevelopments

devel develop development underdevelopment

devel develop develops codevelops

devel develop develops misdevelops

devel develop develops overdevelops

devel develop develops redevelops predevelops

devel develop misdevelop misdeveloped

devel develop misdevelop misdeveloping

devel develop misdevelop misdevelopment misdevelopments

devel develop misdevelop misdevelops

devel develop overdevelop overdeveloped

devel develop overdevelop overdeveloping

devel develop overdevelop overdevelopment overdevelopments

devel develop overdevelop overdevelops

devel develop redevelop predevelop predeveloped

devel develop redevelop predevelop predeveloping

devel develop redevelop predevelop predevelopment predevelopments

devel develop redevelop predevelop predevelops

devel develop redevelop redeveloped predeveloped

devel develop redevelop redeveloper redevelopers

devel develop redevelop redeveloping predeveloping

devel develop redevelop redevelopment predevelopment predevelopments

devel develop redevelop redevelopment redevelopments predevelopments

devel develop redevelop redevelops predevelops

devel develop underdevelop underdeveloped

devel develop underdevelop underdeveloping

devel develop underdevelop underdevelopment

devel devels

dishevel disheveled undisheveled

dishevel disheveler dishevelers

dishevel disheveling

dishevel dishevelled

dishevel dishevelling

dishevel dishevelment dishevelments

dishevel dishevels

dishevel dishevely


even breakeven breakevens

even eleven elevenfold

even eleven elevens

even eleven eleventh elevenths

even evened

even evener unevener

even evenest unevenest

even evenhanded evenhandedly

even evenhanded evenhandedness evenhandednesses

even evening evenings midevenings

even evening midevening midevenings

even evenlight

even evenly unevenly

even evenness unevenness

even evennumber evennumbered

even evennumber evennumbering

even evennumber evennumbers

even evenpinnate

even evens breakevens

even evens elevens

even evens evensong evensongs

even evens sevens

even event bioevent bioevents

even event eleventh elevenths

even event eventbased

even event eventful eventfully uneventfully

even event eventful eventfulness uneventfulness

even event eventful noneventful

even event eventful uneventful uneventfully

even event eventful uneventful uneventfulness

even event eventide eventides

even event eventilate eventilated reventilated

even event eventilate eventilates reventilates

even event eventilate reventilate reventilated

even event eventilate reventilate reventilates

even event eventilating reventilating

even event eventilation eventilations reventilations

even event eventilation reventilation reventilations

even event eventing preventing

even event eventless

even event events bioevents

even event events nonevents

even event events prevents

even event eventual eventualisation eventualisations

even event eventual eventualise eventualised

even event eventual eventualise eventualises

even event eventual eventualising

even event eventual eventualities

even event eventual eventuality

even event eventual eventualization eventualizations

even event eventual eventualize eventualized

even event eventual eventualize eventualizes

even event eventual eventualizing

even event eventual eventually

even event eventuate eventuated

even event eventuate eventuates

even event eventuating

even event nonevent noneventful

even event nonevent nonevents

even event prevent preventabilities

even event prevent preventability

even event prevent preventable preventableness

even event prevent preventable unpreventable

even event prevent preventably

even event prevent preventative preventatively

even event prevent preventative preventatives

even event prevent prevented

even event prevent preventer preventers

even event prevent preventible

even event prevent preventing

even event prevent prevention chemoprevention

even event prevent prevention preventions

even event prevent preventive preventively

even event prevent preventive preventiveness

even event prevent preventive preventives

even event prevent prevents

even event seventeen seventeenfold

even event seventeen seventeens

even event seventeen seventeenth seventeenths

even event seventh sevenths

even event seventh sixtyseventh

even event seventies

