Definition of ink

"ink" in the noun sense

1. ink

a liquid used for printing or writing or drawing

2. ink

dark protective fluid ejected into the water by cuttlefish and other cephalopods

"ink" in the verb sense

1. ink

append one's signature to

"They inked the contract"

2. ink

mark, coat, cover, or stain with ink

"he inked his finger"

3. ink

fill with ink

"ink a pen"

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Quotations for ink

Beauteous as ink. [ William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, Act V. Sc. 2 ]

Let there be gall in thy ink. [ William Shakespeare ]

Ink is the transcript of thought. [ Lamartine ]

Taunt him with the license of ink. [ William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act III. Sc. 2 ]

Let there be gall enough in thy ink,
Though thou write with a goose-pen. [ William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Act III. Sc. 2 ]

Ink is the blood of the printing press. [ Milton ]

A drop of ink may make a million think. [ Byron ]

Love is the only ink which does not fade. [ Dr. Parker ]

O, she is fallen
Into a pit of ink, that the wide sea
Hath drops too few to wash her clean again. [ William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act IV. Sc.1 ]

Ink was invented to make words living truths. [ W. Caxton ]

Let him be kept from paper, pen, and ink;
So may he cease to write, and learn to think. [ Prior ]

Never durst poet touch a pen to write
Until his ink were temper'd with love's sighs. [ William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, Act IV. Sc. 3 ]

The colored slave (ink) that waits upon thought. [ Mrs. Balfour ]

A drop of ink has not only saved men but nations. [ J. Baldwin Brown ]

Critics on verse, as squibs on triumphs wait.
Proclaim their glory, and augment the state;
Hot, envious, noisy, proud, the scribbling fry
Burn, hiss, and bounce, waste paper, ink, and die. [ Young ]

Dip the pen of the tongue in the ink of the heart. [ Edlin ]

Words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think. [ Byron ]

He hath not eat paper, as it were; he hath not drunk ink. [ William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, Act IV. Sc. 2 ]

The blackest of fluid is used as an agent to enlighten the world. [ Douglas Jerrold ]

Printer's ink is the great apostle of progress, whose pulpit is the press. [ Horace Greeley ]

A small drop of ink makes many men honest, who would be rogues without it. [ W. Unsworth ]

David's pen never wrote more sweetly than when dipped in the ink of affliction. [ G. Mason ]

One hates an author that is all author; fellows in foolscap uniform, turned up with ink. [ Byron ]

How delightful to make a few blots of ink, representing a little thought, bring money into one's pocket. [ Joseph G. Baldwin ]

A single bad habit will mar an otherwise faultless character, as an ink-drop soileth the pure white page. [ H. Ballou ]

When malice is joined to envy, there is given forth poisonous and feculent matter, as ink from the cuttle-fish. [ Plutarch ]

If I make the seven oceans ink, if I make the trees my pen, if I make the earth my paper, the glory of God cannot be written. [ Kabir ]

Her hand, in whose comparison all whites are ink writing their own reproach, to whose soft seizure the cygnet's down is harsh, and spirit of sense hard as the palm of ploughman! [ William Shakespeare ]

He hath never fed of the dainties that are bred in a book; he hath not eat paper, as it were; he hath not drunk ink; his intellect is not replenished; he is only an animal, only sensible in the duller parts. [ William Shakespeare ]

Compliments of congratulation are always kindly taken, and cost one nothing but pen, ink, and paper. I consider them as draughts upon good breeding, where the exchange is always greatly in favor of the drawer. [ Chesterfield ]

Melancholy, or low spirits, is that hysterical passion which forces unbidden sighs and tears; it falls upon a contented life, like a drop of ink on white paper, which is not the less a stain that it carries no meaning with it. [ Sir W. Scott ]

Oceans of ink, reams of paper, and disputes infinite, might have been spared, if wranglers had avoided lighting the torch of strife at the wrong end; since a tenth part of the pains expended in attempting to prove the why, the where, and the when, certain events have happened, would have been more than sufficient to prove that they never happened at all. [ Colton ]

