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Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

12 letter words ending with us

This is a list of all words that end with the letters us and are 12 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

351 Words

(0.158308 % of all words in this word list.)

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acidophilous acrocephalus advantageous adventitious alkaliferous alkaligenous allomorphous altitudinous ambidextrous amentiferous amphicoelous amphitropous ampullaceous androphorous anemophilous angiocarpous ankylosaurus anophthalmus anthophorous antivenomous anurophagous arboricolous assentatious asynchronous auxochromous biohazardous brachiferous brontosaurus cacophonious calciphilous calciphobous canaliferous cantankerous carbonaceous carpophorous carposporous cauliflorous caulimovirus cementitious cephalopagus chalcedonous circumradius cirrocumulus cirrostratus cnidophorous cohyponymous colobomatous contemptuous contumacious coprophagous coprophilous corollaceous cotyledonous cryptococcus cryptonymous cryptozygous cumulocirrus cumulonimbus cupuliferous cyanophilous cyanophobous cymotrichous cynocephalus dendrologous dextrogyrous diatomaceous diphosphorus disciflorous discourteous disingenuous disintegrous disputatious dysgeogenous ectomorphous ectothermous electrofocus endomorphous endospermous endothermous enophthalmus enterococcus entognathous equilibrious ergatogynous esteriferous eurythermous exalbuminous exophthalmus extispicious extraacinous extraosseous extravillous furfuraceous gallinaceous gymnocarpous gymnosporous gynomorphous haemolyticus haemophagous hagiolatrous haptophorous hemathermous hematogenous hepadnavirus hepatogenous heteroecious heterogamous heterogenous heterologous heteronymous heterotopous heterozygous hippophagous hippopotamus holomorphous hominivorous homochromous homomorphous homothermous hylomorphous hypochlorous hypomorphous hypothalamus idiomorphous idiothermous impetiginous inauspicious infelicitous infraazygous inimicitious interfibrous interosseous interveinous intraacinous intraosseous intraveneous keraphyllous keratogenous lacklustrous lagomorphous laticiferous lignophagous lithophytous lymphogenous lymphomatous macronucleus macrophytous macrostylous megaphyllous meretricious meromorphous mesomorphous mesophyllous metamorphous micronucleus microphallus microphytous microsporous microstylous microvillous molybdonosus momentaneous monodelphous monomorphous monophyllous monospermous monothelious mucilaginous multifarious multifibrous multiloquous myxedematous myxomycetous necrophagous necrophilous nectophorous nimbostratus nitrophilous noctambulous nonambiguous nonanalogous noncancerous nondeciduous nondelirious nonedematous nonfrivolous nongarrulous nonglamorous nonhazardous noninjurious nonlitigious nonmalicious nonmelodious nonoxygenous nonpinaceous nonpoisonous nonreligious nonsulfurous nonterminous nontyrannous obstreperous octosepalous odoriphorous oligophagous ombrophobous omphalopagus ophiophagous orthologuous orthotropous osseofibrous ostentatious osteofibrous osteophagous osteophorous overcautious overcovetous overgenerous overpopulous overspacious overstudious overvigorous oxyacanthous oxystomatous pantophagous papuliferous paramorphous parapoxvirus parsimonious pathophorous pauciflorous paucifolious pentahedrous percutaneous perimorphous phaenozygous philanderous philoteknous phonophorous phyllopodous phytophagous phytophilous picornavirus pleomorphous plumbiferous pneumococcus podophyllous polymorphous polynominous polyomavirus polyspermous porcelaneous portmanteaus precancerous prejudicious premonitious preposterous presumptuous pseudonymous pyritiferous pyroligneous pyromorphous radicicolous radiciferous radicivorous raduliferous rambunctious reinfectious rheomorphous rhizophilous rhizophorous rumgumptious sacrilegious sacrospinous sanguiferous saponiferous saprophagous sarcolemmous scatophagous schistaceous schizogenous schizogonous schizopodous schorlaceous semiluminous seminiferous semiprecious siliquaceous simultaneous somnambulous somniloquous soporiferous spermophilus sporophorous stanniferous steatomatous steatopygous stipulaceous styloglossus stylosporous subconscious subcutaneous substantious sudoriferous supercilious superserious superzealous supraazygous syndactylous synoviparous teratogenous teratomatous tetrasporous tetrastylous theomorphous thermogenous thoracopagus titaniferous tricephalous trichotomous tridactylous ultraviscous unadulterous unauspicious unchivalrous uncourageous underzealous unfastidious ungelatinous unglamourous ungregarious unharmonious unlugubrious unpropitious unprosperous unscandalous unscrupulous unsolicitous unsuspicious unsynonymous upholsterous vainglorious vanadiferous verisimilous xanthogenous xanthomatous xenomorphous xeromorphous yatapoxvirus zoocephalous zygomorphous zygomycetous