James Nack

Jan 4, 1809 - 1879


On The Death Of A Young Sister

by James Nack

But yesterday a child of pain,
That saddened pity's eye --
To-day, a seraph called to reign
Above the stars on high!
Well might the suffering move our tears,
Which she endured below;
But now that heaven her soul inspheres,
Those tears should cease to flow.

Why should we her release deplore
From fate's relentless arm?
Why grieve that she shall grieve no more?
As if we wished her harm!
Away with the repining tear,
The ingrate sigh forbear,
Which if she up in heaven could hear,
Would grieve her even there!

Yet Nature's voice, more mighty far
Than all the rest can say,
Still calls us from the radiant star,
Down to the mouldering clay;
And not in words the magic lies,
To calm the anguish wild,
Of one whose lonely heart replies,
It was my child! my child!

And GOD, who knows a mother's heart --
Permits a mother's tears,
When from the cherub doomed to part,
The holiest tie endears;
And JESUS an example gave,
All feeling hearts accept;
Weep on -- for at Affection's grave,

That we have lost her we may weep;
Yet knowing she is blest --
That all her cares are hushed to sleep
Upon her SAVIOUR'S breast --
That thought with its consoling power,
Amid our tears shall gleam,
Like rainbow in a summer shower,
Or moonlight on a stream.

Her calm submission to the rod,
Which made all else repine,
Revealed her as a child of GOD,
While yet on earth, divine!
With sweetest thoughts of heavenly birth,
Her sainted mind was fed,
Which l flung a glory, not of earth,
Around her dying bed!

May we from her example learn
Submission to our lot,
And to the Rock of Ages turn,
Whose promise faileth not!
So shall our sorrows pave the way
To the eternal home,
Where our beloved has gone to-day,
And seems to whisper, Come!


The Romance Of The Ring, And Other Poems.
Copyright 1859
Delisser & Procter, 508 Broadway, New York