Definition of sea

"sea" in the noun sense

1. sea

a division of an ocean or a large body of salt water partially enclosed by land

2. ocean, sea

anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

3. sea

turbulent water with swells of considerable size

"heavy seas"

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Quotations for sea

By sea and land. [ Motto ]

Sea of upturned faces. [ Sir W. Scott ]

Debt is a bottomless sea [ Carlyle ]

The sea refuses no river. [ Proverb ]

Now it rains into the sea. [ Proverb ]

The free
Mighty, music-haunted sea. [ Anna Katharine Green ]

The sea, that home of marvels. [ W. E. Gladstone ]

The land is dearer for the sea.
The ocean for the shore. [ Lucy Larcom ]

Here lies the body of John Mound
Lost at sea and never found. [ Epitaph ]

Sea things that be
On the hot sand fainting long,
Revive with the kiss of the sea. [ Lewis Morris ]

Praise the sea, but keep on land. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Earth, sea, man, are all in each. [ Dante Gabriel Rossetti ]

Wherries must not put out to sea. [ Proverb ]

Drop by drop, the sea is drained. [ Proverb ]

A gentle wind of western birth,
From some far summer sea,
Wakes daisies in the wintry earth. [ George MacDonald ]

Wine has drowned more than the sea. [ Publius Syrus ]

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more!
Men were deceivers ever;
One foot in sea and one on shore,
To one thing constant never. [ Percy ]

No fishing like fishing in the sea. [ Proverb ]

The sea is certainly common to all. [ Plautus ]

The sea complains for want of water. [ Proverb ]

The river knows the way to the sea:
Without a pilot it runs and falls.
Blessing all lands with its charity. [ Emerson ]

In a calm sea, every man is a pilot. [ Proverb ]

On the sea sail, on the land settle. [ Proverb ]

Heaven is as near by sea as by land. [ Proverb ]

A wreck on shore is a beacon at sea. [ Dutch Proverb ]

How blue were Ariadne's eyes
When, from the sea's horizon line,
At eve, she raised them on the skies!
My Psyche, bluer far are thine. [ Aubrey De Vere ]

Be content, the sea hath fish enough. [ Proverb ]

Like ships that have gone down at sea,
When heaven was all tranquillity. [ Moore ]

Here lies the body of Jonathan Ground,
Who was lost at sea and never found. [ Epitaph ]

He maketh the deep to boil like a pot. [ Bible ]

How calm - how beautiful comes on
The stilly hour, when storms have gone,
When warring winds have died away
And clouds, beneath the dancing ray
Melt off and leave the land and sea,
Sleeping in bright tranquillity. [ Moore ]

Wine hath drowned more men than the sea. [ Proverb ]

How the waves of the sea kiss the shore! [ Anacreon ]

All rivers do what they can for the sea. [ Proverb ]

Not all the water in the rough rude sea
Can wash the balm from an anointed king;
The breath of worldly men cannot depose
The deputy elected by the Lord. [ Rich. II ]

Behold the Sea,
The opaline, the plentiful and strong,
Yet beautiful as is the rose in June,
Fresh as the trickling rainbow of July;
Sea full of food, the nourisher of kinds,
Purger of earth, and medicine of men;
Creating a sweet climate by my breath,
Washing out harms and griefs from memory,
And, in my mathematic ebb and flow,
Giving a hint of that which changes not. [ Emerson ]

Follow the river and you will get to sea. [ Proverb ]

Though inland far we be,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither. [ Wordsworth ]

A sturdy oak, which nature forms
To brave a hundred winter's storms.
While round its head the whirlwinds blow.
Remains with root infix'd below:
When fell'd to earth, a ship it sails
Through dashing waves and driving gales
And now at sea, again defies
The threatening clouds and howling skies. [ Hoole ]

We sail the sea of life; a calm one finds.
And one a tempest; and, the voyage o'er,
Death is the quiet haven of us all. [ Wordsworth ]

Where the sea goes there let the sands go. [ Proverb ]

Here is my journey's end, here is my butt,
And very sea-mark of my utmost sail. [ William Shakespeare ]

Mystery of waters, - never slumbering sea! [ Montgomery ]

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar. [ Byron ]

Give a man luck and throw him into the sea. [ Proverb ]

O, she is fallen
Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea
Hath drops too few to wash her clean again. [ William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act IV. Sc.1 ]

Bliss in possession will not last;
Remember'd joys are never past;
At once the fountain, stream, and sea.
They were, - they are, - they yet shall be. [ Montgomery ]

The sea drinks the air and the sun the sea. [ Anacreon ]

Toss'd on a sea of troubles, soul, my soul,
Thyself do thou control;
And to the weapons of advancing foes
A stubborn breast oppose. [ Archilochus ]

