Definition of owe

"owe" in the verb sense

1. owe

be obliged to pay or repay

2. owe

be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense

"This new theory owes much to Einstein's Relativity Theory"

3. owe

be in debt

"She owes me $200"

"I still owe for the car"

"The thesis owes much to his adviser"

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Quotations for owe

What I am, I owe to my country. [ U. S. Grant ]

To myself alone do I owe my fame. [ Corneille ]

Wherever we meet misery, we owe pity. [ Proverb ]

Pay what you owe,
And what you are worth you will know. [ Proverb ]

Many owe their fortunes to their enviers. [ Proverb ]

Experience, next, to thee I owe,
Best guide; not following thee, I had remained
In ignorance; thou open'st wisdom's way.
And giv'st access, though secret she retire. [ Milton ]

Ladies, like variegated tulips, show
'Tis to their changes half their charms we owe. [ Pope ]

Pride wishes not to owe, and self-love does not wish to pay. [ La Roche ]

To what happy accident is it that we owe so unexpected a visit? [ Goldsmith ]

I owe it to old age, that my relish for conversation is so increased. [ Cicero ]

Friends, I owe more tears to this dead man than you shall see me pay. [ Shakespeare ]

Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties. [ Spurgeon ]

Those presents are always the most acceptable which owe their value to the giver. [ Ovid ]

To what fortuitous occurrence do we not owe every pleasure and convenience of our lives. [ Goldsmith ]

Many books owe their success to the good memories of their authors and the bad memories of their readers. [ Colton ]

Many shining actions owe their success to chance, though the general or statesman runs away with the applause. [ Lord Karnes ]

I earn that I eat, get that I wear; owe no man hate, envy no man's happiness; glad of other men's good, content with my harm. [ William Shakespeare ]

Praise is a debt we owe unto the virtues of others, and due unto our own from all whom malice hath not made mutes or envy struck dumb. [ Sir Thomas Browne ]

We should forgive freely, but forget rarely. I will not be revenged, and this I owe to my enemy; but I will remember, and this I owe to myself. [ Colton ]

The passions are the celestial fire that vivifies the moral world. It is to them that the arts and sciences owe their discoveries, and man the elevation of his position. [ Helvetius ]

I hold a doctrine, to which I owe not much, indeed, but all the little I ever had, namely, that with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. [ Sir T. F. Buxton ]

It is too generally true that all that is required to make men unmindful what they owe to God for any blessing is that they should receive that blessing often enough and regularly enough. [ Bishop Whately ]

The sun should not set upon our anger, neither should he rise upon our confidence. We should forgive freely, but forget rarely. I will not be revenged, and this I owe to my enemy; but I will remember, and this I owe to myself. [ Colton ]

At present, the novels which we owe to English ladies form no small part of the literary glory of our country. No class of works is more honorably distinguished for fine observation, by grace, by delicate wit, by pure moral feeling. [ Macaulay ]

Ask men of genius how much they owe to their mothers, and you will find that they attribute almost all to them and their influence; and if we could only guage the mental capacity of the wives of great men, we might perhaps learn why genius is so seldom hereditary. [ Lord Kames ]

Nature eschews regular lines; she does not shape her lines by a common model. Not one of Eve's numerous progeny in all respects resembles her who first culled the flowers of Eden. To the infinite variety and picturesque inequality of nature we owe the great charm of her uncloying beauty. [ Whittier ]

People are always talking about originality; but what do they mean? As soon as we are born, the world begins to work upon us; and this goes on to the end. And after all, what can we call our own, except energy, strength, and will? If I could give an account of all that I owe to great predecessors and contemporaries, there would be but a small balance in my favor. [ Goethe ]

A newspaper, like a theatre, must mainly owe its continuance in life to the fact that it pleases many persons; and in order to please many persons it will, unconsciously perhaps, respond to their several tastes, reflect their various qualities, and reproduce their views. In a certain sense it is evolved out of the community that absorbs it, and, therefore, partaking of the character of the community, while it may retain many merits and virtues, it will display itself, as in some respects ignorant, trivial, narrow, and vulgar. [ William Winter ]

