Quotations for his

His bark is worse than his bite. [ Proverb ]

His worth is warrant for his welcome. [ William Shakespeare ]

His nice fence and his active practice. [ William Shakespeare ]

A man's wife is his blessing or his bane. [ Gaelic Proverb ]

His time's forever, everywhere his place. [ Abraham Cowley ]

He would make his will lord of his reason. [ William Shakespeare ]

At his wit's end (at the end of his Latin). [ French ]

For washing his hands, none sells his lands. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

His steps are beauty, and His presence light. [ Montgomery ]

He hath left his purse in his other breeches. [ Proverb ]

He that can be patient has his foe at his feet. [ Dutch Proverb ]

He that gives his heart will not deny his money. [ Proverb ]

His conduct still right with his argument wrong. [ Goldsmith ]

He that does his own business hurts not his hand. [ Proverb ]

He that cockers his child provides for his enemy. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Happy is the man who sees his faults in his youth. [ Proverb ]

A fool loses his estate before he finds his folly. [ Proverb ]

He changes his flag to conceal his being a pirate. [ Proverb ]

An angry man opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes. [ Cato ]

He serves his party best who serves his country best. [ R. B. Hayes ]

A good archer is not known by his arrows but his aim. [ Proverb ]

Who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God. [ Lavater ]

He quits his place well that leaves his friend there. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

God strikes with His finger, and not with all His arm. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it. [ Franklin ]

As the interest of man, so his God; as his God, so he. [ Lavater ]

He can give little to his servant that licks his knife. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

An author can have nothing truly his own but his style. [ Disraeli ]

As well as his nails and fingers; at his fingers' ends. [ Proverb ]

He covers me with his wings and bites me with his bill. [ Proverb ]

He that hath children, all his morsels are not his own. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Every one stretcheth his legs according to his coverlet. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

He that hath love in his breast hath spurs at his heels. [ Proverb ]

He that hath love in his breast hath spurs in his sides. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

A pilot is not chosen for his riches, but his knowledge. [ Proverb ]

An ass endures his burden, but not more than his burden. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

He is not drunk gratis who pays his reason for his shot. [ Proverb ]

He that loses his wealth is wanted to have lost his wits. [ Proverb ]

He had better put his horns in his pocket than blow them. [ Proverb ]

He has a hole under his nose that all his money runs into. [ Proverb ]

A man's wisdom is his best friend; folly, his worst enemy. [ Sir W. Temple ]

He that hews above his height, may have chips in his eyes. [ Proverb ]

The enthusiast suffers his imagination to follow his heart. [ G. Crabb ]

He that does not knot his thread will lose his first stitch. [ Gaelic ]

God deals His wrath by weight, but His mercy without weight. [ Proverb ]

He that boasts of his own knowledge proclaims his ignorance. [ Proverb ]

A gentleman should have more in his pocket than on his back. [ Proverb ]

Erasmus injured us more by his wit than Luther by his anger. [ Leo X ]

God gives His wrath by weight, and without weight His mercy. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

No man can mortgage his injustice as a pawn for his fidelity. [ Burke ]

God gives his wrath by weight, but his mercy without measure. [ Proverb ]

He remembers his ancestors, but forgets to feed his children. [ Proverb ]

He that is only his own pupil shall have a fool to his tutor. [ Proverb ]

A yeoman upon his legs is higher than a prince upon his knees. [ Proverb ]

He only employs his passion who can make no use of his reason. [ Cicero ]

For any man to match above his rank is but to sell his liberty. [ Massinger ]

He that hath no honey in his pot, let him have it in his mouth. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Every man carries in his soul: a sepulchre - that of his youth. [ O. Firmez ]

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart. [ Swift ]

He is sillier than a crab, that has all his brains in his belly. [ Proverb ]

Faster than his tongue did make offense, his eye did heal it up. [ William Shakespeare ]

A good man has more hope in his death, than a wicked in his life. [ Proverb ]

