Mary Mapes Dodge



The Kitten Picture

by Mary Mapes Dodge

Two little sisters, one little brother,
Five little kittens, and one cat mother.
One little kit is tossed up overhead,
One little kit is put upon the bed;
One very little cat, solemn as a fish,
One great big cat is feeding from a dish.
Two little kitty-kits seated on the floor,
Each little kitty-kit washing his own paw.

One little pig-tail. Now, where is that?
One little crown-piece; cap, is it, or hat?
Four little blue eyes, and three little chicks;
Five little kittens full of pretty tricks.
Kitty-kits, pig-tail, blue eyes, and bed
Chicks, cat, and crown-piece top of baby's head;
Dish, tricks, and downy paws being licked so clean,
All, in the picture, are plainly to be seen.


Rhymes And Jingles
Copyright 1875
Scribner, Armstrong, And Company