In former days various superstitious rites were used to exorcise evil spirits, but in our times the same object is attained, and beyond comparison more effectually, by the press; before this talisman, ghosts, vampires, witches, and all their kindred tribes are driven from the land, never to return again; the touch of holy water is not so intolerable to them as the smell of printing ink. [ J. Bentham ]

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Words containing the sequence ink

Words with ink in them (465 words)


Word Growth involving ink

Shorter words in ink


Longer words containing ink

chinkapin chinkapins

deink deinked

deink deinking

deink deinks


dinkies dinkiest

fink ratfink ratfinks

ginkgo ginkgophyte ginkgophytes



inkblot inkblots

inked chinked

inked deinked

inked jinked

inked kinked skinked

inked linked blinked

inked linked clinked

inked linked delinked

inked linked downlinked

inked linked hotlinked

inked linked hyperlinked

inked linked interlinked interlinkedness

inked linked multilinked

inked linked nonlinked

inked linked nonsexlinked

inked linked plinked uplinked

inked linked relinked

inked linked slinked crosslinked photocrosslinked

inked linked slinked crosslinked uncrosslinked

inked linked unlinked

inked oinked

inked pinked

inked reinked

inked rinked heatshrinked

inked rinked reshrinked preshrinked

inked winked eyewinked

inked winked hoodwinked

inkier dinkier

inkier kinkier

inkier pinkier

inkier slinkier

inkier stinkier

inkier zinkier

inkiest dinkiest

inkiest kinkiest

inkiest pinkiest

inkiest slinkiest

inkiest stinkiest

inkiest zinkiest

inkiness kinkiness

inkiness pinkiness

inkiness slinkiness

inking chinking

inking deinking

inking jinking

inking kinking skinking

inking linking blinking nonblinking

inking linking blinking unblinking unblinkingly

inking linking clinking

inking linking delinking

inking linking downlinking

inking linking hotlinking

inking linking hyperlinking

inking linking interlinking

inking linking multilinking

inking linking nonlinking

inking linking plinking plinkings

inking linking plinking uplinking

inking linking relinking

inking linking slinking crosslinking photocrosslinking

inking linking unlinking

inking pinking pinkings

inking reinking

inking rinking drinking drinkings

inking rinking drinking nondrinking

inking rinking drinking outdrinking

inking rinking drinking overdrinking

inking rinking shrinking heatshrinking

inking rinking shrinking nonshrinking nonshrinkingly

inking rinking shrinking reshrinking preshrinking

inking rinking shrinking shrinkingly nonshrinkingly

inking rinking shrinking shrinkingly unshrinkingly

inking rinking shrinking shrinkingness unshrinkingness

inking rinking shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingly

inking rinking shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingness

inking sinking countersinking

inking sinking diesinking

inking sinking sinkings

inking stinking

inking thinking freethinking

inking thinking nonthinking

inking thinking outthinking

inking thinking overthinking

inking thinking quickthinking

inking thinking rethinking

inking thinking thinkings

inking thinking unthinking unthinkingly

inking winking eyewinking

inking winking hoodwinking

inking winking unwinking

inking winking winkingly

inking winking winkings

inking zinking

inkjet inkjets

inkless drinkless

inkless sinkless

inklike sinklike

inkling crinkling

inkling inklings sprinklings

inkling inklings strinklings

inkling inklings tinklings

inkling inklings twinklings

inkling sprinkling besprinkling

inkling sprinkling resprinkling presprinkling

inkling sprinkling sprinklingly

inkling sprinkling sprinklings

inkling strinkling strinklings

inkling tinkling tinklingly

inkling tinkling tinklings

inkling winkling twinkling twinklings

inkling wrinkling unwrinkling

inkmaker inkmakers


