Quotations for ah

Tomorrow is, ah, whose? [ D. M. Mulock ]

Ah! how happy the dead are! [ Friedrich Schiller ]

A gray eye is a sly eye,
And roguish is a brown eye,-
Turn full upon me thy eye,-
Ah, how its wavelets drown one!
A blue eye is a true eye;
Mysterious is a dark one,
Which flashes like a spark-sun!
A black eye is the best one. [ W. R. Alger ]

Ah, the souls of those that die
Are but sunbeams lifted higher. [ Longfellow ]

That handful of wit!
Ah, ... it is a most pathetical nit! [ William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, Act IV. Sc.1 ]

Ah me! what perils do environ
The man that meddles with cold iron!
What plaguy mischiefs and mishaps
Do dog him still with after-claps. [ Butler, Hudibras ]

Ah! the soft starlight of virgin eyes. [ Balzac ]

Ah, youth! forever dear, forever kind. [ Homer ]

But how many moments are already past!
Ah! who thinks of those that are past? [ Lessing ]

Ah, pensive scholar, what is fame?
A fitful tongue of leaping flame:
A giddy whirlwind's fickle gust,
That lifts a pinch of mortal dust;
A few swift years, and who can show,
Which dust was Bill, and which was Joe? [ O. W. Holmes ]

Ah! what a pleasure it is to be a soldier. [ Boieldieu ]

Ah, Christ, that it were possible
For one short hour to see
The souls we loved, that they might tell us
What and where they be. [ Tennyson ]

Ah, what a sign it is of evil life,
Where death's approach is seen so terrible! [ William Shakespeare ]

Ah me! how sweet this world is to the dying! [ Friedrich Schiller ]

Ah! surely nothing dies but something mourns. [ Byron ]

Ah me! for aught that ever I could read ...
The course of true love never did run smooth. [ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream ]

Ah many a storm love can safely outride,
But a secret at home is like rocks under tide. [ Dinah Muloch Craik ]

Ah! that deceit should steal such gentle shapes
And with a virtuous visor hide deep vice. [ William Shakespeare, Richard III ]

Ah! who can tell how hard it is to climb
The steep where Fame's proud temple shines afar? [ Beattie ]

Ah, fool! faint heart fair lady never could win. [ Spenser ]

Whither away, Bluebird, Whither away?
The blast is chill, yet in the upper sky,
Thou still canst find the color of thy wing.
The hue of May.
Warbler, why speed thy southern flight? ah, why,
Thou too, whose song first told us of the Spring?
Whither away? [ E. C. Stedman ]

Ah! happy years! once more who would not be a boy! [ Byron ]

Ah, if the rich were rich as the poor fancy riches! [ Emerson ]

Parting, ah! parting; parting makes the heart ache. [ Herloszsohn ]

Work, ah! that talisman to guard one against one's self. [ Mrs. Campbell Praed ]

Ah, if you knew what peace there is in an accepted sorrow! [ Mme. Guyon ]

Ah! wretched and too solitary he who loves not his own company! [ Cowley ]

Ah, to build, to build! that is the noblest art of all the arts. [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ]

Ah, could the soul, like the body, have a mirror! It has, a friend. [ W. R, Alger ]

Ah! perhaps while we are hoping, mischief has already overtaken us. [ Friedrich Schiller ]

Ah! If the pulpit would practice what it preaches, then all would be well. [ Horace Greeley ]

Ah! the spendthrift, love: it gives all and everything with the first sigh! [ Madame de Genlis ]

Ah, what without a heaven would be even love! - a perpetual terror of the separation that must one day come. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

Ah! when shall all men's good be each man's rule, and universal peace lie like a shaft of light across the land? [ Tennyson ]

Ah! the youngest heart has the same waves within it as the oldest, but without the plummet which can measure their depths. [ Richter ]

Ah! would that we could at once paint with the eyes! In the long way, from the eye, through the arm to the pencil, how much is lost! [ Lessing ]

The youth longs so to love, the maiden so to be loved; ah! why does there spring out of this holiest of all our instincts such agonising pain? [ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ]

Misfortunes one can endure - they come from outside, they are accidents. But to suffer for one's own faults - Ah ! there is the sting of life. [ Oscar Wilde, Lady Windemere's Fan ]

