Definition of oil

"oil" in the noun sense

1. oil

a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water

2. oil, oil color, oil colour

oil paint containing pigment that is used by an artist

3. petroleum, crude oil, crude, rock oil, fossil oil, oil

a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

4. vegetable oil, oil

any of a group of liquid edible fats that are obtained from plants

"oil" in the verb sense

1. oil

cover with oil, as if by rubbing

"oil the wooden surface"

2. anoint, inunct, oil, anele, embrocate

administer an oil or ointment to often in a religious ceremony of blessing

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Quotations for oil

Oil on troubled waters. [ Bede ]

Truth and oil are ever above. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Would you draw oil out of sand? [ Proverb ]

The oil and wine of merry meeting. [ Washington Irving ]

O flattery!
How soon thy smooth insinuating oil
Supples the toughest fool! [ Fenton ]

Whence is thy learning? hath thy toil
O'er books consumed the midnight oil? [ Gay ]

Oil and truth will get uppermost at last. [ Proverb ]

A man without patience is a lamp without oil. [ A. de Musset ]

Opposition to a man in love is like oil to fire. [ Ouida ]

To pour oil on the fire is not the way to quench it. [ Proverb ]

To cast oil into the fire, is not the way to quench it. [ Proverb ]

Death but supplies the oil for the inextinguishable lamp of life. [ Coleridge ]

God did anoint thee with His odorous oil, to wrestle not to reign. [ Mrs. Browning ]

If you desire to see by my light, you must minister oil to my lamp. [ Proverb ]

Weak men are easily put out of humor. Oil freezes quicker than water. [ Auerbach ]

Calumny spreads like an oil-spot: we endeavor to cleanse it, but the mark remains. [ Mlle de Lespinasse ]

You will find people ready enough to do the Samaritan without the oil and twopence. [ Sydney Smith ]

I think the devil will not have me damned, lest the oil that's in me should set hell on fire. [ William Shakespeare ]

Our natures are like oil; compound us with anything, yet still we strive to swim upon the top. [ Beaumont and Fletcher ]

To seek these things is lost labor: geese in an oil-pot, fat hogs among Jews, and wine in a fishingnet. [ English Proverb, collected by George Herbert ]

Truth may be stretched, but cannot be broken, and always gets above falsehood, as oil does above water. [ Cervantes ]

Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another's heart, or its flame burns low. [ Henry Ward Beecher ]

That inexhaustible good-nature which is the most precious gift of Heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather. [ Washington Irving ]

The great inventor is one who has walked forth upon the industrial world, not from universities, but from hovels; not as clad in silks and decked with honors, but as clad in fustian and grimed with soot and oil. [ Isaac Taylor ]

If opinion hath lighted the lamp of thy name, endeavor to encourage it with thy own oil, lest it go out and stink; the chronical disease of popularity is shame: if thou be once up, beware: from fame to infamy is a beaten road. [ Quarles ]

Gluttony is the source of all our infirmities, and the fountain of all our diseases. As a lamp is choked by a superabundance of oil, a fire extinguished by excess of fuel, so is the natural health of the body destroyed by intemperate diet. [ Burton ]

Mirth is God's medicine. Everybody ought to bathe in it. Grim care, moroseness, anxiety, - all this rust of life, ought to be scoured off by the oil of mirth. It is better than emery. Every man ought to rub himself with it. A man without mirth is like a wagon without springs, in which one is caused disagreeably to jolt by every pebble over which it runs. [ Beecher ]

Since I was seven years old I have seldom take, a dose of medicine, and have still seldomer needed one. But up to seven I lived exclusively on allopathic medicines. Not that I needed them, for I don't think I did; it was for economy; my father took a drug-store for a debt, and it made cod-liver oil cheaper than the other breakfast foods. We had nine barrels of it, and it lasted me seven years. Then I was weaned. The rest of the family had to get along with rhubarb and ipecac and such things, because I was the pet. I was the first Standard Oil Trust. I had it all. By the time the drugstore was exhausted my health was established, and there has never been much the matter with me since. [ Mark Twain, Seventieth Birthday speech ]

