Eugene Field

Sept. 2, 1850 - Nov. 4, 1895


Last Lines of Eugene Field

And amid it all, -- this heartache and the loneliness which the years have brought, -- cometh my Christmas gift to-day: the solace of a vision of that country whither she -- our little Mistress Merciless -- hath gone; a glimpse of that far-off land of Ever-Plaisance.And Nod.And Now I lay me down to sleep!And so be reconciled.And that sweet song, dear little brook!And the bells, -- hear them, little Dear-my-Soul, how sweetly they are ringing, -- the bells bear us the good tidings of great joy this Christmas morning, that our Christ is born, and that with him he bringeth peace on earth and good-will toward men.And they said they would. So Barbara fell asleep.And time to kiss again!As you go balow, my wee, wee croodlin' doo!But that was very long ago!But the night wind that swept down from the City of the Great King that night to ruffle the bosom of distant Galilee, tarried in the forest awhile to say that it had seen that day a cross upraised on Calvary, -- the tree on which was stretched the body of the dying Master.Come to the busy marts of earth, the quiet homes, the noisy streets, the humble lanes; come to us all, and with thy love touch every human heart, that we may know that love, and in its blessed peace bear charity to all mankind!Comes stealing; comes creeping.Jest 'fore Christmas be as good as yer kin be!Little Mistress Sans-Merci!March in and make merry with trumpet and drum!Me and my darling here!Mother's love for dearie!My only tribute, Christ, my King!My watching will not be in vain.She thought only of the prince, and she ran straightway to the forest.That saveth you and me.The Christ that saveth all and me!The time when we are both too old to play the game of Booh!The universal hymn of love.Therefore little children sing.Thou shalt hear the Master calling.Unto our King in Bethlehem!What blood redeemeth you and me!When our babe he goeth swinging in his cradle.With lolly, lolly, lollyby.Yoooooooo!