Definition of lea

"lea" in the noun sense

1. lea

a unit of length of thread or yarn

2. pasture, pastureland, grazing land, lea, ley

a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock

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Princeton University "About WordNet®."
WordNet®. Princeton University. 2010.

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Quotations for lea

Blue eyes shimmer with angel glances.
Like spring violets over the lea. [ Constance F. Woolson ]

Great God, I had rather be
A Pagan suckled in some creed outworn;
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea,
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn. [ Wordsworth ]

The slender acacia would not shake
One long milk-bloom on the tree;
The white lake-blossom fell into the lake
As the pimpernel dozed on the lea;
But the rose was awake all night for your sake,
Knowing your promise to me;
The lilies and roses were all awake.
They sighed for the dawn and thee. [ Tennyson ]

lea in Scrabble®

The word lea is playable in Scrabble®, no blanks required.

Scrabble® Letter Score: 3

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lea in Words With Friends™

The word lea is playable in Words With Friends™, no blanks required.

Words With Friends™ Letter Score: 4

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Shorter words in lea

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Longer words containing lea

aculeate aculeated

aculeate aculeates

azalea azaleas

battleax battleaxe battleaxes

bleat bleated outbleated

bleat bleater bleaters

bleat bleating bleatingly

bleat bleating bleatings

bleat bleating outbleating

bleat bleats outbleats

bleat bleaty

bleat outbleat outbleated

bleat outbleat outbleating

bleat outbleat outbleats

bougainvillea bougainvilleas

cleat cleats

cleat enucleator enucleators

cleat nucleate anucleate anucleated

cleat nucleate binucleate binucleated

cleat nucleate enucleate denucleate denucleated

cleat nucleate enucleate denucleate denucleates

cleat nucleate enucleate enucleated denucleated

cleat nucleate enucleate enucleated renucleated

cleat nucleate enucleate enucleates denucleates

cleat nucleate enucleate enucleates renucleates

cleat nucleate enucleate renucleate renucleated

cleat nucleate enucleate renucleate renucleates

cleat nucleate mononucleate mononucleated

cleat nucleate multinucleate multinucleated

cleat nucleate nonnucleate nonnucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated anucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated binucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated enucleated denucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated enucleated renucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated mononucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated multinucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated nonnucleated

