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Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

11 letter words ending with nt

This is a list of all words that end with the letters nt and are 11 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

389 Words

(0.175447 % of all words in this word list.)

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abandonment abolishment abridgement abscondment abstainment accomptaunt accountment achievement acquaintant acquiescent acquirement adjournment adjudgement adultescent advancement affrontment agglomerant agglutinant alkalescent antioxidant appeasement appointment approximant arraignment arrangement baptisement baptizement battlefront bedevilment bedizenment beguilement belligerent benightment bereavement bestrewment betokenment betrothment bewitchment birthparent bombardment bondservant brabblement branchpoint branglement carburetant cerulescent cherishment clairalient clairescent clairscient clairvoyant clutterment coassistant codefendant codependent coefficient commandment committment communicant compartment compilement complainant complaisant comportment concealment concomitant condolement condonement conducement confinement conflagrant congealment consignment consolement constituent containment contaminant contentment controlment corecipient cryptobiont curettement curtailment dealignment debauchment debouchment debridement decalescent decoagulant decolourant deforcement defraudment degradement delitescent demonstrant depravement deprivement deraignment derangement despisement despoilment determinant detrainment detumescent development devolvement diprotodont disablement disarmament disavowment disbandment discardment discernment dislodgment disobedient disrobement disruptment dissepiment divorcement divulgement downcurrent downpayment dribblement electrotint embowelment embowerment embracement embroilment empanelment emplacement emplanement empowerment enamourment encapsulant enchainment enchantment encrustment endorsement enforcement engorgement engraftment engrossment enhancement enlargement enlivenment ennoblement enslavement ensnarement enthralment entitlement entrainment entreatment entrustment entwinement envelopment environment equidistant equilibrant espousement everpresent exconjugant expectorant explorement expungement extravagant fingerpaint fingerprint fluorescent foreappoint fulfillment furbishment furnishment garnishment glabrescent grandparent greasepaint heptavalent imbursement impanelment impeachment imperilment impermanent impertinent impingement implacement impoundment impowerment improvement inadvertant inadvertent incognisant incognizant incompetant incompetent incongruent incontinent indehiscent independant independent indifferent indorsement inefficient inexpedient ingraftment installment intelligent interactant intercedent interferant interferent interjacent intumescent intwinement involvement isogradient luminescent magnificent maidservant measurement mellifluent mesoplodont misjudgment mismovement misshipment monovariant multiclient multipotent multitenant multivalent mundificant myofilament nanoimprint needlepoint noctilucent noctivagant nonabundant nonadherent nonadjacent nonargument nonconstant noncovalent nondiscount nondominant noneffluent noneloquent nonemergent nonemigrant nonexistent nonfilament nonfragrant nonfrequent noninherent noninnocent nonirritant nonjudgment nonlitigant nonmerchant nonmilitant nonmovement nonpregnant nonrelevant nonresident nonresonant nonruminant nontolerant nonundulant nonvirulent nourishment obscurement obsolescent omniloquent omnipresent opisthokont overcurrent overdefiant overgarment overpayment overreliant overvaliant overviolent oxidisement oxidizement palaverment parasegment participant pentavalent perplexment perseverant perturbment plenipotent ploughpoint pluripotent plurivalent preacquaint preadherent precipitant predicament predominant preexistent prejudgment presentment procurement producement prolongment protuberant provokement pulverulent radiolucent realignment reallotment reamendment recalescent reciprocant recombinant recruitment redressment reenactment reendowment reenjoyment reequipment refrainment refreshment refrigerant regurgitant reimplement reinterment reissuement rejoicement reminiscent remonstrant replacement requirement resplendent restatement restringent resuscitant retracement retreatment reverberant rubefacient scintillant scolecodont screenprint selfappoint selfevident selfreliant septavalent septivalent sequestrant significant singleplant sojournment somnivolent strongpoint subbasement subdominant subfragment subservient substituent supernatant suppressant surveillant sustainment temperament tetravalent traducement translucent transparent triconodont tritylodont ultrapotent unabsorbent unadornment unalignment unamusement unbenignant uncompliant unconfident unexpectant unhingement unimportant unmalignant unobservant unrepentant unresistant unrestraint veriloquent viridescent virilescent