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Words containing the sequence oil

Words with oil in them (230 words)


Word Growth involving oil

Shorter words in oil

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Longer words containing oil

boil boiled hardboiled

boil boiled nonboiled

boil boiled overboiled

boil boiled parboiled

boil boiled reboiled preboiled

boil boiled softboiled

boil boiled unboiled

boil boiler boilerless

boil boiler boilermaker boilermakers

boil boiler boilermaking

boil boiler boilerplate boilerplated

boil boiler boilerplate boilerplater boilerplaters

boil boiler boilerplate boilerplates

boil boiler boilerplating

boil boiler boilers potboilers

boil boiler potboiler potboilers

boil boiling boilingpoint boilingpoints

boil boiling boilings

boil boiling nonboiling

boil boiling overboiling

boil boiling parboiling

boil boiling reboiling preboiling

boil boiloff boiloffs

boil boilover boilovers

boil boils gumboils

boil boils overboils

boil boils parboils

boil boils reboils preboils

boil gumboil gumboils

boil nonboilable

boil overboil overboiled

boil overboil overboiling

boil overboil overboils

boil parboil parboiled

boil parboil parboiling

boil parboil parboils

boil reboil preboil preboiled

boil reboil preboil preboiling

boil reboil preboil preboils

boil reboil reboiled preboiled

boil reboil reboiling preboiling

boil reboil reboils preboils

coil coiled recoiled

coil coiled supercoiled

coil coiled uncoiled

coil coiling recoiling unrecoiling

coil coiling supercoiling

coil coiling uncoiling

coil coils recoils

coil coils supercoils

coil coils uncoils

coil recoil recoiled

coil recoil recoiler recoilers

coil recoil recoiling unrecoiling

coil recoil recoilless

coil recoil recoils

coil supercoil supercoiled

coil supercoil supercoiling

coil supercoil supercoils

coil uncoil uncoiled

coil uncoil uncoiling

coil uncoil uncoils


foil aerofoil aerofoils

foil airfoil airfoils

foil counterfoil counterfoils

foil foiled multifoiled

foil foiled octofoiled

foil foiled polyfoiled

foil foiled quadrifoiled

foil foiled quarterfoiled

foil foiled quinquefoiled

foil foiled sexfoiled

foil foiled trefoiled quatrefoiled

foil foiling

foil foils aerofoils

foil foils airfoils

foil foils counterfoils

foil foils hexafoils

foil foils holofoils

foil foils hydrofoils

foil foils jetfoils

foil foils milfoils

foil foils multifoils

foil foils octofoils

foil foils parafoils

foil foils perdifoils

foil foils polyfoils

foil foils quadrifoils

foil foils quarterfoils

foil foils quinquefoils

foil foils sexfoils

foil foils tinfoils

foil foils trefoils quatrefoils

foil hexafoil hexafoils

foil holofoil holofoils

foil hydrofoil hydrofoils

foil jetfoil jetfoils

foil milfoil milfoils

foil multifoil multifoiled

foil multifoil multifoils

foil octofoil octofoiled

foil octofoil octofoils

foil parafoil parafoils

foil perdifoil perdifoils

foil polyfoil polyfoiled

foil polyfoil polyfoils

foil quadrifoil quadrifoiled

foil quadrifoil quadrifoils

foil quarterfoil quarterfoiled

foil quarterfoil quarterfoils

foil quinquefoil quinquefoiled

foil quinquefoil quinquefoils

foil sexfoil sexfoiled

foil sexfoil sexfoils

foil tinfoil tinfoils

foil trefoil quatrefoil quatrefoiled

foil trefoil quatrefoil quatrefoils

foil trefoil trefoile trefoiled quatrefoiled

foil trefoil trefoillike

foil trefoil trefoils quatrefoils



nonoil nonoiled

nonoil nonoily




oilbird oilbirds

oilcan oilcans

oilcloth oilcloths

oiled boiled hardboiled

oiled boiled nonboiled

oiled boiled overboiled

oiled boiled parboiled

oiled boiled reboiled preboiled

oiled boiled softboiled

oiled boiled unboiled

oiled coiled recoiled

oiled coiled supercoiled

oiled coiled uncoiled