Threescore years and ten! It is the Scriptural statute of limitations. After that, you owe no active duties; for you the strenuous life is over. You are a time-expired man, to use Kipling's military phrase: You have served your term, well or less well, and you are mustered out. You are become an honorary member of the republic, you are emancipated, compulsions are not for you, nor any bugle-tail but lights out. You pay the time-worn duty bills if you choose, or decline if you prefer - and without prejudice - for they are not legally collectable. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

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bioweapon bioweapons

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bowel boweled disboweled

bowel boweled emboweled disemboweled

bowel boweling deboweling

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bowel bowelled debowelled

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bowel bowelless

bowel bowellike

bowel bowelling debowelling

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dowel doweled

dowel doweling

dowel dowelled

dowel dowelling

dowel dowels




locoweed locoweeds



owed allowed disallowed

owed allowed fallowed

owed allowed hallowed shallowed

owed allowed hallowed unhallowed

owed allowed reallowed

owed allowed tallowed

owed allowed unallowed

owed allowed wallowed swallowed reswallowed

owed bellowed outbellowed

owed bellowed rebellowed

owed billowed

owed bowed elbowed

owed bowed rainbowed

owed bowed unbowed

owed dowed endowed overendowed

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owed dowed windowed multiwindowed

owed flowed backflowed

owed flowed inflowed

owed flowed overflowed

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owed followed refollowed

owed followed unfollowed

owed glowed outglowed

owed glowed reglowed

owed hollowed

owed mellowed

owed meowed

owed mowed remowed

owed pillowed

owed plowed replowed

owed plowed snowplowed

owed plowed unplowed

owed rowed arrowed harrowed

owed rowed arrowed marrowed

owed rowed arrowed narrowed

owed rowed arrowed tarrowed

owed rowed arrowed wheelbarrowed

owed rowed borrowed overborrowed

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owed rowed browed eyebrowed

owed rowed browed highbrowed

owed rowed burrowed unburrowed

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owed rowed furrowed unfurrowed

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owed showed reshowed foreshowed

owed slowed

owed snowed

owed sowed leasowed

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owed sowed unsowed

owed towed stowed bestowed misbestowed

owed towed stowed bestowed rebestowed

owed towed stowed bestowed unbestowed

owed towed stowed unstowed

owed vowed avowed avowedly unavowedly

owed vowed avowed avowedness

owed vowed avowed disavowed

owed vowed avowed reavowed

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owed willowed

owed winnowed

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owed yellowed

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ower bower bowerbird bowerbirds

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ower bower bowermaid bowermaiden bowermaidens

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ower bower bowerwomen

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ower dower dowery

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ower dower widower widowers

ower knower foreknower foreknowers

ower knower knowers foreknowers

ower lower bellower bellowers

ower lower blower blowers glassblowers

ower lower blower blowers hornblowers

ower lower blower blowers mindblowers

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ower lower flower balloonflower balloonflowers

