Words Extracted From The
Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

5 letter words ending with s

This is a list of all words that end with the letter s and are 5 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

1,727 Words

(0.778914 % of all words in this word list.)

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abets abuts abyss acers aches acids acnes acres acyls adios adzes aeons afros agars agues aides alias aloes altos alums amass ambos amens amiss amyls anons aquas areas arias arils aryls ascus ashes asses atlas atoms aulos aunts auras autos avens avers avows aways awols axels axils axles axons azyms babes backs bahts bails baits bakes balds bales balks balls balms bands banes bangs banks barbs bards bares barfs barks barms barns bases basis basks bates baths bauds bawds bawls beads beaks beams beans bears beats beaus becks beefs beeps beers beets bells belts bends benes berks berms bests betas bides bikes bilks bills binds biogs birds birrs bites bitts blabs blahs blats blebs bless blips bliss blobs blocs blogs blots blows blues blurs boars boats bodes bodys bogus boils bolds bolls bolts bolus bombs bonds bones bongs bonks bonus books booms boons boors boots bores bouts bowls boxes brads brags brass brats brays brews brims brins brows bruxs bucks buffs buhls buhrs bulbs bulks bulls bumps bungs bunks bunts buoys burls burns burps burrs buses busks busts butts bytes cafes cages cakes calfs calls calms camps canes cants capes carbs cards cares carps carts cases casks casts caves cedes cedis cells cents ceres certs chaos chaps chars chats chefs chess chews chins chips chivs chops chows chubs chugs chums cites clags clams clans claps class claws clays clefs clips clods clogs clops clots cloys clubs clues coaks coals coats cocks cocos codes coeds cohos coifs coils coins cokes colas colds colts comas combs comes cones conks cooks cools coops coots copes cords cores corks corms corns corps costs coups coves cowls crabs crags crams craps crass craws crays cress crews cribs cries crops cross crows cruds cubes cuffs culls culms cults curbs curds cures curls cusps cutis cyans cymas cymes cysts czars dados dames damns damps dares darks darns darts dates daubs dawns dazes deads deals deans dears debts debus decks deeds deems deeps deers deets degas deils deles delfs dells demes demos denes dents derms desks devas dhows dials dices diets dikes dills dimes dines dings dints dirts discs disks divas dives docks dodos doers doges dojos doles dolls dolts domes dongs dooms doors dopes dorks dorms dorrs doses dotes doves dowds downs doxes dozes drabs drags drams draws drays dregs dress dreys dribs dries drips drops dross drubs drugs drums duals ducks ducts dudes duels duets dukes dulls dumbs dumps dunes dungs dunks dupes dusts dyads dyers dynes earls earns eases eaves echos ecrus edges edits ellis elves emirs emits emmys enbus enols epics ethos euros evens evils ewers exams execs exits exons expos faces facts fades fails fains fairs fakes falls fangs fares farms fasts fates fauns fawns faxes fazes fears feats feces feeds feels fells felts fends ferns fetas fetus feuds fezes fiefs files fills films finds fines finis fires firms fists fives fixes flabs flags flans flaps flats flaws flaxs flays fleas flees flies flips flits floes flogs flops floss flows flubs flues foals foams focus fogas foils folds folks fonds fonts foods fools forbs forks forms forts fouls fours foxes frays frees frets fries frogs fuels fuffs fumes funds funks furls fuses fuzes gaffs gages gains gaits galas gales galls games gangs gaols gapes garbs gases gasps gates gauds gauss gawks gawps gazes gears geeks genes gents genus germs gifts gigas gilds gills gimps girds girns gives glass glees globs gloss glows glues glugs gluts gnars gnats gnaws goads goals goats goers gojis golds golfs gongs goods goofs goons goops gores goths gouts gowns grabs grads grams grass grays greys grids grins grips grits gross grows grubs gucks guess gulfs gulls gulps gunks gurns gurus gusts gynes gyres gyros gyrus hacks hades hails hairs halls halos halts hands hangs hards hares harks harms harps hasps hates hauls haves hawks hazes heads heals heaps hears heats heeds heels hefts heirs hells helms helps herbs herds heres heros hexes hicks hides highs hikes hills hilts hinds hints hires hives hobos hocks holds holes homes hones honks hoods hoofs hooks hoops hoots hopes horns horos hoses hosts hours howls huffs hulas hulks hulls humps humus hunks hunts hurls hurts husks hymns hypes hypos iambs icers icons ideas idles idols ileus imams iotas ipads irids irons isles items ivies jacks jades jails jalis jambs jeans jeeps jeers jelis jells jerks jests jibes jilts jinks jives jocks johns joins jokes jolts jowls jukes julys jumps junes junks jutes kales kaons katas kavas keeks keels keens keeps kelps kerns kicks kills kilns kilos kilts kinas kinds kings kinks kites kiwis knars knees knits knobs knots knows knurs kooks kudos kudus kunas kyaks kyats laces lacks lades lairs lakes lambs lames lamps lands lanes lards laris larks lasts laths lauds lavas laves lawns laxes lazes lazys leads leafs leaks leans leaps ledes leeks leers lefts lends liars licks liens lifes lifts likes lilts limbs limes limns limos limps lines links lions liras lirks lisps lists litas lives loads loafs loams loans lobes lochs locks locos