inkpad inkpads

inkpot inkpots stinkpots

inkpot stinkpot stinkpots

inks chinks

inks deinks

inks inkspot inkspots

inks inkstain inkstained

inks inkstain inkstains

inks inkstand inkstands

inks jinks hijinks

inks kinks skinks

inks links blinks eyeblinks

inks links bobolinks

inks links chainlinks

inks links clinks clinkstone clinkstones

inks links cufflinks

inks links datalinks

inks links delinks

inks links downlinks

inks links endlinks

inks links etherlinks

inks links hotlinks

inks links hyperlinks

inks links interlinks

inks links multilinks

inks links plinks uplinks

inks links relinks

inks links slinks crosslinks photocrosslinks

inks links slinks newslinks

inks links unlinks

inks minks

inks oinks bioinks

inks oinks nanoinks

inks pinks

inks ratfinks

inks reinks

inks rinks brinks

inks rinks drinks outdrinks

inks rinks drinks overdrinks

inks rinks shrinks headshrinks

inks rinks shrinks heatshrinks

inks rinks shrinks reshrinks preshrinks

inks sinks countersinks

inks sinks diesinks

inks sinks heatsinks

inks stinks stinkstone stinkstones

inks thinks overthinks

inks thinks rethinks

inks winks eyewinks

inks winks hoodwinks

inks winks tiddleywinks

inks winks tiddlywinks

inkwell inkwells

inky dinky

inky kinky nonkinky

inky pinky

inky slinky

inky stinky unstinky

inky zinky

jink jinked

jink jinker jinkers

jink jinking

jink jinks hijinks

jink perjink perjinketies

jink perjink perjinkety

jink perjink perjinkities

jink perjink perjinkity

jink perjink perjinkly

kink kinkajou kinkajous

kink kinked skinked

kink kinkier

kink kinkiest

kink kinkily

kink kinkiness

kink kinking skinking

kink kinks skinks

kink kinky nonkinky

kink skink skinked

kink skink skinker skinkers

kink skink skinking

kink skink skinks

link blink blinked

link blink blinker blinkers

link blink blinking nonblinking

link blink blinking unblinking unblinkingly

link blink blinks eyeblinks

link blink eyeblink eyeblinks

link bobolink bobolinks

link chainlink chainlinks

link clink clinked

link clink clinker clinkers

link clink clinking

link clink clinks clinkstone clinkstones

link cufflink cufflinks

link datalink datalinks

link delink delinkage

link delink delinked

link delink delinking

link delink delinks

link downlink downlinked

link downlink downlinking

link downlink downlinks

link endlink endlinks

link etherlink etherlinks

link hotlink hotlinked

link hotlink hotlinking

link hotlink hotlinks

link hyperlink hyperlinked

link hyperlink hyperlinking

link hyperlink hyperlinks

link interlink interlinkage interlinkages

link interlink interlinked interlinkedness

link interlink interlinking

link interlink interlinks

link linkable unlinkable

link linkage crosslinkage crosslinkages

link linkage delinkage

link linkage interlinkage interlinkages

link linkage linkages crosslinkages

link linkage linkages interlinkages

link linkage linkages nonlinkages

link linkage linkages relinkages

link linkage nonlinkage nonlinkages

link linkage relinkage relinkages

link linkbuilder linkbuilders

link linked blinked

link linked clinked

link linked delinked

link linked downlinked

link linked hotlinked

link linked hyperlinked

link linked interlinked interlinkedness

link linked multilinked

link linked nonlinked

link linked nonsexlinked

link linked plinked uplinked

link linked relinked

link linked slinked crosslinked photocrosslinked

link linked slinked crosslinked uncrosslinked

link linked unlinked

link linker blinker blinkers

link linker clinker clinkers

link linker crosslinker crosslinkers photocrosslinkers

link linker crosslinker photocrosslinker photocrosslinkers

link linker linkers blinkers

link linker linkers clinkers

link linker linkers crosslinkers photocrosslinkers

link linker linkers multilinkers

link linker linkers plinkers uplinkers

link linker linkers unlinkers

