Definition of ten

"ten" in the noun sense

1. ten, 10, X, tenner, decade

the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one the base of the decimal system

2. ten-spot, ten

one of four playing cards in a deck with ten pips on the face

"ten" in the adjective sense

1. ten, 10, x

being one more than nine

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Quotations for ten

Grief makes one hour ten. [ Rich. II ]

Habit is ten times nature. [ Wellington ]

Nature draws more than ten teams. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

There's a proud modesty in merit!
Averse from asking, and resolved to pay
Ten times the gifts it asks. [ Dryden ]

Better master one than engage with ten. [ Proverb ]

He who reckons ten friends has not one. [ Malesherbes ]

A man's best friends are his ten fingers. [ Robert Collyer ]

Ten times repeated, it will still please. [ Horace ]

A globe of dew
Filling, in the morning new.
Some eyed flower, whose young leaves waken
On an unimagined world;
Constellated suns unshaken,
Orbits measureless are furled
In that frail and fading sphere.
With ten millions gathered there
To tremble, gleam and disappear. [ Shelley ]

Ten censure wrong for one who writes amiss. [ Pope ]

The sacred rust of twice ten hundred years. [ Pope ]

From every blush that kindles in thy cheeks.
Ten thousand little loves and graces spring
To revel in the roses. [ Nicholas Rowe ]

And torture one poor word ten thousand ways. [ Dryden ]

We credit most our sight; one eye doth please
Our trust far more than ten ear witnesses. [ Herrick ]

Grief hath two tongues; and never woman yet
Could rule them both without ten women's wit. [ William Shakespeare ]

One eye-witness is better than ten hear-says. [ Proverb ]

Once in ten years one man hath need of another. [ Proverb ]

Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean, - roll!
Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in vain;
Man marks the earth with ruin - his control
Stops with the shore. [ Byron ]

Love's heralds should be thoughts,
Which ten times faster glide than the sun's beams
Driving back shadows over lowering hills. [ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet ]

War its thousands slays, peace its ten thousands. [ Beilby Porteous ]

Better once in heaven than ten times at the door. [ Dutch Proverb ]

A man in distress or despair does as much as ten. [ Proverb ]

Love's heralds should be thoughts,
Which ten times faster glide than the sun's beams. [ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Sc. 5 ]

Ten thousand furies lash my soul with whips.
At every look sharp stings transfix my heart.
And my chill blood thrills cold through every vein. [ Darcy ]

One eye-witness is of more weight than ten hearsays. [ Plautus ]

For every ten jokes thou hast got an hundred enemies. [ Sterne ]

Better ten guilty escape than one innocent man suffer. [ Proverb ]

Haste turns usually on a matter of ten minutes too late. [ Bovee ]

The maintaining of one vice, costs more than ten virtues. [ Proverb ]

One eye of the master's sees more than ten of the servant's. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure. [ Alfred Tennyson ]

When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, a hundred. [ Jefferson ]

Tell a woman she's a beauty, and the devil will tell her so ten times. [ Proverb ]

Highways and streets have not all the thieves; shops have ten for one. [ Proverb ]

In nine cases out of ten, the evil tongue belongs to a disappointed man. [ Bancroft ]

To be honest as this world goes is to be one man picked out of ten thousand. [ William Shakespeare ]

Ten Things To Do.

Do good to all.
Speak evil of none.
Hear and know the facts before judging.
Think before speaking.
Hold an angry tongue.
Be kind to the distressed.
Ask pardon for all wrongs.
Be patient toward everybody.
Stop the ears to a tale-bearer.
Disbelieve most of the ill reports concerning friends, neighbors, and people in general.

I have made it a rule never to be with a person ten minutes without trying to make him happier. [ Dr. Raffler ]

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years' study of books. [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

In the common run of mankind, for one that is wise and good you find ten of a contrary character. [ Addison ]

I would give more for the private esteem and love of one than for the public praise of ten thousand. [ W. R. Alger ]

Fortunes made in no time are like shirts made in no time; it's ten to one if they hang long together. [ Douglas Jerrold ]

The last act of life is sometimes like the last number in a sum, ten times greater than all the rest. [ Collier ]

I scarcely exceed the middle age of man; yet between infancy and maturity I have seen ten revolutions! [ Lamartine ]

One could take down a book from a shelf ten times more wise and witty than almost any man's conversation. [ Campbell ]

He that sows the ground with diligence gains more religious merit than by repeating ten thousand prayers. [ Zoroaster ]

It is not a great Xerxes army of words, but a compact Greek ten thousand that march safely down to posterity. [ Lowell ]

Give me a chance, says Stupid, and I will show you. Ten to one he has had his chance already, and neglected it. [ Haliburton ]

Reputation is a jewel which nothing can replace; it is ten thousand times more valuable capital than your diamonds. [ Laboulaye ]

Why, at this rate, a fellow that has but a groat in his pocket may have a stomach capable of a ten-shilling ordinary. [ Congreve ]

It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you have got it, it requires ten times as much wit to keep it. [ Ralph Waldo Emerson ]

There is the same difference between their tongues as between the hour and the minute-hand; one goes ten times as fast, and the other signifies ten times as much. [ Sydney Smith ]

Paradise, as described by the theologians, seems to me too musical: I confess that I should be incapable of listening to a cantata that would last ten thousand years. [ T. Gautier ]

A discursive student is almost certain to fall into bad company. Ten minutes with a French novel or a German rationalist have sent a reader away with a fever for life. [ Willmott ]

