Mary Mapes Dodge



Jamie's Troubles

by Mary Mapes Dodge

Mamma, what's zis on my ap'on?
Nassy ap'on make me ky;
Naughty ap'on awfu' 'ticky ---
Puttin' 'lasses in my eye.

Go 'way, B'idget! P'ease don't wass me
(Don't want on no pooty d'esses),
Dim me nudder piece of tandy,
Den I be oor 'ittle pres-sus.

Mamma, see, zis naughty soo-string
Make poor Damie tumble down,
It's all b'oke -- I want my Pop-pa
Buy me nudder, 'way down town.

Mamma, see zis funny tup!
Damie hit it wiz his hammer.
Dess it's b'oke. Don't yip me, Mamma,
If oo do, I tell my Damma.

Mamma, dess I dettin s'eepy;
Don't make Damie tate a nap;
Tell me pooty 'tory, Mamma ---
Tate poor Damie on oor lap.

Pooty Mamma, b'essed Mamma
(Want a d'ink out Damie's mug?)
O dat button hurt me dreffel!
Dat's yight, Mamma -- dim me hug!


Rhymes And Jingles
Copyright 1875
Scribner, Armstrong, And Company