link linker multilinker multilinkers

link linker plinker plinkers uplinkers

link linker plinker uplinker uplinkers

link linker unlinker unlinkers

link linking blinking nonblinking

link linking blinking unblinking unblinkingly

link linking clinking

link linking delinking

link linking downlinking

link linking hotlinking

link linking hyperlinking

link linking interlinking

link linking multilinking

link linking nonlinking

link linking plinking plinkings

link linking plinking uplinking

link linking relinking

link linking slinking crosslinking photocrosslinking

link linking unlinking

link linkman

link links blinks eyeblinks

link links bobolinks

link links chainlinks

link links clinks clinkstone clinkstones

link links cufflinks

link links datalinks

link links delinks

link links downlinks

link links endlinks

link links etherlinks

link links hotlinks

link links hyperlinks

link links interlinks

link links multilinks

link links plinks uplinks

link links relinks

link links slinks crosslinks photocrosslinks

link links slinks newslinks

link links unlinks

link linkup linkups

link multilink multilinked

link multilink multilinker multilinkers

link multilink multilinking

link multilink multilinks

link plink plinked uplinked

link plink plinker plinkers uplinkers

link plink plinker uplinker uplinkers

link plink plinking plinkings

link plink plinking uplinking

link plink plinks uplinks

link plink uplink uplinked

link plink uplink uplinker uplinkers

link plink uplink uplinking

link plink uplink uplinks

link relink relinkage relinkages

link relink relinked

link relink relinking

link relink relinks

link slink crosslink crosslinkage crosslinkages

link slink crosslink crosslinked photocrosslinked

link slink crosslink crosslinked uncrosslinked

link slink crosslink crosslinker crosslinkers photocrosslinkers

link slink crosslink crosslinker photocrosslinker photocrosslinkers

link slink crosslink crosslinking photocrosslinking

link slink crosslink crosslinks photocrosslinks

link slink crosslink photocrosslink photocrosslinked

link slink crosslink photocrosslink photocrosslinker photocrosslinkers

link slink crosslink photocrosslink photocrosslinking

link slink crosslink photocrosslink photocrosslinks

link slink newslink newslinks

link slink slinked crosslinked photocrosslinked

link slink slinked crosslinked uncrosslinked

link slink slinkier

link slink slinkiest

link slink slinkily

link slink slinkiness

link slink slinking crosslinking photocrosslinking

link slink slinks crosslinks photocrosslinks

link slink slinks newslinks

link slink slinky

link unlink unlinkability

link unlink unlinkable

link unlink unlinked

link unlink unlinker unlinkers

link unlink unlinking

link unlink unlinks

mink minks

oink bioink bioinks

oink nanoink nanoinks

oink oinked

oink oinks bioinks

oink oinks nanoinks

painkiller painkillers


pink nonpink

pink pinkeared

pink pinked

pink pinken pinkened

pink pinken pinkening

pink pinken pinkens

pink pinker pinkers

pink pinkest

pink pinkey pinkeye pinkeyes

pink pinkey pinkeys

pink pinkie pinkier

pink pinkie pinkies pinkiest

pink pinkified

pink pinkify pinkifying

pink pinkiness

pink pinking pinkings

pink pinkish pinkishness

pink pinkly

pink pinkness

pink pinks

pink pinky


reink reinked

reink reinking

reink reinks

rink brink brinks

rink crinkle crinkled

rink crinkle crinkles

rink crinklier

rink crinkliest

rink crinkliness

rink crinkling

rink crinkly

rink drink drinkabilities

rink drink drinkability undrinkability

rink drink drinkable drinkableness undrinkableness

rink drink drinkable drinkables nondrinkables

rink drink drinkable undrinkable undrinkableness

rink drink drinker drinkers nondrinkers

rink drink drinker nondrinker nondrinkers

rink drink drinking drinkings

rink drink drinking nondrinking

rink drink drinking outdrinking

rink drink drinking overdrinking