Ornament is but the gilded shore
To a most dangerous sea; the beauteous scarf
Veiling an Indian; beauty, in a word.
The seeming truth which cunning times put on
To entrap the wisest. [ William Shakespeare ]

Drip, drip, the rain comes falling,
Rain in the woods, rain on the sea;
Even the little waves, beaten, come crawling
As if to find shelter here with me. [ James Herbert Morse ]

A sea before
The Throne is spread; - its pure still glass
Pictures all earth-scenes as they pass.
We, on its shore,
Share, in the bosom of our rest,
God's knowledge, and are blest. [ Cardinal Newman ]

The greedy sea is destruction to the sailors. [ Horace ]

And lo! the fullness of the time has come.
And over all the exile's western home.
From sea to sea the flowers of freedom bloom! [ Whittier ]

Call us not weeds, we are flowers of the sea. [ E. L. Aveline ]

The sea! the sea!- the open sea!
The blue, the fresh, the ever free!
Without a mark, without a bound,
It runneth the earth's wide regions round;
It plays with the clouds; it mocks the skies;
Or like a cradled creature lies. [ Barry Cornwall ]

Love the sea? I dote upon it - from the beach. [ Douglas Jerrold ]

He that will learn to pray, let him go to sea. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Alas, by what rude fate
Our lives, like ships at sea, an instant meet.
Then part forever on their courses fleet. [ E. C. Stedman ]

Like bubbles on the sea of matter borne,
They rise, they break, and to that sea return. [ Pope ]

There is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet. [ Bible ]

Behold the threaden sails.
Borne with the invisible and creeping wind,
Draw the huge bottoms through the furrow'd sea,
Breasting the lofty surge. [ William Shakespeare ]

How well he fell asleep!
Like some proud river, widening toward the sea;
Calmly and grandly, silently and deep,
Life joined eternity. [ S. T. Coleridge ]

The tempest is over-blown, the skies are clear,
And the sea charmed into a calm so still
That not a wrinkle ruffles her smooth face. [ Dryden ]

O magic sleep! O comfortable bird
That broodest over the troubled sea of the mind
Till it is hushed and smooth! [ Keats ]

Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs;
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes;
Being vex'd, a sea nourish'd with lovers' tears:
What is it else? A madness most discreet,
A choking gall, and a preserving sweet. [ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet ]

Hug thou the shore, let others stand out to sea. [ Virgil ]

Wisdom hath one foot on land and another on sea. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

When you are at sea, sail; when at land, settle. [ Proverb ]

That unfathomed, boundless sea, the silent grave! [ Longfellow ]

I see thou art implacable, more deaf
To prayers than winds and seas. Yet winds to seas
Are reconciled at length, and sea to shore:
Thy anger, unappeasable, still rages
Eternal tempest never to be calmed. [ Milton ]

Words are like sea-shells on the shore; they show
Where the mind ends, and not how far it has been. [ Bailey ]

The pleased sea on a white-breasted shore -
A shore that wears on her alluring brows
Rare shells, far brought, the love-gifts of the sea
That blushed a tell-tale. [ Alexander Smith ]

The sea is flowing ever; the land retains it never. [ Goethe ]

Give your son luck and then throw him into the sea. [ Spanish Proverb ]

First flower of the earth and first gem of the sea. [ Moore ]

All the water in the sea cannot wash out this stain. [ Proverb ]

Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul,
As the swift seasons roll!
Leave thy low-vaulted past!
Let each new temple, nobler than the last.
Shut thee from Heaven with a dome more vast,
Till thou at length art free,
Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

Books - lighthouses erected in the great sea of time. [ Whipple ]

Wert thou all that I wish thee, great, glorious and free,
First flower of the earth, and first gem of the sea. [ Moore ]

And never shall the sons of Columbia be slaves.
While the earth bears a plant, or the sea rolls its waves. [ Robert Treat Paine ]

All the tree-tops lay asleep, like green waves on the sea. [ Shelley ]

He goes a great voyage that goes to the bottom of the sea. [ Proverb ]

There are as many pangs in love as shells on the sea-shore. [ Ovid ]

Rivers cannot fill the sea, that, drinking, thirsteth still. [ Christina Rossetti ]

There are three ways,—the universities, the sea the court. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

A contented heart is an even sea in the midst of all storms.

All things help, quoth the wren, when she pissed in the sea. [ Proverb ]

It is as hard a thing as to sail over the sea in an egg-shell. [ Proverb ]

He complains wrongfully on the sea that twice suffers shipwreck. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

To do good to the ungrateful, is to throw rose-water into the sea. [ Proverb ]

He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea. [ Proverb ]

Better be poor and live safe at land, than be rich and perish in the sea. [ Proverb ]

Of all the lights you carry in your face, joy shines farthest out to sea.

