Mary Mapes Dodge



Bye, baby, night is come ...

by Mary Mapes Dodge

A baby lullabye

Bye, baby, night is come,
And the sun is going home
Bye, baby, bye!
All the flowers have shut their eyes;
On the grass a shadow lies;
Bye, baby, bye!

Bye, baby, birds are sleeping;
One by one the stars are peeping;
Bye, baby, bye!
In the far-off sky they twinkle,
While the cows come tinkle, tinkle;
Bye, baby, bye!

Bye, baby, mother holds thee;
Loving, tender care infolds thee;
Bye, baby, bye!
Angels in thy dreams caress thee;
Through the darkness guard and bless thee;
Bye, baby, bye!


Rhymes And Jingles
Copyright 1875
Scribner, Armstrong, And Company