He only is great who has the habits of greatness; who, after performing what none in ten thousand could accomplish, passes on like Samson, and tells neither father nor mother of it. [ Lavater ]

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labor and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. [ Bible ]

Haste turns usually upon a matter of ten minutes too late, and may be avoided by a habit like that of Lord Nelson, to which he ascribed his success in life, of being ten minutes too early. [ Bovee ]

One (poem) courts the shade; another, not afraid of the critic's keen eye, chooses to be seen in a strong light; the one pleases but once, the other will still please if ten times repeated. [ Horace ]

A very desperate habit; one that is rarely cured. Apology is only egotism wrong side out. Nine times out of ten, the first thing a man's companion knows of his shortcomings is from his apology. [ Holmes ]

Every age has its different inclinations, but man is always the same. At ten, he is led by sweetmeats, at twenty by a mistress, at thirty by pleasure, at forty by ambition, at fifty by avarice. [ J. J. Rousseau ]

Do not think of knocking out another person's brains because he differs in opinion from you. It would be as rational to knock yourself on the head because you differ from yourself ten years ago. [ Horace Mann ]

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. [ Washington Irving ]

There are joys which long to be ours. God sends ten thousand truths, which come about us like birds seeking inlet; but we are shut up to them, and so they bring us nothing, but sit and sing awhile upon the roof, and then fly away. [ Beecher ]

Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and a great deal more saucy. When you have bought one fine thing, you must buy ten more, that your appearance may be all of a piece; but it is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it. [ Franklin ]

With a clear sky, a bright sun, and a gentle breeze, you have friends in plenty; but let fortune frown, and the firmament be overcast, and then your friends will prove like the strings of the lute, of which you tighten ten before you find one that will bear the stretch and keep the pitch. [ Gotthold ]

Threescore years and ten! It is the Scriptural statute of limitations. After that, you owe no active duties; for you the strenuous life is over. You are a time-expired man, to use Kipling's military phrase: You have served your term, well or less well, and you are mustered out. You are become an honorary member of the republic, you are emancipated, compulsions are not for you, nor any bugle-tail but lights out. You pay the time-worn duty bills if you choose, or decline if you prefer - and without prejudice - for they are not legally collectable. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

No woman is a genius: women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly. They represent the triumph of matter over mind, just as men represent the triumph of mind over morals. There are only two kinds of women, the plain and the colored. The plain women are very useful. If you want to gain a reputation for respectability you have merely to take them down to supper. The other women are very charming. They commit one mistake, however. They paint in order to try to look young. Our grandmothers painted in order to try to talk brilliantly. Rouge and esprit used to go together. That has all gone out now. As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter she is perfectly satisfied. [ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey ]

ten in Scrabble®

The word ten is playable in Scrabble®, no blanks required.

Scrabble® Letter Score: 3

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ten in Words With Friends™

The word ten is playable in Words With Friends™, no blanks required.

Words With Friends™ Letter Score: 4

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Words containing the sequence ten

Words that start with ten (174 words)


Words with ten in them (1223 words)


