James Nack

Jan 4, 1809 - 1879


A New-Year's Greetings

by James Nack

Sweet murmurings of a father's name;
Or with more eloquence of love
Those rosy lips to mine were prest --
Oh, closer still I clasped my dove,
And could have died so very blest!

Years passed -- the infant passed from sight --
A glorious child stood in her place,
With golden curls and eyes of light,
And fairy form and seraph face;
Her feet went dancing as they trod,
In fullness of her heart's delight;
Her voice sent carols up to God --
I heard it not, but God knows best --
I felt so happy, sure HE smiled
In love on father as on child:
I know it, for we have been blest!
And though at times we feel His rod,
He blest us, and we shall be blest!

My child, my friend, my playmate dear!
And dearer still with every year,
Since more and more I seem to find
An answering sympathy of mind,
My pleasures, hopes, and views that shares,
In part, my studies and my cares!
Oh, while we live, can each depend
At least on one unfailing friend!

For friendship, like a dream expires,
And love itself burns out its fires;
But who, my child, shall rend apart
The links that bind us heart to heart?
I'll hold thee fast, whate'er my lot,
My child! my friend that faileth not!
And thou -- betide thee good or ill --
Cling to me close and closer still,
And lay thy head upon my breast,
Thy refuge, and thy place of rest!

Roll on, ye years! if, as ye roll,
Ye bring more treasures to her soul!
I know not, and I care not much,
How she may look to other eyes --
I praise her not for form or face;
More happy far to recognize
The beauty which alone can touch
The soul -- the mind's immortal grace;
The heart, unknown to sin's control;
The spirit robed in light divine,
Still soaring to its native place; --
These be thy glories, EVELINE!
The wings that yet shall lift thee far
Above the bondage of our clay,
And make thee as the Morning Star,
That shineth unto perfect day!


The Romance Of The Ring, And Other Poems.
Copyright 1859
Delisser & Procter, 508 Broadway, New York