And one may say that his wit shines at the expense of his memory. [ Alain Rene Le Sage ]

He that hath a fox for his mate hath need of a net at his girdle. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Diogenes found more rest in his tub than Alexander on his throne. [ Quarles ]

It very seldom happens to a man that his business is his pleasure. [ Dr. Johnson ]

He that hath horns in his bosom, let him not put them on his head. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

He has more wit in his head than Sampson had in both his shoulders. [ Proverb ]

A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age. [ William Shakespeare ]

The lower a man descends in his love, the higher he lifts his life. [ W. R. Alger ]

He who trusts a secret to his servant makes his own man his master. [ Dryden ]

He that has no silver in his purse should have silver on his tongue. [ Proverb ]

A sick man acts foolishly for himself who makes his doctor his heir.

Up start as many aches in his bones, as there are ouches in his skin. [ George Chapman ]

Who draws his sword against his prince, must throw away his scabbard. [ Proverb ]

If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him. [ Franklin ]

Every bondman in his own hand bears the power to cancel his captivity. [ William Shakespeare ]

Every one speaks well of his heart, but no one dares boast of his wit. [ La Roche ]

The miser, poor fool, not only starves his body, but also his own soul. [ Theodore Parker ]

He who can conceal his joys is greater than he who can hide his griefs. [ Lavater ]

We should esteem a person according to his actions, not his nationality. [ Varenes ]

A fool's heart is in his tongue; but a wise man's tongue is in his heart. [ Quarles ]

For his heart was in his work, and the heart giveth grace unto every art. [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

A man defines his standing at the court of chastity by his views of women. [ Alcott ]

A wise man's heart is at his right hand; but a fool's heart is at his left. [ Bible ]

What is man's love? His vows are broke even while his parting kiss is warm. [ Halleck ]

Peace is the happy, natural state of man; war his corruption, his disgrace. [ Thomson ]

The superior man wishes to be slow in his words and earnest in his conduct. [ Confucius ]

His sweetest dreams were still of that dear voice that soothed his infancy. [ Southey ]

He that boasts of his ancestors confesses that he has no virtue of his own. [ Charron ]

He that hath a wife and children must not sit with his fingers in his mouth. [ Proverb ]

He hath tied a knot with his tongue that he cannot untie with all his teeth. [ Proverb ]

It is almost as difficult to make a man unlearn his errors as his knowledge. [ Colton ]

Blessed is that man who knows his own distaff and has found his own spindle. [ J. G. Holland ]

Every one is the son of his own works; (i.e. is responsible for his own acts. [ Spanish Proverb ]

He that is proud of his fine clothes, fetches his reputation from his tailor. [ Proverb ]

Every one complains of the badness of his memory, but nobody of his judgment. [ Rochefoucauld ]

Next to ye both I love the palm, with his leaves of beauty, his fruit of balm. [ Bayard Taylor ]

Every one speaks well of his heart, but no one dares to speak well of his mind. [ La Rochefoucauld ]

He that is respectless in his courses oft sells his reputation at cheap market. [ Ben Jonson ]

Every man must have his own style, as he has his own face and his own features. [ John Stuart Blackie, The Art Of Authorship, 1891 ]

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bodhisattva bodhisattvas

chis anarchise anarchised

chis anarchise anarchises

chis anarchising

chis anarchism anarchisms

chis anarchism proanarchism

chis anarchism semianarchism

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chis andrarchism

chis antarchism

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chis autarchist autarchists

chis biarchist biarchists

chis catechisable

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chis franchisor franchisors

chis gastroschisis

chis gnocchis

chis heptarchist heptarchists

chis hibachis

chis hierarchisation hierarchisations

chis hierarchise hierarchised

chis hierarchise hierarchises

chis hierarchising

chis hierarchism antihierarchism

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chis masochism sadomasochism