White hairs are the crests of foam which cover the sea after the tempest. [ Elizabeth, Queen of Roumania ]

I never was on the dull, tame shore, but I loved the great sea more and more. [ Barry Cornwall ]

Fishes live in the sea, as men do land; the great ones eat up the little ones. [ William Shakespeare ]

The inexhaustible talk that was the flow of a golden sea of eloquence and wisdom. [ William Winter ]

Money is a bottomless sea, in which honour, conscience, and truth may be drowned. [ Kazlay ]

As yet, no navigator has traced lines of latitude and longitude on the conjugal sea. [ Balzac ]

God strikes not with both hands, for to the sea He made heavens, and to rivers fords. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

At the bottom of the faith-sea lies the pearl of knowledge; happy the diver that finds it. [ Bodenstedt ]

The garrulous sea is talking to the shore; let us go down and hear the graybeard's speech. [ Alexander Smith ]

Rumor, once started, rushes on like a river, until it mingles with, and is lost in the sea. [ Rivarol ]

Who cries out on pride that can therein tax any private party? Doth it not flow as hugely as the sea? [ William Shakespeare ]

The foolishest book is a kind of leaky boat on a sea of wisdom; some of the wisdom will get in, anyhow. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

Is not he imprudent, who, seeing the tide making haste towards him apace, will sleep till the sea overwhelms him? [ Tillotson ]

A storm at sea, a vine-wasting hail tempest, a disappointing farm, cause no anxiety to him who is content with enough. [ Horace ]

A fair complexion is a disgrace in a sailor; he ought to be tanned, from the spray of the sea and the rays of the sun. [ Ovid ]

I have sped by land and sea, and mingled with much people, but never yet could find a spot unsunned by human kindness. [ Tupper ]

Venus was the daughter of the waves. She gave birth to Love: we can expect nothing but tempest from a daughter of the sea.

The freedom of some is the freedom of the herd of swine that ran violently down a steep place into the sea and were drowned. [ Rev. W. Jay ]

With poetry, as with going to sea, we should push from the shore and reach a certain elevation before we unfurl all our sails. [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Deep is the sea, and deep is hell, but pride mineth deeper; it is coiled as a poisonous worm about the foundations of the soul. [ Tupper ]

Music was a thing of the soul; a rose-lipped shell that murmured of the eternal sea; a strange bird singing the songs of another shore. [ J. G. Holland ]

Sea Islanders; but a real human heart, with Divine love in it, beats with the same glow under all the patterns of all earth's thousand tribes. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

A single thought is that which it is from other thoughts as a wave of the sea takes its form and shape from the waves which precede and follow it. [ Coleridge ]

How happy he who can still hope to lift himself from this sea of error! What we know not, that we are anxious to possess, and cannot use what we know. [ Goethe ]

Let men say, we be men of good government; being governed, as the sea is, by our noble and chaste mistress the moon, under whose countenance we steal. [ William Shakespeare ]

There is many a rich stone laid up in the bowels of the earth, many a fair pearl laid up in the bosom of the sea, that never was seen nor never shall be. [ Bishop Hall ]

The sea drowns out humanity and time. It has no sympathy with either, for it belongs to eternity; and of that it sings its monotonous song forever and ever. [ O. W. Holmes ]

Whosoever commands the sea, commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world, commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself. [ Sir Walter Raleigh ]

I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes. [ O. W. Holmes ]

It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck. [ Colton ]

Life is a sea; the soul the threatened ship; sin, Satan, and hell the dangers to be met; and Christ the great pilot, who will bring the soul into the heavenly harbor. [ J. Foster ]

I have ventured like little wanton boys that swim on bladders, this many summers in a sea of glory, but far beyond my depth: my high-blown pride at length broke under me. [ Shakespeare ]

Extremes are dangerous: a middle estate is safest; as a middle temper of the sea, between a still calm and a violent tempest, is most helpful to convey the mariner to his haven. [ Swinnock ]

O'er the glad waters of the dark blue sea. Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free, Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam. Survey our empire, and behold our home! [ Byron ]

The sea does not contain all the pearls, the earth does not enclose all the treasures, and the flintstone does not inclose all the diamonds, since the head of man encloses wisdom. [ Saadi ]

There is a law of neutralization of forces, which hinders bodies from sinking beyond a certain depth in the sea; but in the ocean of baseness, the deeper we get, the easier the sinking. [ Lowell ]

Neptune has raised up his turbulent plains; the sea falls and leaps upon the trembling shore. She remounts, groans, and with redoubled blows makes the abyss and the shaken mountains resound. [ St. Lambert ]

When thou forgivest, - the man who has pierced thy heart stands to thee in the relation of the sea-worm that perforates the shell of the mussel which straightway closes the wound with a pearl. [ Richter ]