Ah, how wonderful is the advent of the spring, - the great annual miracle of the blossoming of Aaron's rod, repeated on myriads and myriads of branches! [ Longfellow ]

Women live only in the emotion that love gives. An old lady confessed that she had loved much,when young: Ah! she exclaimed, the exquisite pain of those days! [ A. Houssaye ]

And the prettiest foot; Oh, if a man could but fasten his eyes to her feet as they steal in and out, and play at bo-peep under her petticoats, Ah! Mr. Trapland? [ Congreve ]

The artist is the child in the popular fable, every one of whose tears was a pearl. Ah! the world, that cruel step-mother, beats the poor child the harder to make him shed more pearls. [ Heinrich Heine ]

The present is withered by our wishes for the future; we ask for more air, more light, more space, more fields, a larger home. Ah! does one need so much room to love a day, and then to die? [ E. Souvestre ]

There is a world of science necessary in choosing books. I have known some people in great sorrow fly to a novel, or the last light book in fashion. One might as well take a rose-draught for the plague! Light reading does not do when the heart is really heavy. I am told that Goethe, when he lost his son, took to study a science that was new to him. Ah! Goethe was a physician who knew what he was about. [ Edward Bulwer-Lytton ]

Morals are an acquirement - like music, like a foreign language, like piety, poker, paralysis - no man is born with them. I wasn't myself, I started poor. I hadn't a single moral. There is hardly a man in this house that is poorer than I was then. Yes, I started like that - the world before me, not a moral in the slot. Not even an insurance moral. I can remember the first one I ever got. I can remember the landscape, the weather, the - I can remember how everything looked. It was an old moral, an old second-hand moral, all out of repair, and didn't fit, anyway. But if you are careful with a thing like that, and keep it in a dry place, and save it for processions, and Chautauquas, and World's Fairs, and so on, and disinfect it now and then, and give it a fresh coat of whitewash once in a while, you will be surprised to see how well she will last and how long she will keep sweet, or at least inoffensive. When I got that mouldy old moral, she had stopped growing, because she hadn't any exercise; but I worked her hard, I worked her Sundays and all. Under this cultivation she waxed in might and stature beyond belief, and served me well and was my pride and joy for sixty-three years; then she got to associating with insurance presidents, and lost flesh and character, and was a sorrow to look at and no longer competent for business. She was a great loss to me. Yet not all loss. I sold her - ah, pathetic skeleton, as she was - I sold her to Leopold, the pirate King of Belgium; he sold her to our Metropolitan Museum, and it was very glad to get her, for without a rag on, she stands 57 feet long and 16 feet high, and they think she's a brontosaur. Well, she looks it. They believe it will take nineteen geological periods to breed her match. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

ah in Scrabble®

The word ah is playable in Scrabble®, no blanks required.

Scrabble® Letter Score: 5

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ah in Words With Friends™

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aah aahed

aah aahing

aah aahs

aha ahas brouhahas

aha brouhaha brouhahas

aha graham

aha lahar lahars

aha maharajah maharajahs

aha seahawk seahawks

aha tomahawk tomahawked

aha tomahawk tomahawker tomahawkers

aha tomahawk tomahawking

aha tomahawk tomahawks

aha ultrahard

aha ultrahazardous

aha vibraharp vibraharpist vibraharpists

aha vibraharp vibraharps

ahead lookahead nonlookahead

ahead typeahead




alkahest alkahestic alkahestical

alkahest alkahests

autobahn autobahns

baht bahts

barmitsvah barmitsvahs

batmitsvah batmitsvahs

blah blahs


brahmin brahminic brahminical brahminically

brahmin brahminism brahminisms

brahmin brahminist brahminists

brahmin brahmins



cahoot cahoots

catahoula catahoulas

cheetah cheetahs

chihuahua chihuahuas

chiliahedron chiliahedrons

coolabah coolabahs

coolibah coolibahs

dahlia dahlias

decahedra decahedral dodecahedral cubododecahedral

decahedra decahedral dodecahedral icosidodecahedral

decahedra decahedral dodecahedral pentadodecahedral

decahedra decahedral duodecahedral

decahedra decahedral hendecahedral

decahedra decahedral tessarescaedecahedral

decahedra decahedral tetrakaidecahedral

decahedra dodecahedra cubododecahedra cubododecahedral

decahedra dodecahedra dodecahedral cubododecahedral

decahedra dodecahedra dodecahedral icosidodecahedral

decahedra dodecahedra dodecahedral pentadodecahedral

decahedra dodecahedra dodecahedrane dodecahedranes

decahedra dodecahedra dodecahedras icosidodecahedras

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decahedra dodecahedra pentadodecahedra pentadodecahedral