even event seventieth seventieths

even event seventy seventyeight

even event seventy seventyfifth

even event seventy seventyfive

even event seventy seventyfold

even event seventy seventyfour

even event seventy seventynine

even event seventy seventyone

even event seventy seventyseven

even event seventy seventysix

even event seventy seventythree

even event seventy seventytwo

even revenge nonrevenge

even revenge revengeable

even revenge revenged

even revenge revengeful revengefully

even revenge revengeful revengefulness

even revenge revengeless

even revenge revenger revengers

even revenge revenges

even revenging revengingly

even revenue nonrevenue

even revenue revenues

even seven sevenfold sevenfolded

even seven sevens

even seven seventeen seventeenfold

even seven seventeen seventeens

even seven seventeen seventeenth seventeenths

even seven seventh sevenths

even seven seventh sixtyseventh

even seven seventies

even seven seventieth seventieths

even seven seventy seventyeight

even seven seventy seventyfifth

even seven seventy seventyfive

even seven seventy seventyfold

even seven seventy seventyfour

even seven seventy seventynine

even seven seventy seventyone

even seven seventy seventyseven

even seven seventy seventysix

even seven seventy seventythree

even seven seventy seventytwo

even seven sixtyseven sixtyseventh

even snakevenom snakevenoms

even uneven unevener

even uneven unevenest

even uneven unevenly

even uneven unevenness

even uneven uneventful uneventfully

even uneven uneventful uneventfulness

ever achiever achievers overachievers

ever achiever achievers superachievers

ever achiever achievers unachievers

ever achiever achievers underachievers

ever achiever overachiever overachievers

ever achiever superachiever superachievers

ever achiever unachiever unachievers

ever achiever underachiever underachievers

ever believer believers disbelievers

ever believer believers misbelievers

ever believer believers nonbelievers

ever believer believers unbelievers

ever believer disbeliever disbelievers

ever believer misbeliever misbelievers

ever believer nonbeliever nonbelievers

ever believer unbeliever unbelievers

ever beverage beverages

ever everbearer everbearers

ever everbearing

ever everbloomer everbloomers

ever everblooming

ever everchanging

ever everflowing

ever everfresh

ever everglade everglades

ever evergreen evergreenery

ever evergreen evergreens

ever evergreen nonevergreen

ever evergreen semievergreen

ever everincreasing

ever everlasting everlastingly

ever everlasting everlastingness

ever everlasting everlastings

ever everliving

ever evermore forevermore

ever evermore nevermore

ever everpresent

ever eversion eversions reversions seroreversions

ever eversion reversion nonreversion nonreversional

ever eversion reversion reversionable

ever eversion reversion reversional nonreversional

ever eversion reversion reversional reversionally

ever eversion reversion reversionaries

ever eversion reversion reversionary

ever eversion reversion reversioned

ever eversion reversion reversioner reversioners

ever eversion reversion reversioning

ever eversion reversion reversionist reversionists

ever eversion reversion reversions seroreversions

ever eversion reversion seroreversion seroreversions

ever evert evertebral prevertebral prevertebrally

ever evert evertebrate devertebrate devertebrated

ever evert evertebrate evertebrates

ever evert everted reverted seroreverted

ever evert everting reverting seroreverting

ever evert everts reverts seroreverts

ever evert everts sieverts

ever evert nevertheless

ever evert neverthemore

ever evert nevertiring

ever evert revert prevertebral prevertebrally

ever evert revert reverted seroreverted

ever evert revert reverter reverters

ever evert revert revertible

ever evert revert reverting seroreverting

ever evert revert reverts seroreverts

ever evert revert serorevert seroreverted

ever evert revert serorevert seroreverting

ever evert revert serorevert seroreverts

ever evert sievert sieverts

ever everwhere

ever every everybody

ever every everyday

ever every everyman

ever every everyone

ever every everyplace

ever every everything

ever every everywhere

ever every revery

ever every thievery

ever fever feverberries

ever fever feverberry

ever fever fevered