Word Growth involving ten

Shorter words in ten


Longer words containing ten


accurateness superaccurateness

acetenyl acetenyls

adequateness inadequateness

advertence inadvertence

aldoketene aldoketenes

animateness inanimateness

antenna antennae

antenna antennas

appositeness inappositeness

appropriateness inappropriateness

armipotence armipotences

asphaltene asphaltenes


attenuate attenuated nonattenuated

attenuate attenuated overattenuated

attenuate attenuated unattenuated unattenuatedly

attenuate attenuated underattenuated

attenuate attenuates overattenuates

attenuate attenuates underattenuates

attenuate overattenuate overattenuated

attenuate overattenuate overattenuates

attenuate underattenuate underattenuated

attenuate underattenuate underattenuates

attenuating overattenuating

attenuating underattenuating

attenuation attenuations

attenuation overattenuation

attenuation underattenuation

attenuator attenuators


batten battened

batten battening

batten battens

benighten benightened

benighten benightening benightenings

benighten benightens

bitten backbitten

bitten crossbitten

bitten fleabitten

bitten frostbitten

bitten overbitten

bitten rebitten

bitten snakebitten

bitten unbitten

bitten underbitten

brighten brightened overbrightened

brighten brightened rebrightened

brighten brightener brighteners

brighten brightening overbrightening

brighten brightening rebrightening

brighten brightens overbrightens

brighten brightens rebrightens

brighten overbrighten overbrightened

brighten overbrighten overbrightening

brighten overbrighten overbrightens

brighten rebrighten rebrightened

brighten rebrighten rebrightening

brighten rebrighten rebrightens


butene aminobutene aminobutenes

butene butenes aminobutenes

butene butenes cyclobutenes benzocyclobutenes

butene butenes cyclobutenes methylcyclobutenes

butene butenes isobutenes polyisobutenes

butene butenes polybutenes

butene cyclobutene benzocyclobutene benzocyclobutenes

butene cyclobutene cyclobutenes benzocyclobutenes

butene cyclobutene cyclobutenes methylcyclobutenes

butene cyclobutene methylcyclobutene methylcyclobutenes

butene isobutene isobutenes polyisobutenes

butene isobutene polyisobutene polyisobutenes

butene polybutene polybutenes

carotene betacarotenes

carotene carotenemia

carotenoid carotenoids



catenate catenated concatenated unconcatenated

catenate catenates concatenates

catenate concatenate concatenated unconcatenated

catenate concatenate concatenates

catenate concatenate deconcatenate

catenating concatenating

catenation catenations concatenations

catenation concatenation concatenations

catenative nonconcatenative

catenin betacatenin

catenin catenins

catenoid catenoids


centenarian centenarians

centenaries bicentenaries

centenaries sesquicentenaries

centenary bicentenary

centenary quincentenary

centenary sesquicentenary

centennia centennial bicentennial bicentennials

centennia centennial centennially sesquicentennially

centennia centennial centennials bicentennials

centennia centennial centennials quadricentennials

centennia centennial centennials quincentennials

centennia centennial centennials sesquicentennials

centennia centennial centennials tricentennials

centennia centennial quadricentennial quadricentennials

centennia centennial quincentennial quincentennials

centennia centennial sesquicentennial sesquicentennially

centennia centennial sesquicentennial sesquicentennials

centennia centennial tricentennial tricentennials

centennium centenniums

christen christened rechristened

christen christened unchristened

christen christening christenings rechristenings

christen christening rechristening rechristenings

christen christens rechristens

christen rechristen rechristened

christen rechristen rechristening rechristenings

christen rechristen rechristens



competence competences

competence immunocompetence

competence incompetence

competence noncompetence

competencies incompetencies

competency incompetency

competency noncompetency

completeness incompleteness incompletenesses



considerateness inconsiderateness


consistencies inconsistencies

consistency inconsistency


countenance countenanced

countenance countenances

countenance discountenance



ctenocyst ctenocysts

cuteness acuteness superacuteness


cystencyte cystencytes

degenerateness nondegenerateness

degenerateness undegenerateness

deliberateness undeliberateness


desistence desistences



determinateness indeterminateness

determinateness undeterminateness



disproportionateness disproportionatenesses


eaten beaten browbeaten

eaten beaten overbeaten

eaten beaten unbeaten

eaten beaten underbeaten

eaten beaten wavebeaten

eaten beaten weatherbeaten

eaten greaten greatening

eaten motheaten

eaten neaten neatened

eaten neaten neatening

eaten neaten neatens

eaten neaten uneaten

eaten overeaten

eaten threaten threatened unthreatened

eaten threaten threatener threateners

eaten threaten threatening lifethreatening

eaten threaten threatening nonthreatening nonthreateningly

eaten threaten threatening threateningly nonthreateningly

eaten threaten threatening threatenings

eaten threaten threatening unthreatening

eaten threaten threatens

eaten threaten unthreatenable

eaten undereaten

eaten wheaten wheatens

eaten wormeaten



existence coexistence coexistences

existence existences coexistences

existence existences preexistences

existence nonexistence

existence preexistence preexistences


extenuate extenuated

extenuate extenuates

extenuating extenuatingly

extenuation extenuations


extenuator extenuators

extenuator extenuatory


fasten fastened refastened

fasten fastened unfastened

fasten fastener fasteners unfasteners

fasten fastener unfastener unfasteners

fasten fastening fastenings

fasten fastening refastening

fasten fastening unfastening

fasten fastens refastens

fasten fastens unfastens

fasten refasten refastened

fasten refasten refastening

fasten refasten refastens

fasten unfasten unfastened

fasten unfasten unfastener unfasteners

fasten unfasten unfastening

fasten unfasten unfastens

fatten fattened nonfattened

fatten fattened unfattened

fatten fattening nonfattening

fatten fattens

finiteness definiteness indefiniteness

finiteness infiniteness

flatten flattened

flatten flattener flatteners

flatten flattening

flatten flattens

fortunateness unfortunateness

frighten affrighten affrightened

frighten affrighten affrightening

frighten affrighten affrightens

frighten frightened affrightened

frighten frightened frightenedly

frighten frightened unfrightened

frighten frightener frighteners

frighten frightening affrightening

frighten frightening frighteningly

frighten frightening nonfrightening

frighten frightens affrightens

frighten frightens overfrightens

frighten overfrighten overfrightens

frighten unfrightenable

gluten glutenin glutenins

gluten glutenous

gluten glutens

gotten begotten misbegotten

gotten forgotten unforgotten

gotten illgotten

hasten chasten chastened unchastened

hasten chasten chasteness unchasteness

hasten chasten chastening

hasten chasten chastens

hasten hastened chastened unchastened

hasten hastening chastening

hasten hastens chastens

hearten dishearten disheartened

hearten dishearten disheartening dishearteningly

hearten dishearten disheartens

hearten heartened disheartened

hearten heartened reheartened

hearten heartening disheartening dishearteningly

hearten heartening reheartening

hearten heartens disheartens

hearten heartens reheartens

hearten rehearten reheartened

hearten rehearten reheartening

hearten rehearten reheartens

heighten heightened

heighten heightening

heighten heightens

heptene cycloheptene cycloheptenes

heptene heptenes cycloheptenes

heptene heptenes isoheptenes

heptene isoheptene isoheptenes




hypotenuse hypotenuses



impotence antiimpotence






intenerate intenerated

intenerate intenerates


inteneration intenerations





isoteniscope isoteniscopes


ketoketene ketoketenes

kindergarten kindergartener kindergarteners

kindergarten kindergartens prekindergartens

kindergarten nonkindergarten

kindergarten prekindergarten prekindergartens

kitten kittenish kittenishly

kitten kittens



lateness articulateness inarticulateness

lateness articulateness nonarticulateness

lateness desolateness

lateness immaculateness

lateness inviolateness

lateness latenesses

lighten enlighten enlightened enlightenedly

lighten enlighten enlightened enlightenedness

lighten enlighten enlightened nonenlightened

lighten enlighten enlightened reenlightened preenlightened

lighten enlighten enlightened unenlightened

lighten enlighten enlightener enlighteners

lighten enlighten enlightening enlighteningly

lighten enlighten enlightening nonenlightening

lighten enlighten enlightening reenlightening

lighten enlighten enlightening unenlightening

lighten enlighten enlightenment enlightenments reenlightenments preenlightenments