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chis monorchism

chis oligarchism oligarchisms

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chis pachisi

chis panpsychism panpsychisms

chis parchisi

chis patriarchism patriarchisms

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chis shakuhachis

chis synarchism

chis synecdochism synecdochisms

chis tachistoscope tachistoscopes

chis tachistoscopic tachistoscopically

dehisce dehisced

dehisce dehiscence dehiscences

dehisce dehiscent indehiscent

dehisce dehisces


fetishisation fetishisations

fetishise fetishised

fetishise fetishiser fetishisers

fetishise fetishises


fetishism fetishisms

fetishist fetishistic fetishistical fetishistically

fetishist fetishists



hispanophobe hispanophobes


hispanophobic hispanophobics

hiss hissed

hiss hisself

hiss hisser hissers

hiss hisses

hiss hissier

hiss hissies hissiest

hiss hissing hissingly

hiss hissing hissings

hiss hissy

histamine antihistamine antihistamines

histamine histaminergics

histamine histamines antihistamines



histiocyte histiocytes


histiocytoma histiocytomas


histiocytosis lymphohistiocytosis

histiocytosis lympohistiocytosis


histoblast histoblastic

histoblast histoblasts

histochemic histochemical histochemically immunohistochemically

histochemic histochemical histochemically microhistochemically

histochemic histochemical histochemicals immunohistochemicals

histochemic histochemical immunohistochemical immunohistochemically

histochemic histochemical immunohistochemical immunohistochemicals

histochemic histochemical microhistochemical microhistochemically

histochemic histochemics immunohistochemics

histochemic immunohistochemic immunohistochemical immunohistochemically

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histochemic immunohistochemic immunohistochemics

histochemist histochemistries immunohistochemistries

histochemist histochemistry immunohistochemistry

histochemist histochemistry microhistochemistry

histochemist histochemists immunohistochemists

histochemist immunohistochemist immunohistochemistries

histochemist immunohistochemist immunohistochemistry

histochemist immunohistochemist immunohistochemists




histocyte histocytes schistocytes

histocyte schistocyte schistocytes

histocytic schistocytic


histogenetic histogenetical histogenetically

histogenetic histogeneticist histogeneticists

histogenetic histogenetics

histogenic histogenical histogenically

histogram histograms

histologic histological histologically palaeohistologically

histologic histological histologically paleohistologically

histologic histological palaeohistological palaeohistologically

histologic histological paleohistological paleohistologically

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histologist histologists palaeohistologists