cleat nucleate nucleated uninucleated

cleat nucleate nucleates enucleates denucleates

cleat nucleate nucleates enucleates renucleates

cleat nucleate polymorphonucleate

cleat nucleate uninucleate uninucleated

cleat nucleating enucleating denucleating

cleat nucleating enucleating renucleating

cleat nucleation enucleation denucleation denucleations

cleat nucleation enucleation enucleations denucleations

cleat nucleation enucleation enucleations renucleations

cleat nucleation enucleation renucleation renucleations


cleavable photocleavable

cleavable uncleavable

cleavage cleavages photocleavages

cleavage photocleavage photocleavages


cochlea cochleae

cochlea cochlear cochleariform

cochlea cochlear vestibulocochlear

cochlea cochleas

cochlea cochleate


entangleable unentangleable

flea deflea defleaed

flea deflea defleaing

flea deflea defleas

flea fleabag fleabags

flea fleabane fleabanes

flea fleabite fleabites

flea fleabitten

flea fleaborn fleaborne

flea flealike

flea fleamarket fleamarkets

flea fleapit fleapits

flea fleas defleas

flea fleawort fleaworts

flea selflearn selflearned

flea selflearn selflearner selflearners

flea selflearn selflearning

flea selflearn selflearns

gleam agleam

gleam gleamed outgleamed

gleam gleamier

gleam gleamiest

gleam gleaming gleamingly

gleam gleaming gleamings

gleam gleaming outgleaming

gleam gleamless

gleam gleams outgleams

gleam gleamy

gleam outgleam outgleamed

gleam outgleam outgleaming

gleam outgleam outgleams

grevillea grevilleas


ilea fileable

ilea ileac

ilea ileal

ilea mileage mileages

ilea snaileater snaileaters

leach bleach bleachabilities

leach bleach bleachability

leach bleach bleachable unbleachable

leach bleach bleached nonbleached

leach bleach bleached overbleached

leach bleach bleached rebleached

leach bleach bleached unbleached

leach bleach bleached underbleached

leach bleach bleached unphotobleached

leach bleach bleacher bleacheries

leach bleach bleacher bleacherite bleacherites

leach bleach bleacher bleacherman

leach bleach bleacher bleachermen

leach bleach bleacher bleachers

leach bleach bleacher bleachery

leach bleach bleaches overbleaches

leach bleach bleaches rebleaches

leach bleach bleaches underbleaches

leach bleach bleachfield bleachfields

leach bleach bleachgreen bleachgreens

leach bleach bleachhouse bleachhouses

leach bleach bleaching bleachings

leach bleach bleaching nonbleaching

leach bleach bleaching overbleaching

leach bleach bleaching rebleaching

leach bleach bleaching unbleaching

leach bleach bleaching underbleaching

leach bleach bleachman

leach bleach bleachmen

leach bleach bleachwork bleachworks

leach bleach bleachyard bleachyards

leach bleach nonbleach nonbleached

leach bleach nonbleach nonbleaching

leach bleach overbleach overbleached

leach bleach overbleach overbleaches

leach bleach overbleach overbleaching

leach bleach rebleach rebleached

leach bleach rebleach rebleaches

leach bleach rebleach rebleaching

leach bleach underbleach underbleached

leach bleach underbleach underbleaches

leach bleach underbleach underbleaching

leach leachabilities bleachabilities

leach leachability bleachability

leach leachable bleachable unbleachable

leach leachate leachates

leach leached bleached nonbleached

leach leached bleached overbleached

leach leached bleached rebleached

leach leached bleached unbleached

leach leached bleached underbleached

leach leached bleached unphotobleached

leach leacher bleacher bleacheries