lighten enlighten enlightenment enlightenments unenlightenments

lighten enlighten enlightenment reenlightenment preenlightenment preenlightenments

lighten enlighten enlightenment reenlightenment reenlightenments preenlightenments

lighten enlighten enlightenment unenlightenment unenlightenments

lighten enlighten enlightens reenlightens

lighten enlighten reenlighten reenlightened preenlightened

lighten enlighten reenlighten reenlightening

lighten enlighten reenlighten reenlightenment preenlightenment preenlightenments

lighten enlighten reenlighten reenlightenment reenlightenments preenlightenments

lighten enlighten reenlighten reenlightens

lighten lightened enlightened enlightenedly

lighten lightened enlightened enlightenedness

lighten lightened enlightened nonenlightened

lighten lightened enlightened reenlightened preenlightened

lighten lightened enlightened unenlightened

lighten lightened relightened

lighten lightened unlightened

lighten lightener enlightener enlighteners

lighten lightener lighteners enlighteners

lighten lightening enlightening enlighteningly

lighten lightening enlightening nonenlightening

lighten lightening enlightening reenlightening

lighten lightening enlightening unenlightening

lighten lightening relightening

lighten lightens enlightens reenlightens

lighten lightens relightens

lighten relighten relightened

lighten relighten relightening

lighten relighten relightens

listen glisten glistened

listen glisten glistening

listen glisten glistens

listen listenable unlistenable

listen listened glistened

listen listened unlistened

listen listener listeners nonlisteners

listen listener nonlistener nonlisteners

listen listening glistening

listen listening nonlistening

listen listens glistens


marten martens martensite

marten martens martensitic

marten martens smartens

marten smarten smartened

marten smarten smartening

marten smarten smartens



mitten intermittence

mitten intermittency

mitten intermittent intermittently

mitten intermittent nonintermittent

mitten intromittence

mitten intromittent

mitten mittened

mitten mittens

mitten remittent remittently

mitten smitten


moisten moistened overmoistened

moisten moistened remoistened premoistened

moisten moistener moisteners

moisten moistening overmoistening

moisten moistening remoistening premoistening

moisten moistens overmoistens

moisten moistens remoistens premoistens

moisten overmoisten overmoistened

moisten overmoisten overmoistening

moisten overmoisten overmoistens

moisten remoisten premoisten premoistened

moisten remoisten premoisten premoistening

moisten remoisten premoisten premoistens

moisten remoisten remoistened premoistened

moisten remoisten remoistening premoistening

moisten remoisten remoistens premoistens

molten nonmolten

muteness deafmuteness


octene cyclooctene cyclooctenes

octene isooctene isooctenes

octene octenes cyclooctenes

octene octenes isooctenes

often oftener softener softeners

often oftenest

often oftentime oftentimes

often soften resoften resoftened

often soften resoften resoftening

often soften resoften resoftens

often soften softened resoftened

often soften softener softeners

often soften softening resoftening

often soften softening softenings

often soften softens resoftens

often soften unsoftenable





pecten pectens


pentene cyclopentene cyclopentenes methylcyclopentenes

pentene cyclopentene methylcyclopentene methylcyclopentenes

pentene isopentene isopentenes

pentene neopentene neopentenes

pentene pentenes cyclopentenes methylcyclopentenes

pentene pentenes isopentenes

pentene pentenes neopentenes

persistence nonpersistence

politeness impoliteness


potency impotency

potency multipotency

potency pluripotency


pretence pretences


quieten disquieten disquietened

quieten disquieten disquietening

quieten disquieten disquietens

quieten quietened disquietened

quieten quietens disquietens

rectenna rectennas

regenerateness unregenerateness




rotten rottener

rotten rottenest

rotten rottenish

rotten rottenly

rotten rottenness

rotten rottenstone rottenstoned

rotten rottenstone rottenstones

rotten rottenstoning

sauerbraten sauerbratens


seiten seitens

sentence resentence presentence presentenced

sentence resentence presentence presentences

sentence resentence resentenced presentenced

sentence resentence resentences presentences

sentence sentenced resentenced presentenced

sentence sentencer sentencers

sentence sentences resentences presentences

sentence sentences subsentences

sentence subsentence subsentences

sentencing resentencing presentencing

sentencing sentencings


septennialist septennialists



septennium septenniums

shorten overshorten overshortened

shorten overshorten overshortening

shorten overshorten overshortens

shorten shortened foreshortened

shorten shortened overshortened

shorten shortener shorteners

shorten shortening overshortening

shorten shortening shortenings

shorten shortens overshortens


stench stenches

stench stenchier

stench stenchiest

stench stenchy

stencil stenciled

stencil stenciling

stencil stencilled

stencil stenciller stencillers

stencil stencilling stencillings

stencil stencilmaker stencilmakers

stencil stencilmaking

stencil stencils

stenlock stenlocks

steno electrostenolysis

steno electrostenolytic

steno stenobenthic

steno stenographer stenographers

steno stenographic stenographical stenographically

steno stenographies

steno stenography

steno stenohaline

steno stenometopic

steno stenopeic

steno stenophobe stenophobes

steno stenophobia

steno stenophobic stenophobics

steno stenos stenose stenosed

steno stenos stenose stenoses esophagostenoses oesophagostenoses

steno stenos stenosing

steno stenos stenosis craniostenosis

steno stenos stenosis dermostenosis