oiled foiled multifoiled

oiled foiled octofoiled

oiled foiled polyfoiled

oiled foiled quadrifoiled

oiled foiled quarterfoiled

oiled foiled quinquefoiled

oiled foiled sexfoiled

oiled foiled trefoiled quatrefoiled

oiled nonoiled

oiled reoiled

oiled roiled broiled charbroiled

oiled roiled broiled embroiled

oiled roiled broiled panbroiled

oiled roiled broiled unbroiled

oiled roiled roiledness

oiled soiled resoiled

oiled soiled subsoiled

oiled soiled topsoiled

oiled soiled unsoiled

oiled spoiled despoiled

oiled spoiled unspoiled

oiled toiled betoiled

oiled turmoiled

oiled unoiled

oiler boiler boilerless

oiler boiler boilermaker boilermakers

oiler boiler boilermaking

oiler boiler boilerplate boilerplated

oiler boiler boilerplate boilerplater boilerplaters

oiler boiler boilerplate boilerplates

oiler boiler boilerplating

oiler boiler boilers potboilers

oiler boiler potboiler potboilers

oiler broiler broilers charbroilers

oiler broiler broilers embroilers

oiler broiler broilers panbroilers

oiler broiler charbroiler charbroilers

oiler broiler embroiler embroilers

oiler broiler panbroiler panbroilers

oiler oilers boilers potboilers

oiler oilers broilers charbroilers

oiler oilers broilers embroilers

oiler oilers broilers panbroilers

oiler oilers recoilers

oiler oilers spoilers despoilers

oiler oilers subsoilers

oiler oilers toilers

oiler oilers turmoilers

oiler recoiler recoilers

oiler spoiler despoiler despoilers

oiler spoiler spoilers despoilers

oiler subsoiler subsoilers

oiler toiler toilers

oiler turmoiler turmoilers

oilfield oilfields

oilfire oilfires

oilfish oilfishes

oilier roilier

oiliest roiliest


oiling boiling boilingpoint boilingpoints

oiling boiling boilings

oiling boiling nonboiling

oiling boiling overboiling

oiling boiling parboiling

oiling boiling reboiling preboiling

oiling coiling recoiling unrecoiling

oiling coiling supercoiling

oiling coiling uncoiling

oiling foiling

oiling reoiling

oiling roiling broiling charbroiling

oiling roiling broiling embroiling

oiling roiling broiling panbroiling

oiling soiling resoiling

oiling soiling subsoiling

oiling soiling topsoiling

oiling spoiling despoiling

oiling toiling betoiling

oiling turmoiling

oillike trefoillike


oilmen despoilment despoilments

oilmen embroilment embroilments



oils boils gumboils

oils boils overboils

oils boils parboils

oils boils reboils preboils

oils coils recoils

oils coils supercoils

oils coils uncoils

oils foils aerofoils

oils foils airfoils

oils foils counterfoils

oils foils hexafoils

oils foils holofoils

oils foils hydrofoils

oils foils jetfoils

oils foils milfoils

oils foils multifoils

oils foils octofoils

oils foils parafoils

oils foils perdifoils

oils foils polyfoils

oils foils quadrifoils

oils foils quarterfoils

oils foils quinquefoils

oils foils sexfoils

oils foils tinfoils

oils foils trefoils quatrefoils

oils oilseed oilseeds

oils oilskin oilskins

oils oilstock oilstocks

oils oilstone oilstones

oils reoils

oils roils broils charbroils

oils roils broils embroils

oils roils broils panbroils

oils soils minesoils

oils soils resoils

oils soils subsoils

oils soils topsoils

oils spoils despoils

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongered

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongerer spoilsmongerers

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongeries

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongering

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongers

oils spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongery

oils spoils spoilsport spoilsports

oils toils betoils

oils toils toilsome toilsomely

oils toils toilsome toilsomeness

oils turmoils