leach leacher bleacher bleacherite bleacherites

leach leacher bleacher bleacherman

leach leacher bleacher bleachermen

leach leacher bleacher bleachers

leach leacher bleacher bleachery

leach leacher leachers bleachers

leach leacher leachers nonleachers

leach leacher nonleacher nonleachers

leach leaches bleaches overbleaches

leach leaches bleaches rebleaches

leach leaches bleaches underbleaches

leach leaching bleaching bleachings

leach leaching bleaching nonbleaching

leach leaching bleaching overbleaching

leach leaching bleaching rebleaching

leach leaching bleaching unbleaching

leach leaching bleaching underbleaching

leach leaching leachings bleachings

leach leachtub leachtubs

lead blacklead blackleaded

lead delead deleaded

lead delead deleading

lead delead deleads

lead fairlead fairleads

lead leadbelly

lead leaded blackleaded

lead leaded deleaded

lead leaded nonleaded

lead leaded pleaded counterpleaded

lead leaded pleaded interpleaded

lead leaded pleaded mispleaded

lead leaded pleaded repleaded

lead leaded unleaded

lead leaden

lead leader bandleader bandleaders

lead leader cheerleader cheerleaders

lead leader leaderboard leaderboards

lead leader leaderless

lead leader leaders bandleaders

lead leader leaders cheerleaders

lead leader leaders leadership leaderships

lead leader leaders misleaders

lead leader leaders playleaders

lead leader leaders pleaders interpleaders

lead leader leaders pleaders repleaders

lead leader leaders ringleaders

lead leader misleader misleaders

lead leader playleader playleaders

lead leader pleader interpleader interpleaders

lead leader pleader pleaders interpleaders

lead leader pleader pleaders repleaders

lead leader pleader repleader repleaders

lead leader ringleader ringleaders

lead leadeth

lead leadfoot

lead leadframe leadframes

lead leadfree

lead leading cheerleading

lead leading deleading

lead leading leadingarticle

lead leading leadingly misleadingly

lead leading leadingly pleadingly

lead leading leadings pleadings mispleadings

lead leading misleading misleadingly

lead leading misleading unmisleading

lead leading nonleading

lead leading outleading

lead leading overleading

lead leading pleading counterpleading

lead leading pleading interpleading

lead leading pleading mispleading mispleadings

lead leading pleading pleadingly

lead leading pleading pleadings mispleadings

lead leading pleading repleading

lead leading underleading

lead leadless

lead leadmaker leadmakers

lead leadman

lead leadoff leadoffs

lead leadpipe leadpipes

lead leads deleads

lead leads fairleads

lead leads leadscrew leadscrews

lead leads misleads

lead leads outleads

lead leads overleads

lead leads pleads counterpleads

lead leads pleads interpleads

lead leads pleads mispleads

lead leads pleads repleads

lead leads underleads

lead leadwork leadworks

lead leadwort leadworts

lead mislead misleadable

lead mislead misleader misleaders

lead mislead misleading misleadingly

lead mislead misleading unmisleading

lead mislead misleads

lead mislead unmislead unmisleading

lead nonlead nonleaded

lead nonlead nonleading

lead outlead outleading

lead outlead outleads

lead overlead overleading

lead overlead overleads

lead plead counterplead counterpleaded

lead plead counterplead counterpleading

lead plead counterplead counterpleads

lead plead interplead interpleaded

lead plead interplead interpleader interpleaders

lead plead interplead interpleading

lead plead interplead interpleads

lead plead misplead mispleaded