steno stenos stenosis esophagostenosis oesophagostenosis

steno stenos stenosis laemostenosis

steno stenos stenosis phlebostenosis

steno stenotherm stenothermal

steno stenotherm stenothermic

steno stenotherm stenothermophilic

steno stenotherm stenothermous

steno stenotherm stenotherms

steno stenotherm stenothermy

steno stenotic

steno stenotype stenotyped

steno stenotype stenotyper stenotypers

steno stenotype stenotypes

steno stenotypic stenotypical stenotypically

steno stenotyping

steno stenotypist stenotypists

steno stenotypy


straighten overstraighten

straighten restraighten restraightened

straighten restraighten restraightening

straighten restraighten restraightens

straighten straightened restraightened

straighten straightened unstraightened

straighten straightener straighteners

straighten straightening restraightening

straighten straightening unstraightening

straighten straightens restraightens

straighten straightens unstraightens

straighten unstraighten unstraightenable

straighten unstraighten unstraightened

straighten unstraighten unstraightening

straighten unstraighten unstraightens

straiten overstraiten

straiten straitened

straiten straitening

straiten straitens


sustenance nonsustenance

sweeten outsweeten outsweetened

sweeten outsweeten outsweetening

sweeten outsweeten outsweetens

sweeten oversweeten oversweetened

sweeten oversweeten oversweetening

sweeten oversweeten oversweetens

sweeten presweeten presweetened

sweeten presweeten presweetening

sweeten presweeten presweetens

sweeten sweetened outsweetened

sweeten sweetened oversweetened

sweeten sweetened presweetened

sweeten sweetened undersweetened

sweeten sweetened unsweetened

sweeten sweetener sweeteners

sweeten sweetening outsweetening

sweeten sweetening oversweetening

sweeten sweetening presweetening

sweeten sweetening undersweetening

sweeten sweetens outsweetens

sweeten sweetens oversweetens

sweeten sweetens presweetens

sweeten sweetens undersweetens

sweeten undersweeten undersweetened

sweeten undersweeten undersweetening

sweeten undersweeten undersweetens

tauten tautened untautened

tauten tautening

tauten tautens



tenable listenable unlistenable

tenable unfrightenable

tenable unsoftenable

tenable unstraightenable

tenable untenable

tenable unthreatenable


tenacious tenaciously

tenacious tenaciousness



tenancies subtenancies

tenancy lieutenancy

tenancy subtenancy

tenant lieutenant lieutenants sublieutenants

tenant lieutenant sublieutenant sublieutenants

tenant multitenant

tenant subtenant subtenants

tenant sustenant

tenant tenanted untenanted

tenant tenanting

tenant tenantless

tenant tenantlike

tenant tenantries

tenant tenantry

tenant tenants lieutenants sublieutenants

tenant tenants subtenants

tenant tenants tenantship tenantships

tend attend attendance attendances coattendances

tend attend attendance attendances nonattendances

tend attend attendance coattendance coattendances

tend attend attendance nonattendance nonattendances

tend attend attendant attendants nonattendants

tend attend attendant nonattendant nonattendants

tend attend attended coattended

tend attend attended unattended

tend attend attendee attendees

tend attend attender attenders coattenders

tend attend attender attenders nonattenders

tend attend attender coattender coattenders

tend attend attender nonattender nonattenders

tend attend attending attendingly

tend attend attending coattending

tend attend attending unattending

tend attend attendment attendments

tend attend attends coattends

tend attend coattend coattendance coattendances

tend attend coattend coattended

tend attend coattend coattender coattenders

tend attend coattend coattending

tend attend coattend coattends

tend bartend bartended

tend bartend bartender bartenders

tend bartend bartending

tend bartend bartends

tend contend contended

tend contend contender contenders

tend contend contending

tend contend contendress contendresses

tend contend contends

tend convertend convertends

tend distend distended overdistended

tend distend distended undistended

tend distend distending overdistending

tend distend distending undistending

tend distend distends overdistends

tend distend overdistend overdistended

tend distend overdistend overdistending

tend distend overdistend overdistends

tend distend undistend undistended

tend distend undistend undistending

tend entendre

tend extend extendability

tend extend extendable

tend extend extended hyperextended

tend extend extended nonextended

tend extend extended overextended

tend extend extended reextended

tend extend extended unextended

tend extend extender extenders

tend extend extending hyperextending

tend extend extending overextending

tend extend extending reextending

tend extend extends hyperextends

tend extend extends overextends

tend extend extends reextends

tend extend hyperextend hyperextended

tend extend hyperextend hyperextending

tend extend hyperextend hyperextends

tend extend nonextendible

tend extend overextend overextended

tend extend overextend overextending

tend extend overextend overextends

tend extend reextend reextended

tend extend reextend reextending

tend extend reextend reextends

tend extend underextend

tend frontend frontends

tend intend intended superintended

tend intend intended unintended unintendedly

tend intend intending superintending

tend intend intendment intendments

tend intend intends superintends

tend intend superintend superintendant

tend intend superintend superintended

tend intend superintend superintendence

tend intend superintend superintendencies

tend intend superintend superintendency

tend intend superintend superintendent superintendents superintendentship superintendentships

