Words Extracted From The
Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

9 letter words ending with ns

This is a list of all words that end with the letters ns and are 9 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

511 Words

(0.230472 % of all words in this word list.)

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ablations ablutions abortions abrasions absiemens abutilons accumbens adaptions additions adhesions adoptions aerations agrarians allergens allergins allusions amatoxins ambitions amikacins anabolins anatoxins androgens antimuons antiphons arcadians archaeans archelons armozeens assassins auditions autobahns aversions aviations backburns backdowns backpains backspins balaphons ballgowns bearskins bedarkens bedeafens bedlinens bemaddens bescreens betatrons biathlons billycans biotoxins bludgeons bluejeans bobbypins bohemians boxthorns brainpans brightens bromelins bryozoans buckbeans buckskins bulletins bullhorns cabochons calfskins campaigns capuchins carageens cardigans carillons catechins cauldrons cephalins cerations ceruleans ceruleins cesareans cetaceans chaldrons champions chaperons chaplains childrens chinovins christens chymosins citations civilians coactions codesigns codomains cohesions collagens comedians comedowns complains conidians cooldowns cooptions coumarins crankpins creations crotoxins cryotrons cultigens cyanogens cyclamens cyclogons cytozoons decisions decurions deerhorns deerskins delations deletions delusions demijohns demotions derisions deuterons devilkins devotions dicyanins dihedrons dikaryons dilations dilutions disadorns disaligns distrains divisions dobermans dominions donations doubloons downspins downturns drawdowns driftpins drycleans duathlons durations eductions effusions eighteens ejections elections electrons emblazons emboldens emersions emissions emoticons emulsions enactions envisions equations erections eructions eruptions estrogens etherions eudaemons eudaimons eukaryons euonymins eversions evictions evulsions exactions excisions exertions exotoxins facedowns feedhorns ferritins fireirons fireplans fixations flashguns flatirons foreplans foreskins forewarns formalins fountains fourteens fractions frictions frightens frogskins fruitions functions furfurans galactans ganglions garrisons gelations globulins glucagons glucogens glutelins glutenins glycerins glycogens gnathions goatskins grandsons gravitons gridirons guardians gumptions gumresins gyrations handspins harridans hawthorns haywagons heightens heptagons hometowns hooligans hydrogens icewagons ignitions ignitrons illusions impatiens imprisons inactions incisions infusions inkstains integrins integrons invasions iodopsins iotations irenicons isochrons isopodans jerrycans jettisons junctions keychains kickdowns klystrons lambskins lastborns lavations laxations lecithins legations lengthens libations lifeplans lifespans ligations linchpins liveborns lobations locations lockdowns logicians longhorns lunarians lunations luncheons luxations lynchpins macaroons magicians magnetons maintains mandarins mandolins marathons markdowns marzipans mastodons meltdowns meridians mesozoans metazoans microlens midbrains misaligns mislearns mistrains misunions mocassins moccasins moleskins mountains multibins munchkins munitions musicians mutations napoleons negations neomycins neotoxins nineteens nitrogens nonchains nongrains nonhumans nonunions nonwovens notations nystatins oblivions obsidians occasions omissions opticians otosteons outfrowns outlearns outpreens outreigns outscorns overburns overearns overleans overplans overspans overspins overturns oxylipins oxymorons oxytocins pangolins pantheons papillons paraffins partisans pathogens pavilions pemmicans pentagons pentosans pepducins petitions phlegmons phthalins plantains playdowns plebeians plectrons poltroons polyaxons polyzoans polyzoons positions positrons potations precleans prehumans pressruns prolamins proturans pupations pyotoxins quadroons quarterns quatrains questions quinolins quinovins reactions reassigns reattains reawakens reblazons reburdens rebuttons redesigns reenjoins refastens rehardens relations religions reloosens reobtains reordains rescreens reseasons resiphons resoftens restrains resummons revisions riparians roadsigns roentgens rotations sanctions saprogens saucepans scalepans scallions scansions scarfpins scorpions scythians sealskins searobins secretins sedations shoehorns showdowns shutdowns sideburns sidescans sidespins simoleons skeletons skiatrons skyrmions slowdowns smidgeons smoothens solutions sopitions sotadeans southerns soyabeans spearguns specimens spittoons squadrons squireens stallions stegodons stepdowns stickpins storesins straitens sturgeons subchains subhumans subtaxons suburbans sudations syntaxins tachygens tailspins takedowns talismans tarragons taxations teardowns teaspoons telethons teletrons terrapins tetragons tetraxons theremins thermions thespians thirteens threatens thrombins thyroxins timespans toboggans toluidins tractions trashcans treelawns trillions tromboons trudgeons tungstens turbofans turndowns unassigns unburdens unbuttons undarkens undermans underpins underruns unfastens unloosens unstrains urotoxins utonagans vacations venereans vexations viomycins viridians vocations volitions warfarins washdowns wastebins windburns wineskins wingspans xantheins xeraphins xyloidins yataghans yestreens zeppelins zonations zootoxins