lead plead misplead mispleading mispleadings

lead plead misplead mispleads

lead plead pleadable

lead plead pleaded counterpleaded

lead plead pleaded interpleaded

lead plead pleaded mispleaded

lead plead pleaded repleaded

lead plead pleader interpleader interpleaders

lead plead pleader pleaders interpleaders

lead plead pleader pleaders repleaders

lead plead pleader repleader repleaders

lead plead pleading counterpleading

lead plead pleading interpleading

lead plead pleading mispleading mispleadings

lead plead pleading pleadingly

lead plead pleading pleadings mispleadings

lead plead pleading repleading

lead plead pleads counterpleads

lead plead pleads interpleads

lead plead pleads mispleads

lead plead pleads repleads

lead plead replead repleaded

lead plead replead repleader repleaders

lead plead replead repleading

lead plead replead repleads

lead underlead underleading

lead underlead underleads

leaf bayleaf bayleafs

leaf broadleaf

leaf cutleaf

leaf daisyleaf

leaf dropleaf

leaf flyleaf

leaf goldleaf

leaf heartleaf

leaf interleaf

leaf largeleaf

leaf leafage

leaf leafbird leafbirds

leaf leafcutter leafcutters

leaf leafed

leaf leafery

leaf leafhopper leafhoppers

leaf leafier

leaf leafiest

leaf leafiness

leaf leafing

leaf leafless leaflessness

leaf leaflet leafleted

leaf leaflet leafleteer leafleteers

leaf leaflet leafleter leafleters

leaf leaflet leafleting

leaf leaflet leaflets

leaf leaflet leafletted

leaf leaflet leafletting

leaf leaflike

leaf leafminer leafminers

leaf leafmold

leaf leafroller leafrollers

leaf leafs bayleafs

leaf leafs cloverleafs

leaf leafs leafstalk leafstalks

leaf leafs looseleafs

leaf leafworm leafworms

leaf leafy nonleafy

leaf leafy unleafy

leaf looseleaf looseleafs

leaf oakleaf

leaf overleaf cloverleaf cloverleafs

leaf quiverleaf

leaf singleleaf

leaf underleaf

league bigleague

league colleague colleagues

league interleague

league leagued

league leaguer beleaguer beleaguered

league leaguer beleaguer beleaguering

league leaguer beleaguer beleaguers

league leaguer leaguered beleaguered

league leaguer leaguerer leaguerers

league leaguer leaguering beleaguering

league leaguer leaguers beleaguers

league leagues colleagues

league nonleague


leak bleak bleaker

leak bleak bleakest

leak bleak bleakish

leak bleak bleakly

leak bleak bleakness

leak leakage leakages

leak leaked unleaked

leak leaker bleaker

leak leaker leakers

leak leakfree

leak leakier

leak leakiest

leak leakily

leak leakiness

leak leaking nonleaking

leak leakless

leak leakproof leakproofed

leak leakproof leakproofer leakproofers

leak leakproof leakproofing

leak leakproof leakproofs

leak leaks

leak leaky nonleaky

lean alveolocondylean

lean boolean booleans

lean cerulean ceruleans

lean clean cleanable noncleanable

lean clean cleanable uncleanable

lean clean cleancut

lean clean cleaned drycleaned

lean clean cleaned housecleaned

lean clean cleaned overcleaned

lean clean cleaned recleaned precleaned

lean clean cleaned selfcleaned

lean clean cleaned springcleaned

lean clean cleaned uncleaned

lean clean cleaned undercleaned

lean clean cleaner cleaners drycleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners housecleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners overcleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners precleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners selfcleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners springcleaners