histologist histologists paleohistologists

histologist palaeohistologist palaeohistologists

histologist paleohistologist paleohistologists

histology palaeohistology

histology paleohistology



histomorphological histomorphologically


histone histones nonhistones

histone nonhistone nonhistones


histopathologic histopathological histopathologically


histopathologist dermatohistopathologist dermatohistopathologists

histopathologist histopathologists dermatohistopathologists

histopathology cytohistopathology




historian ethnohistorian ethnohistorians

historian historians ethnohistorians

historic ethnohistoric ethnohistorical ethnohistorically

historic historical ethnohistorical ethnohistorically

historic historical historically ethnohistorically

historic historical historically prehistorically

historic historical nonhistorical

historic historical prehistorical prehistorically

historic historical pseudohistorical

historic historical unhistorical

historic historicism

historic historicity

historic historicogeographic historicogeographical historicogeographically

historic historicogeographies

historic historicogeography

historic nonhistoric nonhistorical

historic prehistoric prehistorical prehistorically

histories ethnohistories

histories prehistories



historify historifying

historiograph historiographer historiographers historiographership

historiograph historiographic historiographical historiographically

historiograph historiographies

historiograph historiography

history biohistory

history ethnohistory

history prehistory

history protohistory

histozyme histozymes

histrionic histrionics

phis amphisbaena amphisbaenas

phis amphisbaenic

phis amphistylar

phis amphistylic amphistylically

phis amphistyly

phis angiocardiographist angiocardiographists

phis angiographist angiographists

phis anisotrophism

phis anthropomorphisation anthropomorphisations

phis anthropomorphise anthropomorphised

phis anthropomorphise anthropomorphises

phis anthropomorphising

phis anthropomorphist anthropomorphists

phis anthroposophist anthroposophists

phis apostrophised

phis autographism autographisms

phis autographist autographists

phis biographise biographised

phis biographise biographises

phis biographising

phis biographist biographists

phis calligraphist calligraphists

phis catastrophism catastrophisms

phis catastrophist catastrophists

phis cerographist cerographists

phis chalcographist chalcographists

phis chartographist chartographists

phis chirographist chirographists

phis cosmographist cosmographists

phis cosmosophist cosmosophists

phis cryptographist cryptographists

phis dactylioglyphists

phis delphis

phis demographist demographists

phis dermatographism

phis electrooculographist electrooculographists

phis ethnographist ethnographists

phis etymographist etymographists

phis geographism geographisms

phis geomorphist geomorphists

phis hagiographist hagiographists

phis hylomorphist hylomorphists

phis lexicographist lexicographists

phis lichenographist lichenographists

phis lymphoscintigraphist lymphoscintigraphists

phis metallographist metallographists

phis metamorphisation

phis metamorphise metamorphised

phis metamorphise metamorphises

phis metamorphising

phis metamorphist metamorphists

phis mimeographist mimeographists

phis morphism allelomorphism allelomorphisms

phis morphism allomorphism allomorphisms

phis morphism allotriomorphism

phis morphism amorphism anamorphism anamorphisms

phis morphism amorphism anamorphism synanamorphism

phis morphism amorphism metamorphism metamorphisms

phis morphism amorphism metamorphism pyrometamorphism

phis morphism amorphism metamorphism thermometamorphism

phis morphism amorphism paramorphism paramorphisms

phis morphism amorphism tetramorphism tetramorphisms

phis morphism andromorphism andromorphisms gynandromorphisms

phis morphism andromorphism gynandromorphism gynandromorphisms

phis morphism anthropomorphism anthropomorphisms

phis morphism antimorphism antimorphisms

phis morphism apomorphism apomorphisms synapomorphisms

phis morphism apomorphism synapomorphism synapomorphisms

phis morphism automorphism automorphisms

phis morphism bimorphism bimorphisms

phis morphism biomorphism biomorphisms

phis morphism dimorphism dimorphisms

phis morphism dimorphism isodimorphism

phis morphism dysmorphism dysmorphisms

phis morphism ecomorphism ecomorphisms

phis morphism ectomorphism ectomorphisms

phis morphism electromorphism

phis morphism enantiomorphism enantiomorphisms

phis morphism endomorphism endomorphisms

phis morphism epimorphism

phis morphism ergatomorphism

phis morphism gynomorphism gynomorphisms

phis morphism hemimorphism hemimorphisms

phis morphism heteromorphism heteromorphisms

phis morphism holomorphism holomorphisms

phis morphism homeomorphism homeomorphisms

phis morphism homomorphism homomorphisms

phis morphism hylomorphism hylomorphisms

phis morphism hypermorphism hypermorphisms

phis morphism hypomorphism hypomorphisms

phis morphism ichthyomorphism

phis morphism idiomorphism idiomorphisms

phis morphism isomorphism isomorphisms

phis morphism karyomorphism

phis morphism mechanomorphism mechanomorphisms

phis morphism meromorphism isomeromorphism

phis morphism meromorphism meromorphisms

phis morphism mesomorphism mesomorphisms

phis morphism micromorphism micromorphisms

phis morphism monomorphism monomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms allelomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms allomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms anamorphisms

phis morphism morphisms andromorphisms gynandromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms anthropomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms antimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms apomorphisms synapomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms automorphisms

phis morphism morphisms bimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms biomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms dimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms dysmorphisms

