Mary Mapes Dodge



At The Window

by Mary Mapes Dodge

In and out, in and out,
Through the clouds heaped about,
Wanders the bright moon.

What she seeks, I do not know;
Where it is, I cannot show.

I am but a little child,
And the night is strange and wild.

The night is strange and wild

In and out, in and out,
Wanders the bright moon;
In and out, in and out,
She will find it soon.

There she comes! as clear as day, --
Now the clouds are going away.
She is smiling, I can see,
And she's looking straight at me.

Pretty moon, so bright and round,
Won't you tell me what you found?


Rhymes And Jingles
Copyright 1875
Scribner, Armstrong, And Company