decahedra duodecahedra duodecahedral

decahedra hendecahedra hendecahedral

decahedra tessarescaedecahedra tessarescaedecahedral

decahedra tetrakaidecahedra tetrakaidecahedral

decahedric cubododecahedric

decahedric pentadodecahedric

decahedric tessarescaedecahedric

decahedric tetrakaidecahedric

decahedron decahedrons dodecahedrons cubododecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons dodecahedrons icosidodecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons dodecahedrons pentadodecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons duodecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons hendecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons tessarescaedecahedrons

decahedron decahedrons tetrakaidecahedrons

decahedron dodecahedron cubododecahedron cubododecahedrons

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decahedron dodecahedron dodecahedrons icosidodecahedrons

decahedron dodecahedron dodecahedrons pentadodecahedrons

decahedron dodecahedron icosidodecahedron icosidodecahedrons

decahedron dodecahedron pentadodecahedron pentadodecahedrons

decahedron duodecahedron duodecahedrons

decahedron hendecahedron hendecahedrons

decahedron tessarescaedecahedron tessarescaedecahedrons

decahedron tetrakaidecahedron tetrakaidecahedrons

decahertz decahertzes

decahydronaphthalene decahydronaphthalenes

diaheliotropic diaheliotropically



enneacontahedra enneacontahedral

enneacontahedra enneacontahedras

enneacontahedron enneacontahedrons

exahertz exahertzes

extrahepatic extrahepatically


gigahertz gigahertzes

hallelujah hallelujahs

heptahedra heptahedral

heptahedron heptahedrons

hexahedra hexahedral dihexahedral

hexahedra hexahedral heptahexahedral

hexahedra hexahedral octakishexahedral

hexahedra hexahedral pentahexahedral

hexahedra hexahedral tetrahexahedral

hexahedra hexahedral tetrakishexahedral

hexahedra octakishexahedra octakishexahedral

hexahedra pentahexahedra pentahexahedral

hexahedra tetrahexahedra tetrahexahedral

hexahedra tetrakishexahedra tetrakishexahedral

hexahedric hexahedrical hexahedrically

hexahedric octakishexahedric

hexahedric tetrahexahedric

hexahedric tetrakishexahedric

hexahedron dihexahedron

hexahedron hexahedrons octakishexahedrons

hexahedron hexahedrons pentahexahedrons

hexahedron hexahedrons tetrahexahedrons

hexahedron hexahedrons tetrakishexahedrons

hexahedron octakishexahedron octakishexahedrons

hexahedron pentahexahedron pentahexahedrons

hexahedron tetrahexahedron tetrahexahedrons

hexahedron tetrakishexahedron tetrakishexahedrons

hexahydrate hexahydrated

hexahydrate hexahydrates


hexahydride hexahydrides

hexahydrite ferrohexahydrite

hexahydrite hexahydrites

hexahydrobenzene hexahydrobenzenes


hexahydroxycyclohexane hexahydroxycyclohexanes

hexakosioihexekontahexaphobe hexakosioihexekontahexaphobes


hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic hexakosioihexekontahexaphobics

