James Nack

Jan 4, 1809 - 1879


A Valentine To My Wife

by James Nack

Twelve years ago! how swift their flight,
Since first thy fate was linked with mine;
How much they brought of dark or bright
To crown thy love, or prove its might,
My faithful Valentine!

Twelve years ago, my chosen bride!
How proud was I to call thee mine!
But more my love, and more my pride,
Since years on years thy worth have tried,
My precious Valentine!

It may be sorrow and despair
At times have wrung this heart of mine;
But to thy love I could repair,
And find my peace and solace there,
My sweetest Valentine!

And every joy that I may know,
When kinder fortune seenms to shine,
Wins from thy smile a brighter glow
To see thee happy makes me so,
My dearest Valentine!

Sweet mother of the cherub boy,
Round whom our fondest hopes entwine!
May he his coming years employ
To be thy comfort, pride, and joy,
And bless my Valentine!


The Romance Of The Ring, And Other Poems.
Copyright 1859
Delisser & Procter, 508 Broadway, New York