ower lower flower bellflower bellflowers

ower lower flower blanketflower blanketflowers

ower lower flower cauliflower caulifloweret cauliflowerets

ower lower flower cauliflower cauliflowers

ower lower flower coneflower coneflowers

ower lower flower coralflower coralflowers

ower lower flower cornflower cornflowers

ower lower flower cuckooflower cuckooflowers

ower lower flower cupflower cupflowers

ower lower flower dayflower dayflowers

ower lower flower deflower deflowered undeflowered

ower lower flower deflower deflowerer deflowerers

ower lower flower deflower deflowering

ower lower flower deflower deflowerment deflowerments

ower lower flower deflower deflowers

ower lower flower elderflower elderflowers

ower lower flower fanflower fanflowers

ower lower flower fingerflower fingerflowers

ower lower flower flowerbed flowerbeds

ower lower flower flowerbud flowerbuds

ower lower flower flowered deflowered undeflowered

ower lower flower flowered reflowered

ower lower flower flowered singleflowered

ower lower flower flowerer deflowerer deflowerers

ower lower flower flowerer flowerers deflowerers

ower lower flower flowerets cauliflowerets

ower lower flower flowergirl flowergirls

ower lower flower flowerhead flowerheads

ower lower flower flowerier

ower lower flower floweriest

ower lower flower floweriness

ower lower flower flowering deflowering

ower lower flower flowering flowerings reflowerings

ower lower flower flowering nonflowering

ower lower flower flowering reflowering preflowering

ower lower flower flowering reflowering reflowerings

ower lower flower flowerless flowerlessness

ower lower flower flowerlike

ower lower flower flowerpeckers

ower lower flower flowerpot flowerpots

ower lower flower flowers balloonflowers

ower lower flower flowers bellflowers

ower lower flower flowers blanketflowers

ower lower flower flowers cauliflowers

ower lower flower flowers coneflowers

ower lower flower flowers coralflowers

ower lower flower flowers cornflowers

ower lower flower flowers cuckooflowers

ower lower flower flowers cupflowers

ower lower flower flowers dayflowers

ower lower flower flowers deflowers

ower lower flower flowers elderflowers

ower lower flower flowers fanflowers

ower lower flower flowers fingerflowers

ower lower flower flowers flowerseller flowersellers

ower lower flower flowers foamflowers

ower lower flower flowers globeflowers

ower lower flower flowers gooseflowers

ower lower flower flowers marshflowers

ower lower flower flowers mayflowers

ower lower flower flowers moonflowers

ower lower flower flowers pasqueflowers

ower lower flower flowers passionflowers

ower lower flower flowers reflowers lyreflowers

ower lower flower flowers safflowers

ower lower flower flowers sandflowers

ower lower flower flowers snakeflowers

ower lower flower flowers squawflowers

ower lower flower flowers starflowers

ower lower flower flowers strawflowers

ower lower flower flowers sunflowers

ower lower flower flowers tigerflowers

ower lower flower flowers wallflowers

ower lower flower flowers waxflowers

ower lower flower flowers wildflowers

ower lower flower flowers windflowers

ower lower flower flowery

ower lower flower foamflower foamflowers

ower lower flower globeflower globeflowers

ower lower flower gooseflower gooseflowers

ower lower flower marshflower marshflowers

ower lower flower mayflower mayflowers

ower lower flower moonflower moonflowers

ower lower flower pasqueflower pasqueflowers

ower lower flower passionflower passionflowers

ower lower flower reflower lyreflower lyreflowers

ower lower flower reflower reflowered

ower lower flower reflower reflowering preflowering

ower lower flower reflower reflowering reflowerings

ower lower flower reflower reflowers lyreflowers

ower lower flower safflower safflowers

ower lower flower sandflower sandflowers

ower lower flower snakeflower snakeflowers

ower lower flower squawflower squawflowers

ower lower flower starflower starflowers

ower lower flower strawflower strawflowers

ower lower flower sunflower sunflowers

ower lower flower tigerflower tigerflowers

ower lower flower wallflower wallflowers

ower lower flower waxflower waxflowers

ower lower flower wildflower wildflowers

ower lower flower windflower windflowers

ower lower follower followers

ower lower glower glowered

ower lower glower glowerer glowerers

ower lower glower glowering gloweringly

ower lower glower glowers

ower lower hollower

ower lower lowercase lowercased

ower lower lowercase lowercases

ower lower lowercasing

ower lower lowerclass

ower lower lowered flowered deflowered undeflowered

ower lower lowered flowered reflowered

ower lower lowered flowered singleflowered

ower lower lowered glowered

ower lower lowering flowering deflowering

ower lower lowering flowering flowerings reflowerings