lean clean cleaner cleaners undercleaners

lean clean cleaner drycleaner drycleaners

lean clean cleaner housecleaner housecleaners

lean clean cleaner overcleaner overcleaners

lean clean cleaner recleaner precleaner precleaners

lean clean cleaner selfcleaner selfcleaners

lean clean cleaner springcleaner springcleaners

lean clean cleaner uncleaner

lean clean cleaner undercleaner undercleaners

lean clean cleanest uncleanest

lean clean cleanhearted

lean clean cleaning cleanings housecleanings

lean clean cleaning drycleaning

lean clean cleaning housecleaning housecleanings

lean clean cleaning overcleaning

lean clean cleaning recleaning precleaning

lean clean cleaning selfcleaning

lean clean cleaning springcleaning

lean clean cleaning undercleaning

lean clean cleanlier uncleanlier

lean clean cleanliest uncleanliest

lean clean cleanliness cleanlinesses

lean clean cleanliness overcleanliness

lean clean cleanliness uncleanliness

lean clean cleanliness undercleanliness

lean clean cleanliving

lean clean cleanly uncleanly

lean clean cleanness uncleanness

lean clean cleanout cleanouts

lean clean cleans cleansable uncleansable

lean clean cleans cleanse cleansed recleansed

lean clean cleans cleanse cleansed uncleansed

lean clean cleans cleanse cleanser cleansers

lean clean cleans cleanse cleanses recleanses

lean clean cleans cleanse recleanse recleansed

lean clean cleans cleanse recleanse recleanses

lean clean cleans cleanshaven

lean clean cleans cleansing cleansings

lean clean cleans cleansing recleansing

lean clean cleans drycleans

lean clean cleans housecleans

lean clean cleans overcleans

lean clean cleans recleans precleans

lean clean cleans recleans recleanse recleansed

lean clean cleans recleans recleanse recleanses

lean clean cleans recleans recleansing

lean clean cleans selfcleans

lean clean cleans springcleans

lean clean cleans undercleans

lean clean cleanup cleanups

lean clean dryclean drycleaned

lean clean dryclean drycleaner drycleaners

lean clean dryclean drycleaning

lean clean dryclean drycleans

lean clean houseclean housecleaned

lean clean houseclean housecleaner housecleaners

lean clean houseclean housecleaning housecleanings

lean clean houseclean housecleans

lean clean overclean overcleaned

lean clean overclean overcleaner overcleaners

lean clean overclean overcleaning

lean clean overclean overcleanliness

lean clean overclean overcleans

lean clean reclean preclean precleaned

lean clean reclean preclean precleaner precleaners

lean clean reclean preclean precleaning

lean clean reclean preclean precleans

lean clean reclean recleaned precleaned

lean clean reclean recleaner precleaner precleaners

lean clean reclean recleaning precleaning

lean clean reclean recleans precleans

lean clean reclean recleans recleanse recleansed

lean clean reclean recleans recleanse recleanses

lean clean reclean recleans recleansing

lean clean selfclean selfcleaned

lean clean selfclean selfcleaner selfcleaners

lean clean selfclean selfcleaning

lean clean selfclean selfcleans

lean clean springclean springcleaned

lean clean springclean springcleaner springcleaners

lean clean springclean springcleaning

lean clean springclean springcleans

lean clean ultraclean

lean clean unclean uncleanable

lean clean unclean uncleaned

lean clean unclean uncleaner

lean clean unclean uncleanest

lean clean unclean uncleanlier

lean clean unclean uncleanliest

lean clean unclean uncleanliness

lean clean unclean uncleanly

lean clean unclean uncleanness

lean clean unclean uncleansable

lean clean unclean uncleansed

lean clean underclean undercleaned

lean clean underclean undercleaner undercleaners

lean clean underclean undercleaning

lean clean underclean undercleanliness

lean clean underclean undercleans

lean glean gleanable

lean glean gleaned

lean glean gleaner gleaners

lean glean gleaning gleanings

lean glean gleans

lean leaned cleaned drycleaned

lean leaned cleaned housecleaned

lean leaned cleaned overcleaned

lean leaned cleaned recleaned precleaned

lean leaned cleaned selfcleaned

lean leaned cleaned springcleaned

lean leaned cleaned uncleaned

lean leaned cleaned undercleaned

lean leaned gleaned

lean leaned overleaned

lean leaner cleaner cleaners drycleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners housecleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners overcleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners precleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners selfcleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners springcleaners

lean leaner cleaner cleaners undercleaners

lean leaner cleaner drycleaner drycleaners

lean leaner cleaner housecleaner housecleaners

lean leaner cleaner overcleaner overcleaners

lean leaner cleaner recleaner precleaner precleaners

lean leaner cleaner selfcleaner selfcleaners

lean leaner cleaner springcleaner springcleaners

lean leaner cleaner uncleaner

lean leaner cleaner undercleaner undercleaners

lean leaner gleaner gleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners drycleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners housecleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners overcleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners precleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners selfcleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners springcleaners