locus lodes loess lofts logos loins longs looks looms loons loops loots lopes lords lores loris loses lotis lotus louts loves loxes lubes lucks ludes luffs luges lulls lumps lungs lupus lures lurks lusts lutes luxes lyres lysis maces machs maids mails maims mains makes males malls malts mamas manes mares marks marls marts masks masts mates maths matts mauls mazes meals means meats meets melds melts memes memos mends menus meows mesas meshs metes micas midas miles milks mills mimes minds mines minis minks mints minus mires mises mists mites mitts mixes moans moats mocks modes modus molds moles molts monks moods moons moors moots mopes mores morts moths moves mucks mucus muffs mules mulls mumps muons murks muses musks musts mutes mutts mynas myths nails names nands napes nares nauts naves nazis neaps nears necks needs neons nerds nests nevus newts nexus nicks nines nixes nocks nodes noels nooks noons norms noses notes nouns novas nudes nukes nulls numbs oases oasis oaths obeys oboes octos odors ogles ogres oinks okays okras oleas omens omits ooids oozes opals opens orals ousts ouzos ovals ovens overs owers oxeas oxens paces packs pacts pages pails pains pairs pales palls palms palps panes pangs pants papas pares parks parts pasts paths paves pawns peaks peals pears peats pecks peeks peels peeps peers pelfs pelts pends penis pents peons pepos perks perms perts pesos pests phubs picas picks piers pikes piles pills pimps pines pings pinks pints pions pious pipes pitas piths plans plays pleas plebs plies plods plops plots plows ploys plugs plums pocks poems poets pokes poles polls ponds poohs pools poops popes pores porks porns ports poses posts poufs pours pouts poxes prams prays preps press preys pries prods proms props prows puces pucks puffs pukes pulas pulls pulps pumas pumps punks punts pures purrs putts qadis qaids qophs quads quays quids quins quips quits races racks rafts rages raids rails rains rakes ramps ramus rands ranks rants rapes rares rasps rates raves raxes razes reads reaks reals reams reaps rears rebus reeds reefs reeks reels regas reins rends rents rests rials rices ricks rides riels riffs rifts riles rills rimes rinds rings rinks riots ripes rises risks rites rives roads roams roans roars robes rocks rodes roils roles rolls romps roods roofs rooks rooms roots ropes roses roues routs roves ruffs ruins rules rumps runes rungs runts ruses rusts rutes sacks safes sagas sages sails sakes sales salts sands sanes sards saris sates saves saxes scabs scams scans scars scats scots scuds scums seals seams sears seats sects seeds seeks seems seeps seers sells semes semis sends seres serfs sexes sexts shags shahs shams sheds shews shies shims shins ships shivs shoes shops shots shows shuns shuts shwas sicks sides sifts sighs signs sikhs sikus silks sills silos silts sines sings sinks sinus sires sites sixes sizes skeps skews skids skies skims skins skips skits slabs slags slams slaps slats slaws slays sleds slews slims slips slits slobs sloes slogs slops slots slows slugs slums slurs smogs smugs smuts snags snaps snips snits snobs snogs snots snows snubs snugs soaks soaps soars socks sodas sofas soils soles solos sones songs soots sores sorts souls soups sours soyas spams spans spars spats spays specs spews spies spins spits spots spuds spurs stabs stags stars stats stays stems steps stews sties stirs stops stows stubs studs stuns styes sucks suers suets suits sulks sumos sumps surfs swabs swags swans swaps swats sways swigs swims swops tacks tacos tails takas takes talas talcs tales talks talls talus tames tamps tanks tapas tapes tares tarns taros tarps tarts tasks taxes taxis teaks teals teams tears teats techs teems teens tells temps tends tents terms terns terps tests texts thats thaws thens thins thous thuds thugs ticks tides tiers tiffs tikes tiles tills tilts times tines tings tints tipis tires toads toffs tofus togas toils tokes tolls tombs tomes tones tongs tools toots torts torus totes tours touts towns trams traps trays trees treks tress tries trims trios trips trons trots trues truss tsars tubas tubes tucks tufas tuffs tufts tunas tunes turfs turks turns tusks tutus tuxes twigs twins twits tykes types typos tyres tzars ulnas umbos units ureas urges users vagus vales vamps vanes vapes varas varus vases vatus veals vears veers veils veins vends vents venus verbs vests vexes vials vibes vices views vines viols virus visas vises voids voles volts votes wacks wades wadis wafts wages waifs wails waits wakes wales walks walls wands wanes wants wards wares warms warns warps warts wasps watts wauks wauls waves wawls waxes weals weans wears weeds weeks weens weeps weirs welds wells welts wends whams whats whets whims whips whirs whits whops whups wicks wides wilds wiles wills wilts wimps winds wines wings winks wipes wires wises wisps wives woads wolfs wombs wonts woods woofs wools words works worms worts wraps wrens writs xerus xrays xysts yacks yaffs yagis yangs yanks yards yarns yauds yaups yawls yawns yawps yeahs yeans years yeggs yelks yells yelms yelps yeses yesks yetis yeuks yexes yills yipes yirds yirrs ynals yodhs yogas yoghs yogis yokes yolks yonis yores yours yowes yowls yoyos yuans yucks yugas yules yurts zarfs zatis zaxes zeals zebus zeins zerks zeros zests zetas zincs zines zings zitis zoeas zones zonks zooks zooms zoons zulus zymes