ower lower lowering flowering nonflowering

ower lower lowering flowering reflowering preflowering

ower lower lowering flowering reflowering reflowerings

ower lower lowering glowering gloweringly

ower lower lowerlevel

ower lower lowermost

ower lower lowers bellowers

ower lower lowers blowers glassblowers

ower lower lowers blowers hornblowers

ower lower lowers blowers mindblowers

ower lower lowers blowers snowblowers

ower lower lowers blowers whistleblowers

ower lower lowers flowers balloonflowers

ower lower lowers flowers bellflowers

ower lower lowers flowers blanketflowers

ower lower lowers flowers cauliflowers

ower lower lowers flowers coneflowers

ower lower lowers flowers coralflowers

ower lower lowers flowers cornflowers

ower lower lowers flowers cuckooflowers

ower lower lowers flowers cupflowers

ower lower lowers flowers dayflowers

ower lower lowers flowers deflowers

ower lower lowers flowers elderflowers

ower lower lowers flowers fanflowers

ower lower lowers flowers fingerflowers

ower lower lowers flowers flowerseller flowersellers

ower lower lowers flowers foamflowers

ower lower lowers flowers globeflowers

ower lower lowers flowers gooseflowers

ower lower lowers flowers marshflowers

ower lower lowers flowers mayflowers

ower lower lowers flowers moonflowers

ower lower lowers flowers pasqueflowers

ower lower lowers flowers passionflowers

ower lower lowers flowers reflowers lyreflowers

ower lower lowers flowers safflowers

ower lower lowers flowers sandflowers

ower lower lowers flowers snakeflowers

ower lower lowers flowers squawflowers

ower lower lowers flowers starflowers

ower lower lowers flowers strawflowers

ower lower lowers flowers sunflowers

ower lower lowers flowers tigerflowers

ower lower lowers flowers wallflowers

ower lower lowers flowers waxflowers

ower lower lowers flowers wildflowers

ower lower lowers flowers windflowers

ower lower lowers followers

ower lower lowers glowers

ower lower lowers plowers

ower lower lowers tallowers

ower lower lowers wallowers swallowers

ower lower lowers willowers

ower lower mellower

ower lower plower plowers

ower lower sallower

ower lower shallower

ower lower slower

ower lower tallower tallowers

ower lower wallower swallower swallowers

ower lower wallower wallowers swallowers

ower lower willower willowers

ower lower yellower

ower meower meowers

ower mower lawnmower lawnmowers

ower mower mowers lawnmowers

ower owers bowers crossbowers

ower owers bowers elbowers

ower owers bowers embowers

ower owers bowers imbowers

ower owers cowers recowers

ower owers dowers shadowers foreshadowers

ower owers dowers shadowers overshadowers

ower owers dowers widowers

ower owers knowers foreknowers

ower owers lowers bellowers

ower owers lowers blowers glassblowers

ower owers lowers blowers hornblowers

ower owers lowers blowers mindblowers

ower owers lowers blowers snowblowers

ower owers lowers blowers whistleblowers

ower owers lowers flowers balloonflowers

ower owers lowers flowers bellflowers

ower owers lowers flowers blanketflowers

ower owers lowers flowers cauliflowers

ower owers lowers flowers coneflowers

ower owers lowers flowers coralflowers

ower owers lowers flowers cornflowers

ower owers lowers flowers cuckooflowers

ower owers lowers flowers cupflowers

ower owers lowers flowers dayflowers

ower owers lowers flowers deflowers

ower owers lowers flowers elderflowers

ower owers lowers flowers fanflowers

ower owers lowers flowers fingerflowers

ower owers lowers flowers flowerseller flowersellers

ower owers lowers flowers foamflowers

ower owers lowers flowers globeflowers

ower owers lowers flowers gooseflowers

ower owers lowers flowers marshflowers

ower owers lowers flowers mayflowers

ower owers lowers flowers moonflowers

ower owers lowers flowers pasqueflowers

ower owers lowers flowers passionflowers

ower owers lowers flowers reflowers lyreflowers

ower owers lowers flowers safflowers

ower owers lowers flowers sandflowers

ower owers lowers flowers snakeflowers

ower owers lowers flowers squawflowers

ower owers lowers flowers starflowers

ower owers lowers flowers strawflowers

ower owers lowers flowers sunflowers

ower owers lowers flowers tigerflowers

ower owers lowers flowers wallflowers

ower owers lowers flowers waxflowers

ower owers lowers flowers wildflowers

ower owers lowers flowers windflowers

ower owers lowers followers

ower owers lowers glowers

ower owers lowers plowers

ower owers lowers tallowers

ower owers lowers wallowers swallowers

ower owers lowers willowers

ower owers meowers

ower owers mowers lawnmowers

ower owers powers airpowers

ower owers powers brainpowers

ower owers powers candlepowers

ower owers powers counterpowers

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ower owers powers powersharing

