James Nack

Jan 4, 1809 - 1879


Forget Me Not

by James Nack

When I am in that distant place
Where I must dwell awhile,
How will I miss thy pleasant face,
And its bewitching smile!
Thy image will pursue me there
Through each sequestered spot --
And oh that mine thy thoughts may share!
Sweet friend! forget me not!

In thee 't was mine to recognize
One of no common kind --
One look into each other's eyes,
And mind replied to mind!
And still thy spirit walks with mine,
Though far apart our lot,
And still my soul repeats to thine --
Sweet friend! forget me not!

How brief our friendship's date appears!
And yet it seems to me
As if we had been friends for years,
As we for life shall be!
And when, by Fate's remorseless will,
I meet the common lot,
I ask not for thy tears -- but still,
Sweet friend! -- forget me not!


The Romance Of The Ring, And Other Poems.
Copyright 1859
Delisser & Procter, 508 Broadway, New York