tend intend superintend superintending

tend intend superintend superintends

tend neurotendinous

tend portend portended

tend portend portending

tend portend portends

tend pretend pretended

tend pretend pretender pretenders pretendership

tend pretend pretending unpretending

tend pretend pretends

tend repetend

tend septendecilliard septendecilliards

tend septendecilliard septendecilliardth septendecilliardths

tend septendecillion septendecillions

tend septendecillion septendecillionth septendecillionths

tend subtend subtended

tend subtend subtending

tend subtend subtends

tend tended attended coattended

tend tended attended unattended

tend tended bartended

tend tended contended

tend tended distended overdistended

tend tended distended undistended

tend tended extended hyperextended

tend tended extended nonextended

tend tended extended overextended

tend tended extended reextended

tend tended extended unextended

tend tended intended superintended

tend tended intended unintended unintendedly

tend tended portended

tend tended pretended

tend tended subtended

tend tended untended

tend tendencies ambitendencies

tend tendencies superintendencies

tend tendency ambitendency

tend tendency superintendency

tend tendentious

tend tender attender attenders coattenders

tend tender attender attenders nonattenders

tend tender attender coattender coattenders

tend tender attender nonattender nonattenders

tend tender bartender bartenders

tend tender contender contenders

tend tender extender extenders

tend tender flametender flametenders

tend tender goaltender goaltenders

tend tender pretender pretenders pretendership

tend tender tenderable

tend tender tendered

tend tender tenderer tenderers

tend tender tenderest

tend tender tenderfeet

tend tender tenderfoot tenderfoots

tend tender tenderhearted tenderheartedly

tend tender tenderhearted tenderheartedness

tend tender tendering

tend tender tenderisation tenderisations

tend tender tenderise tenderised

tend tender tenderise tenderiser tenderisers

tend tender tenderise tenderises

tend tender tenderising

tend tender tenderization tenderizations

tend tender tenderize tenderized

tend tender tenderize tenderizer tenderizers

tend tender tenderize tenderizes

tend tender tenderizing

tend tender tenderloin tenderloins

tend tender tenderly

tend tender tenderness

tend tender tenders attenders coattenders

tend tender tenders attenders nonattenders

tend tender tenders bartenders

tend tender tenders contenders

tend tender tenders extenders

tend tender tenders flametenders

tend tender tenders goaltenders

tend tender tenders pretenders pretendership

tend tender ultratender

tend tending attending attendingly

tend tending attending coattending

tend tending attending unattending

tend tending bartending

tend tending contending

tend tending distending overdistending

tend tending distending undistending

tend tending extending hyperextending

tend tending extending overextending

tend tending extending reextending

tend tending goaltending goaltendings

tend tending intending superintending

tend tending portending

tend tending pretending unpretending

tend tending subtending

tend tendinitis

tend tendon tendonitis

tend tendon tendons

tend tendril tendrils

tend tends attends coattends

tend tends bartends

tend tends contends

tend tends convertends

tend tends distends overdistends

tend tends extends hyperextends

tend tends extends overextends

tend tends extends reextends

tend tends frontends

tend tends intends superintends

tend tends portends

tend tends pretends

tend tends subtends


tenebrist tenebrists

tenement tenements

tenet tenets

tenfold tenfolds

tenge tenges

tenner tenners


tenocyte tenocytes





tenophyte tenophytes

tenor baritenor baritenors

tenor tenorist tenorists

tenor tenorrhaphies

tenor tenorrhaphy

tenor tenors baritenors


tenotome tenotomes



tenpin tenpins

tens angiotensin angiotensinase

tens angiotensin angiotensinogen

tens battens

tens benightens

tens brightens overbrightens

tens brightens rebrightens

tens christens rechristens

tens distensibility

tens extensibility

tens extensive coextensive

tens extensive extensively

tens extensive extensiveness

tens extensive nonextensive

tens fastens refastens

tens fastens unfastens

tens fattens

tens flattens

tens frightens affrightens

tens frightens overfrightens

tens glutens

tens hastens chastens

tens heartens disheartens

tens heartens reheartens

tens heightens

tens hypertensin

tens hypertensive antihypertensive antihypertensives

tens hypertensive hypertensives antihypertensives

tens intensate intensated

tens intensate intensates

tens intensating

tens intensation intensations

tens intensative intensatives

tens intensification intensifications

tens intensification overintensification

tens intensified nonintensified

tens intensified overintensified

tens intensifier intensifiers

tens intensifies

tens intensify intensifying overintensifying

tens intensify overintensify overintensifying

tens intensities overintensities

tens intensitometer intensitometers

tens intensity overintensity

tens intensive intensively

tens intensive intensiveness

tens intensive intensives

tens intensive labourintensive

tens intensive nonintensive

tens intensive ultraintensive

tens kindergartens prekindergartens

tens kittens

tens lightens enlightens reenlightens

tens lightens relightens

tens listens glistens

tens martens martensite

tens martens martensitic

tens martens smartens

tens mittens

tens moistens overmoistens

tens moistens remoistens premoistens

tens neatens

tens neurotensin

tens nonextensivity

tens pectens

tens quietens disquietens

tens rottenstone rottenstoned

tens rottenstone rottenstones

tens rottenstoning

tens sauerbratens

tens seitens

tens shortens overshortens

tens softens resoftens

tens straightens restraightens

tens straightens unstraightens

tens straitens

tens sweetens outsweetens

tens sweetens oversweetens

tens sweetens presweetens

tens sweetens undersweetens

tens tautens

tens tense hypertense

tens tense intense hyperintense

tens tense intense hypointense

tens tense intense intensely overintensely