phis morphism morphisms ecomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms ectomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms enantiomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms endomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms gynomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms hemimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms heteromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms holomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms homeomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms homomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms hylomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms hypermorphisms

phis morphism morphisms hypomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms idiomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms isomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms mechanomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms meromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms mesomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms metamorphisms

phis morphism morphisms micromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms monomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms neomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms paramorphisms

phis morphism morphisms perimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms pleomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms plesiomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms polymorphisms

phis morphism morphisms protomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms pseudomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms rheomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms skeuomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms technomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms tetramorphisms

phis morphism morphisms theomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms theriomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms theromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms trimorphisms quatrimorphisms

phis morphism morphisms xeromorphisms

phis morphism morphisms zoomorphisms

phis morphism morphisms zygomorphisms

phis morphism neomorphism neomorphisms

phis morphism ornithomorphism

phis morphism perimorphism perimorphisms

phis morphism pleomorphism pleomorphisms

phis morphism plesiomorphism plesiomorphisms

phis morphism plesiomorphism symplesiomorphism

phis morphism polymorphism polymorphisms

phis morphism protomorphism protomorphisms

phis morphism pseudomorphism pseudomorphisms

phis morphism pyromorphism

phis morphism rheomorphism rheomorphisms

phis morphism rhizomorphism

phis morphism skeuomorphism skeuomorphisms

phis morphism technomorphism technomorphisms

phis morphism theomorphism theomorphisms

phis morphism theriomorphism theriomorphisms

phis morphism theromorphism theromorphisms

phis morphism trimorphism isotrimorphism

phis morphism trimorphism quatrimorphism quatrimorphisms

phis morphism trimorphism trimorphisms quatrimorphisms

phis morphism xenomorphism

phis morphism xeromorphism xeromorphisms

phis morphism zoomorphism zoomorphisms

phis morphism zygomorphism zygomorphisms

phis morphographist morphographists

phis museographist museographists

phis myographist myographists

phis oceanographist oceanographists

phis orthographise orthographised

phis orthographise orthographises

phis orthographising

phis orthographist orthographists

phis palaeographist palaeographists

phis paleographist paleographists

phis pansophism pansophisms

phis pansophist pansophists

phis paragraphisation paragraphisations

phis paragraphise paragraphised

phis paragraphise paragraphises

phis paragraphising

phis paragraphism paragraphisms

phis paragraphist paragraphistic paragraphistical

phis paragraphist paragraphists

phis philosophisation philosophisations

phis philosophise overphilosophise overphilosophised

phis philosophise overphilosophise overphilosophises

phis philosophise philosophised overphilosophised

phis philosophise philosophiser philosophisers

phis philosophise philosophises overphilosophises

phis philosophising overphilosophising

phis philosophism philosophisms

phis philosophist philosophistic philosophistical philosophistically

phis philosophist philosophists

phis phish nymphish

phis phish phished

phis phish phisher phishers

phis phish phishing phishings

phis phish sylphish

phis phonographist phonographists

phis pleomorphist pleomorphists

phis polygraphist polygraphists

phis polymorphist polymorphistic polymorphistically

phis polymorphist polymorphists

phis pornographist pornographists

phis psephism psephisms

phis psychographist psychographists

phis sapphism sapphisms

phis sapphist sapphists

phis saprotrophism

phis scyphistoma scyphistomas

phis selenographist selenographists

phis shadowgraphist shadowgraphists

phis sophistic philosophistic philosophistical philosophistically

phis sophistic sophistical philosophistical philosophistically

phis sophistic sophistical sophistically philosophistically

phis sophistic sophistical sophistically theosophistically

phis sophistic sophistical sophisticalness

phis sophistic sophistical theosophistical theosophistically

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated hypersophisticated

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated oversophisticated

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated pseudosophisticated

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated ultrasophisticated

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated undersophisticated

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticated unsophisticated unsophisticatedly