lean leaner leaners cleaners undercleaners

lean leaner leaners gleaners

lean leanest cleanest uncleanest

lean leaning cleaning cleanings housecleanings

lean leaning cleaning drycleaning

lean leaning cleaning housecleaning housecleanings

lean leaning cleaning overcleaning

lean leaning cleaning recleaning precleaning

lean leaning cleaning selfcleaning

lean leaning cleaning springcleaning

lean leaning cleaning undercleaning

lean leaning gleaning gleanings

lean leaning leanings cleanings housecleanings

lean leaning leanings gleanings

lean leaning overleaning

lean leanly cleanly uncleanly

lean leanness cleanness uncleanness

lean leans booleans

lean leans ceruleans

lean leans cleans cleansable uncleansable

lean leans cleans cleanse cleansed recleansed

lean leans cleans cleanse cleansed uncleansed

lean leans cleans cleanse cleanser cleansers

lean leans cleans cleanse cleanses recleanses

lean leans cleans cleanse recleanse recleansed

lean leans cleans cleanse recleanse recleanses

lean leans cleans cleanshaven

lean leans cleans cleansing cleansings

lean leans cleans cleansing recleansing

lean leans cleans drycleans

lean leans cleans housecleans

lean leans cleans overcleans

lean leans cleans recleans precleans

lean leans cleans recleans recleanse recleansed

lean leans cleans recleans recleanse recleanses

lean leans cleans recleans recleansing

lean leans cleans selfcleans

lean leans cleans springcleans

lean leans cleans undercleans

lean leans gleans

lean leans orleans

lean leans overleans

lean leans volvocaleans

lean leant leanto leantos

lean oleander oleanders

lean oleandomycin oleandomycins

lean oleandomycin triacetyloleandomycin

lean oleandomycin troleandomycin

lean overlean overleaned

lean overlean overleaning

lean overlean overleans

lean spelean

lean ultralean

lean volvocalean volvocaleans

leap fleapit fleapits

leap leaped outleaped

leap leaped overleaped

leap leaper leapers

leap leapfrog leapfrogged

leap leapfrog leapfrogger leapfroggers

leap leapfrog leapfrogging

leap leapfrog leapfrogs

leap leaping leapingly

leap leaping outleaping

leap leaping overleaping

leap leaps outleaps

leap leaps overleaps

leap leapt outleapt

leap leapt overleapt

leap leapyear

leap nonleap

leap outleap outleaped

leap outleap outleaping

leap outleap outleaps

leap outleap outleapt

leap overleap overleaped

leap overleap overleaping

leap overleap overleaps

leap overleap overleapt

lear blear blearier

lear blear bleariest

lear blear blearily

lear blear bleariness

lear blear bleary blearyeyed

lear clear clearance clearances preclearances

lear clear clearance preclearance preclearances

lear clear clearcut clearcuts

lear clear clearcut clearcutting

lear clear cleared noncleared

lear clear cleared overcleared

lear clear cleared precleared

lear clear cleared uncleared

lear clear cleared undercleared

lear clear clearer clearers

lear clear clearer unclearer

lear clear clearest unclearest

lear clear clearheaded clearheadedly

lear clear clearheaded clearheadedness

lear clear clearing clearinghouse clearinghouses

lear clear clearing clearings

lear clear clearing overclearing

lear clear clearing preclearing

lear clear clearing unclearing

lear clear clearly nuclearly

lear clear clearly unclearly

lear clear clearminded

lear clear clearness unclearness

lear clear clears clearsighted clearsightedly

lear clear clears clearsighted clearsightedness

lear clear clears overclears

lear clear clears polymorphonuclears

lear clear clears preclears

lear clear crystalclear

lear clear nuclear antinuclear

lear clear nuclear extranuclear

lear clear nuclear isonuclear

lear clear nuclear juxtanuclear

lear clear nuclear macronuclear

lear clear nuclear mononuclear

lear clear nuclear multinuclear

lear clear nuclear nonnuclear

lear clear nuclear nuclearisation denuclearisation denuclearisations

lear clear nuclear nuclearisation nuclearisations denuclearisations

lear clear nuclear nuclearise denuclearise denuclearised

lear clear nuclear nuclearise denuclearise denuclearises

lear clear nuclear nuclearise nuclearised denuclearised

lear clear nuclear nuclearise nuclearises denuclearises

lear clear nuclear nuclearising denuclearising

lear clear nuclear nuclearization denuclearization denuclearizations

lear clear nuclear nuclearization nuclearizations denuclearizations

lear clear nuclear nuclearize denuclearize denuclearized

lear clear nuclear nuclearize denuclearize denuclearizes

lear clear nuclear nuclearize nuclearized denuclearized