ever fever feverfew feverfews

ever fever feverish feverishly

ever fever feverish feverishness

ever fever feverless

ever fever feverproducing

ever fever fevers hayfevers

ever fever feverwort feverworts

ever fever hayfever hayfevers

ever fever spottedfever

ever firstever firstevers

ever forever forevermore

ever forever foreverness

ever griever grievers

ever however

ever howsoever

ever lever cantilever cantilevered

ever lever cantilever cantilevering

ever lever cantilever cantilevers microcantilevers

ever lever cantilever microcantilever microcantilevers

ever lever clever cleverer

ever lever clever cleverest

ever lever clever cleverly uncleverly

ever lever clever cleverness uncleverness

ever lever clever ultraclever

ever lever clever unclever uncleverly

ever lever clever unclever uncleverness

ever lever leverage leveraged unleveraged

ever lever leverage unleverage unleveraged

ever lever leverage unleverage unleverages

ever lever leveraging unleveraging

ever lever levered cantilevered

ever lever levering cantilevering

ever lever levers cantilevers microcantilevers

ever lever levers sidelevers

ever lever sidelever sidelevers

ever manuever manueverable

ever manuever manuevered

ever manuever manuevers

ever never neverceasing

ever never neverdying

ever never neverending

ever never neverfading

ever never neverfailing

ever never nevermore

ever never nevertheless

ever never neverthemore

ever never nevertiring

ever never nonevergreen

ever never whenever

ever peever peevers

ever quinqueverbal

ever quinqueverbial

ever reliever relievers

ever repriever reprievers

ever retriever retrievers

ever reverb reverberance reverberances

ever reverb reverberant reverberantly

ever reverb reverberant unreverberant

ever reverb reverberate reverberated unreverberated

ever reverb reverberate reverberates

ever reverb reverberating unreverberating

ever reverb reverberation reverberations

ever reverb reverberative reverberatively

ever reverb reverberative unreverberative

ever reverb reverberator reverberatories

ever reverb reverberator reverberators

ever reverb reverberator reverberatory

ever reverb reverbs

ever revere revered

ever revere reverence irreverence irreverences

ever revere reverence reverenced

ever revere reverence reverences irreverences

ever revere reverencing

ever revere reverend

ever revere reverent irreverent irreverently

ever revere reverent reverential reverentially

ever revere reverent reverently irreverently

ever revere reveres

ever reverie reveries

ever reverification reverifications

ever reverified

ever reverifies

ever reverify reverifying

ever revering

ever reverist reverists

ever revers reversability

ever revers reversable

ever revers reversal reversals

ever revers reverse nonreverse nonreversed

ever revers reverse reversed nonreversed

ever revers reverse reversegear

ever revers reverse reversely

ever revers reverse reverser reversers

ever revers reverse reverses

ever revers reversibility irreversibility

ever revers reversibility nonreversibility

ever revers reversible irreversible

ever revers reversible nonreversible nonreversibleness

ever revers reversible reversibleness nonreversibleness

ever revers reversibly irreversibly

ever revers reversibly nonreversibly

ever revers reversing nonreversing

ever revers reversion nonreversion nonreversional

ever revers reversion reversionable

ever revers reversion reversional nonreversional

ever revers reversion reversional reversionally

ever revers reversion reversionaries

ever revers reversion reversionary

ever revers reversion reversioned

ever revers reversion reversioner reversioners

ever revers reversion reversioning

ever revers reversion reversionist reversionists

ever revers reversion reversions seroreversions

ever revers reversion seroreversion seroreversions

ever revers reversive

ever sever asseverate asseverated

ever sever asseverate asseverates

ever sever asseverating

ever sever asseveration

ever sever dissever dissevered

ever sever dissever dissevering

ever sever dissever dissevers

ever sever perseverant

ever sever perseverate perseverated

ever sever perseverate perseverates

ever sever perseverating

ever sever perseveration perseverations

ever sever perseverative perseveratively

ever sever perseverative perseverativeness

ever sever perseverator perseverators