tens tense intense intenseness overintenseness

tens tense intense intenser

tens tense intense intensest

tens tense intense isointense

tens tense intense nonintense

tens tense intense overintense overintensely

tens tense intense overintense overintenseness

tens tense intense ultraintense

tens tense pretense pretenses

tens tense subtense subtenses

tens tense tensed

tens tense tensely intensely overintensely

tens tense tenseness intenseness overintenseness

tens tense tenser intenser

tens tense tenses pretenses

tens tense tenses subtenses

tens tense tenses tensest intensest

tens tensible distensible nondistensible

tens tensible extensible hyperextensible

tens tensible extensible inextensible

tens tensible ostensible

tens tensibly ostensibly

tens tensile tensilely

tens tensile tensileness

tens tensile thermotensile

tens tensilities

tens tensility

tens tensimeter tensimeters

tens tensing

tens tensiometer tensiometers

tens tensiometric

tens tensiometries

tens tensiometry

tens tension distension distensions overdistensions

tens tension distension overdistension overdistensions

tens tension extension extensional extensionally

tens tension extension extensional nonextensional

tens tension extension extensions hyperextensions

tens tension extension extensions overextensions

tens tension extension extensions underextensions

tens tension extension hyperextension hyperextensions

tens tension extension overextension overextensions

tens tension extension underextension underextensions

tens tension hypertension hypertensions

tens tension hypertension prehypertension

tens tension hypotension

tens tension posttension posttensional posttensionally

tens tension posttension posttensioned

tens tension posttension posttensioning

tens tension posttension posttensions

tens tension pretension pretensional pretensionally

tens tension pretension pretensioned

tens tension pretension pretensioning

tens tension pretension pretensionless

tens tension pretension pretensions

tens tension tensional extensional extensionally

tens tension tensional extensional nonextensional

tens tension tensional posttensional posttensionally

tens tension tensional pretensional pretensionally

tens tension tensioned posttensioned

tens tension tensioned pretensioned

tens tension tensioning posttensioning

tens tension tensioning pretensioning

tens tension tensionless pretensionless

tens tension tensions distensions overdistensions

tens tension tensions extensions hyperextensions

tens tension tensions extensions overextensions

tens tension tensions extensions underextensions

tens tension tensions hypertensions

tens tension tensions posttensions

tens tension tensions pretensions

tens tension tensions thermotensions

tens tension thermotension thermotensions

tens tensometer tensometers

tens tensor extensor extensors

tens tensor tensors extensors

tens threatens

tens tightens overtightens

tens tightens retightens

tens tungstens

tens utensil utensils

tens wheatens

tens whitens prewhitens

tent advertent advertently inadvertently

tent advertent inadvertent inadvertently

tent attention attentional

tent attention attentions

tent attention inattention

tent attentive attentively inattentively

tent attentive attentively overattentively

tent attentive attentively unattentively

tent attentive attentiveness inattentiveness

tent attentive attentiveness overattentiveness

tent attentive attentiveness unattentiveness

tent attentive inattentive inattentively

tent attentive inattentive inattentiveness

tent attentive overattentive overattentively

tent attentive overattentive overattentiveness

tent attentive unattentive unattentively

tent attentive unattentive unattentiveness

tent competent competently incompetently

tent competent immunocompetent

tent competent incompetent incompetently

tent competent incompetent incompetents

tent competent noncompetent

tent competent overcompetent

tent competent ultracompetent

tent content contented contentedly discontentedly

tent content contented contentedness discontentedness

tent content contented discontented discontentedly

tent content contented discontented discontentedness

tent content contented miscontented

tent content contentful

tent content contention contentions

tent content contentious contentiously

tent content contentious contentiousness

tent content contentious uncontentious

tent content contentless

tent content contently

tent content contentment discontentment discontentments

tent content contentment miscontentment miscontentments

tent content contents discontents

tent content contents malcontents

tent content contents miscontents

tent content discontent discontented discontentedly

tent content discontent discontented discontentedness

tent content discontent discontenting

tent content discontent discontentment discontentments

tent content discontent discontents

tent content malcontent malcontents

tent content miscontent miscontented

tent content miscontent miscontenting

tent content miscontent miscontentment miscontentments

tent content miscontent miscontents

tent detent detente detentes

tent detent detention detentions

tent detent detentism

tent detent detentist antidetentist antidetentists

tent detent detentist detentists antidetentists

tent detent detentist detentists prodetentists

tent detent detentist prodetentist prodetentists

tent detent detents

tent entente ententes

tent extent extents

tent infratentorial

tent intent intentbased

tent intent intention intentional intentionalism

tent intent intention intentional intentionality

tent intent intention intentional intentionally unintentionally

tent intent intention intentional nonintentional nonintentionalistic

tent intent intention intentional unintentional unintentionally

tent intent intention intentioned wellintentioned

tent intent intention intentions

tent intent intently

tent intent intentness

tent intent intents

tent intermittent intermittently

tent intermittent nonintermittent

tent intromittent

tent latent latently

tent latent latents

tent oftentime oftentimes

tent patent nonpatent nonpatents

tent patent patentable unpatentable

tent patent patented unpatented

tent patent patenting