lear clear nuclear nuclearize nuclearizes denuclearizes

lear clear nuclear nuclearizing denuclearizing

lear clear nuclear nuclearly

lear clear nuclear nuclearreactor nuclearreactors

lear clear nuclear photonuclear

lear clear nuclear piezonuclear

lear clear nuclear polymorphonuclear polymorphonuclears

lear clear nuclear polynuclear

lear clear nuclear pronuclear

lear clear nuclear subnuclear

lear clear nuclear supranuclear

lear clear nuclear thermonuclear

lear clear nuclear uninuclear

lear clear overclear overcleared

lear clear overclear overclearing

lear clear overclear overclears

lear clear preclear preclearance preclearances

lear clear preclear precleared

lear clear preclear preclearing

lear clear preclear preclears

lear clear ultraclear

lear clear unclear unclearable

lear clear unclear uncleared

lear clear unclear unclearer

lear clear unclear unclearest

lear clear unclear unclearing

lear clear unclear unclearly

lear clear unclear unclearness

lear cochlear cochleariform

lear cochlear vestibulocochlear

lear learing clearing clearinghouse clearinghouses

lear learing clearing clearings

lear learing clearing overclearing

lear learing clearing preclearing

lear learing clearing unclearing

lear learn clearness unclearness

lear learn learnability

lear learn learnable

lear learn learned learnedly overlearnedly

lear learn learned learnedness overlearnedness

lear learn learned mislearned

lear learn learned outlearned

lear learn learned overlearned overlearnedly

lear learn learned overlearned overlearnedness

lear learn learned relearned

lear learn learned selflearned

lear learn learned unlearned

lear learn learned wellearned

lear learn learner learners selflearners

lear learn learner selflearner selflearners

lear learn learning learningbased

lear learn learning learnings

lear learn learning mislearning

lear learn learning nonlearning

lear learn learning outlearning

lear learn learning overlearning

lear learn learning relearning

lear learn learning selflearning

lear learn learning unlearning

lear learn learns mislearns

lear learn learns outlearns

lear learn learns overlearns

lear learn learns relearns

lear learn learns selflearns

lear learn learns unlearns

lear learn learnt mislearnt

lear learn learnt outlearnt

lear learn learnt overlearnt

lear learn learnt relearnt

lear learn learnt unlearnt

lear learn mislearn mislearned

lear learn mislearn mislearning

lear learn mislearn mislearns

lear learn mislearn mislearnt

lear learn outlearn outlearned

lear learn outlearn outlearning

lear learn outlearn outlearns

lear learn outlearn outlearnt

lear learn overlearn overlearned overlearnedly

lear learn overlearn overlearned overlearnedness

lear learn overlearn overlearning

lear learn overlearn overlearns

lear learn overlearn overlearnt

lear learn relearn relearned

lear learn relearn relearning

lear learn relearn relearns

lear learn relearn relearnt

lear learn selflearn selflearned

lear learn selflearn selflearner selflearners

lear learn selflearn selflearning

lear learn selflearn selflearns

lear learn unlearn unlearned

lear learn unlearn unlearning

lear learn unlearn unlearns

lear learn unlearn unlearnt

lear leary bleary blearyeyed

lear trochlear dorsoepitrochlear

leas azaleas

leas bougainvilleas

leas cochleas

leas fleas defleas

leas grevilleas

leas leasable nonleasable

leas leasable releasable unreleasable

leas lease leaseback leasebacks

leas lease leased pleased displeased displeasedly

leas lease leased pleased displeased displeasedness

leas lease leased pleased mispleased

leas lease leased pleased outpleased

leas lease leased pleased overpleased

leas lease leased pleased pleasedly displeasedly

leas lease leased pleased pleasedness displeasedness

leas lease leased pleased unpleased

leas lease leased released preleased

leas lease leased released rereleased prereleased

leas lease leased released unreleased

leas lease leased subleased

leas lease leased underleased

leas lease leasehold leaseholder leaseholders

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malleability nonmalleability

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malleable unmalleable


middleage middleaged

middleage middleager middleagers


olea boolean booleans

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plea unsampleable






saleable resaleable

saleable saleableness

saleable unsaleable





sleaze sleazebag

sleaze sleazeball sleazeballs





sleazy unsleazy



tableau tableaus



zooglea zoogleae

zooglea zoogleal zooglealike

zooglea zoogleas