Alexander Pushkin


Last Lines of Alexander Pushkin

Acquaintance many, but not a friend!Adoring now in one the three!Already headless the Cossak is!And a whizzing, of chains a ringing.And darkened now is the moon's face.And dispute not with the fool!And for the quiet of a home.And in the dark night disappeared.And life, and tears, and love.And lifeless hope is in my heart . . .And my cold soul is torn by grief.And the banks so dear to me.And the bush in quiet sway.And the heart with holy enchantment filled.Answer none she gives!Beauty's mighty power before! . . .But if . . .But still I wait: thou art my debtor! . . .By the window, and at the gates.Come again, O ye, of spring my years!Excels both wave, and sky, and storm.Fire with the word the hearts of men!Flies away until the spring.Forget Love's tears I cannot.Forsook her on the third.Forth thee chases from the quieted heavens!Gold Aurora's friend, the friend of my sacred household gods?Have ye sighed?I am a writer, a citizen.I could of freedom make a gift?In the water the boys could see.Into the widely-whispering wood.Is left alone the sadness.Joy it shall bring to our heart!Let me die, but let me die still loving!Like unto this unknown floweret?Love will beam with farewell and smile.May God the like thee grant from another.May then happy be thy lot. . . .May thoughtfully the maidens sigh!My perspiring sides.Noisy life's monotony.Not all in the world have I scorned.Not flying back are coming ye!Now she smiles upon him, and is shedding gentle tears.Of all sweetest, quench it does the heart's fire.Of Eternity's mysteries, and of the grave.Of his love and song his last inspiration.Of my early purer days.On earth one heart is where yet I live!Once in the past, it shall be dear.Or the rapture of the fool?Remain for aye with me on my weary breast. . . .Soul's feeling with are in accord!That wholly thine I am: hither come, O hither!The daring of my former days!The Guadalquivir.The memory to me they bring.This is bliss, these are rights! . . . .Thy tongue obscure I study now.Thy tripod in childlike playfulness let it shake.To bless he ever wished.To espy the loved ones with tender glance.Trembles the belated leaf.With all my heart I bondage prize.With beauty shine there eternally.Without awaking!