Words Extracted From The
Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

Litscape Default Word List (221,719 Words)

5 letter words ending with es

This is a list of all words that end with the letters es and are 5 letters long contained within the Litscape.com default word list. If you need words ending with more than 2 letters, use our live dictionary words ending with search tool.

357 Words

(0.161015 % of all words in this word list.)

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aches acnes acres adzes agues aides aloes ashes asses axles babes bakes bales banes bares bases bates benes bides bikes bites blues bodes bones bores boxes buses bytes cafes cages cakes canes capes cares cases caves cedes ceres cites clues codes cokes comes cones copes cores coves cries cubes cures cymes dames dares dates dazes deles demes denes dices dikes dimes dines dives doges doles domes dopes doses dotes doves doxes dozes dries dudes dukes dunes dupes dynes eases eaves edges elves faces fades fakes fares fates faxes fazes feces fezes files fines fires fives fixes flees flies floes flues foxes frees fries fumes fuses fuzes gages gales games gapes gases gates gazes genes gives glees glues gores gynes gyres hades hares hates haves hazes heres hexes hides hikes hires hives holes homes hones hopes hoses hypes idles isles ivies jades jibes jives jokes jukes junes jutes kales kites knees laces lades lakes lames lanes laves laxes lazes ledes lifes likes limes lines lives lobes lodes lopes lores loses loves loxes lubes ludes luges lures lutes luxes lyres maces makes males manes mares mates mazes memes metes miles mimes mines mires mises mites mixes modes moles mopes mores moves mules muses mutes names napes nares naves nines nixes nodes noses notes nudes nukes oases oboes ogles ogres oozes paces pages pales panes pares paves pikes piles pines pipes plies pokes poles popes pores poses poxes pries puces pukes pures races rages rakes rapes rares rates raves raxes razes rices rides riles rimes ripes rises rites rives robes rodes roles ropes roses roues roves rules runes ruses rutes safes sages sakes sales sanes sates saves saxes semes seres sexes shies shoes sides sines sires sites sixes sizes skies sloes soles sones sores spies sties styes takes tales tames tapes tares taxes tides tikes tiles times tines tires tokes tomes tones totes trees tries trues tubes tunes tuxes tykes types tyres urges vales vanes vapes vases vexes vibes vices vines vises voles votes wades wages wakes wales wanes wares waves waxes wides wiles wines wipes wires wises wives yeses yexes yipes yokes yores yowes yules zaxes zines zones zymes