rink drink drinkless

rink drink drinks outdrinks

rink drink drinks overdrinks

rink drink outdrink outdrinking

rink drink outdrink outdrinks

rink drink overdrink overdrinking

rink drink overdrink overdrinks

rink drink undrinkably

rink rinked heatshrinked

rink rinked reshrinked preshrinked

rink rinker drinker drinkers nondrinkers

rink rinker drinker nondrinker nondrinkers

rink rinker shrinker headshrinker headshrinkers

rink rinker shrinker heatshrinker heatshrinkers

rink rinker shrinker preshrinker preshrinkers

rink rinker shrinker shrinkers headshrinkers

rink rinker shrinker shrinkers heatshrinkers

rink rinker shrinker shrinkers preshrinkers

rink rinking drinking drinkings

rink rinking drinking nondrinking

rink rinking drinking outdrinking

rink rinking drinking overdrinking

rink rinking shrinking heatshrinking

rink rinking shrinking nonshrinking nonshrinkingly

rink rinking shrinking reshrinking preshrinking

rink rinking shrinking shrinkingly nonshrinkingly

rink rinking shrinking shrinkingly unshrinkingly

rink rinking shrinking shrinkingness unshrinkingness

rink rinking shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingly

rink rinking shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingness

rink rinks brinks

rink rinks drinks outdrinks

rink rinks drinks overdrinks

rink rinks shrinks headshrinks

rink rinks shrinks heatshrinks

rink rinks shrinks reshrinks preshrinks

rink shrink headshrink headshrinker headshrinkers

rink shrink headshrink headshrinks

rink shrink heatshrink heatshrinked

rink shrink heatshrink heatshrinker heatshrinkers

rink shrink heatshrink heatshrinking

rink shrink heatshrink heatshrinks

rink shrink nonshrink nonshrinkable

rink shrink nonshrink nonshrinking nonshrinkingly

rink shrink reshrink preshrink preshrinkage

rink shrink reshrink preshrink preshrinked

rink shrink reshrink preshrink preshrinker preshrinkers

rink shrink reshrink preshrink preshrinking

rink shrink reshrink preshrink preshrinks

rink shrink reshrink reshrinked preshrinked

rink shrink reshrink reshrinking preshrinking

rink shrink reshrink reshrinks preshrinks

rink shrink shrinkable nonshrinkable

rink shrink shrinkable unshrinkable

rink shrink shrinkage preshrinkage

rink shrink shrinkage shrinkageproof

rink shrink shrinkage shrinkages

rink shrink shrinker headshrinker headshrinkers

rink shrink shrinker heatshrinker heatshrinkers

rink shrink shrinker preshrinker preshrinkers

rink shrink shrinker shrinkers headshrinkers

rink shrink shrinker shrinkers heatshrinkers

rink shrink shrinker shrinkers preshrinkers

rink shrink shrinking heatshrinking

rink shrink shrinking nonshrinking nonshrinkingly

rink shrink shrinking reshrinking preshrinking

rink shrink shrinking shrinkingly nonshrinkingly

rink shrink shrinking shrinkingly unshrinkingly

rink shrink shrinking shrinkingness unshrinkingness

rink shrink shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingly

rink shrink shrinking unshrinking unshrinkingness

rink shrink shrinkpack shrinkpacks

rink shrink shrinkproof shrinkproofed

rink shrink shrinks headshrinks

rink shrink shrinks heatshrinks

rink shrink shrinks reshrinks preshrinks

rink shrink shrinkwrap shrinkwrapped

rink shrink shrinkwrap shrinkwrapper shrinkwrappers

rink shrink shrinkwrap shrinkwrapping

rink shrink shrinkwrap shrinkwraps

rink shrink unshrink unshrinkability

rink shrink unshrink unshrinkable

rink shrink unshrink unshrinking unshrinkingly

rink shrink unshrink unshrinking unshrinkingness

rink sprinkle besprinkle besprinkled

rink sprinkle besprinkle besprinkler besprinklers

rink sprinkle besprinkle besprinkles

rink sprinkle resprinkle presprinkle presprinkled

rink sprinkle resprinkle presprinkle presprinkles

rink sprinkle resprinkle resprinkled presprinkled

rink sprinkle resprinkle resprinkles presprinkles

rink sprinkle sprinkled besprinkled