phis sophistic sophisticate sophisticates

phis sophistic sophisticating

phis sophistic sophistication hypersophistication

phis sophistic sophistication pseudosophistication pseudosophistications

phis sophistic sophistication unsophistication

phis sophistic theosophistic theosophistical theosophistically

phis sphenographist sphenographists

phis stratigraphist biostratigraphist biostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist chemostratigraphist chemostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist chronostratigraphist chronostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist cyclostratigraphist cyclostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist lithostratigraphist lithostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist magnetostratigraphist magnetostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists biostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists chemostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists chronostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists cyclostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists lithostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists magnetostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist stratigraphists tectonostratigraphists

phis stratigraphist tectonostratigraphist tectonostratigraphists

phis sulphisoxazole sulphisoxazoles

phis syngraphist syngraphists

phis tachygraphist tachygraphists

phis telegraphist radiotelegraphist radiotelegraphists

phis telegraphist telegraphists radiotelegraphists

phis theosophise theosophised

phis theosophise theosophises

phis theosophising

phis theosophist theosophistic theosophistical theosophistically

phis theosophist theosophists

phis tomographist tomographists

phis typographist palaeotypographist palaeotypographists

phis typographist paleotypographist paleotypographists

phis typographist typographists palaeotypographists

phis typographist typographists paleotypographists

phis xiphisterna xiphisternal xiphisternally

phis xiphisternum xiphisternums

phis zoographist zoographists

shish hashish

this absinthism absinthismic

this allopathist allopathists

this empathise empathised

this empathise empathises

this empathising

this empathist empathists

this feldspathisation feldspathisations

this feldspathise feldspathised

this feldspathise feldspathises

this feldspathising

this gothish

this gothism gothisms

this homoeopathists

this kinesipathist kinesipathists

this osteopathist osteopathists

this phthises myelophthises

this phthisic antiphthisic antiphthisical

this phthisic myelophthisic myelophthisical

this phthisic phthisical antiphthisical

this phthisic phthisical myelophthisical

this phthisic phthisical phthisically

this phthisic phthisicky

this phthisic phthisics

this phthisiogeneses

this phthisiogenesis

this phthisiogenetic phthisiogenetical

this phthisiogenic

this phthisiologist phthisiologists

this phthisiology

this phthisiophobe phthisiophobes

this phthisiophobia

this phthisiophobic phthisiophobics

this phthisiotherapeutic

this phthisiotherapies

this phthisiotherapist phthisiotherapists

this phthisiotherapy

this phthisis myelophthisis

this psychopathist psychopathists

this somnipathist somnipathists

this sympathise sympathised

this sympathise sympathiser nonsympathiser nonsympathisers

this sympathise sympathiser sympathisers nonsympathisers

this sympathise sympathiser unsympathiser

this sympathise sympathises

this sympathising unsympathising

this telepathist telepathists

this thisness

this thistle thistles

this thistlier

this thistliest

this thistly

this xanthism axanthism


whisk flywhisk flywhisks

whisk whiskbroom whiskbrooms

whisk whisked

whisk whisker bewhisker bewhiskered

whisk whisker whiskered bewhiskered

whisk whisker whiskerless

whisk whisker whiskerlike

whisk whisker whiskers

whisk whisker whiskery

whisk whiskey whiskeys

whisk whiskies

whisk whisking

whisk whisks flywhisks

whisk whisky

whisp whisper whispered

whisp whisper whisperer whisperers

whisp whisper whispering whisperingly

whisp whisper whispering whisperings

whisp whisper whisperless

whisp whisper whisperlike

whisp whisper whisperously

whisp whisper whisperproof

whisp whisper whispers

whisp whisper whispery

whisp whisps

whistle whistleable

whistle whistleblower whistleblowers

whistle whistleblowing

whistle whistled

whistle whistlelike

whistle whistler whistlers

whistle whistles whistlestop

whistle whistles wolfwhistles

whistling whistlingly