hexecontahedra hexecontahedral

hexecontahedra hexecontahedras

hexecontahedron hexecontahedrons


hurrah hurrahed

hurrah hurrahing

hurrah hurrahs

hutzpah chutzpah chutzpahs

hutzpah hutzpahs chutzpahs

icosahedra icosahedral triakisicosahedral

icosahedra icosahedras

icosahedra triakisicosahedra triakisicosahedral

icosahedric triakisicosahedric


icosahedron icosahedrons triakisicosahedrons

icosahedron triakisicosahedron triakisicosahedrons



kabbalah kabbalahs

kahuna kahunas

loofah loofahs

mahjong mahjongg mahjonggs

mahjong mahjongs



megaherbivore megaherbivores


megahertz megahertzes

megahit megahits

menorah menorahs


metahydroxide metahydroxides

mitzvah barmitzvah barmitzvahs

mitzvah batmitzvah batmitzvahs

moolah moolahs


octahedra cuboctahedra cuboctahedral

octahedra cuboctahedra cuboctahedras

octahedra hexakisoctahedra

octahedra hexoctahedra hexoctahedral

octahedra octahedral cuboctahedral

octahedra octahedral hexoctahedral

octahedra octahedral triakisoctahedral

octahedra octahedral trisoctahedral

octahedra octahedras cuboctahedras

octahedra triakisoctahedra triakisoctahedral

octahedra trisoctahedra trisoctahedral

octahedric cuboctahedric

octahedric hexakisoctahedric

octahedric hexoctahedric

octahedric triakisoctahedric

octahedric trisoctahedric

octahedron cuboctahedron cuboctahedrons

octahedron hexakisoctahedron hexakisoctahedronal

octahedron hexakisoctahedron hexakisoctahedrons

octahedron hexoctahedron hexoctahedrons

octahedron octahedrons cuboctahedrons

octahedron octahedrons hexakisoctahedrons

octahedron octahedrons hexoctahedrons

octahedron octahedrons triakisoctahedrons

octahedron octahedrons trisoctahedrons

octahedron triakisoctahedron triakisoctahedrons

octahedron trisoctahedron trisoctahedrons

operahouse operahouses



paraheliotropic paraheliotropically

paraheliotropism paraheliotropisms

pariah pariahdom pariahdoms

pariah pariahs

pentahedra pentahedral

pentahedric pentahedrical

pentahedroid pentahedroidal

pentahedroid pentahedroids

pentahedron pentahedrons


pentahybrid pentahybrids

pentahydrate pentahydrated

pentahydrate pentahydrates


pentahydrite pentahydrites

pentahydroborite pentahydroborites


petahertz petahertzes

qabalah qabalahs


rajah maharajah maharajahs

rupiah rupiahs

savannah savannahs

seahog seahogs

seahorse seahorses

sexaholic sexaholics

shah shahs


shopaholic shopaholics

subah subahs subahship subahships


suprahyoid suprahyoids


teahouse teahouses


terahertz terahertzes

tetrahedra hexakistetrahedra hexakistetrahedral

tetrahedra hexatetrahedra hexatetrahedral

tetrahedra hypertetrahedra hypertetrahedral

tetrahedra icositetrahedra icositetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral hexakistetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral hexatetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral hypertetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral icositetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral sphericotetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral tetrahedrally

tetrahedra tetrahedral triakistetrahedral

tetrahedra tetrahedral tristetrahedral

tetrahedra triakistetrahedra triakistetrahedral

tetrahedra tristetrahedra tristetrahedral

tetrahedric hexakistetrahedric

tetrahedric hexatetrahedric

tetrahedric hypertetrahedric

tetrahedric icositetrahedric

tetrahedric triakistetrahedric

tetrahedric tristetrahedric

tetrahedron hexakistetrahedron hexakistetrahedrons

tetrahedron hexatetrahedron hexatetrahedrons

tetrahedron hypertetrahedron hypertetrahedrons

tetrahedron icositetrahedron icositetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons hexakistetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons hexatetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons hypertetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons icositetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons triakistetrahedrons

tetrahedron tetrahedrons tristetrahedrons

tetrahedron triakistetrahedron triakistetrahedrons

tetrahedron tristetrahedron tristetrahedrons

tetrahybrid tetrahybridism

tetrahybrid tetrahybrids

tetrahydride tetrahydrides

tetrahydrocannabinol tetrahydrocannabinols

tetrahydrocarbazole tetrahydrocarbazoles

tetrahydrofolate tetrahydrofolates

tetrahydrofuran tetrahydrofurans

tetrahydroisoquinoline tetrahydroisoquinolines

tetrahydropterin tetrahydropterins

tetrahydropyrimidine tetrahydropyrimidines



triacontahedra triacontahedral

triacontahedra triacontahedras

triacontahedron triacontahedrons


ultraheat ultraheated

ultraheat ultraheater ultraheaters

ultraheat ultraheating

ultraheat ultraheats






verandah verandahed

verandah verandahs

workaholic workaholics


yah yahoo yahooism yahooisms

yah yahoo yahoos

yeah yeahs

yeshivah yeshivahs

yottahertz yottahertzes

zaptiah zaptiahs

zettahertz zettahertzes

zillah zillahs