rink sprinkle sprinkled resprinkled presprinkled

rink sprinkle sprinkler besprinkler besprinklers

rink sprinkle sprinkler sprinklered

rink sprinkle sprinkler sprinklering

rink sprinkle sprinkler sprinklers besprinklers

rink sprinkle sprinkles besprinkles

rink sprinkle sprinkles resprinkles presprinkles

rink sprinkling besprinkling

rink sprinkling resprinkling presprinkling

rink sprinkling sprinklingly

rink sprinkling sprinklings

rink strinkle strinkled

rink strinkle strinkles

rink strinkling strinklings

rink trinket trinkets

rink wrinkle antiwrinkle

rink wrinkle nonwrinkleable

rink wrinkle unwrinkle unwrinkled

rink wrinkle unwrinkle unwrinkles

rink wrinkle wrinkled unwrinkled

rink wrinkle wrinkleless

rink wrinkle wrinkleproof

rink wrinkle wrinkles unwrinkles

rink wrinklier

rink wrinklies wrinkliest

rink wrinkliness

rink wrinkling unwrinkling

rink wrinkly

sink countersink countersinking

sink countersink countersinks

sink diesink diesinker diesinkers

sink diesink diesinking

sink diesink diesinks

sink heatsink heatsinks

sink sinkable nonsinkable

sink sinkable unsinkable

sink sinkage sinkages

sink sinker diesinker diesinkers

sink sinker sinkers diesinkers

sink sinkhole sinkholes

sink sinking countersinking

sink sinking diesinking

sink sinking sinkings

sink sinkless

sink sinklike

sink sinks countersinks

sink sinks diesinks

sink sinks heatsinks

stink stinkbug stinkbugs

stink stinker stinkers

stink stinkhorn

stink stinkier

stink stinkiest

stink stinking

stink stinkpot stinkpots

stink stinks stinkstone stinkstones

stink stinkweed stinkweeds

stink stinkwood stinkwoods

stink stinkwort stinkworts

stink stinky unstinky

think bethink

think outthink outthinking

think overthink overthinking

think overthink overthinks

think rethink rethinking

think rethink rethinks

think thinkable unthinkable

think thinkably unthinkably

think thinker freethinker freethinkers

think thinker nonthinker nonthinkers

think thinker thinkers freethinkers

think thinker thinkers nonthinkers

think thinking freethinking

think thinking nonthinking

think thinking outthinking

think thinking overthinking

think thinking quickthinking

think thinking rethinking

think thinking thinkings

think thinking unthinking unthinkingly

think thinks overthinks

think thinks rethinks

think thinktank thinktanks

think unthink unthinkable

think unthink unthinkably

think unthink unthinking unthinkingly

tinker stinker stinkers

tinker tinkered

tinker tinkerer tinkerers

tinker tinkering

tinker tinkers stinkers

tinkle tinkled

tinkle tinkler tinklers

tinkle tinkles




wink eyewink eyewinked

wink eyewink eyewinker eyewinkers

wink eyewink eyewinking

wink eyewink eyewinks

wink hoodwink hoodwinkable

wink hoodwink hoodwinked

wink hoodwink hoodwinker hoodwinkers

wink hoodwink hoodwinking

wink hoodwink hoodwinks

wink tiddlywink tiddlywinks

wink twinklier

wink twinkliest

wink twinkly

wink winked eyewinked

wink winked hoodwinked

wink winker eyewinker eyewinkers

wink winker hoodwinker hoodwinkers

wink winker winkers eyewinkers

wink winker winkers hoodwinkers

wink winking eyewinking

wink winking hoodwinking

wink winking unwinking

wink winking winkingly

wink winking winkings

wink winkle dogwinkle dogwinkles

wink winkle periwinkle periwinkles

wink winkle twinkle twinkled

wink winkle twinkle twinkler twinklers

wink winkle twinkle twinkles

wink winkle winkled twinkled

wink winkle winkler twinkler twinklers

wink winkle winkler winklers twinklers

wink winkle winkles dogwinkles

wink winkle winkles periwinkles

wink winkle winkles twinkles

wink winkling twinkling twinklings

wink winks eyewinks

wink winks hoodwinks

wink winks tiddleywinks

wink winks tiddlywinks

zinkenite zinkenites


zinkification dezinkification

zinkification zinkifications

zinkified dezinkified


zinkify dezinkify dezinkifying

zinkify zinkifying dezinkifying