For now I stand as one upon a rock environed with a wilderness of sea, who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave expecting ever when some envious surge will in his brinish bowels swallow him. [ William Shakespeare ]

He that had never seen a river imagined the first he met with to be the sea; and the greatest things that have fallen within our knowledge we conclude the extremes that nature makes of the kind. [ Montaigne ]

Be not cast down. If ye saw Him who is standing on the shore, holding out His arms to welcome you to land, ye would wade, not only through a sea of wrongs, but through hell itself to be with Him. [ Rutherford ]

That inexhaustible good-nature which is the most precious gift of Heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather. [ Washington Irving ]

Such a noise arose as the shroud? make at sea in a stiff tempest, as loud and to as many tunes, - hats, cloaks, doublets, I think, flew up; and had their faces been loose, this day they had been lost. [ William Shakespeare ]

It is observed at sea that men are never so much disposed to grumble and mutiny as when least employed. Hence an old captain, when there was nothing else to do, would issue the order to scour the anchor. [ Samuel Smiles ]

Men are tatooed with their special beliefs like so many South Sea islanders; but a real human heart, with divine love in it, beats with the same glow under all the patterns of all earth's thousand tribes. [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ]

There is no such thing as Liberty in the universe: there can never be. The stars have it not; the earth has it not; the sea has it not; and we men have the mockery and semblance of it only for our heaviest punishment. [ John Ruskin ]

All the fairy tales of Aladdin, or the invisible Gyges, or the talisman that opens kings palaces, or the enchanted halls underground or in the sea, are only fictions to* indicate the one miracle of intellectual enlargement. [ Emerson ]

What money creates, money preserves: if thy wealth decays, thy honor dies; it is but a slippery happiness which fortunes can give, and frowns can take: and not worth the owning which a night's fire can melt, or a rough sea can drown. [ Quarles ]

As ships meet at sea a moment together, when words of greeting must be spoken, and then away upon the deep, so men meet in this world; and I think we should cross no man's path without hailing him, and if he needs giving him supplies. [ Beecher ]

To one given to day-dreaming, and fond of losing himself in reveries, a sea-voyage is full of subjects for meditation; but then they are the wonders of the deep and of the air, and rather tend to abstract the mind from worldly themes. [ W. Irving ]

If you should take the human heart and listen to it, it would be like listening to a sea-shell; you would hear in it the hollow murmur of the infinite ocean to which it belongs, from which it draws its profoundest inspiration, and for which it yearns. [ Chapin ]

There must be something beyond man in this world. Even on attaining to his highest possibilities, he is like a bird beating against his cage. There is something beyond, O deathless soul, like a sea-shell, moaning for the bosom of the ocean to which you belong! [ Chapin ]

The birds of the air die to sustain thee; the beasts of the field die to nourish thee; the fishes of the sea die to feed thee. Our stomachs are their common sepulchre. Good God! with how many deaths are our poor lives patched up! how full of death is the life of momentary man! [ Quarles ]

Liberty is one of the choicest gifts that heaven hath bestowed upon man, and exceeds in value all the treasures which the earth contains within its bosom, or the sea covers. Liberty, as well as honor, man ought to preserve at the hazard of his life, for without it life is insupportable. [ Cervantes ]

Liberty is one of the most precious gifts which heaven has bestowed upon man; with it we cannot compare the treasures which the earth contains or the sea conceals; for liberty, as for honor, we can and ought to risk our lives; and on the other hand, captivity is the greatest evil that can befall man. [ Cervantes ]

That which we foolishly call vastness is, rightly considered, not more wonderful, not more impressive, than that which we insolently call littleness; and the infinity of God is not mysterious, it is only unfathomable, not concealed, but incomprehensible: it is a clear infinity, the darkness of the pure, unsearchable sea. [ Ruskin ]

The truths of nature are one eternal change, one infinite variety. There is no bush on the face of the globe exactly like another bush; there are no two trees in the forest whose boughs bend into the same network, nor two leaves on the same tree which could not be told one from the other, nor two waves in the sea exactly alike. [ Ruskin ]

I see the spectacle of morning from the hilltop over against my house, from daybreak to sunrise, with emotions which an angel might share. The long slender bars of cloud float like fishes in the sea of crimson light. From the earth, as a shore, I look out into that silent sea. I seem to partake its rapid transformations; the active enchantment reaches my dust, and I dilate and conspire with the morning wind. [ Emerson ]

Beauty is an all-pervading presence. It unfolds to the numberless flowers of the spring; it waves in the branches of the trees and the green blades of grass; it haunts the depths of the earth and the sea, and gleams out in the hues of the shell and the precious stone. And not only these minute objects, but the ocean, the mountains, the clouds, the heavens, the stars, the rising and setting sun, all overflow with beauty. [ Channing ]

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