Words Extracted From The
Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

6 letter l words

This is a list of all 6 letter words that start with the letter l contained in the litscape.com default word list.

400 Words

(0.180409 % of all words in this word list.)

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laager labels labial labile labium labors labour lacers lacier lacily lacing lacked lackey lactic lacuna ladder laddie ladies lading ladled ladles lagers lagged lagger lagoon lahars laired lakers lambda lambed lamely lament lamest lamina lanced lancer lances lancet landed lander langue langur lanker lankly lanugo lapdog lapels lapful lapped lapsed lapses laptop larded larder larger larges largos lariat larked larvae larval larvas larynx lasers lashed lasher lashes lasses lassie lassos lasted lastly lately latent latest lathed lather lathes latino latite latkes latter lattes lauded laughs launch laurel lavage lavash laveer laving lavish lawful lawman lawmen lawned lawyer laxest laxism laxist laxity layers layery laying layman laymen layoff layout layups lazier lazies lazily lazing leaded leaden leader leafed league leaked leaker leaned leaner leanly leanto leaped leaper learns learnt leased leaser leases leasow leaved leaven leaver leaves lecher leches lectin ledged ledger ledges leered leeway lefter leftie legacy legate legend legged legion legman legmen legume lemons lemony lemurs lender length lenite lenses lentil leones lepers leptin lepton lesion lessee lessen lesser lesson lessor lester lethal letter leveed levees levels levers levied levier levies levity lewder lewdly lexeme liable liaise libate libels libido lichen licked licker lidded lifers lifted lifter ligand ligase ligate lights lignin ligule likely likens likest liking lilacs lilies lilted limbed limber limbic limier liming limits limned limped limper limpet limpid limply linage linden lineal linear linens liners lineup linger lingua lining linked linker linkup linnet lintel lionet lionly lipase lipids lipoic lipoma lipped liquid liquor lirked lisbon lisped lisper listed listen litany liters lithic litmus litres litter little lively livens livers livery living lixive lizard llamas loaded loader loafed loafer loaned loaner loathe loathy loaves lobate lobbed lobber lobing lobule locale locals locate locked locker locket lockup locule loculi locust lodged lodger lodges lofted logged logger logics logins logjam logoff logout loiter lonely loners longae longed longer loofah looked looker lookup loomed looney loonie looped loosed loosen looser looses looted looter loping lopped lopper lorate lordly lories losers losing losses lotion louder loudly lounge loused louses louver louvre lovage lovely lovers loving lowers lowest lowfat lowlit lubing lucent lucite lucked luffas luffed lugged lugger lulled lumbar lumber lumens lummox lumped lunacy lunars lunary lunate lunged lunges lunier lunies lupeol lupine lupins lurers luring lurked lurker lusher lushly lusted luster lustre luteal lutein luteum lutist lutite luxate luxury lyases lychee lycras lymphs lymphy lynxes lyrate lyrics lyrist lysate lysine