ever sever severability

ever sever severable

ever sever several severalfold

ever sever several severalize severalized

ever sever several severalizing

ever sever several severally

ever sever several severals

ever sever several severalties

ever sever several severalty

ever sever severance perseverance perseverances

ever sever severance severances perseverances

ever sever severe persevere persevered

ever sever severe persevere perseverence

ever sever severe persevere perseveres

ever sever severe severed dissevered

ever sever severe severed persevered

ever sever severe severely semiseverely

ever sever severe severeness

ever sever severe severer severers

ever sever severe severest

ever sever severing dissevering

ever sever severing persevering perseveringly

ever sever severities

ever sever severity

ever sever severs dissevers

ever thieveries

ever viceversa

ever whatever

ever whatsoever

ever whensoever

ever wheresoever

ever wherever

ever whichever

ever whithersoever

ever whoever

ever whomever

ever whomsoever

ever whosoever

eves achieves outachieves

eves achieves overachieves

eves achieves reachieves preachieves

eves achieves unachieves

eves achieves underachieves

eves believes disbelieves

eves believes misbelieves

eves breves semibreves

eves devest devests

eves grieves aggrieves

eves peeves

eves reeves unreeves

eves relieves

eves reprieves

eves retrieves

eves revested

eves sieves

eves sleeves coatsleeves

eves sleeves shirtsleeves

eves thieves outthieves

grieve aggrieve aggrieved aggrievedly

grieve aggrieve aggrieved aggrievedness

grieve aggrieve aggrievement aggrievements

grieve aggrieve aggrieves

grieve grieved aggrieved aggrievedly

grieve grieved aggrieved aggrievedness

grieve griever grievers

grieve grieves aggrieves

levee leveed

levee leveeing

levee levees

level eyelevel

level leveled multileveled

level leveled releveled

level leveler levelers

level levelheaded levelheadedness

level leveling releveling

level leveling unleveling

level levelled multilevelled

level levelled unlevelled

level leveller levellers

level levelling

level levelly

level levelness

level levels midlevels

level levels noiselevels

level levels relevels

level levels sealevels

level levels sublevels

level levels waterlevels

level lowerlevel

level lowlevel

level midlevel midlevels

level multilevel multileveled

level multilevel multilevelled

level nanolevel

level noiselevel noiselevels

level nonlevel

level relevel releveled

level relevel releveling

level relevel relevels

level sealevel sealevels

level streetlevel

level sublevel sublevels

level toplevel

level upperlevel

level waterlevel waterlevels

peeve peeved

peeve peever peevers

peeve peeves

reeve reeves unreeves

reeve unreeve unreeved

reeve unreeve unreeves

relieve relieved relievedly unrelievedly

relieve relieved unrelieved unrelievedly

relieve reliever relievers

relieve relieves

reprieve reprieved

reprieve repriever reprievers

reprieve reprieves

retrieve retrieved

retrieve retrievement retrievements

retrieve retriever retrievers

retrieve retrieves

reveal revealable

reveal revealed unrevealed

reveal revealer revealers

reveal revealing nonrevealing

reveal revealing revealingly

reveal revealing revealingness

reveal revealing revealings

reveal revealing unrevealing

reveal revealment

reveal reveals

revegetate revegetated

revegetate revegetates


revegetation revegetations

revel revelation revelationist revelationists

revel revelation revelations

revel reveled

revel reveler revelers

revel reveling

revel revelled

revel reveller revellers

revel revelling revellings

revel revelries

revel revelry

revel revels

revetted brevetted

revetting brevetting

scrieveboard scrieveboards

sieve sieved

sieve sievelike

sieve sievert sieverts

sieve sieves

sleeve coatsleeve coatsleeves

sleeve shirtsleeve shirtsleeved

sleeve shirtsleeve shirtsleeves

sleeve sleeveboard sleeveboards

sleeve sleeved shirtsleeved

sleeve sleeved shortsleeved

sleeve sleeveless

sleeve sleevelike

sleeve sleeves coatsleeves

sleeve sleeves shirtsleeves

sleeve undersleeve

stevedore stevedored

stevedore stevedores


thieve outthieve outthieved

thieve outthieve outthieves

thieve thieved outthieved

thieve thieveries

thieve thievery

thieve thieves outthieves