ower owers powers powerstation powerstations

ower owers powers powersupply

ower owers powers powersystem powersystems

ower owers powers repowers firepowers

ower owers powers seapowers

ower owers powers steampowers

ower owers powers superpowers

ower owers powers thermopowers

ower owers powers underpowers

ower owers powers unpowers gunpowers

ower owers powers warpowers

ower owers powers waterpowers

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ower owers rowers borrowers

ower owers rowers burrowers

ower owers rowers checkrowers

ower owers rowers cockcrowers

ower owers rowers furrowers

ower owers rowers growers coffeegrowers

ower owers rowers growers fruitgrowers

ower owers rowers growers haygrowers

ower owers rowers growers silkgrowers

ower owers rowers growers vinegrowers

ower owers rowers growers wheatgrowers

ower owers rowers growers winegrowers

ower owers rowers growers woolgrowers

ower owers rowers sorrowers

ower owers rowers throwers flamethrowers

ower owers rowers throwers overthrowers

ower owers rowers wheelbarrowers

ower owers showers overshowers

ower owers showers reshowers foreshowers

ower owers showers thundershowers

ower owers sowers

ower owers towers bestowers

ower owers towers clocktowers

ower owers towers outtowers

ower owers towers watchtowers

ower owers towers watertowers

ower owers vowers avowers disavowers

ower owers winnowers

ower power airpower airpowers

ower power brainpower brainpowered

ower power brainpower brainpowering

ower power brainpower brainpowers

ower power candlepower candlepowers

ower power counterpower counterpowers

ower power empower disempower disempowered

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ower power hyperpower hyperpowers hyperpowerset hyperpowersets

ower power impower impowered unimpowered

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ower power jetpower jetpowered

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ower power lowpower lowpowered

ower power manpower manpowered womanpowered

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ower power micropower micropowers

ower power outpower outpowered

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ower power overpower overpowered unoverpowered

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ower power overpower overpowering overpoweringly

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ower power overpower overpowers

ower power personpower personpowered

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ower power powerable

ower power powerably

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ower power powerdriven

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ower power powered repowered firepowered

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ower power powerful powerfully unpowerfully

ower power powerful powerfulness overpowerfulness

ower power powerful powerfulness unpowerfulness

ower power powerful superpowerful

ower power powerful ultrapowerful

ower power powerful unpowerful unpowerfully

ower power powerful unpowerful unpowerfulness

ower power powerholder powerholders

ower power powerhouse powerhouses

ower power powerhungry

ower power powering brainpowering

ower power powering empowering disempowering

ower power powering hydropowering

ower power powering hyperpowering

ower power powering impowering

ower power powering jetpowering

ower power powering manpowering

ower power powering outpowering

ower power powering overpowering overpoweringly

ower power powering overpowering overpoweringness

ower power powering repowering firepowering

ower power powering underpowering

ower power powering unpowering

ower power powerless powerlessly

ower power powerless powerlessness

ower power powerlift powerlifted

ower power powerlift powerlifter powerlifters

ower power powerlift powerlifting

ower power powerlift powerlifts

ower power powerline powerlines

ower power powerlock powerlocked

ower power powerlock powerlocking

ower power powerlock powerlocks

ower power powermate powermates

ower power powermonger powermongers

ower power powerpack powerpacked

ower power powerpack powerpacking

ower power powerpack powerpacks

ower power powerplant powerplants

ower power powerplay powerplays

ower power powerpoint powerpoints

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ower power powers brainpowers

ower power powers candlepowers

ower power powers counterpowers

ower power powers empowers disempowers

ower power powers girlpowers

ower power powers horsepowers

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ower power powers jetpowers

ower power powers manpowers womanpowers

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ower power powers powerstation powerstations

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ower power powers powersystem powersystems

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ower power powerwash powerwashing

ower power repower firepower firepowered

ower power repower firepower firepowering

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