James Nack

Jan 4, 1809 - 1879


The Influence Of The Affections

by James Nack

The beautiful humanities
Of Nature in the simplest dress,
Speak to our sweetest sympathies
Far more than language can express.
I saw a ragged little boy
Run to a withered dame's embrace,
To welcome her with bounding joy,
And fondly press her haggard face.
Her shabby garment to his eyes
Is rich; her withered face is fair;
For they are hers -- and she supplies
His perished mother's love and care.
The world is full of pain and harm,
And life at best is little worth;
Yet pure affection is a charm
That almost makes a heaven of earth.


The Romance Of The Ring, And Other Poems.
Copyright 1859
Delisser & Procter, 508 Broadway, New York