oilwell oilwells

oily doily

oily nonoily

oily roily

reoil reoiled

reoil reoiling

reoil reoils

roil broil broiled charbroiled

roil broil broiled embroiled

roil broil broiled panbroiled

roil broil broiled unbroiled

roil broil broiler broilers charbroilers

roil broil broiler broilers embroilers

roil broil broiler broilers panbroilers

roil broil broiler charbroiler charbroilers

roil broil broiler embroiler embroilers

roil broil broiler panbroiler panbroilers

roil broil broiling charbroiling

roil broil broiling embroiling

roil broil broiling panbroiling

roil broil broils charbroils

roil broil broils embroils

roil broil broils panbroils

roil broil charbroil charbroiled

roil broil charbroil charbroiler charbroilers

roil broil charbroil charbroiling

roil broil charbroil charbroils

roil broil embroil embroiled

roil broil embroil embroiler embroilers

roil broil embroil embroiling

roil broil embroil embroilment embroilments

roil broil embroil embroils

roil broil panbroil panbroiled

roil broil panbroil panbroiler panbroilers

roil broil panbroil panbroiling

roil broil panbroil panbroils

roil roiled broiled charbroiled

roil roiled broiled embroiled

roil roiled broiled panbroiled

roil roiled broiled unbroiled

roil roiled roiledness

roil roilier

roil roiliest

roil roiling broiling charbroiling

roil roiling broiling embroiling

roil roiling broiling panbroiling

roil roils broils charbroils

roil roils broils embroils

roil roils broils panbroils

roil roily

roil sacroiliac sacroiliacs

roil sacroiliitis sacroiliitises

roil troilism troilisms

roil troilist troilists

roil troilite troilites

soil minesoil minesoils

soil resoil resoiled

soil resoil resoiling

soil resoil resoils

soil soilborne

soil soiled resoiled

soil soiled subsoiled

soil soiled topsoiled

soil soiled unsoiled

soil soiling resoiling

soil soiling subsoiling

soil soiling topsoiling

soil soilless

soil soils minesoils

soil soils resoils

soil soils subsoils

soil soils topsoils

soil subsoil subsoiled

soil subsoil subsoiler subsoilers

soil subsoil subsoiling

soil subsoil subsoils

soil topsoil topsoiled

soil topsoil topsoiling

soil topsoil topsoils

soil undersoil

soil unsoilable

spoil despoil despoilation despoilations

spoil despoil despoiled

spoil despoil despoiler despoilers

spoil despoil despoiling

spoil despoil despoilment despoilments

spoil despoil despoils

spoil spoilable

spoil spoilage spoilages

spoil spoiled despoiled

spoil spoiled unspoiled

spoil spoiler despoiler despoilers

spoil spoiler spoilers despoilers

spoil spoiling despoiling

spoil spoils despoils

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongered

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongerer spoilsmongerers

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongeries

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongering

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongers

spoil spoils spoilsmonger spoilsmongery

spoil spoils spoilsport spoilsports

spoil spoilt unspoilt

toil betoil betoiled

toil betoil betoiling

toil betoil betoils

toil occipitoiliac

toil toile cholecystoileostomies

toil toile cholecystoileostomy

toil toile toiled betoiled

toil toile toiler toilers

toil toile toilet toileted

toil toile toilet toileting

toil toile toilet toiletries

toil toile toilet toiletry

toil toile toilet toilets

toil toile toilet toilette toilettes

toil toile toilet toiletware toiletwares

toil toilful toilfully

toil toilful toilfulness

toil toiling betoiling

toil toilless toillessness

toil toils betoils

toil toils toilsome toilsomely

toil toils toilsome toilsomeness

toil toilworn

turmoil turmoiled

turmoil turmoiler turmoilers

turmoil turmoiling

turmoil turmoils