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Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

11 letter words ending with us

This is a list of all words that end with the letters us and are 11 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

332 Words

(0.149739 % of all words in this word list.)

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abecedarius ablatitious ablepharous abranchious abstentious acarpellous acidiferous acidophilus acrimonious adenomatous adipocerous adipogenous adjutorious adventurous aerophagous aerophorous agatiferous aglumaceous altocumulus altostratus ambiloquous amentaceous ametabolous amphibolous anamorphous androgynous andronymous angiomatous apatosaurus apoplexious aspergillus aspermatous athermanous atrabilious atramentous axonolipous azygomatous baculovirus bicephalous biomorphous blasphemous blizzardous borborygmus bryophagous bulbiferous byssiferous byssogenous cacophonous calcicolous calciferous carnivorous carnotaurus catadromous cataractous catawampous cattywampus celliferous ceremonious cerophilous chartaceous chiropodous chymiferous cirriferous cirrigerous cnidogenous coliphagous collagenous combustious concolorous conspicuous contentious coronavirus cosmogenous costiferous coterminous craniopagus creophagous cruciferous crustaceous cupriferous cystomatous cytophagous declivitous deleterious demiurgeous detrivorous diadelphous diathermous dicephalous dichotomous didactylous diplococcus discolorous dispendious disquietous duplicitous ecomorphous ecthymatous efficacious endocrinous endosporous enterovirus epitepalous eugeogenous exospermous exothermous expeditious extraserous farinaceous ferriferous ferruginous fibromatous fibroserous filamentous flirtatious foliicolous frugivorous fungivorous geminivirus glycogenous gonophorous granivorous hadrosaurus haemophilus hemophagous hepatovirus heptamerous herbivorous herkogamous herpesvirus heteroecous hippocampus homogeneous homophonous homostylous hydrogenous hypoglossus hypothalmus ignominious illustrious impecunious incongruous incredulous individuous industrious inofficious insagacious intravenous ionophorous irreligious ischiopagus isochronous isomorphous isostichous isothermous keratoconus kernicterus lactiferous laevogyrous larvivorous lentiginous ligamentous lignivorous lithogenous macroporous magnanimous malodourous mellifluous meritorious mesophilous mesophytous mesostylous micrococcus microfungus microporous microvillus mischievous molybdenous monoclinous monostylous morbiferous mountainous multiparous myelogenous myomorphous necessitous neomorphous nimbiferous nitrogenous noncovetous nongracious nonhumorous nonluminous nonlustrous nonmucinous nonodourous nonvaporous nonvenomous nonvirtuous nonvitreous nulliparous obliquitous odoriferous opprobrious orthologous orthotypous orthozygous osmophorous overanxious overcurious overjealous overzealous papyraceous papyritious paracarpous patronymous pentamerous perspicuous pestiferous petricolous phenozygous philandrous phosphorous piscivorous polyandrous polychetous polyestrous polyonymous polyphagous polyphonous polystylous precalculus precautious precipitous prestigious pretentious pretextuous proliferous promiscuous protuberous pruriginous punctilious pygostylous pyrolignous quarrellous quinquatrus quizzacious repetitious rhabdovirus rhodococcus rumbustious saltpetrous saprogenous sarcophagus scoriaceous scrumptious seminervous semostomous sirenomelus somniferous spathaceous splendorous spontaneous sporiferous sporiparous sporogenous stegosaurus styliferous subcyaneous submorphous subnodulous subvitreous sulphureous sulphurious superfluous sympetalous symphonious syncephalus synchronous tautologous tautonymous teknonymous tempestuous tendentious terrigenous tetramerous tibiotarsus torrentuous toxophilous toxophorous transvenous treacherous tribrachius trimorphous trinominous tuberculous ultrafamous unambiguous unambitious unaudacious unconscious uncourteous ungarrulous unglamorous unhazardous uninnocuous unjudicious unmalicious unmelodious unmomentous unnotorious unobnoxious unrighteous unsagacious uraniferous urinogenous velamentous vermivorous vituperious worldfamous xenophilous xerophagous xerophilous xerophobous xylocarpous xylophagous xylophilous yttriferous zinciferous zinkiferous zoomorphous zymophorous