tent patent patently

tent patent patents nonpatents

tent patent unpatentability

tent penitent penitential

tent penitent penitentiaries

tent penitent penitentiary

tent penitent penitently

tent penitent penitents

tent portent portenta

tent portent portentous portentously

tent portent portentous portentousness

tent portent portents

tent potent armipotent

tent potent equipotent equipotential

tent potent impotent impotently

tent potent impotent impotents

tent potent multipotent

tent potent nilpotent nilpotents

tent potent omnipotent omnipotently

tent potent plenipotent plenipotentiaries

tent potent plenipotent plenipotentiary

tent potent pluripotent pluripotential

tent potent potentate potentates

tent potent potential equipotential

tent potent potential geopotential

tent potent potential pluripotential

tent potent potential potentialisation

tent potent potential potentialise potentialises

tent potent potential potentialities

tent potent potential potentiality

tent potent potential potentialization

tent potent potential potentialize potentializes

tent potent potential potentially

tent potent potential potentials

tent potent potentiaries plenipotentiaries

tent potent potentiary plenipotentiary

tent potent potentiate potentiated

tent potent potentiate potentiates

tent potent potentiating

tent potent potentiation potentiations

tent potent potentiator potentiators

tent potent potentilla potentillas

tent potent potentiometer potentiometers

tent potent potentiometric potentiometrical potentiometrically

tent potent potentiometry

tent potent potentiostat potentiostats

tent potent potently impotently

tent potent potently omnipotently

tent potent potentness

tent potent ultrapotent

tent potent unipotent

tent potent viripotent

tent pretentious pretentiously unpretentiously

tent pretentious pretentiousness unpretentiousness

tent pretentious unpretentious unpretentiously

tent pretentious unpretentious unpretentiousness

tent remittent remittently

tent retention bioretention

tent retention overretention overretentions

tent retention retentionist retentionists

tent retention retentions overretentions

tent retentive retentively

tent retentive retentiveness

tent retentive unretentive

tent retentivity

tent septentrigintillion septentrigintillions

tent septentrigintillion septentrigintillionth septentrigintillionths

tent stent abstention abstentionism

tent stent abstention abstentionist abstentionists

tent stent abstention abstentions

tent stent abstentious

tent stent cholecystenterorrhaphies

tent stent cholecystenterorrhaphy

tent stent cholecystenterostomies

tent stent cholecystenterostomy

tent stent cholecystenterotomies

tent stent cholecystenterotomy

tent stent consistent consistently inconsistently

tent stent consistent inconsistent inconsistently

tent stent distention overdistention overdistentions

tent stent existent coexistent

tent stent existent existential existentialism

tent stent existent existential existentialist existentialistic existentialistically

tent stent existent existential existentialist existentialists

tent stent existent existential existentially

tent stent existent nonexistent

tent stent existent preexistent

tent stent insistent insistently

tent stent insistent overinsistent

tent stent ostentation

tent stent ostentatious ostentatiously unostentatiously

tent stent ostentatious unostentatious unostentatiously

tent stent persistent nonpersistent

tent stent persistent persistently

tent stent stented

tent stent stenting

tent stent stents

tent supratentorial

tent tentacle tentacled

tent tentacle tentacles

tent tentacular intertentacular

tent tentaculate

tent tentaculocyst tentaculocysts

tent tentage tentages

tent tentative tentatively

tent tentative tentativeness

tent tented contented contentedly discontentedly

tent tented contented contentedness discontentedness

tent tented contented discontented discontentedly

tent tented contented discontented discontentedness

tent tented contented miscontented

tent tented patented unpatented

tent tented stented

tent tenter cholecystenterorrhaphies

tent tenter cholecystenterorrhaphy

tent tenter cholecystenterostomies

tent tenter cholecystenterostomy

tent tenter cholecystenterotomies

tent tenter cholecystenterotomy

tent tenter tenterhook tenterhooks

tent tenter tenters

tent tenth tenthly

tent tenth tenths

tent tentier

tent tenting discontenting

tent tenting miscontenting

tent tenting patenting

tent tenting stenting

tent tentless contentless

tent tentlike

tent tentmaker tentmakers

tent tentmaking

tent tentmate tentmates

tent tents contents discontents

tent tents contents malcontents

tent tents contents miscontents

tent tents detents

tent tents extents

tent tents impotents

tent tents incompetents

tent tents intents

tent tents latents

tent tents nilpotents

tent tents patents nonpatents

tent tents penitents

tent tents portents

tent tents stents

tent tenty

tenuous tenuously

tenuous tenuousness

tenure subtenure subtenures

tenure tenured untenured

tenure tenures subtenures


thyroarytenoid thyroarytenoideus

tighten overtighten overtightened

tighten overtighten overtightening

tighten overtighten overtightens

tighten retighten retightened

tighten retighten retightening

tighten retighten retightens

tighten tightened overtightened

tighten tightened retightened

tighten tightener tighteners

tighten tightening overtightening

tighten tightening retightening

tighten tightening tightenings

tighten tightens overtightens

tighten tightens retightens

tungsten ferrotungsten

tungsten tungstenic

tungsten tungsteniferous

tungsten tungstenite

tungsten tungstens

whiten prewhiten prewhitened

whiten prewhiten prewhitener prewhiteners

whiten prewhiten prewhitening

whiten prewhiten prewhitens

whiten whitened prewhitened

whiten whitener prewhitener prewhiteners

whiten whitener whiteners prewhiteners

whiten whiteness

whiten whitening prewhitening

whiten whitens prewhitens

written cowritten

written ghostwritten

written handwritten

written miswritten

written overwritten

written rewritten

written skywritten

written typewritten

written underwritten

written unwritten

zygotene zygotenes