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Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

10 letter words ending with us

This is a list of all words that end with the letters us and are 10 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

350 Words

(0.157857 % of all words in this word list.)

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abdominous abiogenous abstemious acarpelous acephalous acetarious acinarious acronymous adenovirus adephagous adulterous alacritous albuminous algivorous allogamous allomerous allonymous allosaurus amaranthus amphibious anadromous anatropous antitypous antonymous aposporous apotropous arborvirus arenaceous asphyctous auriferous auspicious autoecious autogenous autologous autonomous autotomous autozygous avaricious basiferous bimorphous binominous biophorous bituminous blisterous blusterous boisterous butcherous byssaceous caconymous cadaverous calamitous calcareous calcivirus calumnious capricious catarrhous catawampus censorious ceruminous chivalrous chunderous circuitous clamourous clangorous colliculus colostrous commodious coniferous contagious contiguous continuous coriaceous courageous cretaceous curvaceous datastatus decapodous denticulus despiteous diaphanous dibrachius didjeridus didynamous dimorphous diprosopus disastrous discobolus dispermous distichous drivethrus drupaceous eczematous edentulous electrobus elegiambus endogamous endogenous equanimous erinaceous eucalyptus eumorphous euphonious exophagous exosporous extraneous fallacious fastidious felicitous fictitious flagitious flavivirus flavourous foliaceous folivorous fortuitous gangrenous gelatinous geophagous geophilous glamourous glomerulus glumaceous gluttonous gonococcus gratuitous gregarious gumivorous halogenous hantavirus harmonious helianthus hemizygous herbaceous hexamerous hocuspocus homogenous homologous homonymous homozygous homunculus horrendous hyoglossus hyponymous iambelegus idolatrous illuminous illustrous impervious implexuous impromptus incestuous indecorous indigenous inducteous infectious inglorious iniquitous innumerous interlocus isopachous jeopardous keratinous kevogyrous languorous lascivious leguminous lentivirus libidinous licentious lipoferous lipogenous lipomatous loquacious lubricious lugubrious lysigenous malodorous marvellous membranous mendacious menstruous meronymous mesoporous metacarpus metamerous metatarsus meticulous metonymous miasmatous migrainous miraculous misandrous misogynous molluscous monoecious monogamous monogynous mononymous monosemous monotonous monotypous monoxylous monozygous monsterous mordacious myophorous mysterious myxococcus myxomatous nanoporous nectareous nonamorous nonaqueous noncurious nonferrous nonfibrous nongaseous nonigneous nonjealous nonobvious nonodorous nononerous nonserious nonviscous nonzealous nutritious obsequious oesophagus oleaginous omnivorous omophagous oncogenous outrageous oxyphilous palaverous paleaceous panniculus paralogous paronymous parvovirus pemphigous pennaceous penumbrous perfidious perjurious pernicious phosphorus plumaceous poliovirus polygamous polygynous polyporous polysemous pompelmous porogamous porphyrous portentous posthumous precarious precocious predacious procoelous prodigious pronucleus propitious prospectus prosperous proteinous puberulous pugnacious quarrelous rabdovirus rachipagus rancourous rebellious recidivous rendezvous retrovirus rhinovirus ridiculous robustious roisterous rupicolous salubrious scandalous scrofulous scrupulous siliculous slanderous slumberous solicitous solipedous soniferous strabismus stridulous stupendous subaqueous subfibrous subnucleus sulfureous sulfurious sulphurous suspicious syncarpous synoecious synonymous tartareous theonymous thunderous thwarteous toponymous tormentous toxiferous traitorous treasonous tremendous tristylous trolleybus tumultuous typonymous ubiquitous uncautious uncovetous underfocus undesirous ungenerous ungracious unhumorous unstudious uproarious victorious villainous vituperous viviparous vociferous voluminous voluptuous xanthopous xenogamous xiphopagus xylogenous xylophagus xylotomous zoolatrous zoophagous zoophilous zoophobous zoosporous zygocactus zymogenous